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Abbey Robinson - Munson Wilsie Land Agreement

submitted by Jackie Fenby

This article of agreement made and entered in to this fourteenth day of November A.D. 1868 between Abbey Robinson of Gilboa in the county of Schoharie and State of New York of the first part and Munson Wilsey of the same place of the 2nd part. Witnesseth that the party of the first part agrees to let unto the party of the 2nd part her farm on which she now resides, upon the following conditions and considerations.
The party of the 2nd part agrees to take care of the party of the first part and her husband during their natural lives in a proper manner and suitable to their age and condition in life. The party of the second part is to do all the labor on said farm in a good and reasonable workman like manner. Each to find one half of the seed _____ ___ _____.,both parties to live on said farm. The first party and husband to have the privelege of a separate room if they desire. Each to bear an equal share of the expenses of the family unless the 2n! d part should hire help to make improvements on said farm in that case the 2nd part is to board such help. Each party to clothe its own family. The avails of said farm to be divided equally between the parties share and share alike. Each to pay the doctor bill of their own families or any uncommon expense, each party to find one half of the team on said farm and the first part is to keep on said farm five cows and the 2nd part to keep on said farm one cow and the 2nd part to have absolute control of said farm forever on his performing this contract as herein before and after mentioned. Each party to pay an equal share of all the taxes during the lives of the party of the 1st part and her husband Justus Robinson. And in consideration of the conditions and agreements herein before set forth and mentioned to be performed, the party of the first part mutually agrees to and with the party of the second part, that at the death of the said first party and her husband Justus Robinson that! the farm herein before described containing about seventy two acres of land be the same or more or less is to be the absolute property of said Munson Wilsey his heirs, executors, or assigns on his or they paying or caused to be paid to the heirs of the 1st party the sum of thirteen hundred dollars in the manner as they may be legally intitled to the same within eighteen months after the decease of the 1st part and her husband afore said and on the payment of the above thirteen hundred dollars in manner afore said or a lender of the same to the respective legalees. The said legalee's shall each execute and deliver to the 2nd part good and sufficient quit claim deeds to convey all of their right - title interest- claim in and to the premises herein before described and it - is mutually agreed by and between the respective - that this agreement shall bind the heirs and each of their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns of the respective parties signed sealed and acknowledged and delivered in presence of

J.O. Jackson Abbey Robinson L.S.
Munson Wilsey L.S

State of New York
County of Schoharie S.S.
On this 14th day of Nov. 1868 Personally came before me Abbey Robinson and Munson Wilsey who executed the foregoing indenture and acknowledge that they executed the same.

Recorded and examined J.O. Jackson
April 17th 1871 at 3h P.M. Notary Public

John Morrison

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