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Originally copied by Mrs. Lottie Salsburgh for the Capt. Christian Brown Chapter, DAR, Cobleskill, NY

Barnerville Cemetery
Town of Cobleskill, Schoharie County, NY

Listings on this page are not necessarily complete and may not represent all of the stones in this cemetery. Please send additional submissions and corrections to Doug Boyer

Mrs Salsburgh's original location description said "located at the entrance to the farm of Morgan Myers, Barnerville, N. Y. Situate 500 feet east of the Methodist E. Church."

Thomas Butler
d. 5 Dec., 1840 (aged 72 y)

Elizabeth Butler (wife of Thomas Butler)
d. 12 Sept., 1843 (aged 72 y)

Hervey Butler (son of Thomas and Elizabeth Butler)
d. 29 Jan., 1818 (aged 4 y)

Nancy Butler (wife of Silas Butler)

William Canada
d. 14 May, 1844 (aged 80 y)

Catharine Canada (wife of William Canada)
d. 1 Aug., 1861 (aged 89 y)

Margaret Potter
d. 16 Jan., 1835 (aged 35 y)

Isaac Riley
d. Mar., 1823 (aged 37 y)

Lorain Riley (wife of Isaac Riley)
d. 23 May, 1850 (aged 65 y)

Samuel Wentworth
d. 12 Aug., 1846 (aged 56 y)

Wentworth (wife of Samuel Wentworth)
d. 23 Feb., 1848 (aged 62 y)

Henry Wentworth
d. 27 June, 1846 (aged 56 y)

Sally Wentworth (wife of Henry Wentworth)
d. 14 June, 1838

Austin Wentworth (son of Henry and Sally Wentworth)
d. 4 June 1832 (aged 4 m)

Betsy Wentworth
d. 7 June 1838 (aged 22 y)

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