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Index of NY Cities, Towns, and Villages and Populations in 1890
L - R

TOWN                          COUNTY             POST        EXPRESS     POPULATION
                                                 OFFICE      OFFICE
LACKAWACK                     ULSTER             Yes         No                   200
LACKAWANNA JUNCTION           GENESEE            No          Yes
LACONA                        OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                  680
LA FARGERVILLE                JEFFERSON          Yes         Yes                  425
LA FAYETTE                    ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                  150
LA FAYETTEVILLE               DUTCHESS           Yes         No                    50
LA GRANGE                     WYOMING            Yes         No                   200
LA GRANGE                     DUTCHESS           No          No                   200
LA GRANGEVILLE                DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  200
LAIRDSVILLE                   ONEIDA             Yes         No                   100
LAKE                          ORANGE             No          Yes
LAKE BEACH                    MONROE             Yes         Yes
LAKE DELAWARE                 DELAWARE           Yes         No                    50
LAKE GEORGE                   WARREN             Yes         Yes                  500
LAKE GROVE                    SUFFOLK            Yes         No                   200
LAKE HILL                     ULSTER             Yes         No                   350
LAKE KATRINE                  ULSTER             No          No
LAKELAND                      ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes
LAKE MAHOPAC                  PUTNAM             No          Yes                  500
LAKE PLACID                   ESSEX              Yes         No                   300
LAKEPORT                      MADISON            Yes         No                   250
LAKE RIDGE                    TOMPKINS           Yes         Yes                  100
LAKE ROAD                     NIAGARA            Yes         No
LAKE SHORE STATION            WAYNE              No          Yes
LAKE SIDE                     WAYNE              Yes         No                   300
LAKESIDE                      WAYNE              No          Yes
LAKE VIEW                     ERIE               Yes         Yes                   25
LAKEVILLE                     LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                  400
LAKEVILLE                     ORANGE             No          Yes
LAKE WACCABUC                 WESTCHESTER        Yes         No
LAKEWOOD                      CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes
LAMB'S CORNERS                BROOME             Yes         No                   150
LAMONT                        WYOMING            Yes         No                   200
LAMSON'S                      ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                  100
LANCASTER                     ERIE               Yes         Yes                 1677
LANESBURGH                    LEWIS              Yes         No
LANESVILLE                    GREENE             Yes         Yes                  450
LANGDON                       BROOME             Yes         No
LANGFORD                      ERIE               Yes         No                   200
LANSING                       OSWEGO             Yes         No
LANSLINGBURGH                 RENSSELAER         Yes         Yes                10523
LANSINGVILLE                  TOMPKINS           Yes         No                   125
LAONA                         CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                  400
LAPHAM                        CLINTON            Yes         Yes                   50
LAPHAM'S MILLS                CLINTON            No          Yes                   50
LARCHMONT                     WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                  700
LARCHMONT MANOR               WESTCHESTER        No          Yes                  700
LA SALLE                      NIAGARA            Yes         Yes                  250
LASSELLSVILLE                 FULTON             Yes         No                   400
LATHAM'S CORNERS              CHENANGO           No          Yes
LATIMER                       ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes
LATTINGTOWN                   QUEENS             No          No
LAUREL HILL                   QUEENS             Yes         No                   500
LAURENS                       OTSEGO             Yes         No                   500
LAVA                          SULLIVAN           Yes         No
LAWRENCE                      ST LAWRENCE        No          Yes
LAWRENCE                      SCHUYLER           Yes         No                    50
LAWRENCE STATION              QUEENS             Yes         Yes                   50
LAWRENCEVILLE                 GREENE             No          Yes
LAWRENCEVILLE                 ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   300
LAWTON                        ORANGE             Yes         Yes
LAWTON STATION                ERIE               Yes         No                    50
LAWYERSVILLE                  SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   175
LEBANON                       MADISON            Yes         Yes                  250
LEBANON LAKE                  SULLIVAN           Yes         No
LEBANON SPRINGS               COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                  300
LEDYARD                       CAYUGA             Yes         No                   100
LEE                           ONEIDA             Yes         No                   125
LEE CENTRE                    ONEIDA             Yes         No                   320
LEEDS                         GREENE             Yes         Yes                  400
LEEDSVILLE                    DUTCHESS           Yes         No                   150
LEEK                          CATTARAUGUS        Yes         No
LEES                          WASHINGTON         No          Yes
LE FEVER FALLS                ULSTER             Yes         No                   100
LEFFERT'S PARK                KINGS              No          Yes
LEICESTER                     LIVINGSTON         No          Yes
LEILA                         ONEIDA             Yes         No
LEIPZIG                       HERKIMER           Yes         No
LENA                          OTSEGO             Yes         No
LENT                          DUTCHESS           Yes         No                    75
LENTSVILLE                    OTSEGO             Yes         No
LEON                          CATTARAUGUS        Yes         No                   250
LEONARDSVILLE                 MADISON            Yes         No                   240
LEPTONDALE                    ORANGE             Yes         No
LE RAYSVILLE                  JEFFERSON          Yes         No                   150
LE ROY                        GENESEE            Yes         Yes                 5000
LESLIE                        NIAGARA            Yes         No
LESTER                        BROOME             Yes         No
LESTER SHIRE                  BROOME             Yes         No
LEVANNA                       CAYUGA             Yes         Yes                  150
LEWBEACH                      SULLIVAN           Yes         No                    50
LEWIS                         ESSEX              Yes         No                   400
LEWIS                         LIVINGSTON         No          Yes
LEWIS                         ONTARIO            No          No
LEWISBOROUGH                  WESTCHESTER        Yes         No                   150
LEWISTON                      NIAGARA            Yes         Yes                  700
LEWISTON JUNCTION             NIAGARA            No          Yes
LEXINGTON                     GREENE             Yes         No                   500
LEYDEN                        LEWIS              Yes         No                   250
LEYDEN STATION                LEWIS              Yes         Yes
LIBERTY                       SULLIVAN           Yes         Yes                 4500
LIBERTY CORNERS               ORANGE             No          Yes
LIBERTY FALLS                 SULLIVAN           Yes         Yes                  150
LIBERTYVILLE                  ULSTER             Yes         No                   150
LILLY DALE                    CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes
LIMA                          LIVINGSTON         Yes         No                  1200
LIME                          GENESEE            No          Yes
LIMERICK                      JEFFERSON          Yes         Yes                  300
LIME ROCK                     GENESEE            No          Yes
LIMESTONE                     CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                 1800
LINCKLAEN                     CHENANGO           Yes         No                   250
LINCKLAEN CENTRE              CHENANGO           Yes         No
LINCOLN                       WAYNE              Yes         No                    50
LINCOLN PARK                  MONROE             Yes         Yes
LINDEN                        GENESEE            Yes         Yes                  200
LINDLEY                       STEUBEN            Yes         Yes                  200
LINLITHGOW                    COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                  200
LINOLEUMVILLE                 RICHMOND           Yes         No                   150
LINWOOD                       LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                   50
LISBON                        ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No
LISBON CENTRE                 ST LAWRENCE        Yes         Yes                  200
LISBON STATION                ST LAWRENCE        No          Yes                  200
LISHA'S KILL                  ALBANY             Yes         No                   700
LISLE                         BROOME             Yes         Yes                  700
LITCHFIELD                    HERKIMER           Yes         No                    25
LITCHFIELD                    TIOGA              No          Yes
LITHGOW                       DUTCHESS           Yes         No                   150
LITTLE BRITAIN                ORANGE             Yes         Yes
LITTLE FALLS                  HERKIMER           Yes         Yes                 7000
LITTLE FRANCE                 OSWEGO             Yes         No                   225
LITTLE GENESEE                ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                   75
LITTLE NECK                   QUEENS             Yes         No                  1000
LITTLE NECK STATION           QUEENS             No          Yes
LITTLE REST                   DUTCHESS           Yes         No                   150
LITTLE UTICA                  ONONDAGA           Yes         No                    60
LITTLE VALLEY                 CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                 1000
LITTLE YORK                   CORTLAND           Yes         Yes                   75
LIVERPOOL                     ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                 1265
LIVINGSTON                    COLUMBIA           Yes         No                   200
LIVINGSTON                    RICHMOND           No          Yes
LIVINGSTON MANOR              SULLIVAN           Yes         Yes                  350
LIVINGSTONVILLE               SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   600
LIVONIA                       LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                  300
LIVONIA STATION               LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                  900
LOCH MULLER                   ESSEX              Yes         No
LOCH SHELDRAKE                SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   100
LOCH BERLIN                   WAYNE              Yes         No                   150
LOCKE                         CAYUGA             Yes         Yes                  400
LOCKPORT                      NIAGARA            Yes         Yes                16003
LOCKPORT JUNCTION             NIAGARA            No          Yes
LOCKWOOD                      TIOGA              Yes         Yes                  175
LOCUST AVENUE                 QUEENS             No          Yes
LOCUST GROVE                  LEWIS              Yes         No                    75
LOCUST GROVE                  MONROE             No          Yes
LOCUST VALLEY                 QUEENS             Yes         Yes                  600
LODI                          SENECA             Yes         No                   750
LODI CENTRE                   SENECA             Yes         No                   100
LOGAN                         SCHUYLER           Yes         No                    75
LOMBARD                       CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No
LONG BEACH                    QUEENS             Yes         Yes
LONG BRANCH                   MONROE             No          Yes
LONG BRIDGE                   ONONDAGA           No          Yes
LONG EDDY                     SULLIVAN           Yes         Yes                  500
LONG ISLAND CITY              QUEENS             Yes         Yes                30396
LONG LAKE                     HAMILTON           Yes         No                   275
LONG POINT                    CHAUTAUQUA         No          Yes
LONG POINT                    YATES              No          Yes
LONG YEAR                     ULSTER             Yes         Yes
LOOMIS                        DELAWARE           Yes         No                   200
LOONEYVILLE                   ERIE               Yes         Yes                   25
LOON LAKE                     FRANKLIN           Yes         No                   250
LOON LAKE                     FRANKLIN           No          Yes
LORDVILLE                     DELAWARE           Yes         Yes                  300
LORETTA                       ERIE               Yes         No
LORINGS                       CORTLAND           No          Yes
LORRAINE                      JEFFERSON          Yes         No                   140
LOTVILLE                      FULTON             Yes         No
LOUDONVILLE                   ALBANY             Yes         No                   300
LOUISVILLE                    ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   210
LOUISVILLE LANDING            ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   100
LOUNSBURY                     TIOGA              Yes         Yes
LOWELL                        ONEIDA             Yes         No                   150
LOWERRE                       WESTCHESTER        No          Yes
LOWMAN                        CHEMUNG            Yes         Yes                   75
LOWMANVILLE                   CHEMUNG            No          Yes
LOW POINT                     DUTCHESS           No          Yes                  300
LOWVILLE                      LEWIS              Yes         Yes                 3584
LOYD                          ULSTER             Yes         No                   200
LOYD STATION                  ULSTER             No          Yes
LUDINGTONVILLE                PUTMAN             Yes         No                    35
LUDLOWS LANDING               SUFFOLK            No          No
LUDLOWVILLE                   TOMPKINS           Yes         Yes                  400
LUMNIVILLE                    WAYNE              Yes         No
LUTHER                        RENSSELAER         Yes         No
LUZERNE                       WARREN             Yes         No                   750
LYCOMING                      OSWEGO             Yes         Yes
LYKER'S                       MONTGOMERY         Yes         No                    50
LYNDONVILLE                   ORLEANS            Yes         Yes                  700
LYNN                          STEUBEN            Yes         No
LYON MOUNTAIN                 CLINTON            Yes         Yes                  300
LYONS                         WAYNE              Yes         Yes                 6200
LYONSDALE                     LEWIS              Yes         No                   250
LYON'S FALLS                  LEWIS              Yes         Yes                  150
LYSANDER                      ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   245
McCLURE SETTLEMENT            BROOME             Yes         Yes                  100
McCONNELLSVILLE               ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  300
McDONOUGH                     CHENANGO           Yes         No                   600
McGRAWVILLE                   CORTLAND           Yes         No                  1200
McINTYRE                      DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  100
McKINNEY'S STATION            TOMPKINS           No          Yes
McKNOWNVILLE                  ALBANY             Yes         No                   125
McLEAN                        TOMPKINS           Yes         Yes                  600
McNAIR                        LIVINGSTON         No          Yes
McNALLS                       NIAGARA            Yes         No
McQUEENS                      LIVINGSTON         No          Yes
MABBETTSVILLE                 DUTCHESS           Yes         No                   180
MacDOUGALLS                   SENECA             Yes         No
MACEDON                       WAYNE              Yes         Yes                  900
MACEDON CENTRE                WAYNE              Yes         No                   150
MACHIAS                       CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                 1600
MACKEY                        SCHOHARIE          Yes         No
McCOMB                        ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   200
MADALIN                       DUTCHESS           Yes         No                  1525
MADISON                       MADISON            Yes         No                   320
MADRID                        ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   950
MADRID                        ST LAWRENCE        No          Yes
MADRID SPRINGS                ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   200
MAGEE'S CORNERS               SENECA             Yes         No                    50
MAHOPAC                       PUTNAM             Yes         Yes
MAHOPAC FALLS                 PUTNAM             Yes         Yes                   76
MAHOPAC MINES                 PUTNAM             Yes         Yes
MAINE                         BROOME             Yes         No                   400
MAINE                         CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes
MALCOM                        SENECA             Yes         No
MALDEN                        ULSTER             Yes         Yes                  300
MALDEN BRIDGE                 COLUMBIA           Yes         No                   200
MALLORY                       OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                  350
MALLORYVILLE                  TOMPKINS           No          Yes
MALONE                        FRANKLIN           Yes         Yes                  874
MALTA                         SARATOGA           Yes         No                   200
MALTAVILLE                    SARATOGA           Yes         No                    90
MAMARONECK                    WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                 1600
MANCHESTER                    ONTARIO            Yes         No                   300
MANCHESTER BRIDGE             DUTCHESS           Yes         No                   400
MANCHESTER CENTRE             ONTARIO            Yes         No                   100
MANDANA                       ONONDAGA           Yes         No
MANHANSET HOUSE               SUFFOLK            Yes         No
MANHASSOT                     QUEENS             Yes         No                  8134
MANHATTAN                     NEW YORK           No          Yes
MANHATTAN BEACH JUNCTION      KINGS              No          Yes
MANLIUS                       ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                  952
MANLIUS                       ONONDAGA           No          Yes
MANLIUS CENTRE                ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                  150
MANLIUS STATION               ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes
MANNING                       ORLEANS            Yes         No
MANNSVILLE                    JEFFERSON          Yes         Yes                  400
MANON STATION                 SUFFOLK            No          Yes                  200
MANOR KILL                    SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                    35
MANORTON                      COLUMBIA           Yes         No
MANORVILLE                    SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                  200
MAPLE GROVE                   OTSEGO             Yes         No                    60
MAPLE GROVE                   QUEENS             No          Yes
MAPLE SPRINGS                 CHATAUQUA          No          Yes
MAPLE STREET                  NIAGARA            Yes         No
MAPLETON                      CAYUGA             Yes         No
MAPLETON                      KINGS              No          Yes
MAPLETON STATION              NIAGARA            Yes         Yes
MAPLE VALLEY                  OTSEGO             Yes         No                   100
MAPLEWOOD                     MONROE             No          Yes
MAPLEWOOD                     SULLIVAN           Yes         No
MARATHON                      CORTLAND           Yes         Yes                 1801
MARBLETOWN                    ULSTER             Yes         No                   800
MARCELLUS                     ONONDAGA           Yes         No                  2718
MARCELLUS FALLS               ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                  260
MARCY                         ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                 1200
MARENGO                       WAYNE              Yes         No                   110
MARGARETVILLE                 DELAWARE           Yes         No                   600
MARIAVILLE                    SCHENECTADY        Yes         No                   150
MARIETTA                      ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   150
MARILLA                       ERIE               Yes         No                   400
MARILLA                       ERIE               No          Yes
MARINE COCK                   QUEENS             No          No
MARINER'S HARBOR              RICHMOND           Yes         Yes                 2000
MARION                        WAYNE              Yes         No                  2132
MARIONVILLE                   ONONDAGA           Yes         No                    50
MARIPOSA                      CHENANGO           Yes         No
MARKHAM                       CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes
MARLBOROUGH                   ULSTER             Yes         Yes                 1450
MARSHALL                      ALLEGANY           Yes         No
MARSHALL                      ONEIDA             No          Yes                  160
MARSHFIELD                    ERIE               Yes         No
MARSHVILLE                    MONTGOMERY         Yes         No                    40
MARSHVILLE                    ST LAWRENCE        No          No
MARTINDALE                    COLUMBIA           No          Yes                  100
MARTINDALE DEPOT              COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                  100
MARTINSBURGH                  LEWIS              No          Yes                  285
MARTINSVILLE                  NIAGARA            Yes         Yes                  500
MARTVILLE                     CAYUGA             Yes         Yes                  140
MARVIN                        CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No                   300
MARYLAND                      OTSEGO             Yes         Yes                  150
MASONVILLE                    DELAWARE           Yes         No                   700
MASPETH                       QUEENS             Yes         Yes                  500
MASSAPEQUA                    QUEENS             Yes         Yes
MASSENA                       ST LAWRENCE        Yes         Yes                 1200
MASSENA CENTRE                ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                    50
MASSENA SPRINGS               ST LAWRENCE        No          Yes                 1200
MATTEWAN                      DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                 5500
MATTITUCK                     SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                  500
MAXWELL'S CROSSING            LIVINGSTON         No          Yes
MAYBROOK                      ORANGE             Yes         No
MAYFIELD                      FULTON             Yes         Yes                  425
MAYNARD                       ONEIDA             Yes         No                   275
MAY'S MILLS                   YATES              Yes         Yes
MAYVILLE                      CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                 1500
MEACHAM                       FRANKLIN           Yes         No
MEADOWBROOK                   ORANGE             Yes         Yes
MEADOW CROSSOVER              QUEENS             No          Yes
MEADOWDALE                    ALBANY             Yes         Yes
MECHANICSTOWN                 ORANGE             Yes         Yes
MECHANICSVILLE                SARATOGA           Yes         Yes                 5000
MECKLENBURGH                  SCHUYLER           Yes         No                   700
MEDFORD STATION               SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes
MEDINA                        ORLEANS            Yes         Yes                 4300
MEDUSA                        ALBANY             Yes         No                   500
MEDWAY                        GREENE             Yes         No                   350
MELLENVILLE                   COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                  500
MELROSE                       NEW YORK           No          Yes
MELROSE                       RENSSELAER         Yes         Yes                  300
MELVILLE                      SUFFOLK            Yes         No
MEMPHIS                       ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                  230
MENDON                        MONROE             Yes         No                   220
MENDON CENTRE                 MONROE             Yes         No                    80
MEREDITH                      DELAWARE           Yes         No                    50
MEREDITH HOLLOW               DELAWARE           Yes         No                   150
MERIDIAN                      CAYUGA             Yes         No                   600
MERRICK                       QUEENS             Yes         Yes                  200
MERRICKVILLE                  DELAWARE           Yes         Yes
MERRIFIELD                    CAYUGA             Yes         No
MERRILL                       CLINTON            Yes         No                   350
MERRITTS CORNERS              WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes
MERTENSIA                     ONTARIO            Yes         Yes
MESSENGERVILLE                CORTLAND           Yes         Yes                  100
METROPOLITAN                  QUEENS             Yes         No
METTACAHOUTS                  ULSTER             Yes         No                   300
MEXICO                        HERKIMER           No          No
MEXICO                        OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                 1500
MIDDLEBURGH                   SCHOHARIE          Yes         Yes                 1200
MIDDLE FALLS                  WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   500
MIDDLEFIELD                   OTSEGO             Yes         No                   350
MIDDLEFIELD CENTRE            OTSEGO             Yes         No                   200
MIDDLE GRANVILLE              WASHINGTON         Yes         Yes                  550
MIDDLE GROVE                  SARATOGA           Yes         No                   145
MIDDLE HOPE                   ORANGE             Yes         No                   200
MIDDLE ISLAND                 SUFFOLK            Yes         No                   100
MIDDLEPORT                    NIAGARA            Yes         Yes                 1457
MIDDLESEX                     YATES              Yes         No                   350
MIDDLE SPRITE                 FULTON             Yes         No                   100
MIDDLETOWN                    ORANGE             Yes         Yes                11918
MIDDLE VILLAGE                QUEENS             Yes         No
MIDDLEVILLE                   HERKIMER           Yes         Yes                  700
MIDWAY                        TOMPKINS           Yes         No
MILAN                         DUTCHESS           Yes         No                    50
MILESES                       SULLIVAN           Yes         No
MILE STRIP                    MADISON            Yes         No                    25
MILFORD                       OTSEGO             Yes         Yes                  500
MILLARDS                      NIAGARA            No          No
MILLBROOK                     DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes
MILLBURN                      QUEENS             No          No
MILLEN'S BAY                  JEFFERSON          No          No
MILLERS                       FRANKLIN           No          No
MILLERS                       ONTARIO            No          No
MILLERS                       ORLEANS            Yes         Yes                  250
MILLERS CORNERS               ONTARIO            Yes         Yes                  200
MILLER'S LANDING              SUFFOLK            No          No
MILLER'S MILLS                HERKIMER           Yes         No                   175
MILLERS PLACE                 SUFFOLK            Yes         No
MILLERSPORT                   EIRE               Yes         No
MILLERS TANK CREAMERY         BROOME             No          No
MILLERTON                     DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  635
MILL GROVE                    ERIE               Yes         Yes                  200
MILL POINT                    MONTGOMERY         Yes         No                   175
MILL PORT                     CHEMUNG            Yes         Yes                  700
MILL ROAD                     KINGS              No          Yes
MILLS                         CATTARAUGUS        No          No
MILL'S CORNERS                FULTON             Yes         No                    20
MILL'S MILLS                  ALLEGANY           Yes         No                    75
MILLVILLE                     ORLEANS            Yes         No                   160
MILO                          YATES              No          Yes                  110
MILO CENTRE                   YATES              Yes         Yes                  110
MILO MILLS                    YATES              No          Yes
MILTON                        ULSTER             Yes         Yes                  500
MILTON CENTRE                 SARATOGA           Yes         No                   500
MINA                          CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No                   200
MINAVILLE                     MONTGOMERY         Yes         No                   500
MINDEN                        MONTGOMERY         Yes         No                   100
MINDENVILLE                   MONTGOMERY         No          Yes                  150
MINEOLA                       QUEENS             Yes         Yes                  200
MINERAL SPRINGS               SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                    75
MINERVA                       ESSEX              Yes         No                   200
MINETTO                       OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                  150
MINETTO                       OSWEGO             No          Yes
MINEVILLE                     ESSEX              Yes         No                  8000
MINISINK                      ORANGE             Yes         No                   150
MINNEHAHA                     HERKIMER           Yes         No
MINNEWASKA                    ULSTER             Yes         No
MITCHELL'S                    ONTARIO            No          Yes
MITCHELLSVILLE                STEUBEN            Yes         No                   100
MITCHIE                       SULLIVAN           No          No
MODENA                        ULSTER             Yes         Yes                  500
MOFFITTSVILLE                 CLINTON            Yes         No
MOHAWK                        HERKIMER           Yes         Yes                 1900
MOHAWK                        SCHENECTADY        No          Yes
MOHAWK HILL                   LEWIS              Yes         No
MOHEGAN                       WESTCHESTER        Yes         No
MOHONK LAKE                   ULSTER             Yes         No
MOIRA                         FRANKLIN           Yes         Yes                  400
MOMBACCUS                     ULSTER             Yes         No
MONGAUP                       SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   350
MONGAUP VALLEY                SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   500
MONROE                        ORANGE             Yes         Yes                 1000
MONSEY                        ROCKLAND           Yes         Yes                  200
MONTAGUE                      LEWIS              Yes         No                   150
MONTELA                       ULSTER             Yes         No
MONTEREY                      SCHUYLER           Yes         No
MONTEZUMA                     CAYUGA             Yes         Yes                  150
MONTGOMERY                    ORANGE             Yes         Yes                 3200
MONTICELLO                    SULLIVAN           Yes         Yes                 1800
MONT MOOR                     ROCKLAND           Yes         No
MONTROSE                      WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                  250
MONUMENT                      SARATOGA           No          Yes
MOODNA                        ORANGE             Yes         No                   275
MOODY                         FRANKLIN           Yes         No                    50
MOOERS                        CLINTON            Yes         Yes                 1000
MOOERS FORKS                  CLINTON            Yes         No                   300
MOOER'S JUNCTION              CLINTON            No          Yes
MOONS                         CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                   25
MOORE'S MILL                  DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  250
MOOSE RIVER                   LEWIS              Yes         No                    75
MORAVIA                       CAYUGA             Yes         Yes                 1600
MOREHOUSE                     YATES              No          No
MOREHOUSEVILLE                HAMILTON           Yes         No                   185
MORELAND                      SCHUYLER           Yes         No                    50
MORELAND                      SCHUYLER           No          Yes                   50
MORELAND STATION              SCHUYLER           Yes         No                    25
MORETON FARM                  MONROE             Yes         No
MORGAN                        ALLEGANY           No          Yes
MORGANVILLE                   GENESSE            Yes         No                   200
MORIAH                        ESSEX              Yes         No                   500
MORIAH CENTRE                 ESSEX              Yes         No                   300
MORICHES                      SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                  300
MORLEY                        ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   350
MORRIS                        OTSEGO             Yes         No                  1600
MORRISANIA                    MEW YORK           Yes         Yes
MORRIS DOCK                   NEW YORK           No          No
MORRISONVILLE                 CLINTON            Yes         Yes                  300
MORRIS PARK                   QUEENS             No          Yes
MORRISTOWN                    ST LAWRENCE        Yes         Yes                  550
MORRISVILLE                   MADISON            Yes         No                   800
MORRISVILLE                   MADISON            No          Yes
MORRISVILLE STATION           MADISON            Yes         Yes
MORTON'S CORNERS              ERIE               Yes         No                   150
MOSCOW                        LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                  275
MOSES KILL                    WASHINGTON         Yes         No
MOSHERVILLE                   SARATOGA           Yes         No                    50
MOSHOLN                       NEW YORK           No          Yes
MOTT HAVEN                    NEW YORK           No          Yes
MOTTVILLE                     ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                  700
MOUNTAIN BROOK                ULSTER             No          No
MOUNTAIN DALE                 SULLIVAN           Yes         Yes                  300
MOUNTAIN HOUSE STATION        GREENE             No          Yes
MOUNTAINVILLE                 ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  100
MOUNT EDEN                    NEW YORK           No          No
MOUNT HOPE                    NEW YORK           No          No
MOUNT HOPE                    ORANGE             Yes         No                   200
MOUNT HOPE                    WESTCHESTER        No          Yes
MOUNT IVY                     ROCKLAND           Yes         Yes
MOUNT KISCO                   WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                 2206
MOUNT LEBANON                 COLUMBIA           Yes         No                   300
MOUNT McGREGOR                SARATOGA           Yes         Yes
MOUNT MARION                  ULSTER             No          Yes
MOUNT MORRIS                  LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                 2500
MOUNT PLEASANT                OSWEGO             Yes         No
MOUNT PLEASANT                ULSTER             No          Yes
MOUNT READ                    MONROE             Yes         Yes                   50
MOUNT RIGA                    DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  100
MOUNT ROSS                    DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes
MOUNT ST. VINCENT             WESTCHESTER        No          Yes
MOUNT SINAI                   SUFFOLK            Yes         No                   100
MOUNT UPTON                   CHENANGO           Yes         Yes                  350
MOUNT VERNON                  WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                 6000
MOUNT VISION                  OTSEGO             Yes         No                   200
MUD LOCH                      ONONDAGA           No          No
MUITZESKILL                   RENSSELAER         Yes         No                   175
MULHOLLOW                     STEUBEN            No          Yes
MUMFORD                       MONROE             Yes         Yes                  455
MUNDALE                       DELAWARE           Yes         No
MUMSVILLE                     MADISON            Yes         Yes
MUNSONVILLE                   FULTON             Yes         No                    25
MURRAY                        ORLEANS            Yes         Yes                  100
MURRAY                        ORLEANS            No          No
MURRAY HILL                   QUEENS             No          No
MYCENAC                       ONONDAGA           Yes         No
MYERS                         CAYUGA             No          No
MYERS                         TOMPKINS           Yes         Yes
NANUET                        ROCKLAND           Yes         Yes                 1500
NANUET JUNCTION               ROCKLAND           No          Yes
NAPANOCH                      ULSTER             Yes         No                   400
NAPIERS                       CATTARAUGUS        No          No
NAPLES                        ONTARIO            Yes         No                   456
NAPLES LANDING                ONTARIO            Yes         No
NAPOLI                        CATTARAUGUS        Yes         No                   100
NARROW GAUGE JUNCTION         ALLEGANY           No          Yes
NARROWSBURGH                  SULLIVAN           Yes         Yes                  485
NASHVILLE                     CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No                    75
NASSAU                        RENSSELAER         Yes         No                   500
NATURAL BRIDGE                JEFFERSON          Yes         Yes                  500
NAUMBURGH                     LEWIS              Yes         No
NAVARION                      ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   150
NEELYTOWN                     ORANGE             No          Yes
NEIL'S CREEK                  STEUBEN            Yes         No
NEILVILLE                     GREENE             No          No
NELLISTON                     MONTGOMERY         Yes         No                   650
NELSON                        MADISON            Yes         No
NELSON                        STEUBEN            No          Yes
NELSON SWITCH                 OSWEGO             No          Yes
NELSONVILLE                   PUTNAM             Yes         No
NEPERAU                       WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                   50
NEPPERHAN                     WESTCHESTER        No          Yes
NEPTUNE                       QUEENS             No          No
NETHERWOOD                    DUTCHESS           Yes         No
NEVERSINK                     SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   350
NEVERSINK AQUEDUCT            ORANGE             No          No
NEVIS                         COLUMBIA           Yes         No                    40
NEW ALBION                    CATTARAUGUS        Yes         No                   200
NEWARK                        WAYNE              Yes         Yes                 3736
NEWARK VALLEY                 TIOGA              Yes         Yes                 1000
NEW BALTIMORE                 GREENE             Yes         No
NEW BALTIMORE STATION         GREENE             Yes         Yes
NEW BERLIN                    CHENANGO           Yes         Yes                  937
NEW BERLIN CENTRE             CHENANGO           Yes         Yes
NEW BERLIN JUNCTION           CHENANGO           No          Yes
NEW BOSTON                    LEWIS              Yes         No
NEW BOSTON LANDING            MADISON            No          No
NEW BREMEN                    LEWIS              Yes         No                   500
NEW BRIDGE                    ONONDAGA           No          No                    25
NEW BRIGHTON                  RICHMOND           Yes         Yes                16400
NEWBURGH                      ORANGE             Yes         Yes                23263
NEWBURGH                      ORANGE             No          Yes
NEWBURGH JUNCTION             ORANGE             No          Yes
NEW CASTLE                    WESTCHESTER        Yes         No                   400
NEW CENTERVILLE               OSWEGO             Yes         No                   100
NEW CITY                      ROCKLAND           Yes         Yes                  500
NEW CITY JUNCTION             ROCKLAND           No          No
NEWCOMB                       ESSEX              Yes         No                   300
NEW CONCORD                   COLUMBIA           Yes         No                   100
NEW DORP                      RICHMOND           Yes         Yes                   60
NEWFANE                       NIAGARA            Yes         No                   400
NEWFANE                       NIAGARA            No          Yes
NEWFANE STATION               NIAGARA            Yes         Yes
NEWFIELD                      TOMPKINS           Yes         No                   500
NEWFIELD STATION              TOMPKINS           No          Yes
NEW HACKENSACK                DUTCHESS           Yes         No                   200
NEW HAMBURGH                  DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                 1000
NEW HAMPTON                   ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  300
NEW HARTFORD                  ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                 5086
NEW HAVEN                     OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                  200
NEW HEMPSTEAD                 ROCKLAND           No          Yes
NEW HOPE                      CAYUGA             Yes         No                   600
NEW HUDSON                    ALLEGANY           Yes         No
NEW HURLEY                    ULSTER             Yes         Yes                  100
NEW HYDE PARK                 QUEENS             Yes         Yes                  250
NEW KINGSTON                  DELAWARE           Yes         No                    90
NEWKIRK MILLS                 FULTON             Yes         No                    60
NEW LEBANON                   COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                  500
NEW LEBANON CENTRE            COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                  150
NEW LISBON                    OTSEGO             Yes         No                   100
NEW LONDON                    ONEIDA             Yes         No                   450
NEW LOTS                      KINGS              No          Yes
NEW MILFORD                   ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  300
NEW NORTHPORT                 SUFFOLK            No          Yes
NEW OREGON                    ERIE               Yes         No                   300
NEW PALTZ                     ULSTER             Yes         Yes                  550
NEW PALTZ LANDING             ULSTER             No          No
NEWPORT                       HERKIMER           Yes         Yes                  659
NEWPORT STATION               MONROE             No          Yes
NEW ROCHELLE                  WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                 8500
NEW ROCHELLE JUNCTION         WESTCHESTER        No          Yes
NEW RUSSIA                    ESSEX              Yes         No                   100
NEW SALEM                     ALBANY             Yes         No                   700
NEW SCOTLAND                  ALBANY             Yes         Yes                  100
NEW SPRINGVILLE               RICHMOND           Yes         No                   375
NEW SUFFOLK                   SUFFOLK            No          No
NEWTONS                       CHAUTAUQUA         No          No
NEWTON'S CORNERS              HAMILTON           Yes         No                    25
NEWTONVILLE                   ALBANY             Yes         No                   100
NEWTON                        QUEENS             Yes         Yes                17537
NEW UTRECHT                   KINGS              No          Yes
NEWVILLE                      HERKIMER           Yes         No                   200
NEW WINDSOR                   ORANGE             Yes         Yes
NEW WOODSTOCK                 MADISON            Yes         Yes                  450
NEW YORK                      NEW YORK           Yes         Yes              1513501
NEW YORK ARSENAL              NEW YORK           No          No
NEW YORK MILLS                ONEIDA             Yes         No                  2474
NIAGARA FALLS                 NIAGARA            Yes         Yes                 5500
NIAGARA UNIVERSITY            NIAGARA            Yes         No
NICE                          ERIE               Yes         No
NICHOLS                       STEUBEN            No          Yes
NICHOLS                       TIOGA              Yes         Yes                  600
NICHOLS LANDING               STEUBEN            No          No
NICHOLLVILLE                  ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   500
NILE                          ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                  130
NILES                         CAYUGA             Yes         No                   100
NINA                          TOMPKINS           Yes         Yes
NINE MILE CREEK               ONONDAGA           No          No
NINE MILE POINT               MONROE             No          No
NINEVEH                       BROOME             Yes         Yes                  450
NISKAYUNA                     SCHENECTADY        Yes         Yes                   65
NISSAPAUAY                    SUFFOLK            No          No
NIVERVILLE                    COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                  350
NORFOLK                       ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   600
NORTHAMPTON                   FULTON             Yes         No                   200
NORTH ARGLE                   WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   210
NORTH BABYLON                 SUFFOLK            No          No
NORTH BANGOR                  FRANKLIN           Yes         Yes                  800
NORTH BARTON                  TIOGA              Yes         No                    50
NORTH BAY                     ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  350
NORTH BERGEN                  GENESEE            Yes         No                   100
NORTH BLENHELM                SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   600
NORTH BLOOMFIELD              ONTARIO            Yes         No                   200
NORTH BOLTON                  WARREN             Yes         No                    25
NORTH BOSTON                  ERIE               Yes         No                   250
NORTH BRANCH                  SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   100
NORTH BRIDGEWATER             ONEIDA             Yes         No
NORTH BROADALBIN              FULTON             Yes         No                   100
NORTH BROOKFIELD              MADISON            Yes         Yes                  350
NORTH BUFFALO                 ERIE               No          Yes
NORTH CAMERON                 STEUBEN            Yes         No                    25
NORTH CANDOR                  TIOGA              No          Yes
NORTH CASTLE                  WESTCHESTER        Yes         No
NORTH CHATHAM                 COLUMBIA           Yes         No                   200
NORTH CHEMUNG                 CHEMUNG            Yes         No                   150
NORTH CHILI                   MONROE             Yes         Yes                  200
NORTH CLOVE                   DUTCHESS           Yes         No                    50
NORTH CLYMER                  CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes
NORTH CHOHOCTON               STEUBEN            Yes         No                   450
NORTH COLESVILLE              BROOME             Yes         No                   100
NORTH COLLINS                 ERIE               Yes         Yes                  500
NORTH CONSTANTIA              OSWEGO             Yes         No
NORTH CREEK                   WARREN             Yes         Yes                  550
NORTH CROGHAN                 JEFFERSON          No          Yes
NORTH CUBA                    ALLEGANY           Yes         No                   100
NORTH EASTON                  WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   225
NORTH EDMESTON                OTSEGO             Yes         No                   180
NORTH ELBA                    ESSEX              Yes         No                   460
NORTH ELMIRE                  CHEMUNG            No          Yes                 2400
NORTH EVANS                   ERIE               Yes         Yes                  200
NORTH FAIR HAVEN              CAYUGA             Yes         Yes
NORTH FENTON                  BROOME             Yes         No                   150
NORTH FRANKLIN                DELAWARE           Yes         No
NORTH FULTON                  OSWEGO             No          No
NORTH GAGE                    ONEIDA             Yes         No                   100
NORTH GALWAY                  SARATOGA           Yes         No                   100
NORTH GERMANTOWN              COLUMBIA           Yes         No                   350
NORTH GRANVILLE               WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   350
NORTH GREECE                  MONROE             Yes         No                   200
NORTH GREENBUSH               RENSSELAER         No          No
NORTH GREENFIELD              SARATOGA           Yes         No                    55
NORTH GREENWICH               WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   350
NORTH HAMDEN                  DELAWARE           Yes         No                    25
NORTH HAMLIN                  MONROE             Yes         No                    50
NORTH HAMMOND                 ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No
NORTH HANNIBAL                OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                  100
NORTH HARPERSFIELD            DELAWARE           Yes         No                   100
NORTH HARLAND                 NIAGARA            Yes         No
NORTH HEBRON                  WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   100
NORTH HECTOR                  SCHUYLER           Yes         Yes                   35
NORTH HEMPSTEAD               QUEENS             No          No                  8126
NORTH HERKIMER                HERKIMER           No          No
NORTH HILLSDALE               COLUMBIA           Yes         No                    75
NORTH HOOSICK                 RENSSELAER         Yes         Yes                  275
NORTH HUDSON                  ESSEX              Yes         No                   250
NORTH HURON                   WAYNE              Yes         No                   100
NORTH JASPER                  STEUBEN            Yes         No                    25
NORTH JAVA                    WYOMING            Yes         Yes                  300
NORTH KORTRIGHT               DELAWARE           Yes         No                   200
NORTH LANSING                 TOMPKINS           Yes         No                   200
NORTH LAWRENCE                ST LAWRENCE        Yes         Yes                  550
NORTH LITCHFIELD              HERKIMER           Yes         No                   250
NORTH MANILIUS                ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   200
NORTH MILTON                  SARATOGA           Yes         No
NORTH NASSAU                  RENSSELAER         Yes         No                   300
NORTH NORWICH                 CHENANGO           Yes         Yes                  175
NORTH PARMA                   MONROE             Yes         Yes                  380
NORTH PEMBROKE                GENESEE            Yes         No                   100
NORTH PETERSBURGH             RENSSELAER         Yes         Yes                  400
NORTH PHARSALIA               CHENANGO           Yes         No                   250
NORTH PITCHER                 CHENANGO           Yes         No                   150
NORTHPORT                     SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                 2011
NORTHPORT JUNCTION            SUFFOLK            No          Yes
NORTH READING                 SCHUYLER           Yes         No
NORTH RIDGE                   NIAGARA            Yes         No                   150
NORTH RIDGWAY                 ORLEANS            Yes         No
NORTH RIVER                   WARREN             Yes         No                   400
NORTHROPS                     YATES              No          No
NORTH ROSE                    WAYNE              Yes         Yes                  275
NORTH RUSH                    MONROE             Yes         Yes                   50
NORTH RUSSELL                 ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   200
NORTH SALEM                   WESTCHESTER        Yes         No                   400
NORTH SANFORD                 BROOME             Yes         No                   200
NORTH SCRIBA                  OSWEGO             Yes         Yes
NORTH SEA                     SUFFOLK            No          No
NORTH SPARTA                  LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                  150
NORTH SPENCER                 TIOGA              Yes         Yes
DANNEMORA                     CLINTON            Yes         Yes                  500
NORTH STEPHENTOWN             RENSSELAER         Yes         Yes
NORTH STERLING                CAYUGA             Yes         No
NORTH STOCKHOLM               ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   200
NORTH SYRACUSE                ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   200
NORTH TARRYTOWN               WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                 3739
NORTH TONAWANDA               NIAGARA            No          Yes
NORTHUMBERLAND                SARATOGA           Yes         No                   150
NORTH URBANA                  STEUBEN            Yes         No
NORTH VICTORY                 CAYUGA             Yes         No                   100
NORTHVILLE                    FULTON             Yes         Yes                  950
NORTHVILLE                    SUFFOLK            No          No
NORTH VOLNEY                  OSWEGO             Yes         No                    25
NORTH WALTON                  DELAWARE           Yes         Yes                  300
NORTHWESTERN                  ONEIDA             Yes         No                   185
NORTH WEST POINT              QUEENS             No          No
NORTH WILNA                   JEFFERSON          Yes         No                   300
NORTH WINFIELD                HERKIMER           Yes         No                    50
NORTH WOLCOTT                 WAYNE              Yes         No                   100
NORTHWOOD                     HERKIMER           Yes         No                   100
NORTH YONKERS                 WESTCHESTER        No          Yes
NORTON HILL                   GREENE             Yes         No                    60
NORTONS                       CHAUTAUQUA         No          Yes
NORTONS                       TOMPKINS           No          No
NORWAY                        HERKIMER           Yes         No                   125
NORWICH                       CHENANGO           Yes         Yes                 6500
NORWICH CORNERS               HERKIMER           Yes         No
NORWOOD                       QUEENS             No          No
NORWOOD                       ST LAWRENCE        Yes         Yes                 1500
NOXON                         DUTCHESS           Yes         No
NUMBER FOUR                   LEWIS              Yes         No
NUNDA                         LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                 1200
NUNDA                         LIVINGSTON         No          Yes
NUNDA JUNCTION                LIVINGSTON         No          Yes
NYACK                         ROCKLAND           Yes         Yes                 8500
OAK BROOK                     SULLIVAN           No          No
OAKDALE                       SUFFOLK            No          Yes
OAKDALE STATION               SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes
OAKS                          ULSTER             Yes         No                   150
OAKFIELD                      GENESEE            Yes         Yes                  851
OAK HILL                      GREENE             Yes         No                   375
OAKLAND                       LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                  100
OAKLAND                       SULLIVAN           No          Yes
OAKLAND  VALLEY               SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   250
OAK LODGE                     YATES              No          No
OAK ORCHARD                   ORLEANS            Yes         No                   200
OAK ORCHARD                   OSWEGO             No          No
OAK RIDGE                     MONTGOMERY         Yes         No
OAK'S CORNERS                 ONTARIO            Yes         Yes                   50
OAK SUMMIT                    DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                   50
OAKSVILLE                     OTSEGO             Yes         No                   150
OAKVILLE                      SUFFOLK            No          No
OBERNBURGH                    SULLIVAN           Yes         No
OBI                           ALLEGANY           Yes         No
OCEAN PARK                    RICHMOND           No          Yes
OCEAN POINT                   QUEENS             No          Yes
OCEANUS                       QUEENS             Yes         Yes
ODESSA                        SCHUYLER           Yes         No                   400
OGDEN                         MONROE             Yes         No                   160
OGDENSBURGH                   ST LAWRENCE        Yes         Yes                11667
OGOYAGO                       YATES              No          No
OHIO                          HERKIMER           Yes         No                    50
OHIOVILLE                     ULSTER             Yes         No                   300
OLCOTT                        NIAGARA            Yes         No                   500
OLD CHATHAM                   COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                  350
OLD FORGE                     HERKIMER           Yes         No
OLD FURNANCE                  ESSEX              No          Yes
OLD NORTHPORT                 SUFFOLK            No          Yes                  204
OLD WESTBURY                  QUEENS             Yes         No                   500
OLEAN                         CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                10000
OLIVE                         ULSTER             Yes         Yes                  150
OLIVE BRANCH                  ULSTER             No          Yes
OLIVE BRIDGE                  ULSTER             Yes         No                   500
OLIVEREA                      ULSTER             Yes         No
OLMSTEADVILLE                 ESSEX              Yes         No                   100
OLYMPIC                       SUFFOLK            Yes         No
OMAR                          JEFFERSON          Yes         No                   150
OMRO                          CAYUGA             Yes         No
ONATIVIA                      ONONDAGA           No          Yes
ONEIDA                        MADISON            Yes         Yes                 6020
ONEIDA CASTLE                 ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  240
ONEIDA CREEK                  MADISON            No          Yes                  300
ONEIDA LAKE                   MADISON            Yes         No                   100
ONEIDA VALLEY                 MADISON            Yes         Yes                  300
ONEONTA                       OTSEGO             Yes         Yes                 6268
ONONDAGA                      ONONDAGA           Yes         No
ONONDAGA CASTLE               ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   125
ONONDAGA VALLEY               ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   195
ONONVILLE                     CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                  150
ONTARIO                       WAYNE              Yes         Yes                 1000
ONTARIO BEACH                 MONROE             No          Yes
ONTARIO CENTRE                WAYNE              Yes         No                   100
OPENING                       ONEIDA             Yes         No
OPEN MEADOWS                  CATTARAUGUS        Yes         No
OPPENHEIM                     FULTON             Yes         No                   900
OQUAGA                        BROOME             No          Yes
OQUAGA LAKE                   BROOME             Yes         No
ORAMEL                        ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                  100
ORAN                          ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                  100
ORANGEBURGH                   ROCKLAND           Yes         Yes                  100
ORANGE FARM                   ORANGE             No          Yes
ORANGE JUNCTION               ORANGE             No          Yes
ORANGEPORT                    NIAGARA            Yes         No                    70
ORANGEVILLE                   WYOMING            Yes         No                   100
ORCHARD PARK                  ERIE               Yes         Yes                  500
OREGON                        WARREN             Yes         No                   100
ORE MINES                     DUTCHESS           No          Yes
ORIENT                        SUFFOLK            Yes         No                   800
ORIENT POINT                  SUFFOLK            Yes         No
ORISKANY                      ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  875
ORISKANY FALLS                ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  675
ORLEANS                       ONTARIO            Yes         Yes                  450
ORLEANS CORNERS               JEFFERSON          No          Yes
ORLEANS FOUR CORNERS          JEFFERSON          Yes         Yes                   50
ORR'S MILLS                   ORANGE             Yes         Yes
ORVILLE FEEDER                ONONDAGA           No          No
ORWELL                        OSWEGO             Yes         No                   350
OSBORNE HOLLOW                BROOME             Yes         Yes                  200
OSBORN'S BRIDGE               FULTON             Yes         No                   100
OSCAWANA                      WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                   75
OSCEOLA                       LEWIS              Yes         No                   200
OSSIAN                        LIVINGSTON         Yes         No                   300
OSWEGATCHIE                   ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No
OSWEGATCHIE                   ST LAWRENCE        No          Yes
OSWEGO                        OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                21826
OSWEGO CENTRE                 OSWEGO             Yes         No
OSWEGO FALLS                  OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                 1600
OSWEGO JUNCTION               OSWEGO             No          Yes
OTEGO                         OTSEGO             Yes         Yes                 1841
OTIS                          MONROE             No          No
OTISCO                        ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   170
OTISCO VALLEY                 ONONDAGA           Yes         No                    20
OTISVILLE                     ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  300
OTSDAWA                       OTSEGO             Yes         No                   200
OTSELIC                       CHENANGO           Yes         No                   150
OTSELIC CENTRE                CHENANGO           Yes         No                    50
OTTER                         ORANGE             No          No
OTTER CREEK                   LEWIS              No          No
OTTO                          CATTARAUGUS        Yes         No                   400
OUAQUAGA                      BROOME             Yes         No                   100
OULEOUT                       DELAWARE           Yes         No
OUTLET                        ONTARIO            No          Yes
OUTTERSON                     LEWIS              Yes         No
OVERLOOK                      DUTCHESS           Yes         No
OVID                          SENECA             Yes         Yes                  631
OVID CENTRE                   SENECA             Yes         Yes                  250
OWASCO                        CAYUGA             Yes         No                   250
OWASCO LAKE                   CAYUGA             Yes         Yes
OWEGO                         TIOGA              Yes         Yes                 5147
OWEN'S MILLS                  CHEMUNG            Yes         No                   100
OXBOW                         JEFFERSON          Yes         No                   215
OX CREEK                      OSWEGO             No          No
OXFORD                        CHENANGO           Yes         Yes                 1210
OXFORD                        ORANGE             No          Yes                  475
OXFORD DEPOT                  ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  475
OYSTER BAY                    QUEENS             Yes         Yes                13788
OZONE PARK                    QUEENS             Yes         Yes
PADELFORDS                    ONTARIO            Yes         Yes
PAGE BROOK                    CHENANGO           Yes         No                    50
PAINE'S HOLLOW                HERKIMER           Yes         No                   100
PAINTED POST                  STEUBEN            Yes         Yes                 1500
PALATINE BRIDGE               MONTGOMERY         Yes         Yes                  500
PALENVILLE                    GREENE             Yes         Yes                  400
PALERMO                       OSWEGO             Yes         No                   175
PALISADES                     ROCKLAND           Yes         No                   100
PALMER                        SARATOGA           Yes         No                   100
PALMYRA                       WAYNE              Yes         Yes                 4262
PAMELIA                       JEFFERSON          No          Yes
PAMELIA FOUR CORNERS          JEFFERSON          Yes         No                   110
PANAMA                        CHAUTAUQUA         No          Yes                  700
PANTHER BROOK                 SULLIVAN           No          No
PARADISE                      ORANGE             Yes         Yes
PARADOX                       ESSEX              Yes         No                   100
PARIS                         ONEIDA             Yes         No                   450
PARIS STATION                 ONEIDA             Yes         Yes
PARISH                        OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                  500
PARISHVILLE                   ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                  2375
PARISHVILLE CENTRE            ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                    70
PARK                          CHEMUNG            Yes         Yes                   25
PARKERS                       LEWIS              Yes         No
PARK HILL                     WESTCHESTER        No          Yes
PARK STATION                  CHEMUNG            No          Yes                   20
PARKSVILLE                    SULLIVAN           Yes         Yes                  150
PARKVILLE                     KINGS              Yes         Yes
PARLIMANS                     SULLIVAN           No          No
PARMA                         MONROE             Yes         No                   146
PARMA                         MONROE             No          Yes
PARMA CENTRE                  MONROE             Yes         No                   250
PATAUKUNK                     ULSTER             Yes         No
PATCHIN                       ERIE               Yes         No
PATCHOGUO                     SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                 3820
PATRIA                        SCHOHARIE          Yes         No
PATTENS MILLS                 WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   502
PATTERSON                     PUTNAM             Yes         Yes                  800
PATTERSONVILLE                SCHENECTADY        Yes         Yes                  800
PAUL'S BRIDGE                 HERKIMER           No          No
PAUL SMITH'S                  FRANKLIN           Yes         No
PAUL SMITH'S                  FRANKLIN           No          Yes                 2500
PAVILION                      GENESEE            Yes         Yes                  275
PAVILION CENTRE               GENESEE            Yes         Yes                   25
PAWLINGS                      DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                 1945
PEACH ORCHARD                 SCHUYLER           No          No
PEACH CREEK                   DELAWARE           No          No
PEAKVILLE                     DELAWARE           Yes         Yes                   90
PEARL CREEK                   WYOMING            Yes         No                   250
PEARL POINT                   WASHINGTON         No          No
PEARL RIVER                   ROCKLAND           Yes         Yes                  500
PEARSALLS                     QUEENS             Yes         Yes                 1000
PEASLEEVILLE                  CLINTON            Yes         No
PECKSPORT                     MADISON            No          Yes                   25
PECONIC                       SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                  300
PEEKSKILL                     WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                10026
PEKIN                         NIAGARA            Yes         No                   500
PELHAM                        WESTCHESTER        Yes         No                    25
PELHAM BRIDGE                 WESTCHESTER        No          No
PELHAM MANOR                  WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                   25
PELHAMVILLE                   WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                  200
PEMBROKE                      GENESEE            Yes         Yes                  300
PENDLETON                     NIAGARA            Yes         No                   225
PENDLETON CENTRE              NIAGARA            Yes         Yes
PENELOPE                      BROOME             Yes         No
PENFIELD                      MONROE             Yes         Yes                  400
PENNELLVILLE                  OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                  250
PENN YAN                      YATES              Yes         Yes                 5000
PENNY BRIDGE                  QUEENS             No          Yes
PENNY'S BASIN                 ULSTER             No          No
PENVILLE                      CATTARAUGUS        Yes         No
PEORIA                        WYOMING            Yes         No                   100
PEPACTON                      DELAWARE           Yes         No                   100
PERCH RIVER                   JEFFERSON          Yes         No                   100
PERKINSVILLE                  STEUBEN            Yes         Yes                  400
PERRY                         WYOMING            Yes         Yes                 1519
PERRY CENTRE                  WYOMING            Yes         No                   250
PERRY CITY                    SCHUYLER           Yes         No                    50
PERRY'S                       WYOMING            No          Yes
PERRYSBURGH                   CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                  350
PERRY'S MILLS                 CLINTON            Yes         No                   250
PERRYVILLE                    MADISON            Yes         Yes                  300
PERSIA                        CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes
PERTH                         FULTON             Yes         No                   150
PERU                          CLINTON            Yes         Yes                  375
PERU                          ONONDAGA           No          No                   100
PERUVILLE                     TOMPKINS           Yes         Yes                  100
PETERBOROUGH                  MADISON            Yes         No                   260
PETERSBURGH                   RENSSELAER         Yes         Yes                  400
PETERSBURGH JUNCTION          RENSSELAER         No          Yes
PETER SCOTT CREEK             OSWEGO             No          No
PETRIE'S CORNERS              LEWIS              Yes         No                    50
PETROLIA                      ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                   20
PHARSALIA                     CHENANGO           Yes         No                    75
PHELPS                        ONTARIO            Yes         Yes                 1800
PHELPS JUNCTION               ONTARIO            No          Yes
PHILADELPHIA                  JEFFERSON          Yes         Yes                  925
PHILLIPS CREEK                ALLEGANY           Yes         No                    50
PHILLIPSPORT                  SULLIVAN           Yes         Yes                  350
PHILMONT                      COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                 1500
PHOENICIA                     ULSTER             Yes         Yes                  200
PHOENIX                       OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                 2000
PHOENIX                       OTSEGO             No          Yes                  100
PHOENIX MILLS                 OTSEGO             Yes         Yes                  100
PICKARDSVILLE                 NIAGARA            No          No
PIERMONT                      ROCKLAND           Yes         Yes                  200
PIERREPONT                    ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No
PIERREPONT MANOR              JEFFERSON          Yes         Yes                  225
PIERSONS                      GENESEE            No          Yes
PIERSON'S                     ORANGE             Yes         Yes
PIFFARD                       LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                  200
PIKE                          WYOMING            Yes         No                   750
PIKE                          WYOMING            No          No                    25
PIKEVILLE                     ALLEGANY           Yes         No
PILLAR POINT                  JEFFERSON          Yes         No                   200
PINCKNEY                      LEWIS              Yes         No                   150
PINE                          DELAWARE           No          No
PINE BANK                     ONTARIO            No          No
PINE BUSH                     ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  350
PINE CITY                     CHEMUNG            Yes         No                   420
PINE COTTAGE                  YATES              No          No
PINE HILL                     ULSTER             Yes         Yes                  550
PINE ISLAND                   ORANGE             Yes         Yes
PINE ISLAND JUNCTION          ORANGE             No          Yes
PINE LAKE                     FULTON             Yes         No                   150
PINE PLAINS                   DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                 1306
PINE PLAINS STATION           DUTCHESS           No          Yes
PINE TREE                     ERIE               No          No
PINE TREE SIDING              ERIE               No          No
PINE VALLEY                   CHEMUNG            Yes         Yes                  200
PINE VALLEY                   CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes                  400
PINE WOODS                    MADISON            Yes         No                    75
PINE WOODS                    ORANGE             No          No
PINNACLE                      FULTON             Yes         No                   150
PISECO                        HAMILTON           Yes         No                    80
PITCAIRN                      ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   125
PITCHER                       CHENANGO           Yes         No                   200
PITCHER SPRINGS               CHENANGO           Yes         No
PITKINS                       WYOMING            No          No
PILL LOCK                     WAYNE              No          No
PITTSFIELD                    OTSEGO             Yes         Yes                   65
PITTSFORD                     MONROE             Yes         Yes                 2150
PITTSTOWN                     RENSSELAER         Yes         No                   500
PLAINFIELD CENTRE             OTSEGO             Yes         No
PLAINS                        ONEIDA             Yes         No
PLAINVIEW                     QUEENS             Yes         No
PLAINVILLE                    ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   200
PLATT COVE                    GREENE             Yes         No                    25
PLATTSKILL                    ULSTER             Yes         No                   350
PLATTSBURGH                   CLINTON            Yes         Yes                 8000
PLATTSBURGH BARRACKS          CLINTON            No          No
PLEASANT BEACH                ONONDAGA           No          No
PLEASANT BROOK                OTSEGO             Yes         No                   400
PLEASANT PLAINS               DUTCHESS           Yes         No                   200
PLEASANT PLAINS               RICHMOND           No          Yes                  175
PLEASANT RIDGE                DUTCHESS           No          No
PLEASANT VALLEY               DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  475
PLEASANT VALLEY               STEUBEN            No          Yes
PLEASANTVILLE                 WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                 1800
PLESSIS                       JEFFERSON          Yes         No                   325
PLUMADORE                     FRANKLIN           No          Yes
PLUTARCH                      ULSTER             Yes         No
PLYMOUTH                      CHENANGO           Yes         No                   145
POCANTICO                     WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes
POESTENKILL                   RENSSELAER         Yes         No                   330
POINT AU ROCK                 CLINTON            Yes         No                   100
POINT BREEZE                  ORLEANS            Yes         No
POINT CHAUTAUQUA              CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes
POINT PENINSULA               JEFFERSON          Yes         No                    75
POINT ROCK                    ONEIDA             Yes         No                   150
POINT WHITESIDE               CHAUTAUQUA         No          No
POLAND                        HERKIMER           Yes         Yes                  505
POLAND CENTRE                 CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No
POMFRET                       CHAUTAUQUA         No          Yes
POMONA                        ROCKLAND           Yes         Yes                  200
POMPEY                        ONONDAGA           Yes         No
POMPEY CENTRE                 ONONDAGA           Yes         No                    75
POND EDDY                     SULLIVAN           Yes         Yes                  150
PONEY HOLLOW                  TOMPKINS           Yes         No
PONQUOQUE                     SUFFOLK            No          No
PONTIAC                       ERIE               Yes         No                   100
POOL'S BROOK                  ONONDAGA           No          No
POOLVILLE                     MADISON            Yes         Yes                  165
POPES MILLS                   ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   200
POPLAR RIDGE                  CAYUGA             Yes         No                   350
PORTAGE                       WYOMING            No          Yes                  600
PORTAGEVILLE                  WYOMING            Yes         Yes                  600
PORT BENJAMIN                 ULSTER             No          No
PORT BYRON                    CAYUGA             Yes         Yes                 1400
PORT CHESTER                  WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                 5538
PORT CLINTON                  ORANGE             No          Yes
PORT CRANE                    BROOME             Yes         Yes                  250
PORT DICKINSON                BROOME             Yes         No                   400
PORTER'S CORNERS              SARATOGA           Yes         No
PORTERVILLE                   ERIE               Yes         No                  1500
PORT EWEN                     ULSTER             Yes         No                   400
PORT GIBSON                   ONTARIO            Yes         No
PORT GIBSON                   WAYNE              No          Yes                 2436
PORT HENRY                    ESSEX              Yes         Yes                 2433
PORT HYXSON                   ULSTER             No          No
PORT JACKSON                  CLINTON            No          No
PORT JEFFERSON                SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                 2125
PORT JERVIS                   ORANGE             Yes         Yes                 7217
PORT KENT                     ESSEX              Yes         Yes                  200
PORTLAND                      CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No                   350
PORTLANDVILLE                 OTSEGO             Yes         Yes                  210
PORT LEYDEN                   LEWIS              Yes         Yes                  900
PORT MORRIS                   NEW YORK           No          Yes
PORT ONTARIO                  OSWEGO             Yes         No
PORT ORANGE                   SULLIVAN           No          Yes
PORT RICHMOND                 RICHMOND           Yes         Yes                 6000
PORTVILLE                     CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                  800
PORT WASHINGTON               QUEENS             Yes         No                  1800
PORT WOODHULL                 ONEIDA             No          No
POST CREEK                    CHEMUNG            Yes         Yes                  100
POTSDAM                       ST LAWRENCE        Yes         Yes                 4004
PONER                         YATES              Yes         No                   150
PONER HILL                    RENSSELAER         Yes         No                   100
POTTER'S HOLLOW               ALBANY             Yes         No                   400
POTTERSVILLE                  WARREN             Yes         No                   300
POUGHKEEPSIE                  DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                22836
POUGHQUAG                     DUTCHESS           Yes         No                   350
POUGHQUAG STATION             DUTCHESS           No          Yes
POUNDRIDGE                    WESTCHESTER        Yes         No                   150
PRATTHAM                      OSWEGO             Yes         No                    60
PRATT'S                       MADISON            No          No
PRATTSBURGH                   STEUBEN            Yes         No                   670
PRATTS HOLLOW                 MADISON            Yes         Yes                  300
PRATTSVILLE                   GREENE             Yes         No                   315
PREBLE                        CORTLAND           Yes         Yes                  230
PRESHO                        STEUBEN            Yes         Yes                  100
PRESTON                       CHENANGO           Yes         No                    75
PRESTON HOLLOW                ALBANY             Yes         No                   300
PRIMROSE                      WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes
PRINCE'S BAY                  RICHMOND           Yes         Yes                  850
PRINCETOWN                    SCHENECTADY        Yes         Yes                  100
PRODUCE EXCHANGE              NEW YORK           Yes         No
PROMISED LAND                 SUFFOLK            Yes         No
PROSPECT                      CHAUTAUQUA         No          Yes
PROSPECT                      ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  250
PROSPECT PARK                 KINGS              No          Yes
PROSPECT STATION              CHAUTAUQUA         No          Yes
PROTECTION                    ERIE               Yes         Yes                  200
PRUSSIAN SETTLEMENT           LEWIS              No          No
PULASKI                       OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                 1540
PULL HAIR                     DELAWARE           No          No
PULTENEY                      STEUBEN            Yes         No                   300
PULTNEYVILLE                  WAYNE              Yes         No                   200
PULVER'S                      COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                   30
PURCHASE                      WESTCHESTER        Yes         No                    50
PURDY CREEK                   STEUBEN            Yes         No                    30
PURDYS                        ORANGE             No          Yes
PURDYS                        WESTCHESTER        No          Yes                  500
PURDY'S STATION               WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                  500
PUTNAM                        WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   550
PUTNAM STATION                WASHINGTON         Yes         Yes
PUTNAM                        WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   250
PUTNAM STATION                WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   250
PUTNAM VALLEY                 PUTNAM             Yes         No                    50
QUACKEN KILL                  RENSSELAER         Yes         No                    50
QUAKER BRIDGE                 CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes                  400
QUAKER HILL                   DUTCHESS           Yes         No                   600
QUAKER SPRINGS                SARATOGA           Yes         No                   225
QUAKER STREET                 SCHENECTADY        Yes         Yes                  600
QUARRYVILLE                   ULSTER             Yes         No                   150
QUEENS                        QUEENS             Yes         Yes                  250
QUEENSBURY                    WARREN             Yes         No
QUOGUE                        SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                   30
RACEVILLE                     WASHINGTON         Yes         No                    30
RACKET RIVER                  ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No
RAINBOW                       FRANKLIN           Yes         No                   500
RAINBOW                       FRANKLIN           No          Yes
RAMPO                         ROCKLAND           Yes         Yes                  500
RANDALL                       MONTGOMERY         Yes         Yes                   50
RANDALL ROAD                  NIAGARA            Yes         No                   100
RANDALL'S ISLAND              NEW YORK           No          No
RANDALLSVILLE                 MADISON            Yes         Yes                  100
RANDOLPH                      CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                 1188
RANSOMVILLE                   NIAGARA            Yes         Yes                  300
RAPIDS                        MONROE             No          Yes
RAPIDS                        NIAGARA            Yes         No                   200
RAQUETTE LAKE                 HAMILTON           Yes         No                    50
RATHBONVILLE                  STEUBEN            Yes         Yes                  400
RAVENSWOOD                    QUEENS             Yes         No
RAWSON                        CATTARAUGUS        Yes         No                    50
RAWSONS                       CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes
RAY                           GENESEE            Yes         No
RAYBROOK                      ESSEX              Yes         No
RAYMERTOWN                    RENSSELAER         Yes         No                   300
RAYMOND                       NIAGARA            Yes         No
RAYMONDVILLE                  ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   250
RAYVILLE                      COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                  225
READING CENTRE                SCHUYLER           Yes         Yes                  100
READ'S CREEK                  DELAWARE           Yes         No                   400
REBER                         ESSEX              Yes         No
RECTOR                        LEWIS              Yes         No
RED CREEK                     MONROE             No          Yes
RED CREEK                     WAYNE              Yes         Yes                  550
RED FALLS                     GREENE             Yes         No                   100
REDFIELD                      OSWEGO             Yes         No                   350
REDFORD                       CLINTON            Yes         No                   700
RED HOOK                      DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  950
RED HOUSE                     CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                  300
RED HOUSE JUNCTION            CATTARAUGUS        No          No
RED ROCK                      COLUMBIA           Yes         No                   250
REDWOOD                       JEFFERSON          Yes         Yes                  525
REED'S CORNERS                ONTARIO            Yes         No                    75
REIDSVILLE                    ALBANY             Yes         No                   175
REMINGTON                     CATTARAUGUS        No          No
REMINGTON'S                   JEFFERSON          No          Yes
REMSEN                        ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  450
RENIFF                        TIOGA              Yes         No                   150
RENSSELAER FALLS              ST LAWRENCE        Yes         Yes                  450
RENSSELAERVILLE               ALBANY             Yes         No                   400
RESERVE                       ERIE               Yes         No                   500
RESULT                        GREENE             Yes         No
REUCHENS                      STEUBEN            No          No
REXFORD FLATS                 SARATOGA           Yes         No                   150
REXVILLE                      STEUBEN            Yes         No                   250
REYNALE'S BASIN               NIAGARA            Yes         No                    50
REYNOLDS                      RENSSELAER         Yes         Yes
REYNOLDSVILLE                 DUTCHESS           No          Yes                   50
REYNOLDSVILLE                 SCHUYLER           Yes         No                   300
RHEIMS                        STEUBEN            Yes         Yes
RHINEBECK                     DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                 3450
RHINEBECK UPPER               DUTCHESS           No          Yes
RHINECLIFF                    DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  500
RICARD                        OSWEGO             Yes         No
RICE'S                        JEFFERSON          Yes         Yes
RICEVILLE                     CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes
RICHBURG                      ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                  700
RICHFIELD                     OTSEGO             Yes         No                   300
RICHFIELD JUNCTION            ONEIDA             No          Yes                  350
RICHFIELD SPRING              OTSEGO             Yes         Yes                 4000
RICHFORD                      TIOGA              Yes         Yes                  400
RICHLAND                      OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                  100
RICHMOND                      RICHMOND           Yes         No                   225
RICHMOND HILL                 QUEENS             Yes         Yes                  100
RICHMOND MILLS                ONTARIO            Yes         No                   150
RICHMOND VALLEY               RICHMOND           No          Yes                  100
RICHMONDVILLE                 SCHOHARIE          Yes         Yes                  682
RICHVILLE                     ST LAWRENCE        Yes         Yes                  500
RICHVILLE                     GENESEE            No          Yes                  300
RIDER'S MILL                  COLUMBIA           Yes         No                   100
RIDGE                         LIVINGSTON         Yes         No                    25
RIDGEBURY                     ORANGE             Yes         No                   300
RIDGELAND                     MONROE             Yes         No
RIDGE MILLS                   ONEIDA             Yes         No                   200
RIDGE ROAD                    NIAGARA            Yes         No                    50
RIDGEWAY                      ORLEANS            Yes         No                   120
RIDGEWOOD                     QUEENS             No          No
RIDGEWOOD                     QUEENS             Yes         No                   200
RIFLE BANGE                   MONROE             No          Yes
RIFTON GLEN                   ULSTER             Yes         No                   500
RIGA                          MONROE             Yes         No                    50
RIO                           ORANGE             Yes         No
RIPARIUS                      WARREN             Yes         Yes
RIPLEY                        CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                 2017
RIPLEY CROSSING               CHAUTAUQUA         No          Yes
RIPPLETON                     MADISON            No          Yes
RISINGVILLE                   STEUBEN            Yes         No                    40
RIVERDALE                     NEW YORK           Yes         Yes
RIVERHEAD                     SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                 3950
RIVERSIDE                     BROOME             Yes         No
RIVERSIDE                     WARREN             No          Yes
RIVERSIDE PARK                CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes
RIVER VIEW                    ALBANY             No          Yes
RIVERVIEW                     JEFFERSON          Yes         No
RIVERVIEW                     NIAGARA            No          No
ROBBIN'S ISLAND               SUFFOLK            No          No
ROBBIN'S LANE                 QUEENS             No          No
ROBERTSONVILLE                SUFFOLK            Yes         No                    90
ROCHERSTER                    MONROE             Yes         Yes               138327
ROCKAWAY JUNCTION             QUEENS             No          Yes
ROCKAWAY PARK                 QUEENS             No          Yes
ROCK CITY                     DUTCHESS           Yes         No                   125
ROCK CITY                     CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes
ROCK CITY FALLS               SARATOGA           Yes         No                   500
ROCK CUT                      ONONDAGA           No          No
ROCKDALE                      CHENANGO           Yes         Yes                  185
ROCK GLEN                     WYOMING            Yes         Yes
ROCK HILL                     SULLIVAN           Yes         No
ROCKLAND                      SULLIVAN           Yes         Yes                  600
ROCKLAND LAKE                 ROCKLAND           Yes         No
ROCKLAND PARK                 ROCKLAND           No          Yes
ROCKLET                       ORANGE             Yes         Yes
ROCK RIFT                     DELAWARE           Yes         Yes                  150
ROCK STREAM                   YATES              Yes         Yes                  200
ROCK STREAM                   YATES              No          Yes
ROCK TAVERN                   ORANGE             No          Yes
ROCKTON                       MONTGOMERY         Yes         No                    50
ROCK VALLEY                   DELAWARE           Yes         No                    50
ROCKVILLE                     ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes
ROCKVILLE CENTRE              QUEENS             Yes         Yes                  575
ROCKWELL'S MILLS              CHENANGO           Yes         Yes                  100
ROCKWOOD                      FULTON             Yes         No                   255
ROCKY POINT                   SUFFOLK            Yes         No                   100
ROCKY POINT LANDING           SUFFOLK            No          No
RODMAN                        JEFFERSON          Yes         No                   230
ROGERS ROCK                   ESSEX              Yes         Yes
ROGERSVILLE                   STEUBEN            No          Yes                   75
ROME                          ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                14980
ROMULUS                       SENECA             Yes         Yes                  500
RONDOUT                       ULSTER             Yes         Yes
RONKONKOMA                    SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes
ROSCOE                        SUFFOLK            Yes         No
ROSE                          WAYNE              Yes         No                   800
ROSE                          WAYNE              No          Yes                  275
ROSEBANK                      RICHMOND           Yes         Yes
ROSEBOOM                      OTSEGO             Yes         No                   600
ROSE HILL                     ONONDAGA           Yes         No
ROSENDALE                     ULSTER             Yes         Yes                 6070
ROSE POINT                    ORANGE             No          Yes
ROSES                         STEUBEN            No          Yes
ROSETON                       ORANGE             Yes         Yes
ROSIERE                       JEFFERSON          Yes         Yes                   50
ROSLYN                        QUEENS             Yes         Yes                  800
ROSSBURGH                     ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                 1200
ROSSIE                        ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   275
ROSSIE                        ST LAWRENCE        No          Yes
ROSS MILLS                    CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                   25
ROSSVILLE                     RICHMOND           Yes         No                   800
ROTTERDAM                     SCHENECTADY        Yes         Yes
ROTTERDAM                     SCHENECTADY        No          Yes
ROTERDAM JUNCTION             SCHENECTADY        Yes         Yes
ROUND ISLAND                  JEFFERSON          No          No
ROUND LAKE                    SARATOGA           Yes         Yes                  200
ROUND POND                    FRANKLIN           No          Yes
ROUSE'S POINT                 CLINTON            Yes         Yes                 2003
ROWLAND                       DUTCHESS           Yes         No
ROXBURY                       DELAWARE           Yes         Yes                  500
ROYALTON                      NIAGARA            Yes         No                   100
RUDESTOW                      HAMILTON           Yes         No                   200
RURAL GROVE                   MONTGOMERY         Yes         No                   150
RURAL HILL                    JEFFERSON          Yes         No                    45
RUSH                          MONROE             Yes         No
RUSH                          MONROE             No          Yes                  300
RUSHFORD                      ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                  600
RUSHVILLE                     YATES              Yes         No                   570
RUSKEY                        DUTCHESS           Yes         No
RUSSELL                       ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   350
RUSSELLS                      CATTARAUGUS        No          No
RUSSELL'S                     DUTCHESS           No          Yes
RUSSIA                        CLINTON            No          Yes
RUSSIA                        HERKIMER           Yes         No                   200
RUTLAND                       JEFFERSON          Yes         No                   100
RUTSONVILLE                   ULSTER             Yes         No                    25
RYE                           WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                 1200
RYNER'S CORNERS               SCHENECTADY        Yes         No                    30

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