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(b. Feb 20, 1787, d unknown, will dated Jan 22, 1852, proved June 19, 1856)

Schoharie Co NY Will Book Vol. U page 180

The last Will and Testament of Abraham H. Kniskern of Carlisle in the County of Schoharie and State of New York, Farmer---I the said Abraham H. Kniskern knowing the uncertain duration of this life, and the ultimate certainty of death, constrained by his grace to acknowledge the goodness of God, to me in past life, continually manifested, and for other good causes and considerations hereunto moving, have made and published, and by these Presents do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following to wit -

To a mercifully just Creator, through the Saviour, I commend all my concerns of a future state -

I resign my body decently to be committed to the Mother Earth at the discretion of my Executors, relatives, or such other friends as shall happen to be near me at the time of my decease there let it remain in peace, till that trumpet shall speak in animation into life, and an interminable association shall be renewed with its immortal Companion in the skies - 

It is my will and direction that all unsatisfied, just demands which shall exist against me, at the time of my decease, including funeral charges, shall be duly paid.

To my well deserving wife Susannah, I give and devise the possession and control of my farm during her natural life, but not so that while her condition in life shall be tolerable that any other person shall supercede our only beloved son in conducting the farming operations thereon, who it is my anxious desire, shall always deserve a preference in carrying on said farm, and while he makes profit for himself, shall cause his mother so to be treated as that she shall be contented and happy. It is my will and direction, that while it shall be her pleasure to take chare of the product, that for my wife's use upon the farm shall be well kept in both summer and winter not excluding two god milk cows, to be by her selected from the cows that may belong to me at the time of my decease - To my said wife is also given and bequeathed and my Executors or one of them, are required to pay ___ to her yearly, during the time aforesaid, the full lawful interest that shall yearly accrue upon the whole amount of money which I shall have upon interest at the time of my decease; the whole amount of the principal not to exceed the sum of seven hundred dollars - All household goods and furniture including all
beds, bedding, instruments used in domestic manufacture of every description, all vessels and articles used in and about cooking, preserving, and in any way useful in housekeeping are to be given absolutely, and only to cease by virtue of this my will as hereinafter expressed - which titles grants & privileges are so made liberally to enable her at all times of the
comforts of life should be grudgingly provided to supply her own necessities, and to do good, by relieving such of our descendants as may be in need according to their respective wants; and also to constrain her, by anticipating all her necessities in any event to waive all claim to dower, which if she shall attempt, to exact, then the preceding title rights, and
privileges to her given and every of them, are hereby declared to be utterly void - Whereas heretofore to my elder daughter Easter (sic, Esther) wife of Stephen Ottman has been given and delivered an outfit, and in cash one hundred dollars paid, with certain domestic animals, in addition thereto, I hereby give to her the sum of other six hundred dollars, and if my life is preserved a little longer it is my purpose that said six hundred dollars shall be paid in my life time, and if
a part or the whole thereof, shall be paid, a receipt after the date of these Presents, subscribed by my said daughter, or her husband or by both, the sum total of such receipt or receipts is to be considered as in part or entire satisfaction of the before named bequest, according to the amount of such sums, and the terms of such receipt or receipts, and when fully
satisfied to be in full of all claims or demands against both my real and personal Estates in favor of my said daughter Easter (sic, Esther) -

And whereas I hold a bond and mortgage to me executed by Jacob H. Brown who is the husband of Maria my younger daughter for securing the payment of the sum of seven hundred dollars and its interest, which money and the outfit for housekeeping, including certain domestic animals delivered to my said daughter, also by which articles delivered and money allowed are hereby declared to be a bequest to my said daughter, and in full of all claims and demands upon and against both my real and personal Estate for the benefit of my said daughter Maria, and if I shall not have caused said mortgage to be fully cancelled during my life I hereby direct my Executors or Either of them to cause said mortgage to be fully satisfied of record without exacting of the mortgagor or his personal representatives the money which may be due
thereon or any part thereof -

From and after the death of my wife Susannah I give and devise all my landed Estate to my only son Jacob H. Kniskern - I also give unto him the principal of all money belonging to the estate from and after my decease, which may have been put upon interest over and above the sum of seven hundred dollars and also all the beasts belonging to me, excepting the two
milk cows as herein before given to my wife, my wearing apparel, all my farming tools implements, carriages, harnesses, and all other outdoor goods and chattels whatsoever subject only to the payment of the demands that may be them owing, which may have been contracted either by me or my wife, and our respective funeral charges fully to be paid.

To my Grandson James Kniskern I give my gold watch to be delivered to him when he shall have become Twenty one years of age, to be safely kept after my decease until he shall have attained to the age of manhood by his Father, if he so long live and if not, then in like manner, shall it be kept and at the same time of his life delivered as it is given to David the younger brother and should he never by occasion of death become possessed of said watch, it is hereby given to their Father the before named Jacob H. Kniskern - And for the due and faithful execution of this my last Will and testament I do hereby nominate and appoint Jacob H. Kniskern my son, Stephen Ottman my son in law, and Susannah my wife Executors and Executrix thereof trusting from my very Especial confidence in each of them reposed, they or the survivor of them will see all my designs herein before expressed carried into effect awarding to my real intent in all good faith, and in such a manner as to promote the happiness and interest of all who are therein concerned, and as with present my name in the land without reproach - hereby revoking all former wills by me made -

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the twenty second day of January A.D. 1852.
Abraham H. Kniskern (L.S.)
Signed Sealed published and declared by the
Testator to be his last will and testament
In the presence of us who at his request and
In his presence and in the presence of each
Other have hereunto subscribed our names as
witnesses -
Paul Young, of Carlisle, County of Schoharie & State of New York
Henry Young of the same place ---

Schoharie County}
Surrogate Court }
Schoharie County SS

In the matter of proving the last will and testament of Abraham H. Kniskern deceased, Paul Young of West Camp, Ulster County formerly of Carlisle, Schoharie County, and Henry Young of Carlisle in the County of Schoharie, being first duly sworn in open Court do depose and say that they are subscribing witnesses to the last will and testament of Abraham H.
Kniskern late of the town of Carlisle in the County of Schoharie deceased - Deponents further say that the said Abraham H. Kniskern the said testator did in the presence of these Deponents subscribe his name at the end of the instrument which is now shown and exhibited to these Deponents, and which bears date on the 22nd day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight-hundred and fifty two. Deponents further say that the said Abraham H. Kniskern the said testator, did at the said time of subscribing his name as aforesaid at the end of the said will, declare the said instrument so subscribed and now exhibited, to be his last will and testament; and Deponents did thereupon subscribe their names to the said will as attesting witnesses thereto at the end of the said will, at the request, and in the presence of said testator and of each other. Deponents further say that at the said time when the said testator subscribed his name to the said last will as aforesaid and at the time of these Deponents subscribing their names as attesting witnesses thereto as aforesaid, the said Abraham H. Kniskern was of sound mind and memory, of full age to execute a will of real estate, and was not under any restraint to the knowledge information or belief of these Deponents, and further these Deponents say not -
Subscribed and sworn Paul Young
This 19th day of Jun 1856 Henry Young
Lyman Sanford, County Judge

Schoharie County} I Lyman Sanford County Judge of said County do hereby certify that the preceding is a true and perfect record of the last Will and testament of Abraham H. Kniskern late of the town of Carlisle Schoharie County deceased, and of the proofs and examinations taken in relation to the execution and validity thereof at the time the said will was duly proved in open court pursuant to law, and the same is hereby recorded as a will of both real and personal Estate.
Dated June 19, 1856 Lyman Sanford
County Judge

Transcribed: July 2002 from SAMPUBCO copy
Linda A. Roorda

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