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Submitted by Martha Aney

Aney Research Re: David EHNY/ENEEG/ANY/ANEY


b. Unknown

d. Unknown


Naturalized: 31 Dec. 1761: David EHNY/ENEEG along with Joachin[sic] Georg EHNY/ENEEG also of note; Ernst FRETZ and Jacob FRETZ and several others. David and Maria Huysmjet Eneeg had among their ch: 1) Maria Margareth, bpt. 30 Nov 1755 at Albany (Ogilvie's Records, Trinity Church, NY City). 2) Johan Georg, bpt. 17 May 1761 at Albany (Schoharie Lutheran Chbk) (Source: The Palatine Families of New York- More Later Arrivals 1717-1776 ; p. 138 by Jones and Rhorbach: (Scott & Stryker-Rodda, p. 26)

Known Children of David Ehny/Eneeg/Aney and Anna Maria Hysmjet/Fratie

30 Nov. 1755: Maria Margareth daughter of David and Maria ENEEG: Source: Hank Jones; At Albany, Ogilvie’s Records, Trinity Church, NY City

19 Oct 1757: Hanna Mary Aney; d. of David and Hannah Aney his wife; mothers maiden name Hannah Mary Fratie; Sureties: York Goodbrodt; Margaret Fratie, Hannah Mary Myer: Source;: St Peter’s Episcopal Church at Albany records; Vol. 1 p. 8

17 May 1761: Bpt. Johan Georg Ehny at Albany (Schoharie Lutheran Church Book): Source: From the Palatine Families of New York- More Later Arrivals 1717-1776 ; p. 138 by Jones and Rhorbach:

13 May 1764: Any, David and Anna Maria; child Jacob baptized May 13, 1764: Source: Genealogies of First Settlers of Albany by Jonathan Pearson P. 14: Also, no specific date but found between dates April 15 and 22: Jacob son of David and Anna Mary Any; Witnesses Jacob and Maria Vretz; David Rouetz, Maria Roetze; Source: records of Reformed Dutch church Albany, Part 4: 1764 Baptisms

3 May 1767: Christine d. of David and Mary Eahy: Source: St. Peter’s Episcopal church at Albany Vol. 1, p. 69


What happened to Joachin[m] Georg EHNY/ENEEG? David named his first son b. 17 May after him. Could he be the father of David?


1. Godfrey ENY/ANEY b. about 1755; d. aft. 1840 in Johnstown, (Albany Bush), Fulton, NY, Married Maria Margaret Moore b. 25 June 1757; Stone Arabia, Albany, NY; d. 10 July 1831 in Johnstown, (Albany Bush) Montgomery, NY

Godfrey and Maria probably didn’t have any children but were sponsors of many. (See notes)

Could he have been David’s oldest son? Or younger brother if Joachim is David’s father? Hanna Mary Aney b. 19 Oct 1757 married Hendrick Selmser and they were neighbors of Godfrey and Maria. Were they siblings?

Godfey sold all his property about the time of Maria’s death. One piece of property he sold for $1.00 to Johannes (John) Alguire who had just married Catherine Swobe. Catherine’s mother was Elizabeth Eni/Eney b. abt. 1775. (See below)

Could Elizabeth be Godfrey’s niece?

2. William AINEY/ANEY b. 1776 Fulton County (Tryon) NY, son of John; d. 2 May 1851 Brooklyn, Susquehanna, PA. m. Hannah Crawford b. abt 1782, MA d. 1832. Source: Commemorative Biographical Record of Brooklyn, Susquehanna, PA

He is a contemporary or Jesse ANEY, could they be brothers?

3.George ENNEY/ENNY/EANY b. abt. 1776 d. aft. 1833; Onondaga, Onondaga, NY. m. Rachel STALL b. Jan. 1798 d. Unknown; Source: Census and Caughnawaga Reformed Dutch Church Records.

4. Mary Margaret EANY b. abt. 1774 d. Unknown m. William Forman/Farmin; Source: Caughnawaga and Stone Arabia Church Records.

Elizabeth ENI/EANY b. abt. 1775; d. Aft. 02 Aug 1841; m. before 1794 Michael SWOBE b. 7. May 1770 (Schoharie Lutheran Church Records) d. aft. 02 Aug 1841

6/. John ANEY: b. and d. Unknown: Named as father of William AINEY/ANEY

George, Jacob and John ANY/AMY/ENY served in the Tryon County Militia of the Revolution. Jacob may have gone to Canada but then returned, See notes

It would appear that there could be two generations of "ANEYS" living before, during and immediately after the Revolution however, birth, marriage and death records are yet to be found.

Family stories from descendents of William Ainey of PA, George Enney of Onondaga, NY and Jesse Aney all tell of their ancestors being Huguenots. These descendents did not know one another until recent interest in genealogy connected them.

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