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Alice Cain Huse obituary

Mrs. Orrin Huse
November 1915

     On Thursday evening, November 18th, occurred the departure of Alice, wife of Orrin Huse (now Superintendent of the poor), at the County House, in the town of Middleburgh.
     Mrs. Huse, who was the daughter of Daniel Cain and Sarah Brooks, was born near Livingstonville, in the town of Broome, June 27th, 1852. She was married December 27th, 1871, to Orrin Huse. For about six years they lived at Athens, in Greene county; but, except for this, and until she came, with her husband, to Middleburgh, in 1911, Mrs. Huse had spent practically all of her life in her native town of Broome.
     In her sixty-three years of human sunshine and storm much occurred; and this sketch must be brief. But it seems safe to say that the dominant note was a home-making, motherly spirit. Mrs. Huse watched the comforts of others. She helped. She spread cheer. In her home hospitality reigned.
     Wedded to one in whom she found mutual sympathy, Mrs. Huse, for more than forty years, was a happy wife and mother. Then came the disease – a paralysis of the intestine. And though she had every care that nurse and physicians could give her, she could not stay. She has gone.
     Upon her husband the burden falls heaviest, because it directly affects the current of his life. But all of the many – relatives, ministers, neighbors, or strangers – who have enjoyed the hospitality of the Huse homestead must, in some degree, share in this loss.
     The nearest of the other survivors are her brother, Alvin Cain, at Livingstonville, and her son, Vernon Huse, at Franklinton, N. Y.
     The funeral was held at Livingstonville on Monday, November 22nd. The sermon was by the Rev. Raymond C. Deitz, of Middleburgh. The burial too place in the cemetery at Livingstonville.

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