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Alida Manning Bassler obituary

Mrs. Wellington E. Bassler
December 1910

     On Wednesday of last week, Dec. 22d, as the twilight came on apace, night was drawing her sable curtain, and Christmas carols were being wafted o'er land and sea, Alida, the beloved wife of W. E. Bassler passed into rest. For her the problem of life was still unsolved, and the answer was only revealed by the Divine Mathematician as the weary mariner reached the beautiful realm where God's purposes are made known. Hers had been a splendid life. Her warm heart, unselfish sympathy, and overflowing kindness, touched her surroundings with a love tender and true, and won for her not only the devotion of friends who loved her for what she was, but the approval of the God she had served from childhood's hour. She had always been a great worker in the Reformed Church of which she was an honored member, and to her pastor she was always loyal and true, as she was to every institution of the church. Thirty-seven years ago she became the wife of Wellington E. Bassler, and during all these years their home has been one where happiness reigned supreme, securely anchored in each other's love, never forgetting to dispense kindness to others as opportunities presented themselves. Brother Bassler sits in this holiday tide where the shadows gather, and where anguish wrings the heart, but by and by God's purposes will unfold and through the mists of sorrow which now hide the divine plan, he will discern the sunlight in tenderest reveries, and understand why God knows best. It's a hard lesson for our brother to learn, but it is part of the plan the Great Teacher taught, and in working out the problem, the conclusion is beautiful and sublime. Home will never be quite what it was, the birds will never again sing as sweet, and mother earth will never look quite as green to the bereaved heart, and yet the happy days of the years gone by will furnish the silver lining to the scene and bring rest and peace. To our afflicted brother our heart goes out in tenderest sympathy, and for him we bespeak the Eternal Presence through all his future days. Mrs. Bassler was 57 years of age, and her life was thus early ended by reason of an overtaxed brain for which she was in no way accountable. Her funeral services took place at the Reformed Church on Saturday, her pastor, Rev. George Z. Collier, officiating. There were many beautiful floral offerings, among which were a set piece from the Ladies' Aid Society of the church, and another from the Consistory of the church. Interment in Middleburgh Cemetery.
     To the bereaved mother, Mrs. Maria Manning, we extend tenderest sympathies, and bespeak for her the protection of the Almighty arm, in these, her declining years.

"Dead," what do they mean when they say she is dead ?
We sense not the message they bring.
Is the robin carroling in the spring
Dead to our hearts when it ceases to sing?
Is the rose, whose prayer of bloom is said
Deud when its fragrant soul is fled?
That song through endless time will ring,
The scent of the rose to her name will cling.

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