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Brown Family Bible

From the Brown Family Bible, 1848 in possession of the Middleburgh Library, Middleburgh, NY.

This is the info I transcribed out of the bible - Would love to meet anyone connected to this Brown family. This is the same family that
ran the Brown Marble Works in Schoharie.  Mark Brown, January 2006

Family of Zadock Brown & Sally Monroe

Zadock Brown was married to Sally Monroe, July 18 1792

John Russell,  was married to Phebe Smith December 11, 1788

Josiah Brown was married to Tryphene Russell May 14th 1815 married in
Rensselaerville Albany Co. NY

David Brown was married to Catharine M. Rivenburgh December 18 1839
married in Broome Schoharie Co. NY

Albert Brown, married to Fidelia T ot J North June 2 1842 married in
Catskill Greene Co. NY

Mary Brown married to addison Overbagh - born aug 1826 died Dec. 29 1884
- February 2, 1846 married in Catskill Greene Co. NY

Sarah Brown married to Philip Deyo January 1st 1850 married in
Schoharie, Schoharie Co. NY

Zadock J. Brown married (at Waterloo, Seneca Co. NY) to Grace Clara
Brown April 7, 1852

Horace Russell Brown married (at Brooklyn, Kings Co. NY) to Margaretta
Titus Hinman May 16, 1854

Hervey Brown married in Durham, NY to Elizabeth Vosburgh

Family of Josiah Brown & Tryphena Russell

Harriet Brown, died April 26, 1833 Aged 11 months & 12 days

David Brown, died at Durham, NY May 14, 1857, aged 39 year 1 mo 28 dís

Helen Gates Died at Albany, NY Feb 26, 1890 at 11 oclock p.m.

Family of  Zadock J. & Grace C. Brown

Charles Brown died at Schoharied NY Aug 7, 1858 at 12 oclock AM aged 5

Emma Grace Brown died at Schoharie, NY April 21, 1865 at 2 oíclock A.M.
aged 11 years 11 mís 2 dís

Alice Brown died at Schoharie, NY December 18th 1882 at 7 oíclock a.m.
aged 27 years 7 months 22 days.

Zadock J. Brown Died Jan. 19th 1889 at 9 oclock aged 64 yrs 4 ms 13 dís

Russell J. Brown died at Schoharie, NY August 9, 1889. 6 oclock p.m.
Aged 26, years 3 months, 5 days.

Grace C. Brown died at Jacksonville, Fla March 3, 1894 10 oclock am aged
64 years 3 months 9 days.

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Family of Zadock J. Brown and Grace C. Brown

Zadock J. Brown, born Septmember 6, 1824 Born in Hunter Greene Co. NY

Grace Clara Brown, born June 11, 1829.

Emma Grace Brown born in Schoharie NY May 19th 1853 at 9 1/4 OíC a.m.

Alice Brown born in Schoharie, NY April 26, 1855 at 11 3/4 OíC a.m.

Charles Brown born at Schoharie, NY Aug 2, 1858 at 12 oíc A.M.

Russell Brown born in Schoharie, NY May 4, 1863 at 2 oíc a.m.

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Family of Zadock Brown & Sally Monroe

Zadock Brown Died at Jewett, NY March 22, 1844 aged 69 year 7 mís & 23

Sally Monroe, wife of Zadock Brown died at Jewett, NY March 28, 1856
aged 81 years 1 mo 1 day

Belinday Brown, wife of Silas Green died at Jewett N.Y.

Hervey Brown died at Schoharie Sept 8, 1882 aged 79 yrs 5 ms 29ds

Harriet Brown wife of Hector Reynold died May 27, 1867 aged 58 years 3
ms 1 day.

Josiah Brown Brown Died May 27 (could be 28) 1867 at Browns Stocion Ill
aged 78 ys 6 ms 5 dís

Josiah Brown died at Mound Station Brown Co. Ill May 27, 1867

Family of Josiah Brown & Tryphena Russell

John Russell, died January 11, 1811. aged 50 years 3 mís 22 days

Phebe Smith died wife of John Russell December 11, 1812 aged 42 years 2
ms 9 days

Elizabeth Russell, died August 6, 1800 aged 1 year 5 mís 1 day

Amos S. Russell died August 8, 1805 aged 1 year 3 ms 1 day.

Orpah Russell, wife of Jehiel Lamb died at Schoharie March 29th 1865,
aged 74 years ....? First wife of David

Adab Russell wife of Abram Smith died May 6 18... ? aged 73 years 8 ms 9

Tryphene Russell wife of Josiah Brown died Jan. 26, 18... ? aged 81
years 12 days.

John Russell died July 1, 1886 aged 80 years 2 ms 15 ds

Roanah Russell Died march 20, 1869. aged 79 years 3 ms 8 ds wife of able

Cynthia Russell wife of Stephen Wilcox died Sept 17, 1877 aged 84 yrs 4
ms 1 day

Polly Russell wife of Giles Stannard died April 19 1967 aged 70 years 3
ms 22 d

Family of Josiah Brown & Tryphena Russell

Horace Russell Brown born November 4th 1815

David Brown born March 16, 1818

Hervey Brown born May 22nd 1820

Albert Brown, born May 3, 1822

Zadock J. Brown born September 6th 1824

Sarah Brown born October 31th 1826

Mary Brown born March 28th 1830

Harriet Brown born May 9th 1832

Parents of Grace C. Brown

Melvin Brown born June 17th 1772 died

Polly Salisbury, wife of Melvin Brown

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Family of Zadock Brown & Sally Monroe

Zadock Brown, born July 30th 1774

Sally Monroe, born February 27, 1775

Belinda Brown born, April 29, 1793

Josiah Brown born January 25th 1796

Hervey Brown, born March 9th 1803 died Sept 8th 1882

Harriet Brown born February 26, 1809

Family of John Russell & Phebe Smith

John Russell, born Septmeber 19th, 1760

Phebe Smith, born October 2nd 1770.

Roanah Russell, born December 12th 1789

Orpah Russell, born May 31, 1791

Cynthia Russell, born March 16th 1793

Tryphena Russell, born January 14th 1795

Polly Russell, born December 23rd 1796

Elizabeth Russell, born March 5th 1799

Adah Russell, born August 27th 1801

Amos S. Russell born May 7th 1804

John Russell Jr. born April 16th 1806


Doct. Brown
Died 1778

Sarah Lockwood, wife of Doct.  Brown, Died 1778

Josiah Brown, the youngest of Eleven Children (...?.. sons)  of Doct.
Brown & Sarah Lockwood.  Died May 12, 1818 aged 77 years.

Lois Chapman, wife of Josiah Brown, Died July - 1820 aged 80 years

Family of Josiah Brown & Lois Chapman,

Nathan Brown born July 7, 1762

Josiah Brown before Jan. 1764

Edith Brown (wife of Ebenezer Merrit) born Oct 11, 1765

Stacy Brown born Sept 21, 1767

Leman Brown born July 21, 1770

Melvin Brown June 17, 1772

Jadock Brown Born July 20, 1774

Lois Brown (wife of William Hinman) born May 18, 1776

Horace Brown born Feb 15, 1779

Amos Monroe, Died 1756, aged 52 years.

Sarah Mallory, wife of Amos Monroe, Died 1779 aged 45 years.

Josiah Betts, Died 1809 aged 77 years

Ruth Hays, wife of Josiah Betts, Died 1829, aged 91 years.

Squire Monroe, (son of Amos Monroe) Died June 14, 1792. Aged 41 years 3
mos 13 days.

Anna Betts, wife of Squire Monroe, & Daughter of Jerimiah Betts, died
Oct 28, 1845 aged 88 years (She died widdowed of Job Rockwell)
Family of Squire Monroe

Sarah Monroe wife of Zadock Brown
Born Feb 27th, 1775

Lydia Monroe, wife of William Thompson Born May 1717  80

Betsy Monroe wife of Jancor Rich Born Nov 1782.

Huldah Monroe, wife of James Robinson Born July 5, 1786

Rachel Monroe, wife of Uriah Mallory, Born July 15, 1786

Amelia Monroe, wife of ...... Smith
Born June 15, 1792

The first page - has a note - that Dr. Brown was a member of the queens court. Viewing the bible - it looks like that was written in by someone else - at another (later) time - that the rest of the writing in the bible. Since no one I know who has been researching this bible has ever found any proof of this statement - I have left it out of my transcription. Mark Brown

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