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Index of NY Cities, Towns, and Villages and Populations in 1890
S - Z

TOWN                          COUNTY             POST        EXPRESS     POPULATION
                                                 OFFICE      OFFICE
SABBATH DAY POINT             WARREN             Yes         No
SCANDAGA PARK                 FULTON             Yes         No
SACKET'S HARBOR               JEFFERSON          Yes         Yes                  900
SAGAPONACK                    SUFFOLK            Yes         No                   200
SAGE'S CORNERS                OTSEGO             No          No
SAGEVILLE                     HAMILTON           Yes         No                   125
SAG HARBOR                    SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                 2700
SAINT ANDREW'S                ORANGE             Yes         No
SAINT ELMO                    ULSTER             No          Yes
SAINT GEORGE                  RICHMOND           No          Yes
SAINT JAMES                   SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes
SAINT JOHNLAND                SUFFOLK            No          Yes
SAINT JOHNS                   ROCKLAND           Yes         No
SAINT JOHNSBURGH              NIAGARA            Yes         No                   550
SAINT JOHNSVILLE              MONTGOMERY         Yes         Yes                 1275
SAINT LAWRENCE                JEFFERSON          Yes         No                   120
SAINT REGIS FALLS             FRANKLIN           Yes         Yes                  500
SAINT REMY                    ULSTER             Yes         No                    75
SALAMANCA                     CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                 3690
SALEM                         WASHINGTON         Yes         Yes                 3500
SALEM CENTRE                  WESTCHESTER        Yes         No
SALINA                        ONONDAGA           No          Yes
SALISBURY                     HERKIMER           Yes         No                   170
SALISBURY CENTRE              HERKIMER           Yes         No                   250
SALISBURY MILLS               ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  350
SALMON RIVER                  CLINTON            No          Yes
SALMON RIVER                  OSWEGO             Yes         No                    75
SALT POINT                    DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  400
SALTSPRINGVILLE               OTSEGO             Yes         No                   150
SALT VALE                     WYOMING            Yes         No
SAMMONSVILLE                  FULTON             Yes         Yes                  180
SAMSONVILLE                   ULSTER             Yes         No                    75
SANBORN                       NIAGARA            Yes         Yes                  290
SAND BANK                     OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                  755
SAND LAKE                     RENSSELAER         Yes         No                  2798
SANDUSKY                      CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                  400
SANDY CREEK                   OSWEGO             Yes         No                  1500
SANDY CREEK                   OSWEGO             No          Yes
SANDY HILL                    WASHINGTON         Yes         Yes                 3662
SANDY HILL                    OSWEGO             No          Yes
SANFORD                       BROOME             Yes         No                   100
SANFORD'S CORNERS             JEFFERSON          Yes         Yes                   75
SANGERFIELD                   ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  300
SANGERFIELD CENTRE            ONEIDA             No          Yes
SANTA CLARA                   FRANKLIN           Yes         No                   150
SARANAC                       CLINTON            Yes         No                   750
SARANAC INN                   FRANKLIN           Yes         No
SARANAC LAKE                  FRANKLIN           Yes         Yes                  450
SARATOGA LAKE                 SARATOGA           No          Yes
SARATOGA SPRINGS              SARATOGA           Yes         Yes                13124
SARDINIA                      ERIE               Yes         No                   500
SAUGERTIES                    ULSTER             Yes         Yes                 4270
SAUQUOIT                      ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  600
SAVANNAH                      WAYNE              Yes         Yes                  760
SAVILL                        ORANGE             Yes         No
SAVONA                        STEUBEN            Yes         Yes                  600
SAWENS                        GENESEE            Yes         No
SAWKILL                       ULSTER             Yes         No                   100
SAWYER                        ORLEANS            Yes         No
SAWYER'S                      ALLEGANY           No          Yes
SAXTON                        ULSTER             Yes         No                    25
SAYVILLE                      SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                 3000
SCARBOROUGH                   WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes
SCARSDALE                     WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                  250
SCHAGHTICOKE                  RENSSELAER         Yes         Yes                 1200
SCHENECTADY                   SCHENECTADY        Yes         Yes                19857
SCHENEVUS                     OTSEGO             Yes         Yes                  782
SCHODACK                      RENSSELAER         No          Yes
SCHODACK CENTRE               RENSSELAER         Yes         No                   100
SCHODACK DEPOT                RENSSELAER         Yes         Yes                  200
SCHODACK LANDING              RENSSELAER         Yes         Yes                  400
SCHOHARIE                     SCHOHARIE          Yes         Yes                 1200
SCHROON LAKE                  ESSEX              Yes         No                   400
SCHROON RIVER                 ESSEX              Yes         No                   150
SCHULTSVILLE                  DUTCHESS           Yes         No                   260
SCHUYLER                      SARATOGA           Yes         No
SCHUYLER JUNCTION             SARATOGA           No          Yes
SCHUYLER'S FALLS              CLINTON            Yes         No                  1000
SCHUYLER'S LAKE               OTSEGO             Yes         No                   500
SCHULERSVILLE                 SARATOGA           Yes         Yes                 1600
SCIO                          ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                 1374
SCIOTA                        CLINTON            Yes         No                   200
SCIPIO                        CAYUGA             Yes         No                   400
SCIPIOVILLE                   CAYUGA             Yes         No                   500
SCOTCH BUSH                   MONTGOMERY         Yes         No                   300
SCOTCHTOWN                    ORANGE             Yes         No                   125
SCOTIA                        SCHENECTADY        Yes         Yes                  250
SCOTT                         CORTLAND           Yes         No                   450
SCOTTSBURGH                   LIVINGSTON         Yes         No                   150
SCOTTSVILLE                   MONROE             Yes         Yes                  800
SCOTTSVILLE                   MONROE             No          Yes
SCOTTSVILLE CROSSING          LIVINGSTON         No          Yes
SCRIBA                        OSWEGO             Yes         No                   200
SCRIBA                        OSWEGO             No          Yes
SEA BREEZE                    MONROE             No          Yes
SEA CLIFF                     QUEENS             Yes         No                  1250
SEA CLIFF STATION             QUEENS             No          Yes
SEAFORD                       QUEENS             Yes         Yes                  250
SEARSBURGH                    SCHUYLER           Yes         No                    25
SEARSVILLE                    ORANGE             Yes         No
SEASIDE                       QUEENS             No          No
SEASIDE                       RICHMOND           Yes         No                   125
SECOND MILO                   YATES              Yes         No                    50
SEELY CREEK                   CHEMUNG            Yes         Yes                  150
SELDEN                        SUFFOLK            Yes         No                   100
SELKIRK                       ALBANY             Yes         Yes
SEMPRONIUS                    CAYUGA             Yes         No                   200
SENECA                        ONTARIO            Yes         No
SENECA CASTLE                 ONTARIO            Yes         Yes                  200
SENECA FALLS                  SENECA             Yes         Yes                 6500
SENECA HILL                   OSWEGO             No          Yes                   25
SENECA RIVER                  CAYUGA             No          Yes
SENNETT                       CAYUGA             Yes         Yes                  400
SETAUKET                      SUFFOLK            Yes         No                  1000
SETAUKET STATION              SUFFOLK            No          Yes
SEVERANCE                     MONROE             No          Yes
SEVEY                         ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No
SEWARD                        SCHOHARIE          Yes         Yes                  600
SHAKERS                       ALBANY             Yes         No                   300
SHANDAKEN                     ULSTER             Yes         Yes                  500
SHANLEY                       FRANKLIN           Yes         Yes
SHARON                        SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   300
SHARON CENTRE                 SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   200
SHARON SPRINGS                SCHOHARIE          Yes         Yes                  640
SHARON STATION                DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  200
SHAVERTOWN                    DELAWARE           Yes         No                   200
SHAWNEE                       NIAGARA            Yes         No                    90
SHEDS CORNERS                 MADISON            Yes         Yes                  100
SHEENWATER                    ERIE               Yes         No
SHEEPSHEAD BAY                KINGS              Yes         Yes                  600
SHEKOMEKO                     DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                   60
SHELBY                        ORLEANS            Yes         No                   300
SHELBY BASIN                  ORLEANS            Yes         No
SHELDON                       WYOMING            Yes         No                   350
SHELDRAKE                     SENECA             Yes         No                   150
SHELDRAKE                     SENECA             No          Yes
SHELTER ISLAND                SUFFOLK            Yes         No                   921
SHELTER ISLAND HEIGHTS        SUFFOLK            Yes         No
SHELVING ROCK                 WASHINGTON         Yes         No
SHENANDOAH                    DUTCHESS           Yes         No                    50
SHERBURNE                     CHENANGO           Yes         Yes                 2950
SHERBURNE FOUR CORNERS        CHENANGO           Yes         Yes
SHERIDAN                      CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                  200
SHERIDAN                      CHAUTAUQUA         No          Yes
SHERMAN                       CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                  781
SHERRILL                      ONEIDA             Yes         No
SHERRUCK                      DELAWARE           Yes         No
SHERWOOD                      CAYUGA             Yes         No                   400
SHINHOPPLE                    DELAWARE           Yes         No                    30
SHINNECOCK HILLS              SUFFOLK            No          Yes
SHIRLEY                       ERIE               Yes         No                    60
SHOKAN                        ULSTER             Yes         Yes                  400
SHONGO                        ALLEGANY           Yes         No                   200
SHORTSVILLE                   ONTARIO            Yes         Yes                  900
SHORT TRACT                   ALLEGANY           Yes         No                   500
SHRUB OAK                     WESTCHESTER        Yes         No                   375
SHUMLA                        CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No
SHUNPIKE                      DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                   35
SHUSHAN                       WASHINGTON         Yes         Yes                  500
SHUTTER'S CORNERS             SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   225
SIDNEY                        DELAWARE           Yes         Yes                 1200
SIDNEY CENTRE                 DELAWARE           Yes         No                   600
SIERKS                        WYOMING            No          Yes
SILVER BAY                    WARREN             Yes         No
SILVER CREEK                  CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                 1500
SILVER HILL                   ST LAWRENCE        No          No
SILVER LAKE                   WYOMING            No          Yes
SILVER LAKE ASSEMBLY          WYOMING            Yes         No
SILVER LAKE JUNCTION          WYOMING            No          Yes
SILVERNAILS                   COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes
SILVER SPRINGS                WYOMING            Yes         Yes                  500
SINCLAIRVILLE                 CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                  800
SING SING                     WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                 8000
SISSONS                       ST LAWRENCE        No          Yes
SKANEATELES                   ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                 1800
SKANEATELES FALLS             ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                  150
SKANEATELES JUNCTION          ONONDAGA           No          Yes                  350
SKERRY                        FRANKLIN           Yes         No                    40
SLATE HILL                    ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  400
SLATERVILLE SPRINGS           TOMPKINS           Yes         No                   350
SLEEPY HOLLOW                 WESTCHESTER        No          Yes
SLIDE MOUNTAIN                ULSTER             Yes         No                   225
SLINGERLAND'S                 ALBANY             Yes         Yes                  500
SLITERS                       RENSSELAER         Yes         No
SLOAN                         ERIE               Yes         No
SLOANSVILLE                   SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   500
SLOATSBURGH                   ROCKLAND           Yes         Yes                  200
SLYBOROUGH                    WASHINGTON         Yes         No
SMITHBORO                     TIOGA              No          Yes
SMITHFIELD                    DUTCHESS           Yes         No                    50
SMITH'S BASIN                 WASHINGTON         Yes         Yes                  350
SMITHSBOROUGH                 TIOGA              Yes         Yes                  500
SMITH'S LANDING               GREENE             Yes         No                   100
SMITH'S MILLS                 CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                  200
SMITHTOWN                     SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                 2317
SMITHTOWN BRANCH              SUFFOLK            Yes         No                   700
SMITH VALLEY                  SCHUYLER           Yes         No
SMITHVILLE                    GENESEE            No          Yes
SMITHVILLE                    JEFFERSON          Yes         No                   250
SMITHVILLE FLATS              CHENANGO           Yes         No                   275
SMITHVILLE SOUTH              QUEENS             Yes         No                  1500
SMYRNA                        CHENANGO           Yes         Yes                  325
SNOWDON                       OTSEGO             Yes         No
SNYDER                        ERIE               Yes         No                    75
SNYDER'S                      TOMPKINS           No          Yes
SNYDERVILLE                   COLUMBIA           Yes         No                    25
SODUS                         WAYNE              Yes         Yes                 1500
SODUS CENTER                  WAYNE              Yes         Yes                  400
SODUS POINT                   WAYNE              Yes         Yes                  500
SOLON                         CORTLAND           Yes         No                   150
SOLSVILLE                     MADISON            Yes         Yes                   75
SOLVAY                        ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes
SOLVAY WORKS                  ONONDAGA           No          Yes
SOMERS                        WESTCHESTER        Yes         No                   400
SOMERS CENTRE                 WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                  200
SOMERSET                      NIAGARA            Yes         No                  1900
SOMERSET                      NIAGARA            No          Yes
SOMERVILLE                    ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   175
SONORA                        STEUBEN            Yes         No                   100
SONYEA                        LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes
SOUTH ADDISON                 STEUBEN            Yes         No                   100
SOUTH ALABAMA                 GENESEE            Yes         Yes                  150
SOUTH ALBION                  OSWEGO             Yes         No
SOUTH AMENIA                  DUTCHESS           Yes         No                   250
SOUTHAMPTON                   SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                 8189
SOUTH APALACHIN               TIOGA              Yes         No
SOUTH ARGYLE                  WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   230
SOUTH AVON                    LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                  100
SOUTH BALLSTOWN               SARATOGA           Yes         Yes                  200
SOUTH BARRE                   ORLEANS            Yes         No                   150
SOUTH BAY                     MADISON            Yes         Yes
SOUTH BERLIN                  RENSSELAER         Yes         Yes                  200
SOUTH BERNE                   ALBANY             Yes         No                   125
SOUTH BETHLEHEM               ALBANY             Yes         Yes                  150
SOUTH BLOOMFIELD              ONTARIO            Yes         No                    50
SOUTH BOLIVAR                 ALLEGANY           Yes         No
SOUTH BOMBAY                  FRANKLIN           Yes         No                   200
SOUTH BRADFORD                STEUBEN            Yes         No                    25
SOUTH BRISTOL                 ONTARIO            Yes         No                   200
SOUTH BROOKFIELD              MADISON            Yes         No                   175
SOUTH BUTLER                  WAYNE              Yes         No                   480
SOUTH BYRON                   GENESEE            Yes         Yes                  400
SOUTH CAIRO                   GREENE             Yes         Yes                  100
SOUTH CAMBRIDGE               WASHINGTON         No          Yes
SOUTH CANISTER                STEUBEN            Yes         No
SOUTH CENTREVILLE             ORANGE             Yes         No
SOUTH CHAMPION                JEFFERSON          Yes         No
SOUTH COLTON                  ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   250
SOUTH COLUMBIA                HAMILTON           Yes         Yes                  100
SOUTH CORINTH                 SARATOGA           Yes         Yes                  200
SOUTH CORTLAND                CORTLAND           Yes         Yes                  100
SOUTH CUYLER                  CORTLAND           Yes         No
SOUTH DANBY                   TOMPKINS           Yes         No                    50
SOUTH DANSVILLE               STEUBEN            Yes         No                   150
SOUTH DAYTON                  CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                  400
SOUTH DOVER                   DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  125
SOUTH DURHAM                  GREENE             Yes         No                   500
SOUTH EASTON                  WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   150
SOUTH EDMESTON                OTSEGO             Yes         No                   150
SOUTH EDWARDS                 ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                    60
SOUTH ELLENBURGH              CLINTON            No          No
SOUTH ERIN                    CHEMUNG            Yes         No
SOUTH FALLSBURGH              SULLIVAN           Yes         Yes                   50
SOUTHFIELDS                   ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  300
SOUTH GILBOA                  SCHOHARIE          Yes         Yes                  100
SOUTH GLENS FALLS             SARATOGA           Yes         No                  1800
SOUTH GRANBY                  OSWEGO             Yes         Yes
SOUTH GRANVILLE               WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   200
SOUTH GREECE                  MONROE             Yes         Yes                  100
SOUTH GREENFIELD              KINGS              No          Yes                  150
SOUTH GREENFIELD              SARATOGA           No          Yes                   40
SOUTH HAMILTON                MADISON            Yes         No                    50
SOUTH HAMMOND                 ST LAWRENCE        Yes         Yes                  125
SOUTH HANNIBAL                OSWEGO             Yes         No                   125
SOUTH HARTFORD                WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   130
SOUTH HARTWICK                OTSEGO             Yes         No                    75
SOUTH HAVEN                   SUFFOLK            Yes         No
SOUTH HOWARD                  STEUBEN            Yes         No
SOUTH JEFFERSON               SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                    50
SOUTH KORTRIGHT               DELAWARE           Yes         Yes
SOUTH LANSING                 TOMPKINS           Yes         No                   150
SOUTH LIMA                    LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                   30
SOUTH LIVONIA                 LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                  100
SOUTH NEW BERLIN              CHENANGO           Yes         Yes                  650
SOUTH NEW HAVEN               OSWEGO             Yes         No
SOUTH NEWSTEAD                ERIE               Yes         No
SOUTHOLD                      SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                 7675
SOUTH ONONDAGA                ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   250
SOUTH OSTELIC                 CHENANGO           Yes         No                   400
SOUTH OWEGO                   TIOGA              Yes         No
SOUTH OXFORD                  CHENANGO           Yes         Yes                   75
SOUTH PLATTSBURGH             CLINTON            Yes         Yes
SOUTH PLYMOUTH                CHENANGO           Yes         No                   150
SOUTHPORT                     CHEMUNG            Yes         Yes                  100
SOUTH PULTNEY                 STEUBEN            Yes         No                    75
SOUTH RICHLAND                OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                  150
SOUTH RIPLEY                  CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No
SOUTH RUSSELL                 ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No
SOUTH RUTLAND                 JEFFERSON          Yes         No                   120
SOUTH SALEM                   WESTCHESTER        Yes         No                   500
SOUTH SCHENECTADY             SCHENECTADY        No          Yes
SOUTH SCHODACK                RENSSELAER         Yes         Yes                  150
SOUTH SCHROON                 ESSEX              Yes         No                   200
SOUTH SCRIBA                  OSWEGO             Yes         No
SOUTH SETAUKET                SUFFOLK            No          No
SOUTH SODUS                   WAYNE              Yes         No                   250
SOUTH SOMERSET                NIAGARA            Yes         No
SOUTH SPAFFORD                ONONDAGA           Yes         No
SOUTH STOCKTON                CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No                   200
SOUTH SYRACUSE                ONONDAGA           No          No                   200
SOUTH TRENTON                 ONEIDA             Yes         No                   135
SOUTH TROUPSBURGH             STEUBEN            Yes         No                    25
SOUTH VALLEY                  OTSEGO             Yes         No                   600
SOUTH VANDALIA                CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes
SOUTHVILLE                    ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   100
SOUTH YONKERS                 WESTCHESTER        No          Yes
SOUTH WALES                   ERIE               Yes         Yes                   80
SOUTH WESTERLO                ALBANY             Yes         No                   300
SOUTH WEST OSWEGO             OSWEGO             Yes         No                    50
SOUTH WILLIAMSBURGH           QUEENS             No          No
SOUTH WILSON                  NIAGARA            Yes         No
SOUTH WORCESTER               OTSEGO             Yes         No                   100
SPAFFORD                      ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   150
SPARKILL                      ROCKLAND           Yes         Yes
SPARROW BUSH                  ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  300
SPEEDSVILLE                   TOMPKINS           Yes         No                   200
SPENCER                       TIOGA              Yes         Yes                 2036
SPENCERPORT                   MONROE             Yes         Yes                  800
SPENCER SUMMIT                TIOGA              No          Yes
SPENCERTOWN                   COLUMBIA           Yes         No                   450
SPEONK                        SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                  200
SPINNERVILLE                  HERKIMER           Yes         No                    40
SPLIT ROCK                    ONONDAGA           Yes         No
SPRAGUEVILLE                  ST LAWRENCE        Yes         Yes
SPRAKERS                      MONTGOMERY         Yes         Yes                  400
SPRING BROOK                  ERIE               Yes         Yes                  200
SPRING BROOK                  ERIE               No          Yes
SPRING COVE                   FRANKLIN           Yes         Yes
SPRINGFIELD                   OTSEGO             Yes         No                   150
SPRINGFIELD CENTRE            OTSEGO             Yes         No                   275
SPRINGFIELD STATION           QUEENS             No          Yes                  300
SPRINGFIELD STORE             QUEENS             Yes         Yes
SPRING HOUSE                  ORANGE             No          Yes
SPRING LAKE                   CAYUGA             Yes         No                   100
SPRING LAKE                   DUTCHESS           No          Yes
SPRING MILLS                  ALLEGANY           Yes         No                   250
SPRINGPORT                    CAYUGA             No          Yes
SPRING SIDE                   ORANGE             No          Yes
SPRINGS                       SUFFOLK            Yes         No
SPRINGVILLE                   SUFFOLK            No          No
SPRINGTOWN                    ULSTER             Yes         Yes
SPRING VALLEY                 ROCKLAND           Yes         Yes                 1186
SPRINGVILLE                   ERIE               Yes         Yes                 1869
SPRINGWATER                   LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                  600
SPROUT BROOK                  MONTGOMERY         Yes         No                   150
SPRUCETON                     GREENE             Yes         No                   200
SPUYTEN DUYVIL                NEW YORK           No          Yes
SQUIRETOWN                    SUFFOLK            No          No
STAATSBURGH                   DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  500
STAFFORD                      GENESEE            Yes         Yes                  200
STAMFORD                      DELAWARE           Yes         Yes                  826
STANARDS CORNERS              ALLEGANY           Yes         No                   200
STANBRO                       CHENANGO           Yes         No
STANDISH                      CLINTON            Yes         Yes
STANFORDVILLE                 DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  450
STANLEY                       ONTARIO            Yes         Yes                  400
STANTON HILL                  GREENE             Yes         No                   100
STANWIX                       ONEIDA             Yes         No                   100
STAPLETON                     RICHMOND           Yes         Yes                 4000
STARK                         ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No
STARKEY                       YATES              Yes         Yes                  450
STARKVILLE                    HERKIMER           Yes         No                   400
STAR LAKE                     ST LAWRENCE        No          Yes
STATE BRIDGE                  ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  300
STATE LINE                    BROOME             Yes         Yes
STATE LINE                    DUTCHESS           No          Yes
STATE ROAD                    ALLEGANY           Yes         No
STEAMBURGH                    CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                  300
STEAM MILL                    ST LAWRENCE        No          Yes
STEDMAN                       CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No                    50
STELLA                        BROOME             Yes         No
STEPHENS MILLS                STEUBEN            Yes         No                   100
STEPHENTOWN                   RENSSELAER         Yes         Yes                  250
STEPHENTOWN CENTRE            RENSSELAER         Yes         No
STERLING                      CAYUGA             Yes         No                   500
STERLING                      CAYUGA             No          Yes
STERLING BUSH                 LEWIS              Yes         No                   100
STERLING FURNACE              ORANGE             No          Yes
STERLING STATION              CAYUGA             Yes         Yes
STERLINGTON                   ROCKLAND           Yes         Yes
STERLING VALLEY               CAYUGA             Yes         No
STERLING VALLEY STATION       CAYUGA             No          Yes                  300
STERLINGVILLE                 JEFFERSON          Yes         Yes                  100
STEUBEN                       ONEIDA             Yes         No                   100
STEUBEN VALLEY                ONEIDA             Yes         No
STEVENS                       CATTARAUGUS        No          No
STEVENSVILLE                  SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   200
STEWARD                       SCHOHARIE          Yes         No
STILES STATION                ONONDAGA           No          Yes
STILLWATER                    SARATOGA           Yes         No                  1500
STILLWATER CENTRE             SARATOGA           No          Yes
STISSING                      DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  100
STITTVILLE                    ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  185
STOCKBRIDGE                   MADISON            Yes         Yes                  275
STOCKHOLM                     ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No
STOCKHOLM CENTRE              ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   100
STOCKHOLM DEPOT               ST LAWRENCE        Yes         Yes                  350
STOCKPORT                     COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                 1980
STOCKPORT STATION             DELAWARE           Yes         Yes                   75
STOCKTON                      CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No                   500
STOCKWELL                     ONEIDA             Yes         No
STOKES                        ONEIDA             Yes         No                    60
STONE ARABIA                  MONTGOMERY         Yes         No                    75
STONE BRIDGE                  ORANGE             No          Yes
STONE CHURCH                  GENESEE            Yes         No                   100
STONE DARA                    ALLEGANY           Yes         No
STONEHOUSE                    DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  100
STONE MILLS                   JEFFERSON          Yes         No                   100
STONE RIDGE                   ULSTER             Yes         No                   450
STONY BROOK                   SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                  800
STONY BROOK GLEN              STEUBEN            No          Yes
STONY CLOVE                   GREENE             No          Yes
STONY CREEK                   WARREN             No          Yes
STONY FORD                    ORANGE             No          Yes
STONY HOLLOW                  ULSTER             No          Yes                   50
STONY POINT                   ROCKLAND           Yes         Yes                  350
STORM KING                    DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes
STORMVILLE                    DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  100
STOTTVILLE                    COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                  675
STOW                          CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No                   150
STRAIT'S CORNERS              TIOGA              Yes         No                    50
STRATFORD                     FULTON             Yes         No                   115
STRATTON                      TOMPKINS           Yes         No
STRATTONS SIDINGS             STEUBEN            No          Yes
STREET ROADS                  ESSEX              Yes         No                   300
STROUGHS                      JEFFERSON          No          Yes
STRYKERSVILLE                 WYOMING            Yes         No                   500
STUYVESANT                    COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                 1225
STUYVESANT FALLS              COLUMBIA           Yes         No                   875
SUFFERN                       ROCKLAND           Yes         Yes                  900
SUGAR HILL                    SCHUYLER           Yes         No
SUGAR LOAF                    ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  150
SULLIVANVILLE                 CHEMUNG            Yes         No                   100
SUMMER DALE                   CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                   40
SUMMER HILL                   CAYUGA             Yes         No                   100
SUMMIT                        ALLEGANY           No          Yes
SUMMIT                        BROOME             No          Yes                  350
SUMMIT                        CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes
SUMMIT                        CHAUTAUQUA         No          Yes
SUMMIT                        CHENANGO           No          Yes
SUMMIT                        DUTCHESS           No          Yes
SUMMIT                        SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   300
SUMMIT                        WASHINGTON         No          Yes                  200
SUMMIT MOUNTAIN               ULSTER             Yes         No
SUMMIT PARK                   ROCKLAND           No          No
SUMMIT STATION                ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes
SUMMIT SWITCH                 RENSSELAER         No          Yes
SUMMITVILLE                   SULLIVAN           Yes         Yes                  200
SUN                           FRANKLIN           Yes         No
SUNDOWN                       ULSTER             Yes         No                   100
SUNKEN MEADOW                 SUFFOLK            No          No
SURPRISE                      GREENE             Yes         No                   150
SUSPENSION BRIDGE             NIAGARA            Yes         Yes                 3500
SNYDAM                        COLUMBIA           Yes         No
SWAIN                         ALLEGANY           No          Yes                  300
SWALE                         STEUBEN            Yes         No
SWAMP MILLS                   SULLIVAN           Yes         Yes
SWARTWOOD                     CHEMUNG            Yes         Yes                   50
SWORMVILLE                    ERIE               Yes         Yes
SYLVA                         ULSTER             Yes         No
SYLVAN                        ONEIDA             No          Yes
SYLVAN BEACH                  ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  200
SYLVAN JUNCTION               ONEIDA             No          No
SYLVAN LAKE                   DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  300
SYOSSETT                      QUEENS             Yes         Yes                  150
SYRACUSE                      ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                88387
TOBASCO                       ULSTER             Yes         No
TABERG                        ONEIDA             Yes         No                  2500
TABERG                        ONEIDA             No          Yes
TAGHKANICK                    COLUMBIA           Yes         No                    69
TABAWUS                       ESSEX              Yes         No
TALCVILLE                     ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No
TALLETTE                      CHENANGO           Yes         No
TALLMAN                       ROCKLAND           Yes         Yes                  400
TANGHANIC                     TOMPKINS           No          No
TANNERSVILLE                  GREENE             Yes         Yes                  500
TAPPAN                        ROCKLAND           Yes         Yes                  100
TARRYTOWN                     WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                 3901
TARRYTOWN HEIGHTS             WESTCHESTER        No          Yes                  250
TAUGHANNOCK                   TOMPKINS           No          Yes
TAUGHANNOCK FALLS             TOMPKINS           Yes         Yes
TAYLOR                        CORTLAND           Yes         No                   125
TAYLOR CENTRE                 CORTLAND           Yes         No
TAYLOR'S ON SCHROON           WARREN             Yes         No
TEALS                         SENECA             No          No
TEENERS                       COLUMBIA           No          Yes
TERMINAL                      MONROE             No          Yes
TERRACE                       ERIE               No          Yes
TERRYVILLE                    SUFFOLK            Yes         No
TERWILLIGERS                  ULSTER             No          No
TEXAS                         OSWEGO             Yes         No                   150
TEXAS VALLEY                  CORTLAND           Yes         No                   150
THAYER'S CORNERS              FRANKLIN           Yes         No                   100
THE CORNER                    ULSTER             Yes         No                   100
THE GLEN                      WARREN             Yes         Yes
THE NARROWS                   WASHINGTON         No          No
THE RAUNT                     QUEENS             No          Yes
THERESA                       JEFFERSON          Yes         Yes                 1378
THERESA JUNCTION              JEFFERSON          No          Yes
THIELLS                       ROCKLAND           Yes         Yes                   75
THOMASTON                     QUEENS             Yes         Yes
THOMPSON HOUSE                PUTNAM             No          Yes
THOMPSON RIDGE                ORANGE             Yes         Yes
THOMPSONS                     ONTARIO            No          Yes
THOUSAND ISLAND PARK          ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No
THREE MILE BAY                JEFFERSON          No          Yes                  900
THREE MILE BAY STATION        JEFFERSON          No          Yes
THREE RIVER POINT             ONONDAGA           No          Yes
THROGGS NECK                  WESTCHESTER        No          No
THROPP                        CAYUGA             No          No
THROOPVILLE                   CAYUGA             Yes         No                   400
THURMAN                       WARREN             Yes         No                   350
THURMAN STATION               WARREN             No          Yes
THURSO                        JEFFERSON          Yes         No
THURSTON                      STEUBEN            Yes         No                   100
TIASHOKE                      RENSSELAER         Yes         Yes                  100
TICONDEROGA                   ESSEX              Yes         Yes                 4000
TICONDEROGA                   ESSEX              No          Yes
TILLY ROSTER                  PUTNAM             Yes         Yes
TIOGA CENTRE                  TIOGA              Yes         Yes                  350
TIP TOP                       ALLEGANY           No          Yes
TITUS                         FRANKLIN           No          No
TITUSVILLE                    FRANKLIN           No          No
TIVOLI                        DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  250
TODDSVILLE                    OTSEGO             Yes         No                   300
TOMHANNOCK                    RENSSELAER         Yes         No                   150
TOMPKINS CORNERS              PUTNAM             Yes         No
TOMPKINS COVE                 ROCKLAND           Yes         Yes                  200
TOMPKINSVILLE                 RICHMOND           Yes         No                  1400
TOMPSON'S LAKE                ALBANY             Yes         No
TOMPSONS SWITCH               SUFFOLK            No          No
TOMPSONVILLE                  SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   150
TOMSON'S MILLS                WASHINGTON         Yes         No
TONAWANDA                     ERIE               Yes         Yes                 7135
TOTTENVILLE                   RICHMOND           Yes         Yes                 1500
TOWER HILL                    RICHMOND           No          No
TOWLESVILLE                   STEUBEN            Yes         No                   180
TOWNER'S                      PUTNAM             Yes         Yes                  400
TOWNLEY'S                     STEUBEN            No          Yes
TOWN LINE                     ERIE               Yes         Yes                  300
TOWNSEND                      SCHUYLER           Yes         No                   150
TOWNSENDVILLE                 SENECA             Yes         No                   100
TRACY CREEK                   BROOME             Yes         No                   350
TRANSIT                       ERIE               No          Yes                  400
TRANSIT BRIDGE                ALLEGANY           Yes         No                    25
TREMALUE'S CORNERS            JEFFERSON          Yes         No
TREMONT                       NEW YORK           Yes         Yes
DARREN CENTRE                 GENESEE            Yes         No                   200
TRENTON                       ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  300
TRENTON FALLS                 ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  140
TREVETT                       SARATOGA           Yes         No
TRIANGLE                      BROOME             Yes         No                   210
TRIBES HILL                   MONTGOMERY         Yes         Yes                  300
TRI STATES                    ORANGE             Yes         No
TROUPSBURGH                   STEUBEN            Yes         No                   350
TROUT BROOK                   DELAWARE           No          Yes                   75
TROUT CREEK                   DELAWARE           Yes         No                   100
TROUT RIVER                   FRANKLIN           Yes         No                   250
TROY                          RENSSELAER         Yes         Yes                60605
TRUMANSBURGH                  TOMPKINS           Yes         Yes                 1350
TRUMBULL CORNERS              TOMPKINS           Yes         No                   100
TRUTHVILLE                    WASHINGTON         Yes         No
TRUXTON                       CORTLAND           Yes         Yes                  350
TUCKAHOE                      SUFFOLK            No          No
TUCKAHOE                      WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                 1000
TULLY                         ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                  435
TULLY VALLEY                  ONONDAGA           Yes         No
TUNESASSA                     CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes                   50
TUNNEL                        BROOME             Yes         Yes                  100
TUPPER LAKE                   FRANKLIN           Yes         No
TURIN                         LEWIS              Yes         No                   425
TURNER'S                      ORANGE             Yes         Yes
TURNWOOD                      ULSTER             Yes         No                   500
TUSCARORA                     BROOME             No          Yes
TUSCARORA                     LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                  225
TUSTEN                        SULLIVAN           Yes         Yes
TUESTEN STATION               SULLIVAN           No          Yes
TUXEDO                        ORANGE             No          Yes
TUXEDO PARK                   ORANGE             Yes         Yes
TWIN PONDS                    FRANKLIN           No          Yes
TYLER'S SWITCH                DELAWARE           No          Yes
TYNER                         CHENANGO           Yes         No                    75
TYRE                          SENECA             Yes         No                   150
TYRONE                        SCHUYLER           Yes         No                   350
ULSTER HEIGHTS                ULSTER             Yes         No
JLSTER PARK                   ULSTER             Yes         Yes                  300
ULSTERVILLE                   ULSTER             Yes         No                   200
UNADILLA                      OTSEGO             Yes         Yes                 1200
UNADILLA CENTRE               OTSEGO             Yes         No                   100
UNADILLA FORKS                OTSEGO             Yes         No                   500
UNADILLA FORKS STATION        ONEIDA             No          Yes
UNION                         BROOME             Yes         Yes                 1000
UNION                         ROCKLAND           No          Yes
UNION CENTRE                  BROOME             Yes         No                   250
UNION CHURCH                  ALBANY             Yes         No                   100
UNION COURSE                  QUEENS             No          Yes
UNION FALLS                   CLINTON            Yes         No
UNION GROVE                   DELAWARE           Yes         No
UNION HILL                    MONROE             Yes         Yes                   50
UNION MILLS                   FULTON             Yes         No                    75
UNION PLACE                   SUFFOLK            No          No
UNION SOCIETY                 GREENE             Yes         No                    25
UNION SPRINGS                 CAYUGA             Yes         Yes                 2000
UNION SQUARE                  OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                  150
UNION VALLEY                  CORTLAND           Yes         No                   125
UNIONVILLE                    KINGS              No          Yes
UNIONVILLE                    ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  300
UNIONVILLE                    WESTCHESTER        No          Yes
UPPER JAY                     ESSEX              Yes         No                   500
UPPER LISLE                   BROOME             Yes         No                   250
UPPER NYACK                   ROCKLAND           Yes         No
UPPER RED HOOK                DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  325
URBANA                        STEUBEN            Yes         No
URLTON                        GREENE             Yes         No                   150
USHERS                        SARATOGA           Yes         Yes                   50
UTICA                         ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                44001
UTOPIA                        ALLEGANY           Yes         No
VAIL'S GATE                   ORANGE             Yes         Yes
VAIL'S MILLS                  FULTON             Yes         No                   200
VALATIE                       COLUMBIA           Yes         No                  1500
VALCOUR                       CLINTON            Yes         Yes                   25
VALHALLA                      WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes
VALLEY COTTAGE                ROCKLAND           No          Yes
VALLEY FALLS                  RENSSELAER         Yes         Yes                 1200
VALLEY MILLS                  MADISON            Yes         Yes                   75
VALLEY STREAM                 QUEENS             Yes         Yes                  605
VALLONA SPRINGS JUNCTION      BROOME             Yes         No
VAN BRUNT                     KINGS              Yes         No
VAN BUREN                     CHAUTAUQUA         No          Yes
VAN BUREN                     ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes
VAN CORTLANDT                 NEW YORK           No          Yes
VAN CORTLANDT PARK  JUNC.     NEW YORK           No          Yes
VANDALIA                      CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                 1200
VAN ETTEN                     CHEMUNG            No          Yes                  600
VAN ETTENVILLE                CHEMUNG            Yes         Yes                  600
VAN HOESEN                    RENSSELAER         No          Yes
VAN HORNESVILLE               HERKIMER           Yes         No                   300
VAN KEUREN'S                  ORANGE             No          Yes
VAN PELT MANOR                KINGS              Yes         No
VAN WEST                      WESTCHESTER        No          Yes
VAN VLETTZ                    STEUBEN            No          Yes
VAN WAGNER                    DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                   80
VAN WICKLENS                  KINGS              No          Yes
VAN WIES                      ALBANY             Yes         No
VARICK                        SENECA             Yes         No                    50
VARNA                         TOMPKINS           Yes         Yes                  175
VARYSBURGH                    WYOMING            Yes         Yes                  200
VAUGHNS                       WASHINGTON         Yes         No
VENICE                        CAYUGA             Yes         No                   150
VENICE CENTRE                 CAYUGA             Yes         Yes                  250
VERBANK                       DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  200
VERBANK VILLAGE               DUTCHESS           Yes         No                   150
VERMILLION                    OSWEGO             Yes         No                   100
VERMONTVILLE                  FRANKLIN           No          Yes
VERNON                        ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  475
VERNON CENTRE                 ONEIDA             Yes         No                   215
VERNON VALLEY                 SUFFOLK            No          Yes
VERONA                        ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  300
VERONA MILLS                  ONEIDA             Yes         No
VERONA STATION                ONEIDA             Yes         Yes
VERPLANCK                     WESTCHESTER        Yes         No                  1500
VERSAILLES                    CATTARAUGUS        Yes         No                   210
VESPER                        ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   150
VESTAL                        BROOME             Yes         Yes                  150
VESTAL CENTRE                 BROOME             Yes         No                   200
VICTOR                        ONTARIO            Yes         Yes                 1000
VICTORY                       CAYUGA             Yes         No                   400
VICTORY MILLS                 SARATOGA           Yes         Yes                  800
VIENNA                        ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  225
VILLANOVA                     CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No                   200
VINCENT                       ONTARIO            Yes         No
VINE VALLEY                   YATES              Yes         No                    50
VINTONTON                     SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   200
VIOLA                         ROCKLAND           Yes         No                    75
VIRGIL                        CORTLAND           Yes         No                   250
VISCHER'S FERRY               SARATOGA           Yes         No                   210
VISTA                         WESTCHESTER        Yes         No                    50
VOAK                          YATES              Yes         No                    25
VOLNEY                        OSWEGO             Yes         No                   100
VOLUSIA                       CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No                   100
VOORHEESVILLE                 ALBANY             No          Yes                  190
VOSBURG                       ALLEGANY           No          Yes
WADDINGTON                    ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                  1000
WADHAM'S MILLS                ESSEX              Yes         Yes                  400
WADING RIVER                  SUFFOLK            Yes         No                   100
WAKEFIELD                     WESTCHESTER        Yes         No
WALDEN                        ORANGE             Yes         Yes                 2800
WALES                         ERIE               Yes         No                    75
WALES CENTRE                  ERIE               Yes         No                   200
WALESVILLE                    ONEIDA             Yes         No                    70
WALKER VALLEY                 ULSTER             Yes         No                   200
WALKILL                       ULSTER             Yes         Yes                  450
WALLACE                       STEUBEN            Yes         Yes                  250
WALLEYS                       SUFFOLK            No          No
WALLINGTON                    WAYNE              Yes         Yes                   50
WALLOMSACK                    RENSSELAER         Yes         Yes                  100
WALTON                        DELAWARE           Yes         Yes                 2404
WALWORTH                      WAYNE              Yes         No                   640
WALWORTH STATION              WAYNE              No          Yes
WAMPSVILLE                    MADISON            Yes         Yes                  400
WANGO                         CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No
WAPPINGERS FALL               DUTCHESS           Yes         No                  4500
WARNER'S                      ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                  150
WARNERVILLE                   SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   100
WARREN                        HERKIMER           Yes         No                   140
WARRENSBURGH                  WARREN             Yes         No                  2000
WARRENS CORNERS               NIAGARA            Yes         No
WARSAW                        WYOMING            Yes         Yes                 5000
WARWICK                       ORANGE             Yes         Yes                 1200
WARWICK WOODLANDS             ORANGE             Yes         No
WASHBURN                      CHAUTAUQUA         No          Yes
WASHINGTON                    DUTCHESS           Yes         No                    75
WASHINGTON HOLLOW             DUTCHESS           Yes         No                   380
WASHINGTON MILLS              ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  300
WASHINGTON SQUARE             QUEENS             No          No
WASHINGTONVILLE               ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  600
WASSAIC                       DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  275
WATERBURGH                    TOMPKINS           Yes         No                   150
WATERFORD                     SARATOGA           Yes         Yes                 4500
WATERFORD JUNCTION            SARATOGA           No          Yes
WATERLOO                      SENECA             Yes         Yes                 5000
WATER MILL                    SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                  200
WATERPORT                     ORLEANS            Yes         Yes                  300
WATERTOWN                     JEFFERSON          Yes         Yes                14733
WATERTOWN JUNCTION            JEFFERSON          No          Yes
WATERVALE                     ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   100
WATER VALLEY                  ERIE               Yes         Yes                   75
WATERVILLE                    ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                 2030
WATERVLIET CENTRE             ALBANY             Yes         No                   300
WATER WORKS                   ERIE               No          Yes
WATKINS                       SCHUYLER           Yes         Yes                 3500
WATKINS GLEN                  SCHUYLER           No          Yes
WATKINS STATION               SCHUYLER           No          Yes
WATSON                        LEWIS              Yes         No                   100
WATTS MILL                    CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes
WATTS FLATTS                  CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                  300
WAVERLY                       SUFFOLK            No          Yes
WAVERLY                       TIOGA              Yes         Yes                 5500
WAWARSING                     ULSTER             Yes         No                  1000
WAWBEEK                       FRANKLIN           Yes         No
WAYLAND                       STEUBEN            Yes         No                  2318
WAYNE                         SCHUYLER           Yes         No
WAYNE CENTRE                  WAYNE              Yes         No                   200
WAYNE FOUR CORNERS            STEUBEN            Yes         No
WAYNEPORT                     WAYNE              No          Yes
WAYVILLE                      SARATOGA           Yes         Yes                   40
WEBATUCK                      DUTCHESS           Yes         No                   100
WEBB'S MILLS                  CHEMUNG            Yes         Yes                  400
WEBSTER                       MONROE             Yes         Yes                  385
WEBSTERS                      CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes
WEBSTERS                      LIVINGSTON         No          Yes
WEBSTER'S CORNERS             ERIE               Yes         No
WEBSTER CROSSING              LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                   80
WEBSTER STATION               MADISON            Yes         Yes                   75
WEDGEWOOD                     SCHUYLER           Yes         Yes
WEED MINES                    COLUMBIA           Yes         No                   100
WEEDSPORT                     CAYUGA             Yes         Yes                 2000
WEGATCHIE                     ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   175
WELCOME                       OTSEGO             Yes         No
WELLS                         HAMILTON           Yes         No                  1200
WELLS                         CHEMUNG            No          Yes
WELL'S BRIDGE                 OTSEGO             Yes         Yes                  300
WELLSBURGH                    CHEMUNG            Yes         Yes                  850
WELLSVILLE                    ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                 4000
WELLWOOD                      OSWEGO             Yes         No
WELTONVILLE                   TIOGA              Yes         No                    75
WEMPLE                        ALBANY             No          Yes
WENDE                         ERIE               No          Yes
WENDELVILLE                   NIAGARA            Yes         No                    75
WESLEY                        CATTARAUGUS        Yes         No
WEST                          CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                  150
WEST ALBANY                   ALBANY             Yes         Yes
WEST ALDEN                    ERIE               Yes         No                   150
WEST ALLEN                    ALLEGANY           Yes         No
WEST ALMOND                   ALLEGANY           Yes         No                    80
WEST AMBOY                    OSWEGO             Yes         No                   200
WEST ATHENS                   GREENE             No          Yes
WEST BAINBRIDGE               CHENANGO           Yes         No
WEST BANGOR                   FRANKLIN           Yes         No                   400
WEST BARRE                    ORLEANS            Yes         No                   200
WEST BATAVIA                  GENESEE            Yes         Yes
WEST BEEKMANTOWN              CLINTON            Yes         No                    40
WEST BERGER                   GENESEE            Yes         Yes                  100
WEST BERNE                    ALBANY             Yes         No                   200
WEST BETHANY                  GENESEE            Yes         No                    40
WEST BLOOMFIELD               ONTARIO            Yes         Yes                  500
WEST BRANCH                   ONEIDA             Yes         No                   200
WEST BRIGHTON                 MONROE             Yes         No
WEST BRIGHTON                 RICHMOND           No          Yes
WEST BRIGHTON BEACH           KINGS              No          Yes
WEST BROOK                    DELAWARE           Yes         No                   100
WEST BROOKVILLE               SULLIVAN           Yes         Yes                  250
WEST BURLINGTON               OTSEGO             Yes         No                   500
WESTBURY                      CAYUGA             Yes         No                   150
WESTBURY STATION              QUEENS             Yes         Yes                  200
WEST CAMBRIDGE                WASHINGTON         Yes         Yes                  300
WEST CAMDEN                   ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                   50
WEST CAMP                     ULSTER             Yes         Yes                   50
WEST CANDOR                   TIOGA              Yes         Yes                  100
WEST CANTON                   STEUBEN            Yes         Yes                   25
WEST CHARLTON                 SARATOGA           Yes         No                   100
WEST CHAZY                    CLINTON            Yes         Yes                  450
WEST CHENANGO                 BROOME             Yes         No                   100
WEST CHESTER                  WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                 5000
WEST CLARKSVILLE              ALLEGANY           Yes         No                   200
WEST COLESVILLE               BROOME             Yes         No                   150
WEST CONESVILLE               SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   100
WEST CONSTABLE                FRANKLIN           Yes         No                   400
WEST COPAKE                   COLUMBIA           Yes         No                   150
WEST CORNWALL                 ORANGE             Yes         Yes
WEST COXSACKIE                GREENE             Yes         Yes                 1000
WEST CRAIGVILLE               ORANGE             No          Yes
WEST DANBY                    TOMPKINS           Yes         Yes                  100
WEST DAVENPORT                DELAWARE           Yes         Yes                  150
WEST DAY                      SARATOGA           Yes         No                   105
WEST DEER PARK                SUFFOLK            No          Yes
WEST DRYDEN                   TOMPKINS           Yes         Yes                  125
WEST EATON                    MADISON            Yes         No                   300
WEST EDMESTON                 OTSEGO             Yes         No                   100
WEST END                      BROOME             Yes         Yes
WEST END                      SARATOGA           No          Yes
WESTERLO                      ALBANY             Yes         No                   200
WESTERNVILLE                  ONEIDA             Yes         No                   250
WEST EXETER                   OTSEGO             Yes         No                   200
WEST FALLS                    ERIE               Yes         Yes                  500
WEST FARMS                    NEW YORK           No          Yes
WEST FAYETTE                  SENECA             Yes         Yes                  100
WEST FAYETTE STATION          SENECA             No          Yes
WESTFIELD                     CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                 2500
WESTFORD                      OTSEGO             Yes         No                   360
WEST FORT ANN                 WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   100
WEST FULTON                   SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   180
WEST GALWAY                   FULTON             Yes         No                   300
WEST GRANVILLE CORNERS        WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   200
WEST GREECE                   MONROE             Yes         No                   200
WEST GROTON                   TOMPKINS           Yes         No                   100
WEST HAMBURG                  ERIE               Yes         Yes                   25
WEST HAMPTON                  SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                  350
WEST HAMPTON BEACH            SUFFOLK            Yes         No
WEST HAVERSTRAW               ROCKLAND           No          Yes
WEST HEBRON                   WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   500
WEST HENRIETTA                MONROE             Yes         Yes                  130
WEST HOOSICK                  RENSSELAER         Yes         No                   175
WEST HURLEY                   ULSTER             Yes         Yes                  250
WEST ITALY                    YATES              Yes         No
WEST JUNIUS                   ONTARIO            Yes         Yes
WEST KENDALL                  ORLEANS            Yes         No                   150
WEST KILL                     GREENE             Yes         No                   150
WEST KORTRIGHT                DELAWARE           Yes         No                    40
WEST LAURENS                  OTSEGO             Yes         No                   300
WEST LEBANON                  COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                  400
WEST LEYDEN                   LEWIS              Yes         No                   150
WEST LOCKPORT                 NIAGARA            No          Yes
WEST LOWVILLE                 LEWIS              No          No                    20
WEST MARTINSBURGH             LEWIS              Yes         No                   150
WEST MEREDITH                 DELAWARE           Yes         No                    20
WEST MILTON                   SARATOGA           Yes         No                   200
WEST MONROE                   OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                  150
WESTMORELAND                  ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  400
WEST NEWARK                   TIOGA              Yes         No
WEST NEW BRIGHTON             RICHMOND           Yes         Yes                16500
WEST NEWBURGH                 ORANGE             No          Yes
WEST NYAC                     ROCKLAND           No          Yes
WESTON                        SCHUYLER           Yes         No                   100
WESTON                        CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes
WEST ONEONTA                  OTSEGO             Yes         No                   250
WESTON'S                      ST LAWRENCE        No          Yes
WESTON'S MILLS                CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                  100
WEST PARISHVILLE              ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No
WEST PARK                     ULSTER             Yes         Yes
WEST PATTERSON                PUTNAM             Yes         Yes
WEST PAWLING                  DUTCHESS           No          Yes
WEST PIERPONT                 ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   200
WEST PLATTSBURGH              CLINTON            Yes         No                   150
WEST POINT                    ORANGE             Yes         Yes
WESTPORT                      ESSEX              Yes         Yes                  600
WEST POTSDAM                  ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   125
WEST RATHBONE                 STEUBEN            Yes         No
WEST RICHMONDVILLE            SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   150
WEST RIVER                    YATES              Yes         No
WEST RUSH                     MONROE             Yes         Yes                  300
WEST SALAMANCA                CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes
WEST SAND LAKE                RENSSELAER         Yes         No                   900
WEST SARATOGA JUNCTION        SARATOGA           No          Yes
WEST SAUGERTIES               ULSTER             Yes         No                    75
WEST SCHUYLER                 HERKIMER           Yes         No                   250
WEST SENECA                   ERIE               Yes         Yes                  100
WEST SHELBY                   ORANGE             Yes         No                    50
WEST SHOKAN                   ULSTER             Yes         No                   125
WEST SHORE STATION            GREENE             No          Yes
WEST SOMERS                   WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                  150
WEST SOMERSET                 NIAGARA            Yes         No                    50
WEST SPARTA                   LIVINGSTON         No          Yes
WEST STEPHENTOWN              RENSSELAER         Yes         No                   350
WEST STOCKHOLM                ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   300
WEST STONY CREEK              WARREN             Yes         No
WEST TAGHKANICK               COLUMBIA           Yes         No                   100
WEST TOWN                     ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  200
WEST TOWNSHIP                 ALBANY             Yes         No                   100
WEST TROY                     ALBANY             Yes         Yes                12942
WEST UNION                    STEUBEN            Yes         No
WEST VALLEY                   CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                  350
WEST VIENNA                   ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  140
WESTVILLE                     OTSEGO             Yes         No                    90
WESTVILLE CENTRE              FRANKLIN           Yes         No                   150
WEST WALWORTH                 WAYNE              Yes         No                   410
WEST WATERFORD                SARATOGA           No          Yes
WEST WEBSTER                  MONROE             Yes         No                   250
WEST WINDSOR                  BROOME             Yes         No                    85
WEST WINFIELD                 HERKIMER           Yes         Yes                  750
WEST YORKSHIRE                CATTARAUGUS        Yes         No                    40
WETHERSFIELD                  WYOMING            Yes         No                   100
WETHERSFIELD SPRING           WYOMING            Yes         No                   300
WEVERTOWN                     WARREN             Yes         No                   250
WHALLONSBURGH                 ESSEX              Yes         Yes                  250
WHEATLEY                      QUEENS             No          No
WHEATVILLE                    GENESEE            Yes         No                   100
WHEELER                       STEUBEN            Yes         Yes                  180
WHEELERS                      HAMILTON           No          No
WHEELER'S                     OSWEGO             No          Yes
WHEELERTOWN                   HERKIMER           No          No
WHIPPLEVILLE                  FRANKLIN           Yes         No                    45
WHITE CHURCH                  TOMPKINS           Yes         Yes
WHITE CREEK                   WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   200
WHITEHALL                     WASHINGTON         Yes         Yes                 5350
WHITEHOUSE                    CHAUTAUQUA         No          Yes
WHITE HOUSE                   CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes
WHITE LAKE                    SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   500
WHITE LAKE CORNERS            ONEIDA             Yes         No
WHITELAW                      MADISON            Yes         No
WHITE PLAINS                  WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                 4550
WHITEPORT                     ULSTER             Yes         Yes                  200
WHITES                        MONROE             No          Yes
WHITESBORO                    ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                 1653
WHITESIDE                     CHAUTAUQUA         No          Yes
WHITE'S STORE                 CHENANGO           Yes         Yes                   50
WHITESTONE                    QUEENS             Yes         Yes                 5400
WHITESTONE JUNCTION           QUEENS             No          Yes
WHITESTONE LANDING            QUEENS             No          Yes
WHITEVILLE                    ALLEGANY           Yes         No                   425
WHITMAN                       DELAWARE           Yes         No
WHITNEY'S                     ST LAWRENCE        No          Yes
WHITNEYS CROSSING             ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                  100
WHITNEY'S POINT               BROOME             Yes         Yes                  900
WHITSON                       WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes
WICOPEE JUNCTION              DUTCHESS           No          Yes
WILBER SWITCH                 CHENANGO           No          Yes
WILBUR                        ULSTER             Yes         No                   775
WILCOX                        ORANGE             No          Yes
WILEY'S CORNERS               STEUBEN            Yes         No
WILOYSVILLE                   STEUBEN            Yes         No
WILHELM                       ERIE               Yes         Yes
WILLARD                       SENECA             Yes         Yes                  300
WILLARDS                      CHENANGO           No          Yes
WILLET                        CORTLAND           Yes         No                   160
WILLETTS                      CAYUGA             No          Yes
WILLIAMS BRIDGE               WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes
WILLIAMSBURGH                 KINGS              Yes         No
WILLIAMSON                    WAYNE              Yes         Yes                  500
WILLIAMSTOWN                  OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                  600
WILLIAMSVILLE                 ERIE               Yes         No                   900
WILLINK                       ERIE               Yes         No
WILLIS                        QUEENS             No          Yes
WILLISTON                     ERIE               Yes         No                   100
WILLOW BROOK                  DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                   75
WILLOW CREEK                  TOMPKINS           Yes         Yes
WILLOWEMOCK                   SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   200
WILLOW GLEN                   ONONDAGA           No          Yes
WILLOW POINT                  BROOME             Yes         Yes
WILLSBOROUGH                  ESSEX              Yes         Yes                  350
WILLSBOROUGH POINT            ESSEX              Yes         No
WILLSEYVILLE                  TIOGA              Yes         Yes                  100
WILMINGTON                    ESSEX              Yes         No                   500
WILMURT                       HERKIMER           Yes         No                    50
WILNA                         JEFFERSON          Yes         No                   150
WILSON                        NIAGARA            Yes         Yes                  683
WILSON CREEK                  TIOGA              Yes         No
WILTON                        SARATOGA           Yes         Yes                  175
WINCHELLS                     DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes
WINCHESTER                    ERIE               Yes         No
WINDECKER                     LEWIS              Yes         No
WINDHAM                       GREENE             Yes         No                   425
WINDSOR                       BROOME             Yes         Yes                  950
WINDSOR BEACH                 MONROE             No          Yes
WINFIELD                      HERKIMER           Yes         No                  1675
WINFIELD                      QUEENS             No          Yes                  250
WINFIELD JUNCTION             QUEENS             Yes         Yes                  250
WINGS STATION                 DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes
WINTERTON                     SULLIVAN           Yes         Yes                  200
WIRT                          ALLEGANY           No          Yes
WIRT CENTRE                   ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes
DYKE                          STEUBEN            No          No
WISCOY                        ALLEGANY           Yes         No                   250
WITHEY                        ALLEGANY           Yes         No
WOLCOTT                       WAYNE              Yes         Yes                 1800
WOLCOTTSBURGH                 ERIE               Yes         No
WOLCOTTSVILLE                 NIAGARA            Yes         No                  1000
WOLF HILL                     ALBANY             Yes         No
WOLF POND                     FRANKLIN           No          Yes
WOLF RUN                      CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes
WOODARD                       ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes
WOODBOURNE                    SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   150
WOODBURY                      QUEENS             Yes         Yes                  200
WOODBURY                      ORANGE             No          Yes
WOODBURY FALLS                ORANGE             Yes         Yes
WOOD CREEK                    ONEIDA             No          Yes
WOODFIELD DEPOT               QUEENS             No          Yes
WOODFORD                      DELAWARE           Yes         No
WOODHAVEN                     QUEENS             Yes         Yes                  800
WOODHAVEN JUNCTION            QUEENS             No          Yes
WOODHULL                      STEUBEN            Yes         No                   800
WOODLAND                      ULSTER             Yes         No                    40
WOODLANDS                     WESTCHESTER        No          Yes
WOODLAWN                      KINGS              Yes         Yes
WOODLAWN                      NEW YORK           No          Yes
WOODLAWN JUNCTION             NEW YORK           No          Yes
WOODS                         CAYUGA             No          Yes
WOODSBURGH                    QUEENS             No          Yes
WOODS FALLS                   CLINTON            Yes         Yes
WOODSIDE                      QUEENS             Yes         Yes                  600
WOODS OF ARDEN                RICHMOND           No          Yes
WOODSTOCK                     ULSTER             Yes         No                   800
WOODVILLE                     JEFFERSON          Yes         No                   175
WOOGLIN                       CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes
WORCESTER                     OTSEGO             Yes         Yes                  900
WORTH CENTRE                  JEFFERSON          Yes         No                    60
WORTHVILLE                    JEFFERSON          Yes         No                   100
WRIGHTS                       WASHINGTON         No          Yes
WRIGHTS CORNERS               NIAGARA            Yes         No                    75
WRIGHTSON                     OSWEGO             Yes         No
WRIGHTSVILLE                  CLINTON            No          No
WURTEMBURGH                   DUTCHESS           Yes         No                    75
WURTSBORO                     SULLIVAN           Yes         Yes                  500
WYANDALE                      ERIE               Yes         No                    50
WYANDANCE                     SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                   75
WYCOFF'S                      CAYUGA             No          Yes
WYNANTSKILL                   RENSSELAER         Yes         No                   220
WYOMING                       WYOMING            Yes         Yes                  535
YUPHANK                       SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                  300
YATES                         ORLEANS            Yes         Yes                  300
YONKERS                       WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                31945
YORK                          LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                  350
YORKSHIRE                     CATTARAUGUS        Yes         No                   400
YORKSHIRE CENTRE              CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                  500
YORKTOWN                      WESTCHESTER        Yes         No                   100
YORKTOWN                      WESTCHESTER        No          Yes
YORKTOWN HEIGHTS              WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes
YORKVILLE                     ONEIDA             Yes         No                  1500
YOSTS                         MONTGOMERY         No          Yes
YOUNG                         ONONDAGA           Yes         No
YOUNG HICKORY                 STEUBEN            Yes         No
YOUNGPORT                     SUFFOLK            No          No
YOUNGS                        DELAWARE           No          Yes
YOUNGSTOWN                    NIAGARA            Yes         No                   700
YOUNGSVILLE                   SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   100
YULAU                         SULLIVAN           Yes         No
ZURICH                        WAYNE              Yes         Yes                   50

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