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Cemetery Names,
Town of Blenheim, Schoharie Co., NY

Information from "History of the Town of Blenheim, Schoharie County, New York, 1797-1959"
by Helen Patchin Bliss

  1. Riverview Cemetery
    Lower Blenheim village
  2. Patchin Cemetery
    Upper Blenheim village
  3. Cemetery on Clark Farm
    Blenheim Hill
  4. Private Cemetery - Former Hager Farm
    now owned by Frank Acello [1959] - Eastside Road
  5. Shafer Cemetery
    Nelson Parslow Farm - West Butler
  6. Private Cemetery on Farm of Fred P. Jones
    Blenheim Hill (Mrs Marion Shelmandine)
  7. Darling Hollow Cemetery
    North Road to Jefferson from Blenheim
  8. Private Cemetery on Ward Welch farm
    Blenheim Hill
  9. Private Cemetery of Shaffer Brothers Farm
    Granby Hill
  10. Simmans Cemetery on Private Property (originally listed as Private Cemetery on former John Decker Farm)
    North Road to Jefferson from Blenheim
  11. Private Cemetery on Loren Mattice Farm
    Quarry Road
  12. Private Cemetery of former Percy Miller Farm
    Blenheim Hill
  13. Private Cemetery on W. B. Kniskern Farm
    State Road, Route 30
  14. Hager Private Cemetery
    State Road, Route 30

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