Will of Alida H. Rollings

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Will of Alida H. Rollings

Will of Alida H. Rollings

I, Alida H. Rollings of the town of Wright, in the County of Schoharie, N.Y. being of sound mind and memory, do make, ordain, publish and declare this to be my last will and Testament, that is to say,

First, After all my lawful debts are paid and discharged, I give, devise and bequeath to Miles Rollings of the town of Wright, Schoharie County, N. Y. all of my Real Estate, consisting of the undivided one half of the farm said Miles and I own jointly, said farm being generally known as the Isaac Rollings farm situate in the town and County aforesaid.

2nd. I give and bequeath to Isabella (Daughter of Asaph Schoolcraft) my Paislee Shawl.

3rd. I give and bequeath to my Daughters Melinda, Harriet E., and grandchildren Isaac Passon, Catharine Passon and Ida Passon all of my household furniture of any name and nature.

4th. I give and bequeath my son-in-law Asaph Schoolcraft my market Wagon.

5th. The one undivided one half interest or ownership of the horse owned by Miles Rollings and myself, when sold by my Executors, I give and bequeath to Isaac Passon (my grandson).

Likewise, I make, constitute and appoint Miles Rollings of the town of Wright, Schoharie Co., N. Y., to be Executor of this my last will and Testament, hereby revoking all former wills by me made.

I witness whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal, the 23rd day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty one.

- Alida H. Rollings L. S. H her mark

The above instrument, consisting of one sheet, was at the date subscribed by Alida H. Rollings in the presence of us and each of us, she at the time of making such subscription, acknowledged that she made the same, and declared the said instrument so subscribed by her to be her last will and Testament. Whereupon we then and there, at her rquest and in her presence and the presence of each other, subscribed our names as witnesses thereto.

W. Dominick residing at Gallupville, N. Y.
Samuel Keenholts
residing at Shutters Corners, N. Y.

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