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Index of NY Cities, Towns, and Villages and Populations in 1890
E - K

TOWN                          COUNTY             POST        EXPRESS     POPULATION
                                                 OFFICE      OFFICE
EAGLE                         WYOMING            No          Yes                  200
EAGLE BRIDGE                  RENSSELAER         Yes         Yes                  450
EAGLE HARBOR                  ORLEANS            Yes         No                   500
EAGLE HARBOR STATION          ORLEANS            No          Yes
EAGLE MILLS                   RENSSELAER         Yes         No                   200
EAGLE VILLAGE                 WYOMING            Yes         Yes                  200
EARL                          YATES              Yes         Yes
EARLES                        YATES              No          Yes
EARLS                         ORANGE             No          Yes
EARL'S                        WYOMING            Yes         Yes
EARLVILLE                     MADISON            Yes         Yes                  100
EAST ALBANY                   RENSSELAER         No          Yes
EAST AMHERST                  ERIE               Yes         No
EAST ARCADE                   WYOMING            Yes         No
EAST ARCADIA                  WAYNE              No          No
EAST ASHFORD                  CATTARAUGUS        Yes         No                    40
EAST AURORA                   ERIE               Yes         Yes                 1700
EAST AVON                     LIVINGSTON         Yes         No                   200
EAST BEEKMANTOWN              CLINTON            Yes         Yes                  300
EAST BERNE                    ALBANY             Yes         No                   100
EAST BETHANY                  GENESEE            Yes         Yes                  200
EAST BLOOMFIELD               ONTARIO            Yes         Yes                 1000
EAST BLOOMFIELD STATION       ONTARIO            Yes         Yes
EAST BOSTON                   MADISON            Yes         Yes                  150
EAST BRANCH                   DELAWARE           Yes         Yes                  258
EAST BUFFALO                  ERIE               Yes         Yes
EAST BUFFALO JUNCTION         ERIE               No          Yes
EAST BUSKIRK'S                ERIE               No          Yes
EAST CAMPBELL                 STEUBEN            Yes         No                    75
EAST CARLTON                  ORLEANS            Yes         Yes
EAST CAYUGA VILLAGE           ONTARIO            Yes         No
EAST CHATHAM                  COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                  400
EAST CHESTER                  WESTCHESTER        Yes         No                   300
EAST CHESTER                  ORANGE             No          Yes
EAST CLARENCE                 ERIE               Yes         Yes                   50
EAST COBLESKILL               SCHOHARIE          Yes         No
EAST COLDENHAM                ORANGE             Yes         No
EAST CONCORD                  ERIE               Yes         Yes                  200
EAST CONSTABLE                FRANKLIN           Yes         No
EAST CORNING                  STEUBEN            Yes         Yes
EAST CREEK                    HERKIMER           Yes         Yes                   50
EAST DICKINSON                FRANKLIN           Yes         No                   300
EAST DURHAM                   GREENE             Yes         No                   200
EAST EDEN                     ERIE               Yes         No                   100
EAST ELBA                     GENESEE            Yes         No
EAST ELMA                     ERIE               Yes         No                   125
EAST ELMIRA                   CHEMUNG            Yes         No
EAST FISHKILL                 DUTCHESS           Yes         No                   150
EAST FLORENCE                 ONEIDA             Yes         No                   100
EAST FREETOWN                 CORTLAND           Yes         No
EAST GAINES                   ORLEANS            Yes         No                    30
EAST GALWAY                   SARATOGA           Yes         No                   200
EAST GENOA                    CAYUGA             Yes         No
EAST GERMAN                   CHENANGO           Yes         No
EAST GLENVILLE                SCHENECTADY        Yes         Yes                   65
EAST GRANGER                  ALLEGANY           Yes         No
EAST GREENBUSH                RENSSELAER         Yes         No                    96
EAST GREENWICH                WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   500
EAST GROVELAND                LIVINGSTON         Yes         No                    80
EAST GUILFORD                 CHENANGO           Yes         Yes                  150
EAST HAMBURG                  ERIE               No          Yes
EAST HAMILTON                 MADISON            Yes         No                   100
EAST HAMLIN                   MONROE             Yes         Yes                   50
EAST HAMPTON                  SUFFOLK            Yes         No                  2426
EAST HARTFORD                 WASHINGTON         Yes         No                    75
EAST HINSDALE                 QUEENS             Yes         Yes                  200
EAST HOMER                    CORTLAND           Yes         Yes                   75
EAST HOUNDSFIELD              JEFFERSON          Yes         No                    75
EAST ISLIP                    SUFFOLK            Yes         No
CONSTANTIA CENTRE             OSWEGO             Yes         No
EAST JAVA                     WYOMING            Yes         No                   150
EAST JEWETT                   GREENE             Yes         No                    50
EAST KENDALL                  ORLEANS            Yes         Yes                  120
EAST KINGSTON                 ULSTER             Yes         No
EAST KOY                      WYOMING            Yes         No                   100
EAST LANSING                  TOMPKINS           Yes         No                    50
EAST LEON                     CATTARAUGUS        Yes         No
EAST LINE                     SARATOGA           Yes         Yes                  150
EAST McDONOUGH                CHENANGO           Yes         No                    50
EAST MAINE                    BROOME             Yes         No
EAST MARION                   SUFFOLK            Yes         No                   400
EAST MARTINSBURGH             LEWIS              Yes         Yes                   63
EAST MASONVILLE               DELAWARE           Yes         No                    50
EAST MEREDITH                 DELAWARE           Yes         No                   500
EAST MORICHES                 SUFFOLK            Yes         No                   375
EAST MOUNT VERNON             WESTCHESTER        No          No
EAST NASSAU                   RENSSELAER         Yes         No                   600
EAST NEW YORK                 KINGS              No          Yes
EAST NICHOLS                  TIOGA              Yes         No
EAST NORTHPORT                SUFFOLK            No          Yes
EAST NORWICH                  QUEENS             Yes         No                   400
EAST OAKFIELD                 GENESEE            Yes         No                   100
EASTON                        WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   250
EASTON                        WASHINGTON         No          Yes
EAST ONONDAGA                 ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   300
EAST OSWEGO                   OSWEGO             No          Yes
EAST OTTO                     CATTERAUGUS        Yes         No                  1450
EAST PALERMO                  OSWEGO             Yes         No                   100
EAST PALMYRA                  WAYNE              Yes         Yes                  100
EAST PARK                     DUTCHESS           Yes         No                   280
EAST PATCHOGUE                SUFFOLK            Yes         No
EAST PEMBROKE                 GENESEE            Yes         Yes                  300
EAST PENFIELD                 MONROE             Yes         No                    50
EAST PHARSALIA                CHENANGO           Yes         No                   275
EAST PITCAIRN                 ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No
EAST POESTENKILL              RENSSELAER         Yes         No                   600
EASTPORT                      SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                  150
EAST JUNCTION                 SUFFOLK            No          Yes
EAST RANDOLPH                 CATTERAUGUS        Yes         No                   600
EAST RIVER                    CORTLAND           Yes         Yes                   35
EAST ROCHESTER                MONROE             No          Yes
EAST ROCKAWAY                 QUEENS             Yes         Yes                 1250
EAST RODMAN                   JEFFERSON          Yes         No                   150
EAST SALEM                    WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   150
EAST SARATOGA JUNCTION        SARATOGA           No          Yes
EAST SCHAGHTICOKE             RENSSELAER         Yes         Yes                 1300
EAST SHODACK                  RENSSALAER         Yes         No                   300
EAST SCHUYLER                 HERKIMER           Yes         Yes                  150
EAST SCOTT                    CORTLAND           Yes         No
EAST SENECA                   ERIE               Yes         No                    70
EAST SETANKET                 SUFFOLK            Yes         No
EAST SHELBY                   ORLEANS            Yes         No                   150
EAST SIDNEY                   DELAWARE           Yes         No                   100
EAST SPRINGFIELD              OTSEGO             Yes         No                   300
EAST STEAMBURGH               SCHUYLER           Yes         No                    82
EAST STEUBEN                  ONEIDA             Yes         Yes
EAST SYRACUSE                 ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                 2300
EAST TARRYTOWN                WESTCHESTER        No          No
EAST TROUPSBURGH              STEUBEN            Yes         No
EAST UTICA                    ONEIDA             No          Yes
EAST VARICK                   SENECA             Yes         No                   100
EAST VENICE                   CAYUGA             Yes         No                    50
EAST VIEW                     WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes
EAST VIRGIL                   CORTLAND           Yes         No                    75
EAST WALDEN                   ORANGE             No          Yes
EAST WATERTOWN                JEFFERSON          Yes         No
EAST WAVERLY                  TIOGA              No          Yes
EAST WILLIAMSON               WAYNE              Yes         No
EAST WILLISTON                QUEENS             Yes         Yes
EAST WILSON                   NIAGARA            Yes         No
EAST WINDHOM                  GREENE             Yes         No                    15
EAST WINDSOR                  BROOME             Yes         Yes
EAST WINFIELD                 HERKIMER           No          Yes                 1675
EASTWOOD                      ONONDAGA           Yes         No
EAST WORCESTER                OTSEGO             Yes         Yes                  500
EATON                         MADISON            Yes         Yes                  578
EATONVILLE                    HERKIMER           Yes         No                   150
EBENEZER                      ERIE               Yes         Yes                  106
ECHO                          SUFFOLK            Yes         No
EDDYTOWN                      YATES              Yes         Yes                  150
EDDYVILLE                     CATTARAUGUS        Yes         No                   100
EDDYVILLE                     ULSTER             No          No                   500
EDEN                          ERIE               Yes         Yes                  500
EDEN CENTRE                   ERIE               No          Yes                  500
EDENTON                       ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No
EDEN VALLEY                   ERIE               Yes         Yes                  150
EDENVILLE                     ORANGE             Yes         No                   150
EDGEWOOD                      GREENE             Yes         Yes                  250
EDGEWOOD                      MONROE             No          Yes
EDICKS                        HERKIMER           Yes         No                    50
EDINBURGH                     SARATOGA           Yes         No                   150
EDMESTON                      OTSEGO             Yes         Yes                  500
EDWARDS                       ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   345
EDWARDSVILLE                  ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   200
EGGERTSVILLE                  ERIE               Yes         No                   100
EGYPT                         MONROE             Yes         No                   157
EIGHMYVILLE                   DUTCHESS           Yes         No
ELBA                          GENESEE            Yes         Yes                  500
ELBOW                         WARREN             Yes         No
ELBRIDGE                      ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   600
ELDERTS                       QUEENS             No          Yes
ELDRED                        SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   150
ELGIN                         CATTARAUGUS        Yes         No                    25
ELIZABETHTOWN                 ESSEX              Yes         No                   700
ELIZAVILLE                    COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                   86
ELK                           CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes
ELK CREEK                     OTSEGO             Yes         No                   120
ELKDALE                       CATTARAUGUS        Yes         No
ELKHORN                       ONONDAGA           Yes         No
ELKO                          CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes
ELLENBURGH                    CLINTON            No          Yes                  500
ELLENBURGH CENTRE             CLINTON            Yes         No                   500
ELLENBURGH DEPOT              CLINTON            Yes         Yes                  500
ELLENVILLE                    ULSTER             Yes         Yes                 4000
ELLERSVILLE                   COLUMBIA           No          Yes
ELLERYS                       CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No                   150
ELLICOTT                      ERIE               Yes         No                    25
ELLICOTTSVILLE                CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                  800
ELLINGTON                     CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No                   800
ELLIS                         TOMPKINS           Yes         No
ELLISBURGH                    JEFFERSON          Yes         No                   325
ELLIS SIDING                  MONROE             No          Yes
ELMA                          ERIE               Yes         Yes                  200
ELMA CERTRE                   ERIE               Yes         Yes                  200
ELMIRA                        CHEMUNG            Yes         Yes                28070
ELMONT                        QUEENS             Yes         No
ELM PARK                      RICHMOND           No          Yes
ELMSFORD                      WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                  250
ELM VALLEY                    ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes
ELPIS                         ONEIDA             Yes         No
ELTINGVILLE                   RICHMOND           No          Yes                   75
ELSWORTH                      CAYUGA             Yes         Yes
ELSMERE                       ORANGE             No          Yes
ELTON                         CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                  100
ELWOOD                        SUFFOLK            Yes         No                   100
EMERSON                       CAYUGA             Yes         No
EMMENCE                       SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   150
EMMONSBURGH                   FULTON             Yes         No                   100
EMPYVILLE                     ONEIDA             No          No
ENFIELD CENTRE                TOMPKINS           Yes         No                   200
ENFIELD FALLS                 TOMPKINS           Yes         No                   200
ENGLISH BROOK                 CATTARAUQUA        No          No
ENNERDALE                     ONTARIO            Yes         Yes
ENSENORE                      CAYUGA             Yes         Yes
ENTERPRISE                    DUTCHESS           Yes         No
EPHRATAH                      FULTON             Yes         No                   400
ERASTINA                      RICHMOND           No          Yes
ERIE JUNCTION                 ERIE               No          Yes
ERIEVILLE                     MADISON            Yes         Yes                  200
ERIN                          CHEMUNG            Yes         Yes                  200
ERWIN                         STEUBEN            Yes         Yes
ESOPUS                        ULSTER             Yes         Yes                  350
ESPERANCE                     SCHOHARIE          Yes         Yes                  350
ESSEX                         ESSEX              Yes         No                   600
ESSEX STATION                 ESSEX              No          Yes
ETNA                          TOMPKINS           Yes         Yes                  400
EUCLID                        ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                  300
EUREKA                        SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   500
EVANS                         ERIE               Yes         No                   400
EVANS CREAMERY                BROOME             No          No
EVAN'S MILLS                  JEFFERSON          Yes         Yes                  600
EVANSVILLE                    WASHINGTON         Yes         No
EVERGREEN                     QUEENS             Yes         No                   200
EVERTON                       FRANKLIN           Yes         No
EXETER                        OTSEGO             Yes         No                    50
FABIUS                        ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   400
FACTORYVILLE                  RICHMOND           No          No
FACTORYVILLE                  TIOGA              No          Yes                  400
FAIRCHILDS                    STEUBEN            No          No
FAIR DALE                     OSWEGO             Yes         No                    50
FAIRFIELD                     HERKIMER           Yes         No                   300
FAIRGROUND                    SUFFOLK            Yes         No
FAIR HAVEN                    CAYUGA             Yes         Yes                  751
FAIR MOUNT                    ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                   75
FAIR OAKS                     ORANGE             Yes         Yes
FAIRGROUND                    MONROE             No          Yes
FAIRPORT                      MONROE             Yes         Yes                 3200
FAIRVIEW                      CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                   50
FAIRVIEW                      WYOMING            No          Yes
FAIRVILLE                     WAYNE              Yes         Yes                  100
FALCONER                      CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                  400
FALCONER JUNCTION             CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes
FALKIRK                       ERIE               No          Yes
FALLS                         TOMPKINS           No          Yes
FALLSBURGH                    SULLIVAN           Yes         Yes                  150
FALLS JUNCTION                NIAGARA            No          Yes
FALLS MILL                    SULLIVAN           Yes         No
FARGO                         GENESEE            Yes         No
FARLIN                        ALBANY             Yes         Yes
FARMIER                       SENECA             No          Yes                  900
FARMERS MILLS                 PUTNAM             Yes         No                   100
FARMERSVILLE                  CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes                  200
FARMERSVILLE STATION          CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                  200
FARMER VILLAGE                SENECA             Yes         Yes                  900
FARMINGDALE                   QUEENS             Yes         Yes                  800
FARMINGTON                    ONTARIO            Yes         No                   150
FARMINGTON                    ONTARIO            No          Yes
FARNHAM                       ERIE               Yes         Yes                  250
FAR ROCKAWAY                  QUEENS             Yes         Yes                 2500
FAWNS                         ULSTER             Yes         No
FAYETTE                       SENECA             Yes         No                   400
FAYETTE SIDING                SENECA             No          Yes
FAYETTEVILLE                  ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                 1556
FELT'S MILLS                  JEFFERSON          Yes         Yes                  300
FENNER                        MADISON            Yes         No                    75
FENNER'S GROVE                HERKIMER           No          No
FENTONVILLE                   CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                  300
FERENBAUGH                    STEUBEN            Yes         Yes
FERGUSON'S                    HERKIMER           No          No
FERGUSON'S CORNERS            YATES              Yes         No                    50
FERGUSONVILLE                 DELAWARE           Yes         No                   200
FERO                          CHEMUNG            Yes         No
FERRONA                       CLINTON            Yes         Yes                  200
FERRY                         ERIE               No          No
FEURA BUSH                    ALBANY             No          Yes                  100
FILLMORE                      ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                  400
FILLMORE PARK                 ERIE               No          No
FINDLEY'S LAKE                CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No                   500
FINE                          ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   300
FINLKES                       SULLIVAN           No          No
FINTONS                       YATES              No          No
FIRE ISLAND                   SUFFOLK            Yes         No
FIRE PLACE                    SUFFOLK            No          No
FISH CABIN                    SULLIVAN           No          No
FISH CREEK                    ONEIDA             Yes         Yes
FISHER'S                      LIVINGSTON         No          Yes
FISHERS                       ONTARIO            Yes         Yes                  300
FISHES GROVE                  ONTARIO            No          No
FISHERS ISLAND                SUFFOLK            Yes         No
FISHERS LANDING               JEFFERSON          Yes         No                    50
FISHKILL                      DUTCHESS           No          Yes                 4296
FISHKILL LANDING              DUTCHESS           No          No                  4249
FISHKILL ON THE HUDSON        DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                 4296
FISHKILL PLAINS               DUTCHESS           Yes         No                   150
FISHKILL VILLAGE              DUTCHESS           No          Yes                  785
FISH LAKE                     CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes
FISH'S EDDY                   DELAWARE           Yes         Yes                  200
FITCH                         CATTARAUGUS        Yes         No
FIVE CORNERS                  CAYUGA             Yes         No                   400
FLACKVILLE                    ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   100
FLANDERS                      SUFFOLK            Yes         No
FLATBROOK                     COLUMBIA           Yes         No                   100
FLATBUSH                      KINGS              Yes         No                  3500
FLATBUSH AVENUE               KINGS              No          Yes
FLAT CREEK                    MONTGOMERY         Yes         No                    75
FLATLANDS                     KINGS              Yes         Yes                 1000
FLEISHMANN'S                  DELAWARE           Yes         No                   100
FLEMING                       CAYUGA             Yes         No                   200
FLEMINGSVILLE                 TIOGA              Yes         No                    50
FLINT                         ONTARIO            No          Yes                  100
FLINT CREEK                   ONTARIO            Yes         Yes                  100
FLORAL PARK                   QUEENS             Yes         No                   150
FLORENCE                      ONEIDA             Yes         No                   285
FLORENCE HILL                 ONEIDA             No          No
FLORIDA                       ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  615
FLORIDAVILLE                  CAYUGA             Yes         No
FLOWERS                       BROOME             Yes         No
FLOWER HILL                   QUEENS             No          No
FLOYD                         ONEIDA             Yes         No                   100
FLUSHING                      QUEENS             Yes         Yes                19136
FLUVANNA                      CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                  400
FLY CREEK                     OTSEGO             Yes         No                   400
FLY MOUNTAIN                  ULSTER             Yes         No
FLYNNS SIDING                 GREENE             No          Yes
FLY SUMMIT                    WASHINGTON         Yes         Yes                  200
FOLSOMDALE                    WYOMING            Yes         No                   100
FONDA                         MONTGOMERY         Yes         Yes                 1300
FOOTPRINTS                    MADISON            No          No
FORDHAM                       NEW YORK           No          Yes
FORDHAM HEIGHTS               NEW YORK           No          Yes
FORDS CORNERS                 KINGS              No          Yes
FOREST                        CLINTON            Yes         Yes                  200
FORESTBURGH                   SULLIVAN           Yes         No
FORESTER'S                    ONTARIO            No          No
FOREST GLEN                   ULSTER             Yes         Yes
FOREST HOME                   TOMPKINS           Yes         No                   114
FOREST HOUSE                  MONROE             No          Yes
FOREST LAWN                   MONROE             No          Yes
FOREST PORT                   ONEIDA             Yes         No                   350
FORESTVILLE                   CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                  800
FORGE                         SUFFOLK            No          Yes
FORKS                         ERIE               No          Yes
FORT ANN                      WASHINGTON         Yes         Yes                 1000
FORT COLUMBUS                 NEW YORK           No          No
FORT COVINGTON                FRANKLIN           Yes         Yes                 1002
FORT COVINGTON CENTRE         FRANKLIN           Yes         No
FORT EDWARD                   WASHINGTON         Yes         Yes                 3200
FORT HAMILTON                 KINGS              Yes         No                  1200
FORT HUNTER                   MONTGOMERY         Yes         Yes                  700
FORT LAFAYETTE                KINGS              No          No
FORT JACKSON                  ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   450
FORT MILLER                   WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   300
FORT MONTGOMERY               ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  175
FORT MONTGOMERY               CLINTON            No          No
FORT NIAGARA                  NIAGARA            No          No
FORT ONTARIO                  OSWEGO             No          No
FORT ORANGE                   RENSSELAER         No          No
FORT PLAINS                   MONTGOMERY         Yes         Yes                 2855
FORT PORTER                   ERIE               No          No
FORT SCHUYLER                 WESTCHESTER        No          No
FORTSVILLE                    SARATOGA           Yes         No                   150
FORT TICONDEROGA              ESSEX              No          Yes
FORT TOMPKINS                 RICHMOND           No          No
FORT WADSWORTH                RICHMOND           No          Yes
FORT WASHINGTON               NEW YORK           No          Yes
FORT WOOD                     NEW YORK           No          No
FOSTERDALE                    SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   100
FOSTER'S MEADOW               QUEENS             Yes         Yes                  200
FOSTERVILLE                   CAYUGA             Yes         No                    50
FOUR CORNERS                  RICHMOND           No          No
FOUR MILE                     CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                  130
FOURTEEN MILE ISLAND          WASHINGTON         No          No
FOWLER                        ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   225
FOWLERVILLE                   LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                  850
FOX HOLLOW STATION            ULSTER             No          Yes
FOX RIDGE                     CAYUGA             Yes         Yes                   50
FOX'S                         ONTARIO            No          No
FRANKFORT                     HERKIMER           Yes         Yes                 2500
FRANKFORT                     HERKIMER           No          Yes
FRANKFORT HILL                HERKIMER           Yes         No                    40
FRANKLIN                      DELAWARE           Yes         No                   700
FRANKLIN                      DELAWARE           No          Yes
FRANKLIN DEPOT                DELAWARE           Yes         Yes
FRANKLIN FALLS                FRANKLIN           Yes         No                    75
FRANKLIN IRON WORKS           ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                  355
FRANKLIN SQUARE               QUEENS             No          No
FRANKLINTON                   SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   250
FRANKLINVILLE                 CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                 1065
FRANKLINVILLE                 SUFFOLK            No          No
FRAYERS                       DELAWARE           No          Yes
FRECKS                        CATTARAUGUS        Yes         No
FREDONIA                      CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                 3390
FREEDOM                       CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                  100
FREEDOM PLAINS                DUTCHESS           Yes         No                   100
FREEHOLD                      GREENE             Yes         No                   250
FREELANDS                     ULSTER             No          No
FREEMAN                       STEUBEN            Yes         Yes
FREEPORT                      QUEENS             Yes         Yes                 1300
FREETOWN CORNERS              CORTLAND           Yes         No                   250
FREEVILLE                     TOMPKINS           Yes         Yes                   35
FREEMONT CENTRE               SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   400
FRENCH CREEK                  CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No                   300
FRENCH MOUNTAIN               WARREN             Yes         Yes                  250
FRENCH POINT                  WARREN             No          No
FRESH POND                    SUFFOLK            Yes         No
FRESH POND JUNCTION           QUEENS             No          Yes
FREWSBURGH                    CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                  540
FREY'S BUSH                   MONTGOMERY         Yes         No
FRIEND                        YATES              Yes         No
FRIENDSHIP                    ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                 2500
FRONTENAC                     JEFFERSON          Yes         No
FRONTIER                      CLINTON            Yes         No                    50
FROST VALLEY                  ULSTER             Yes         No                    20
FRUIT VALLEY                  OSWEGO             Yes         No
FRUITLAND                     WAYNE              Yes         Yes
FULLAM'S BASIN                MONROE             No          No
FULLER'S                      ALBANY             No          Yes                   50
FULLER'S STATION              ALBANY             Yes         Yes                   50
FULLERVILLE IRON WORKS        ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   150
FULMER VALLEY                 ALLEGANY           Yes         No
FULTON                        OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                 4208
FULTONHAM                     SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   150
FULTONVILLE                   MONTGOMERY         Yes         Yes                 1110
FURNACEVILLE                  WAYNE              Yes         No
FURNISS                       OSWEGO             No          Yes
GAGE                          YATES              Yes         Yes
GAGE'S                        ONTARIO            No          No
GAINES                        ORLEANS            Yes         No                   200
GAINESVILLE                   WYOMING            Yes         Yes                  500
GALE                          ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No
GALES                         ONONDAGA           No          Yes
GALESVILLE MILLS              ULSTER             Yes         No                   100
GALLATINVILLE                 COLUMBA            Yes         Yes                  200
GALLUPVILLE                   SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   250
GALWAY                        SARATOGA           Yes         No                   200
GANG MILLS                    HERKIMER           Yes         No                    75
GANSEVOORT                    SARATOGA           Yes         Yes                  200
GANUNDAWA                     ONTARIO            No          No
GARBUTT                       MONROE             Yes         Yes                  175
GARBUTTSVILLE                 MONROE             No          Yes
GARDEN CITY                   QUEENS             Yes         Yes                  495
GARDENTOWN                    ORANGE             Yes         No
GARDENVILLE                   ERIE               Yes         No                   300
GARDINER                      ULSTER             Yes         Yes                  800
GARDINER'S                    SULLIVAN           No          No
GARDNER'S CORNERS             LEWIS              Yes         No                   200
GARFIELD                      RENSSELAER         Yes         No                   400
GARLAND                       MONROE             Yes         No
GARNERVILLE                   ROCKLAND           Yes         Yes
GAROGA                        FULTON             Yes         No                    60
GARRATTSVILLE                 OTSEGO             Yes         No                   200
GARRETTSON'S                  RICHMOND           No          Yes                  150
GARRISON'S                    PUTNAM             Yes         Yes                  400
GARWOOD                       ALLEGANY           No          Yes
GASKILL'S CORNERS             TIOGA              Yes         No                    75
GASPORT                       NIAGARA            Yes         Yes                  500
GATES                         MONROE             Yes         Yes                  100
GATES                         SARATOGA           No          Yes
GAYHEAD                       GREENE             Yes         No                    50
GAYVILLE                      OSWEGO             Yes         No                   150
GEDDES                        OSWEGO             No          Yes
GENESEE DOCK                  MONROE             No          No
GENESEE JUNCTION              MONROE             No          Yes
GENESEO                       LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                 3000
GENEVA                        ONTARIO            Yes         Yes                 7411
GENOA                         CAYUGA             Yes         Yes                  400
GENOA JUNCTION                CAYUGA             No          Yes
GENUNG                        ORANGE             No          Yes
GEORGETOWN                    MADISON            Yes         No                   300
GEORGETOWN                    MADISON            No          Yes
GEORGETOWN STATION            MADISON            Yes         Yes
GERMAN                        CHENANGO           Yes         No                   200
GERMANTOWN                    COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                  400
GERMOND                       ROCKLAND           No          Yes
GEROWS                        SULLIVAN           No          No
GERRY                         CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                  100
GETTY                         ERIE               Yes         No
GETZVILLE                     ERIE               Yes         Yes                  500
GEYSER                        SARATOGA           No          Yes
GHENT                         COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                  600
GIBSON'S                      STEUBEN            Yes         No                   100
GIBSON'S                      CHAUTAUQUA         No          No
GIBSON'S LANDING              STEUBEN            No          No
GIBSONVILLE                   LIVINGSTON         Yes         No
GIFFORD                       SCHENECTADY        Yes         No
GIFFORDS                      RICHMOND           No          Yes                  150
GILBERT'S MILLS               OSWEGO             Yes         No                    25
GILBERTSVILLE                 OTSEGO             Yes         No                   520
GILBOA                        SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   300
GILLETTS                      DELAWARE           No          No
GILMAN                        HAMILTON           No          No
GILMANS                       SULLIVAN           No          Yes                  800
GILMAN'S DEPOT                SULLIVAN           Yes         Yes                  800
GIRARD                        ORANGE             Yes         No
GLASCO                        ULSTER             Yes         No                  1500
GLEN                          MONTGOMERY         Yes         No                  1000
GLEN AUBREY                   BROOME             Yes         No                   150
GLENBURN                      ONTARIO            No          No
GLEN CASTLE                   BROOME             Yes         No                   100
GLENCO MILLS                  COLUMBIA           Yes         No                   100
GLEN COVE                     ONTARIO            No          No
GLEN COVE                     QUEENS             Yes         No                  4000
GLEN COVE STATION             QUEENS             No          Yes
GLENDALE                      LEWIS              Yes         Yes
GLENDALE                      QUEENS             No          Yes
GLENDALE JUNCTION             QUEENS             No          Yes
GLENDALE STATION              QUEENS             Yes         Yes
GLENERIE                      ULSTER             No          No
GLENFORD                      ULSTER             Yes         No
GLEN GROVE                    STEUBEN            No          No
GLENHAM                       DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  600
GLEN HAVEN                    CAYUGA             Yes         No                    25
GLEN HAVEN                    MONROE             No          No
GLEN HEAD                     QUEENS             Yes         Yes
GLEN ISLAND                   WESTCHESTER        No          No
GLEN LAKE                     WARREN             Yes         No
GLEN MITCHELL                 SARATOGA           No          Yes
GLENMONT                      ALBANY             Yes         Yes
GLENMORE                      ONEIDA             Yes         No                    50
GLENORA                       YATES              Yes         Yes                  100
GLENS FALLS                   WARREN             Yes         Yes                10000
GLEN SIDE                     ONONDAGA           No          Yes
GLEN SPEY                     SULLIVAN           Yes         No
GLENVILLE                     SCHENECTADY        Yes         No                    80
GLEN WILD                     SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   150
GLENWOOD                      ERIE               Yes         Yes                  140
GLENWOOD                      QUEENS             No          No
GLENWOOD                      TOMPKINS           No          No
GLENWOOD                      WESTCHESTER        No          Yes
GLOVERSVILLE                  FULTON             Yes         Yes                13796
GODEFFROY                     ORANGE             Yes         Yes
GOLDEN'S BRIDGE               WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                  200
GOLDSMITH                     FRANKLIN           Yes         No
GOODEMOTES                    CATTARAUGUS        No          No
GOOD GROUND                   SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                  600
GOODHUE LAKE                  STEUBEN            Yes         No
GOODWIN'S FALLS               TOMPKINS           No          No
GOODYEAR'S                    CAYUGA             Yes         No
GOOSE CREEK                   QUEENS             No          Yes
GORDONS                       CATTARAUGUS        No          No
GORHAM                        ONTARIO            Yes         No                   300
GOSHEN                        ORANGE             Yes         Yes                 3500
GOULDS                        DELAWARE           Yes         No                   100
GOUVERNEUR                    ST LAWRENCE        Yes         Yes                 3457
GOVERNOR'S ISLAND             NEW YORK           No          No
GOWANDA                       CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                 2000
GRAFTON                       RENSSELAER         Yes         No                   600
GRAHAM'S DOCK                 SULLIVAN           No          No
GRAHAMSVILLE                  SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   400
GRANBY CENTRE                 OSWEGO             Yes         No                    25
GRAND GORGE                   DELAWARE           Yes         Yes                  160
GRAND HOTEL STATION           DELAWARE           No          Yes
GRAND ISLAND                  ERIE               Yes         No                  1300
GRAND VIEW                    ROCKLAND           No          Yes
GRAND VIEW ON HUDSON          ROCKLAND           Yes         Yes
GRANGER                       ALLEGANY           Yes         No
GRANGERS                      ONTARIO            No          No
GRANITEVILLE                  RICHMOND           No          No                   200
GRANT                         CHAUTAUQUA         No          Yes
GRANT                         HERKIMER           Yes         No                   150
GRANT CITY                    RICHMOND           No          Yes
GRANTS MILLS                  DELAWARE           Yes         No
GRANVILLE                     WASHINGTON         Yes         Yes                 2100
GRAPEVILLE                    GREENE             Yes         No                    50
GRAPHITE                      WARREN             Yes         No
GRASSMERE                     RICHMOND           No          Yes
GRASSY POINT                  ROCKLAND           Yes         No                  1200
GRATWICK                      NIAGARA            Yes         Yes
GRAVESEND                     KINGS              Yes         Yes                  800
GRAVESEND BEACH               KINGS              Yes         Yes
GRAVESVILLE                   HERKIMER           Yes         No                    90
GRAY                          HERKIMER           Yes         No                   300
GRAY OAKS                     WESTCHESTER        No          Yes
GREAT BEND                    JEFFERSON          Yes         Yes                  250
GREAT FALLS                   GREENE             Yes         No                    40
GREATKILLS                    RICHMOND           Yes         Yes                  150
GREAT NECK                    QUEENS             Yes         No                  1800
GREAT NECK                    QUEENS             No          Yes
GREAT NECK JUNCTION           QUEENS             No          Yes
GREAT RIVER                   SUFFOLK            Yes         No
GREAT VALLEY                  CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                  300
GREAT VALLEY CENTRE           CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes                  300
GREAT VALLEY STATION          CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes
GREECE                        MONROE             No          Yes
GREECE                        MONROE             Yes         No                   100
GREENBOROUGH                  OSWEGO             Yes         No
GREENBUSH                     RENSSELAER         No          Yes                 7287
GREENDALE                     COLUMBIA           Yes         No
GREENE                        CHENANGO           Yes         Yes                 1050
GREENFIELD                    KINGS              No          Yes
GREENFIELD                    SARATOGA           No          Yes                   50
GREENFIELD                    ULSTER             Yes         No                   258
GREENFIELD CENTRE             SARATOGA           Yes         Yes                  220
GREEN HAVEN                   DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  200
GREEN ISLAND                  ALBANY             No          Yes                 4403
GREEN ISLAND                  WARREN             No          No
GREENKILL                     ULSTER             No          No
GREEN LAWN                    SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                  200
GREEN POINT                   KINGS              Yes         No                    25
GREENPORT                     SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                 2800
GREENPORT CENTRE              COLUMBIA           Yes         No                    30
GREEN RIDGE                   RICHMOND           Yes         No                   150
GREEN RIVER                   COLUMBIA           Yes         No                   250
GREENS                        CHAUTAUQUA         No          Yes
GREEN'S CORNERS               ONEIDA             No          Yes
GREEN VALE                    QUEENS             No          No
GREENVILLE                    GREENE             Yes         No                   300
GREENVILLE                    SUFFOLK            No          No
GREENVILLE CENTER             GREENE             Yes         No                   200
GREENWAY                      ONEIDA             Yes         Yes
GREENWICH                     WASHINGTON         Yes         Yes                 2295
GREENWOOD                     KINGS              No          Yes
GREENWOOD                     STEUBEN            Yes         No                   400
GREENWOOD LAKE                ORANGE             Yes         No                   300
GREIG                         LEWIS              Yes         No                   300
GREIGSVILLE                   LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                   75
GRETNA                        DUTCHESS           Yes         No
GREYCOURT                     ORANGE             Yes         Yes
GRIFFIN                       HAMILTON           Yes         No                   130
GRIFFIN'S CORNERS             DELAWARE           Yes         Yes                  300
GRIFFINS MILLS                ERIE               Yes         No                    65
GRIFFS                        DELAWARE           No          No
GRIFFITHS                     CHAUTAUQUA         No          Yes
GRIFFITH'S POINT              CHAUTAUQUA         No          No
GRIMESVILLE                   ERIE               No          Yes
GRISWOLD'S                    GENESEE            No          Yes
GRISWOLD'S MILLS              WASHINGTON         Yes         No                    75
GROOM'S CORNERS               SARATOGA           Yes         No                   225
GROTON                        TOMPKINS           Yes         Yes                 1287
GROTON CITY                   TOMPKINS           Yes         No                   100
GROVE                         ALLEGANY           No          Yes
GROVELAND                     LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                  200
GROVENOR'S  CORNERS           SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   200
GROVE SPRINGS                 STEUBEN            Yes         No
GROVEVILLE                    DUTCHESS           No          Yes
GUILDERLAND                   ALBANY             Yes         No                   350
GUILDERLAND CENTRE            ALBANY             Yes         Yes                  500
GUILFORD                      CHENANGO           Yes         Yes                  300
GUILFORD CENTRE               CHENANGO           Yes         Yes                  100
GULF SUMMIT                   BROOME             Yes         Yes                  350
GULICK                        ONTARIO            Yes         No
GULPH                         HERKIMER           Yes         No
GUMAER'S BROOK                SULLIVAN           No          No
GUNNVILLE                     ERIE               No          Yes
GUYMARD                       ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  100
HADLEY                        SARATOGA           Yes         Yes                  350
HAGAMAN'S MILLS               MONTGOMERY         Yes         No                   750
HAGEDORN'S MILLS              SARATOGA           Yes         No                   100
HAGUE                         WARREN             Yes         No                   100
HAIGHTS                       YATES              No          No
HALIESBOROUGH                 ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   244
HAINES CORNERS                GREENE             No          Yes                  150
HAINES FALLS                  GREENE             Yes         Yes                  150
HALBERTS                      ALLEGANY           No          Yes
HALCOTT CENTRE                GREENE             Yes         No                   500
HALCOTTSVILLE                 DELAWARE           Yes         Yes                  500
HALE'S EDDY                   DELAWARE           Yes         No                   275
HALF ACRE                     CAYUGA             No          Yes
HALF MOON                     SARATOGA           Yes         No                   300
HALF WAY                      ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes
HALL                          ONTARIO            No          Yes                  200
HALLENBECKS                   SCHOHARIE          No          Yes
HALLOCKS LANDING              SUFFOLK            No          No
HALL'S CORNERS                ONTARIO            Yes         Yes                  200
HALLS MILLS                   SULLIVAN           Yes         No
HALLSPORT                     ALLEGANY           Yes         No                   200
HALL'S  STATION               NIAGARA            No          Yes                   25
HALLSVILLE                    MONTGOMERY         Yes         No                    40
HALSEY VALLEY                 TIOGA              Yes         No                   350
HALSTEAD'S                    COLUMBIA           No          Yes
HAMBLETVILLE                  DELAWARE           Yes         No                   115
HAMBURGH                      ERIE               Yes         Yes                 1331
HAMBURGH                      ERIE               No          Yes                   25
HAMBURG SIDING                CAYUGA             No          No
HAMDEN                        DELAWARE           Yes         Yes                  200
HAMILTON                      MADISON            Yes         Yes                 1640
HAMLET                        CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No                   250
HAMLIN                        MONROE             Yes         Yes                  250
HAMMELS                       QUEENS             No          Yes
HAMMOND                       ST LAWRENCE        Yes         Yes                  250
HAMMOND                       SARATOGA           No          Yes                   50
HAMMONDS                      WESTCHESTER        No          Yes
HAMMONDS CORNERS              ESSEX              No          Yes
HAMMONDSPORT                  STEUBEN            Yes         Yes                 1400
HAMMONDVILLE                  ESSEX              Yes         Yes                   50
HAMPSHIRE                     STEUBEN            Yes         No
HAMPTON                       ORANGE             No          Yes
HAMPTON                       ORANGE             No          Yes                  300
HAMPTON                       WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   150
HAMPTONBURGH                  ORANGE             Yes         Yes
HAMPTON FERRY                 ORANGE             Yes         Yes
HANCOCK                       DELAWARE           Yes         Yes                 1100
HANCOCK                       DELAWARE           No          Yes
HANDSOME EDDY                 SULLIVAN           No          No
HANEYS                        CATTARAUGUS        No          No
HANKINS                       SULLIVAN           Yes         Yes                  300
HANNAWA FALLS                 ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   100
HANNIBAL                      OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                  600
HANNIBAL CENTRE               OSWEGO             Yes         No                   200
HARBOR                        HERKIMER           No          Yes
HARDENBURGH                   ULSTER             Yes         No                    50
HARDENBURGS                   ULSTER             No          No
HARDY'S                       ALLEGANY           No          Yes
HARDY'S                       WYOMING            Yes         Yes                   25
HARFORD                       CORTLAND           Yes         Yes                  300
HARFORD MILLS                 CORTLAND           Yes         Yes                  300
HARKNESS                      CLINTON            Yes         Yes                   30
HARLEM                        NEW YORK           Yes         Yes
HARLEM JUNCTION               DUTCHESS           No          No
HARLEM RIVER                  NEW YORK           No          Yes
HARLEMVILLE                   COLUMBIA           Yes         No                   100
HARMONY                       CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No                   250
HARPERSFIELD                  DELAWARE           Yes         No                   100
HARPURSVILLE                  BROOME             Yes         Yes                  350
HARRISBURGH                   LEWIS              Yes         No                    20
HARRIS HILL                   ERIE               Yes         No
HARRISON                      WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                  100
HARRISVILLE                   LEWIS              Yes         Yes                  500
HARTFIELD                     CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                  200
HARTFORD                      WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   300
HARTLAND                      NIAGARA            Yes         No                   145
HART LOT                      ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                   25
HARTSDALE                     WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                  256
HARTS ISLAND                  WESTCHESTER        No          No
HARTWICK                      OTSEGO             Yes         No                   500
HARTWICK SEMINARY             OTSEGO             Yes         Yes                   75
HARTWOOD                      SULLIVAN           Yes         Yes
HARVARD                       DELAWARE           Yes         No                   180
HASBROUCK                     SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   100
HASBROUCKS                    ULSTER             No          No
HASELTON                      ESSEX              Yes         No
HASKELL FLATS                 CATTARAUGUS        Yes         No
HASKINVILLE                   STEUBEN            Yes         No                    50
HASTING                       OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                  200
HASTINGS                      WESTCHESTER        No          No                  1450
HASTINGS CENTRE               OSWEGO             Yes         No                    25
HASTINGS UPON HUDSON          WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                 1450
HATFIELD                      ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No
HAUPPAUGE                     SUFFOLK            Yes         No                   275
HAVANA                        SCHUYLER           Yes         Yes                 1660
HAVERSTRAW                    ROCKLAND           Yes         Yes                 5000
HAWKINS                       OTSEGO             No          Yes
HAWKINSVILLE                  ONEIDA             Yes         No                   240
HAWLEYS                       DELAWARE           No          Yes
HAWLEYTON                     BROOME             Yes         No                    75
HAYNERSVILLE                  RENSSELAER         Yes         No                    50
HAYNES                        SCHENECTADY        Yes         No                    40
HAYT'S CORNERS                SENECA             Yes         Yes                  150
HAYWARDS                      NIAGARA            No          Yes
HAZEL DELL                    ONTARIO            No          No
HEATH                         ULSTER             Yes         No
HEBRON                        WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   200
HECLA                         ONEIDA             No          Yes                  150
HECLA WORKS                   ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  140
HECTOR                        SCHUYLER           Yes         No                   150
HEDDENS                       TOMPKINS           Yes         No
HEDGESVILLE                   STEUBEN            Yes         No                   150
HELDERBURG                    ALBANY             Yes         No
HELENA                        ST LAWRENCE        Yes         Yes                  150
HEMLOCK LAKE                  LIVINGSTON         Yes         No                   250
HEMPSTEAD                     QUEENS             Yes         Yes                23517
HEMPSTEAD CROSSING            QUEENS             No          Yes
HENDERSON                     JEFFERSON          Yes         No                   410
HENDERSON HARBOR              JEFFERSON          Yes         No
HENDY CREEK                   CHEMUNG            Yes         No
HENRIETTA                     MONROE             Yes         No                   300
HENRIETTA                     MONROE             No          Yes                  130
HENRY'S                       ALLEGANY           No          Yes
HENSONVILLE                   GREENE             Yes         No                   300
HERKIMER                      HERKIMER           Yes         Yes                  508
HERMITAGE                     ONTARIO            No          No
HERMITAGE                     STEUBEN            No          Yes
HERMITAGE                     WYOMING            No          No                   300
HERMON                        ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                  2000
HERICK'S CORNERS              ONONDAGA           No          No
HESS ROAD                     NIAGARA            No          Yes                  300
HESS ROAD STATION             NIAGARA            Yes         Yes                  300
HEUVELTON                     ST LAWRENCE        Yes         Yes                  600
HEWLETTS                      QUEENS             Yes         Yes                  500
HIAWATHA                      TIOGA              No          Yes
HIBERNIA                      DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  200
HICKORIES                     ONTARIO            No          No
HICKORY                       ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No
HICKORY CORNERS               NIAGARA            Yes         No
HICKS                         CHEMUNG            Yes         No                    50
HICKS                         ONTARIO            No          No
HICKSVILLE                    QUEENS             Yes         Yes                 2100
HIDECKER                      CATTARAUGUS        No          No
HIGGINS                       ALLEGANY           No          No
HIGGINSVILLE                  ONEIDA             Yes         No                   350
HIGGINSVILLE                  ULSTER             No          Yes
HIGH BRIDGE                   NEW YORK           Yes         Yes
HIGH DAM                      OSWEGO             No          No
HIGH FALLS                    ULSTER             Yes         No                  1000
HIGHLAND                      ULSTER             Yes         Yes                 2661
HIGHLAND FALLS                ORANGE             Yes         Yes                 1800
HIGHLAND MILLS                ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  490
HIGHLANDS                     PUTNAM             No          Yes
HIGHLANDS STATION             PUTNAM             Yes         Yes                  490
HIGH MARKET                   LEWIS              Yes         No                   200
HIGHMOUNT                     ULSTER             Yes         No
HIGHUP                        STEUBEN            Yes         No
HIGHVIEW                      SULLIVAN           Yes         No
HIGH WOODS                    ULSTER             Yes         No                   500
HILLBURN                      ROCKLAND           Yes         Yes                  150
HILLS                         ONTARIO            No          No
HILLSDALE                     COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                  600
HILLSIDE                      COLUMBIA           No          No
HILL SIDING                   TOMPKINS           No          No
HILL SWITCH                   ULSTER             No          Yes
HILL VIEW                     WARREN             Yes         No
HILTONVILLE                   ALLEGANY           Yes         No                    60
HIMROD'S                      YATES              Yes         Yes                  325
HIMROD'S JUNCTION             YATES              No          No
HINDSBURG                     ORLEANS            Yes         No                   200
HINMANSVILLE                  OSWEGO             Yes         No                   100
HINSDALE                      CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                  200
HOAG'S CORNERS                RENSSELAER         Yes         No                   245
HOBART                        DELAWARE           Yes         Yes                  600
HODGEVILLE                    NIAGARA            No          Yes
HOFFMAN                       NIAGARA            No          Yes
HOFFMANS                      SCHENECTADY        No          Yes                  150
HOFFMAN'S FERRY               SCHENECTADY        Yes         Yes                  150
HOGANSBURGH                   FRANKLIN           Yes         No                   215
HOLBROOK                      SUFFOLK            Yes         No                   100
HOLLAND                       ERIE               Yes         Yes                 1000
HOLLAND PATENT                ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  405
HOLLANDS                      QUEENS             No          Yes
HOLLEY                        ORLEANS            Yes         Yes                 1385
HOLLIS                        QUEENS             Yes         Yes
HOLLOWVILLE                   COLUMBIA           Yes         No                   150
HOLLYWOOD                     ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No
HOLMES                        DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                   50
HOLMESVILLE                   CHENANGO           Yes         Yes                  150
HOLMESVILLE                   OSWEGO             No          Yes                  150
HOLTSVILLE                    SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes
HOMER                         CORTLAND           Yes         Yes                 2500
HOMOWACK                      ULSTER             Yes         Yes                  220
HONEOYE                       ONTARIO            Yes         No                   300
HONEOYE FALLS                 MONROE             Yes         Yes                 1000
HONEOYE JUNCTION              LIVINGSTON         No          Yes
HONESVILLE                    ORANGE             No          No
HOOKER                        LEWIS              Yes         No
HOOPER                        BROOME             Yes         Yes                  150
HOOPER'S VALLEY               TIOGA              Yes         No                   100
HOOSICK                       RENSSELAER         Yes         Yes                  200
HOOSICK FALLS                 RENSSELAER         Yes         Yes                 3684
HOOSICK JUNCTION              RENSSELAER         No          Yes                   50
HOPE                          HAMILTON           Yes         No                   200
HOPE FALLS                    HAMILTON           Yes         No                    50
HOPETON                       YATES              No          Yes                   50
HOPEWELL                      ONTARIO            Yes         Yes                  250
HOPEWELL CENTRE               ONTARIO            Yes         No                    50
HOPEWELL JUNCTION             DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  250
HOPKINTON                     ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   400
HORICON                       WARREN             Yes         No                   125
HORNBECK'S BRIDGE             ULSTER             No          No
HORNBECK'S CULVERT            ORANGE             No          No
HORNBY                        STEUBEN            Yes         No                   150
HORNELLSVILLE                 STEUBEN            Yes         Yes                10948
HORNELLSVILLE JUNCTION        STEUBEN            No          Yes
HORSEHEADS                    CHEMUNG            Yes         Yes                 2400
HORSESHOE SIDING              CATTARAUGUS        No          No
HORTON                        DELAWARE           Yes         No                    60
HORTONS                       DELAWARE           No          No
HOTEL CHAMPLAIN               CLINTON            No          No
HOUGHTON                      ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                  200
HOUTON FARMS                  ORANGE             No          Yes
HOUSE CREEK                   LEWIS              No          No
HOWARD                        STEUBEN            Yes         No                   500
HOWARD'S                      ESSEX              No          No
HOWARD'S MILL                 WYOMING            No          Yes
HOWARDVILLE                   OSWEGO             Yes         No
HOWELLS                       ORANGE             No          Yes                  250
HOWELL'S DEPOT                ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  250
HOWE'S CAVE                   SCHOHARIE          Yes         Yes                  250
HOWLET HILL                   ONONDAGA           Yes         No
HOWLETT'S                     CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes
HUBBARDSVILLE                 MADISON            Yes         Yes                  350
HUBBS                         SARATOGA           Yes         No
HUDSON                        COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                10027
HUDSON UPPER                  COLUMBIA           No          No
HUGHSONVILLE                  DUTCHESS           Yes         No                   200
HUGENOT                       ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  350
HUGENOT                       RICHMOND           No          Yes                  100
HUGENOT JUNCTION              ORANGE             No          Yes                  350
HULBERT'S MILL                LEWIS              No          No
HULBURTON                     ORLEANS            Yes         No                   350
HULETT'S LANDING              WASHINGTON         Yes         No
HULLS MILLS                   DUTCHESS           Yes         No                    60
HUMDSTON                      ONEIDA             No          Yes
HUME                          ALLEGANY           Yes         No                   500
HUMPHREY                      CATTARAUGUS        Yes         No                    25
HUMPHREY CENTRE               CATTARAUGUS        Yes         No                   300
HUMPHREYSVILLE                COLUMBIA           Yes         No                    65
HUMPHREYS                     CATTARAUGUS        No          No
HUNDRED ISLANDS               WASHINGTON         No          No
HUNTER                        GREENE             Yes         Yes                  650
HUNTER'S LAND                 SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   450
HUNTER'S POINT                KINGS              No          Yes
HUNTINGTON                    SUFFOLK            No          Yes
HUNTINGTON                    SUFFOLK            Yes         No                  8217
HUNTS                         LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                  300
HUNT'S CORNERS                CORTLAND           Yes         No                   175
HUNTER'S POINT                NEW YORK           No          Yes
HURLBERTS                     CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No
HURLEY                        ULSTER             Yes         No                   800
HURLEYVILLE                   SULLIVAN           Yes         Yes                  100
HURON                         WAYNE              Yes         No                   200
HURTSVILLE                    ALBANY             Yes         No
HUSTEDS                       DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes
HYDE PARK                     DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  800
HYDE PARK                     QUEENS             No          Yes                  250
HYNDSVILLE                    SCHOHARIE          Yes         Yes                  500
ICE POND                      PUTNAM             No          No
IDLEWILD                      ORANGE             Yes         Yes
IDLEWILD                      YATES              No          No
IDLEWOOD                      ERIE               No          Yes
IGERWA                        WARREN             Yes         No
ILLION                        HERKIMER           Yes         Yes                 3500
ILLINGWORTH LANDING           LEWIS              No          No
INDEPENDENCE                  ALLEGANY           Yes         No                    75
INDEPENDENCE CREEK            LEWIS              No          No
INDIAN CASTLE                 HERKIMER           No          Yes                   30
INDIAN FALLS                  GENESSE            Yes         No                   250
INDIAN FIELDS                 ALBANY             Yes         No                   300
INDIAN LAKE                   HAMILTON           Yes         No                   300
INDIAN RIVER                  LEWIS              Yes         No
INDIAN SPRING                 SULLIVAN           No          No
INGALL'S CROSSING             OSWEGO             Yes         No                    25
INGELL'S                      OSWEGO             No          Yes                   25
INGHAM'S MILLS                HERKIMER           Yes         No                   300
INGLESIDE                     STEUBEN            Yes         No                    50
INGRAHAM                      CLINTON            Yes         No                    80
INMAN                         FRANKLIN           Yes         Yes
INTERNATIONAL                 ERIE               Yes         No
INTERNATIONAL JUNCTION        NEW YORK           No          Yes
INWOOD                        NEW YORK           No          No
INWOOD                        QUEENS             Yes         No
IONA ISLAND                   ROCKLAND           No          Yes
IRA                           CAYUGA             Yes         No                   250
IRA STATION                   CAYUGA             Yes         Yes
IRELAND'S MILLS               CHENANGO           Yes         No
IRONA                         CLINTON            Yes         Yes                  100
IRON BRIDGE                   HERKIMER           No          No
IRONDALE                      DUTCHESS           Yes         No
IRONDEQUOIT                   MONROE             Yes         No                   300
IRONVILLE                     ESSEX              Yes         Yes                  200
IRON WORKS                    RENSSELAER         No          Yes
IRVINE MILLS                  CATTARAUGUS        No          No
IRVING                        CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes
IRVING                        CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                  300
IRVING SIDING                 CHAUTAUQUA         No          Yes
IRVINGTON                     WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                 2240
ISCHUA                        CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                  300
ISLAND PARK                   ALBANY             No          Yes
ISLE OF WIGHT                 QUEENS             No          No
ISLIP                         SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                 8747
ITALY                         YATES              Yes         No                   200
ITALY HILL                    YATES              Yes         No                   100
ITHACA                        TOMPKINS           Yes         Yes                11557
ITHACA JUNCTION               CORTLAND           No          Yes
JACKSON                       TOMPKINS           Yes         No
JACKSONBURGH                  HERKIMER           Yes         Yes                   75
JACKSON CORNERS               DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                   20
JACKSON'S                     CAYUGA             No          Yes
JACKSONVILLE                  TOMPKINS           Yes         No                   250
JACK'S REEF                   ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   125
JAMAICA                       QUEENS             Yes         Yes                13646
JAMESPORT                     SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                  500
JAMESTOWN                     CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                15991
JAMESVILLE                    ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                  355
JAMISON                       ERIE               No          Yes
JAMISON ROAD                  ERIE               Yes         Yes
JASPER                        STEUBEN            Yes         No                   350
JAVA                          WYOMING            Yes         Yes                  100
JAVA CENTRE                   WYOMING            Yes         Yes                  125
JAVA VILLAGE                  WYOMING            Yes         No                   300
JAY                           ESSEX              Yes         No                   600
JAYNES                        YATES              No          No
JAYVILLE                      ST LAWRENCE        No          Yes
JEDDO                         ORLEANS            Yes         No                   125
JEFFERSON                     SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   225
JEFFERSON VALLEY              WESTCHESTER        Yes         No                   150
JEFFERSONVILLE                SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   500
JENKSVILLE                    TIOGA              Yes         No                   100
JERDEN FALLS                  LEWIS              Yes         No
JERICO                        QUEENS             Yes         No                   450
JERICO LANDING                SUFFOLK            No          No
JEROME PARK                   WESTCHESTER        No          No
JERRY                         OSWEGO             Yes         No
JERUSALEM                     ALBANY             Yes         No
JESSUPS LANDING               SARATOGA           No          Yes
JEWETT                        GREENE             Yes         No                   250
JEWETT CENTRE                 GREENE             Yes         No                   100
JOHNSBURGH                    WARREN             Yes         No                   900
JOHNSON'S                     CATTARAUGUS        No          No
JOHNSON'S                     ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  500
JOHNSONSBURGH                 WYOMING            Yes         Yes                  350
JOHNSON'S CREEK               NIAGARA            Yes         No                   300
JOHNSONVILLE                  RENSSELAER         Yes         Yes                  700
JOHNSTOWN                     FULTON             Yes         Yes                 8000
JOHNSVILLE                    DUTCHESS           Yes         No                   125
JONESBURG                     COLUMBIA           Yes         No                    50
JONES' CROSSING               HERKIMER           No          Yes
JONESPOINT                    ROCKLAND           Yes         No                    75
JONESVILLE                    SARATOGA           Yes         Yes                  150
JORDAN                        ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                 1442
JORDANVILLE                   HERKIMER           Yes         No                   150
JOSHUA'S ROCK                 WARREN             Yes         No
JOY                           WAYNE              Yes         No                   310
JUNCTION                      ALLEGANY           No          No
JUNCTION                      CATARAUGUS         No          Yes
JUNCTION                      CHAUTAUQUA         No          Yes
JUNCTION                      DUTCHESS           No          Yes
JUNCTION                      MONROE             No          Yes
JUNCTION                      NEW YORK           No          Yes
JUNCTION                      ORANGE             No          Yes
JUNCTION                      OTSEGO             No          Yes
JUNCTION                      SARATOGA           No          Yes
JUNCTION                      SCHENECTADY        No          Yes
JUNCTION KILNS                CLINTON            No          Yes
JUNIUS                        SENECA             Yes         No                   200
KAATERSKILL                   GREENE             No          Yes                  150
KAATERSKILL JUNCTION          GREENE             No          Yes
KANONA                        STEUBEN            Yes         Yes                  200
KARNER                        ALBANY             Yes         Yes                   25
KARRDALE                      ALLEGANY           Yes         No
KASOAG                        OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                  100
KAST BRIDGE                   HERKIMER           No          No
KATONAH                       WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                  500
KATRINE                       ULSTER             Yes         No
KATSBAAN                      ULSTER             Yes         No                   100
KATTELVILLE                   BROOME             Yes         No                   240
KATTSKILL BAY                 WARREN             Yes         No                   100
KECK'S CENTRE                 FULTON             Yes         No                   100
KEENE                         ESSEX              Yes         No                   250
KEENE                         ST LAWRENCE        No          Yes
KEENE VALLEY                  ESSEX              Yes         No
KEENEVILLE                    ST LAWRENCE        No          No                   250
KEENEY'S SETTLEMENT           CORTLAND           Yes         No                    50
KEERYS                        DELAWARE           No          No
KEESEVILLE                    ESSEX              Yes         No                  2542
KELLEY'S                      SCHENECTADY        No          Yes
KELLOGGSVILLE                 CAYUGA             Yes         No                   200
KELLEY'S CORNER               DELAWARE           Yes         Yes                   25
KELLEY'S CUT                  ONTARIO            No          No
KENDAIA                       SENECA             Yes         No                   100
KENDALL                       ORLEANS            Yes         Yes                  300
KENDALL MILLS                 ORLEANS            Yes         No                   250
KENDALLS                      CHEMUNG            No          Yes
KENNEDY                       CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                  700
KENOZA LAKE                   SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   200
KENSICO                       WESTCHESTER        Yes         No                   250
KENSICO                       WESTCHESTER        No          Yes
KENSINGTON                    ERIE               No          Yes
KENT                          SARATOGA           Yes         No                   100
KENT CLIFFS                   PUTNAM             Yes         No                   100
KENTS                         CHAUTAUQUA         No          No
KENWOOD                       MADISON            Yes         Yes                  500
KENWOOD JUNCTION              ALBANY             No          Yes
KENYONVILLE                   ORLEANS            Yes         No                   200
KERHONKSON                    ULSTER             Yes         No                   500
KETCHUM                       OTSEGO             Yes         No                    28
KETCHUM'S CORNERS             SARATOGA           Yes         Yes                  300
KETCHUMVILLE                  TIOGA              Yes         No                    50
KEUKA                         STEUBEN            Yes         No                    50
KEUKA MILLS                   YATES              No          Yes
KEUKA VINEYARD                STEUBEN            No          No
KIANTONE                      CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No                   100
KIDDER'S FERRY                SENECA             Yes         No                    25
KIERSTEDE                     DELAWARE           No          No
KILKARS                       YATES              No          No
KILLAWOG                      BROOME             Yes         Yes                  300
KILL BUCK                     CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                  400
KINDERHOOK                    COLUMBIA           Yes         No                  1400
KINDERHOOK STATION            COLUMBIA           No          Yes                  350
KINGS                         SARATOGA           No          Yes
KINGSBORO                     FULTON             No          Yes
KINGSBRIDGE                   NEW YORK           Yes         Yes
KINGSBURY                     WASHINGTON         Yes         No                    50
KING'S FERRY                  CAYUGA             Yes         No                   400
KINGS FERRY STATION           CAYUGA             No          Yes
KINGS HIGHWAY                 KINGS              No          Yes
KING'S STATION                SARATOGA           Yes         Yes
KINGSTON                      ULSTER             Yes         Yes                21181
KINNEY'S FOUR CORNERS         OSWEGO             Yes         No
KINSLERS                      CAYUGA             No          No
KIPPS                         ORANGE             No          Yes
KIRKLAND                      ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  135
KIRKVILLE                     ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                  930
KIRKWOOD                      BROOME             Yes         Yes                  160
KIRKWOOD CENTRE               BROOME             Yes         No
KIRCHNERVILLE                 LEWIS              Yes         No                    25
KISKATOM                      GREENE             Yes         No                   200
KITCHAWAN                     WESTCHESTER        No          Yes                  150
KLINE                         MONTGOMERY         No          No                   100
KNAPPS                        ST LAWRENCE        No          Yes                  200
KNAPP'S CREEK                 CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                  350
KNAPPVILLE                    WAYNE              No          No
KNIGHTSVILLE                  ALLEGANY           Yes         No
KNOWELHURST                   WARREN             Yes         No
KNOWLESVILLE                  ORLEANS            Yes         No                   400
KNOWLESVILLE STATION          ORLEANS            No          Yes
KNOX                          ALBANY             Yes         No                   700
KNOXBORO                      ONEIDA             Yes         No
KORTRIGHT                     DELAWARE           Yes         No
KOSSUTH                       ALLEGANY           No          Yes
KOWENHOVENS                   KINGS              No          Yes
KREISCHERVILLE                RICHMOND           Yes         No                   125
KRIPPLE BUSH                  ULSTER             Yes         No                   150
KRUMVILLE                     ULSTER             Yes         No
KUCKVILLE                     ORLEANS            Yes         No                    70
KYSERIKE                      ULSTER             Yes         No

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