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Mrs. Anna M. Laymon obituary

contributed by Judy Morgan

obit "Port Allegany Reporter", Port Allegany, McKean Co, Penn, Friday, September 1, 1905 , column 2


Was an octogenarian, having reached the ripe old age of eighty-eight years.

Funeral held at the residence of her son, Chas. O. Laymon-Taken to Gilboa, N.Y. for interment.

Mrs. Anna M. Laymon, the aged mother of the editor of this paper, passed peacefully away Monday morning at the Laymon residence on Mill Street after an illness of two weeks, if dissolution of the character can be called an illness. Mrs. Laymon had been gradually failing during the past six weeks or perhaps longer. Not an ache or pain attended the collapse and she relapsed into a coma state a few hours before the spirit went on so silently and gently that those watching scarcely knew it had fled. She was eighty-eight years of age and has been an inmate of her son’s home for almost a quarter of a century. She has seen three generations pass in the kaleidoscope of life. She has seen the development of steam and its attending advantage. The invention of the telegraph, and the subsequent, wide use of electricity. In fact has seen more of the advancement of civilization than any other person previous to her time and quite likely more than any person to come after her. James Monroe was inaugurated president the year before she was born, and though twenty-two have since filled the position only two survive her. Two of ten children survive her, and she outlived her husband by nearly a quarter of a century. She had been a member of the Methodist church in Gilboa, N.Y., for seventy-five years, a record that but few now attained. She read the Bible through many times and thirty years ago could tell the book and chapter to most any text she heard. Up to within a couple of years she could quickly turn to most any Biblical quotation she heard. Prayer was said at the house by Rev. Dudley of the Presbyterian Church and a quartette rendered two familiar selections of which she in life was fond. Many beautiful flowers were sent in among which was a wreath bearing the word "Grandma" by her grandchildren, a floral piece of white roses and ferns by the W.C.T.U. of Port Allegany, a floral piece of white and purple asters by Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Tumser, a floral piece of white asters, white carnations and ferns tied with lavender ribbon from the L.O.T.M., and a floral piece from the Royal Neighbors. Mr. Laymon went east with the remains Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoon they were interred beside those of her husband in the old Mattice cemetery at Gilboa, N.Y. Thus passes from life a most remarkable woman in many ways, a considerate mother, one strong in the faith of a better world beyond.

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