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Index of NY Cities, Towns, and Villages and Populations in 1890
A - D

TOWN                          COUNTY             POST        EXPRESS     POPULATION
                                                 OFFICE      OFFICE
ABBOTTS                       LIVINGSTON         Yes         No                   150
ABBOTTS CORNERS               ERIE               Yes         Yes                  200
ABBOTTS ROAD                  ERIE               No          Yes                  200
ABRAMS LANDING                SUFFOLK            No          No
ACADEMY                       ONTARIO            Yes         No                   100
ACCORD                        ULSTER             Yes         No                  1000
ACIDALIA                      SULLIVAN           Yes         No
ACRA                          GREENE             Yes         No                   100
ADAMS                         JEFFERSON          Yes         Yes                 1500
ADAMS BASIN                   MONROE             Yes         Yes                  274
ADAMS CENTRE                  JEFFERSON          Yes         Yes                  600
ADAMS CORNERS                 PUTNAM             Yes         No
ADAMS SWITCH                  CATTARAUGUS        No          No
ADAMSVILLE                    WASHINGTON         Yes         No                    75
ADDISON                       STEUBEN            Yes         Yes                 3000
ADDISON HILL                  STEUBEN            Yes         No
ADDISON JUNCTION              ESSEX              Yes         Yes
ADIRONDACK                    WARREN             Yes         No                   175
ADRIAN                        STEUBEN            Yes         Yes                  250
ADRIANCE                      DUTCHESS           No          No
AFTON                         CHENANGO           Yes         Yes                  800
AKIN                          MONTGOMERY         Yes         Yes                  150
AKRON                         ERIE               Yes         Yes                 1485
ALABAMA                       GENESEE            Yes         No                   200
ALABAMA STATION               GENESEE            No          Yes
ALBANY                        ALBANY             Yes         No                 94640
ALBERTSON'S                   QUEENS             No          Yes
ALBION                        ORLEANS            Yes         Yes                 4600
ALBION                        OSWEGO             No          Yes                  755
ALBURGH                       FRANKLIN           Yes         No
ALCOVE                        ALBANY             Yes         No
ALDEN                         ERIE               Yes         Yes                  725
ALDEN CENTRE                  ERIE               Yes         No                   150
ALDER BEND                    CLINTON            Yes         No                    50
ALDER BROOK                   FRANKLIN           Yes         No                   500
ALDER CREEK                   ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  200
ALEXANDER                     GENESEE            Yes         Yes                  300
ALEXANDRIA BAY                JEFFERSON          Yes         No                  1200
ALFRED                        ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                  150
ALFRED CENTRE                 ALLEGANY           Yes         No                   800
ALLABEN                       ULSTER             Yes         Yes
ALLEGANY                      CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                 1400
ALLEN                         ALLEGANY           Yes         No
ALLENSBOROUGH                 WASHINGTON         Yes         Yes                  225
ALLENS HILL                   ONTARIO            Yes         No                   100
ALLENTOWN                     ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                  400
ALMA                          ALLEGANY           Yes         No                    50
ALMAND                        ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                  800
ALPINE                        SCHUYLER           Yes         No                   230
ALPANS                        SCHENECTADY        Yes         No                    20
ALPS                          RENSSELAER         Yes         No                   150
ALTAMONT                      ALBANY             Yes         Yes                  550
ALTAY                         SCHUYLER           Yes         No                   100
ALTON                         WAYNE              Yes         Yes                  300
ALTONA                        CLINTON            Yes         Yes                  800
ALVERSON'S                    JEFFERSON          No          Yes
AMAGANSETT                    SUFFOLK            Yes         No                   200
AMAWALK                       WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                   75
AMBER                         ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   156
AMBOY                         ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes
AMBOY CENTRE                  OSWEGO             Yes         No                   100
AMENIA                        DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  500
AMENIA UNION                  DUTCHESS           Yes         No                   300
AMES                          MONTGOMERY         Yes         No                   200
AMES STREET JUNCTION          MONROE             No          Yes                  100
AMITY                         ORANGE             Yes         No                   400
AMITYVILLE                    SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                 1000
AMPERSAND                     FRANKLIN           Yes         No
AMSTERDAM                     MONTGOMERY         Yes         Yes                17264
ANCRAM                        COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                  300
ANCRAM LEAD MINES             COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                  200
ANDES                         DELAWARE           Yes         No                   550
ANDOVER                       ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                  700
ANGELICA                      ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                 1000
ANGOLA                        ERIE               Yes         Yes                  600
ANGUS                         YATES              No          Yes
ANNADALE                      RICHMOND           No          Yes                  125
ANNADALE                      DUTCHESS           Yes         No                   300
ANTWERP                       JEFFERSON          Yes         Yes                 1200
ANYBODYS                      CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes
APALACHIN                     TIOGA              Yes         Yes                  400
APEX                          DELAWARE           Yes         Yes                  300
APPLEYS                       SULLIVAN           No          No
APULIA                        ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                  100
AQUEBOGUE                     SUFFOLK            Yes         No                   300
AQUEDUCT                      QUEENS             No          Yes
AQUEDUCT                      SCHENECTADY        No          Yes
AQUEDUCT                      WESTCHESTER        No          Yes
AQUETUCK                      ALBANY             Yes         No                   150
ARCADE                        WYOMING            Yes         Yes                 2031
ARCADIA                       WAYNE              Yes         Yes                  800
ARTIC                         CHENANGO           Yes         No
ARDEN                         ORANGE             Yes         Yes
ARDONIA                       WESTCHESTER        Yes         No
ARDSLEY                       WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                  380
ARENA                         DELAWARE           Yes         No                   100
ARGUSVILLE                    SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   150
ARGYLE                        WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   316
ARIETTA                       HAMILTON           Yes         No                    35
ARISTOTLE                     ALLEGANY           Yes         No
ARK                           YATES              No          No
ARKPORT                       STEUBEN            Yes         Yes
ARKVILLE                      DELAWARE           Yes         Yes                   75
ARKWRIGHT                     CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No                    35
ARLINGTON                     DUTCHESS           Yes         No                   500
ARLINGTON                     RICHMOND           No          Yes
ARMONK                        WESTCHESTER        Yes         No                   400
ARNOT                         CHEMUNG            Yes         No
ARROCHAR                      RICHMOND           No          Yes
ARTHUR                        OSWEGO             Yes         No
ARTHURSBURG                   DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  200
ARVERNE                       QUEENS             Yes         Yes
ASBURY                        TOMPKINS           Yes         No
ASHFORD                       CATTARAUGUS        Yes         No                   200
ASFORD                        CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes
ASHLAND                       GREENE             Yes         No                   300
ASHTON                        ULSTER             Yes         Yes
ASHVILLE                      CHAUTAUQUA         No          Yes
ASTORIA                       QUEENS             Yes         No
ATHENS                        GREENE             Yes         No                  2019
ATHENS JUNCTION               SCHENECTADY        Yes         Yes
ATHOL                         WARREN             Yes         No                   200
ATHOL SPRINGS                 ERIE               No          Yes
ATLANTIC PARK                 QUEENS             No          Yes
ATLANTICVILLE                 SUFFOLK            Yes         No                   100
ATTICA                        WYOMING            Yes         Yes                 2600
ATTLEBURY                     DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                   50
ATWATER                       CAYUGA             Yes         Yes                   50
ATWATER STATION               CAYUGA             No          Yes
AUBURN                        CAYUGA             Yes         Yes                25887
AUGUSTA                       ONEIDA             Yes         No                   300
AURELIUS                      CAYUGA             Yes         No                    75
AURELIUS                      CAYUGA             No          Yes
AURELIUS STATION              CAYUGA             Yes         Yes                   75
AURIESVILLE                   MONTGOMERY         Yes         Yes                  200
AURORA                        CAYUGA             Yes         Yes                  600
AU SABLE                      CLINTON            No          Yes
AU SABLE CHASM                CLINTON            Yes         No                  1500
AU SABLE FORKS                ESSEX              Yes         No                  1000
AUSTERLITZ                    COLUMBIA           Yes         No                   150
AUSTIN                        CAYUGA             Yes         No
AVA                           ONEIDA             Yes         No                   100
AVERILL PARK                  RENSSELAER         Yes         No                   450
AVOCA                         STEUBEN            Yes         Yes                 2300
AVON                          LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                 3300
AYRE                          OTSEGO             Yes         No
BABCOCK HILL                  ONEIDA             Yes         No                    50
BABYLON                       SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                 6034
BACON HILL                    SARATOGA           Yes         No
BAINBRIDGE                    CHENANGO           Yes         No                  2121
BAITING HOLLOW                SUFFOLK            Yes         No                   300
BAITING HOLLOW                SUFFOLK            No          No
BAKER'S BASIN                 WASHINGTON         No          No
BAKER'S MILLS                 WARREN             Yes         No                   100
BALDWIN                       ESSEX              No          Yes
BALDWIN                       QUEENS             Yes         Yes                  210
BALDWIN PLACE                 WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes
BALDWINSVILLE                 ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                 3246
BALLSTON                      SAGATOGA           Yes         Yes                 2066
BALLSTON CENTRE               SARATOGA           Yes         No
BANGALL                       DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  400
BANGOR                        FRANKLIN           No          Yes                  800
BANGOR                        FRANKLIN           Yes         No                   800
BANKS                         CATTARAUGUS        No          No
BARBOURVILLE                  DELAWARE           Yes         No                   100
BARDONIA                      ROCKLAND           Yes         Yes
BARDOUS                       ROCKLAND           No          Yes
BARKER                        BROOME             No          No
BARKER'S                      NIAGARA            Yes         Yes                   25
BARKERSVILLE                  SARATOGA           Yes         No                   200
BARNARDS CROSSING             MONROE             Yes         Yes
BARNERVILLE                   SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   125
BARNES                        YATES              Yes         No
BARNE'S CORNER                LEWIS              Yes         No                   500
BARNUM'S`                     SULLIVAN           No          Yes
BARNUM'S ISLAND               QUEENS             No          Yes
BARRE CENTRE                  ORLEANS            Yes         No                   200
BARREN ISLAND                 KINGS              No          No
BARRINGTON                    YATES              Yes         No                   200
BARRYTOWN                     DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  150
BARRYVILLE                    SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   300
BARTLETT                      ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  350
BARTON                        TIOGA              Yes         Yes                  300
BARTOW                        WESTCHESTER        No          Yes                  500
BARTOW ON THE SOUND           WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                  500
BASCOM                        GENESEE            Yes         Yes
BATAVIA                       GENESEE            Yes         Yes                10000
BATCHELLERVILLE               SARATOGA           Yes         No                   400
BATES                         SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   400
BATH                          KINGS              No          Yes                  400
BATH                          RENSSELAER         No          Yes                 2398
BATH                          STEUBEN            Yes         Yes                 4000
BATH BEACH                    KINGS              Yes         Yes                  400
BATTENVILLE                   WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   175
BAYCHESTER                    WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes
BAYPORT                       SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                  400
BAY RIDGE                     KINGS              Yes         Yes                  800
BAYSHORE                      SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                 3000
BAY SIDE                      QUEENS             Yes         Yes                  500
BAY STATE                     CATTARAUGUS        No          No
BAY VIEW                      ERIE               Yes         Yes
BAY VIEW                      ONTARIO            No          No
BAYVILLE                      QUEENS             Yes         No
BAYVILLE STATION              QUEENS             No          Yes
BEACHES CORNER                GREENE             Yes         No
BEACH LANDING                 LEWIS              No          No
BEACH RIDGE                   NIAGARA            Yes         Yes                   25
BEALSBURGH                    MONROE             Yes         Yes
BEALYSBURGH                   SULLIVAN           No          Yes
BEARDS HOLLOW                 SCHOHARIE          Yes         No
BEARSVILLE                    ULSTER             Yes         No                   100
BEAVER BROOK                  SULLIVAN           Yes         No
BEAVER DAM                    ORANGE             Yes         Yes
BEAVER DAMS                   SCHUYLER           Yes         Yes                  250
BEAVER FALLS                  LEWIS              Yes         No                   500
BEAVER KILL                   SULLIVAN           Yes         No
BEAVER MEADOW                 CHENANGO           Yes         No                   200
BEAVER RIVER                  LEWIS              No          No
BECKER'S CORNERS              ALBANY             Yes         No                   125
BEDELLTOWN                    QUEENS             No          No
BEFORD                        WESTCHESTER        Yes         No                   500
BEDFORD PARK                  WESTCHESTER        No          Yes
BEDFORD STATION               WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes
BEDFORD STATION               KINGS              No          Yes
BEED'S                        ESSEX              Yes         No
BEEKMAN                       DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  120
BEEKMANTOWN                   CLINTON            Yes         No                   107
BEER'S SWITCH                 DELAWARE           No          Yes
BEERSTON                      DELAWARE           Yes         Yes
BELCHER                       WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   100
BELDEN                        BROOME             Yes         Yes                   60
BELFAST                       ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                  700
BELFORT                       LEWIS              Yes         No                   400
BELLEAYRE                     ULSTER             Yes         No
BELLE ISLE                    ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   200
BELLE ISLE                    ONONDAGA           No          Yes
BELLEVIEW                     CHAUTAUQUA         No          Yes
BELLEVILLE                    JEFFERSON          Yes         No                   400
BELLMORE                      QUEENS             Yes         Yes
BELLONA                       YATES              Yes         No                   300
BELLONA STATION               YATES              No          Yes
BELLPORT                      SUFFOLK            Yes         No                   500
BELLPORT STATION              SUFFOLK            No          Yes
BELLVALE                      ORANGE             Yes         No                   300
BELLWOOD                      LEWIS              Yes         No
BELMONT                       ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                 1009
BELMONT CENTRE                FRANKLIN           Yes         No                   100
BELMONT JUNCTION              SUFFOLK            No          Yes
BELVIDERE                     ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                  150
BEMUS' HEIGHTS                SARATOGA           Yes         No                   275
BEMUS POINT                   CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                  150
BENEDICT                      FULTON             Yes         No                   100
BENNETT                       ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes
BENNETT'S                     ONTARIO            No          Yes
BENNETTSBURGH                 SCHUYLER           Yes         No                   150
BENNETT'S CORNERS             MADISON            Yes         No                    25
BENNETT'S CREEK               STEUBEN            Yes         No
BENNETTSVILLE                 CHENANGO           Yes         No                   125
BENNINGTON                    WYOMING            Yes         No                   500
BENSON                        HAMILTON           Yes         No
BENSON CENTRE                 HAMILTON           Yes         No                    25
BENSONHURST                   KINGS              Yes         No
BENSON MINES                  ST LAWRENCE        Yes         Yes
BENTLEY'S CORNERS             JEFFERSON          No          No
BENTON                        YATES              No          Yes                  150
BENTON CENTRE                 YATES              Yes         Yes                  150
BEREA                         ORANGE             No          Yes
BERGEN                        GENESEE            Yes         Yes                  800
BERGEN LANDING                QUEENS             No          No
BERGHOLTZ                     NIAGARA            Yes         No                   180
BERKSHIRE                     TIOGA              Yes         Yes                  500
BERLIN                        RENSSELAER         Yes         Yes                 1703
BERNE                         ALBANY             Yes         No                  1500
BERNHARD'S                    OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                  222
BESEMER                       TOMPKINS           Yes         Yes
BEST                          RENSSELEAR         Yes         No
BETHANY                       GENESEE            Yes         No                   100
BETHEL                        DUTCHESS           No          Yes
BETHEL                        SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   200
BETHEL CORNERS                CAYUGA             Yes         No                    50
BETHEL STATION                DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes
BETHLEHEM CENTRE              ALBANY             Yes         No                   125
BETHPAGE                      QUEENS             No          Yes
BETHPAGE JUNCTION             QUEENS             No          Yes
BEULAH                        ONTARIO            Yes         No
BIG BROOK                     ONEIDA             Yes         No                    50
BIG CREEK                     STEUBEN            Yes         No
BIGELOW                       ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No
BIG FLATS                     CHEMUNG            Yes         Yes                  500
BIG HOLLOW                    GREENE             Yes         No                    75
BIG INDIAN                    ULSTER             Yes         Yes                  100
BIG ISLAND                    ORANGE             No          Yes
BIG STREAM                    YATES              No          Yes
BIG TREE                      ERIE               No          No                   200
BIG TREE CORNERS`             ERIE               Yes         Yes                  200
BILLINGS                      DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  100
BILLSBOROUGH                  ONTARIO            Yes         Yes
BILLSBORROW                   ONTARIO            No          Yes
BINGHAMTON                    BROOME             Yes         Yes                35093
BINGLEY                       MADISON            No          Yes
BINNEWATER                    ULSTER             Yes         Yes                  250
BIRCHTON                      SARATOGA           Yes         No
BIRD                          CATTARAUGUS        Yes         No                    50
BIRD NEST ROCK                ORANGE             No          No
BIRDSALL                      ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                  100
BIRDS AND WORMS               MONROE             No          Yes
BISHOP STREET                 JEFFERSON          Yes         No                   200
BLACK BROOK                   CLINTON            Yes         No                   100
BLACK CREEK                   ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                  170
BLACK POINT                   ONTARIO            No          No
BLACK RIVER                   JEFFERSON          Yes         Yes                  600
BLACK ROCK                    ERIE               Yes         Yes
BLAINE                        MONTGOMERY         Yes         No
BLASDELL                      ERIE               Yes         Yes
BLAUVELT                      ROCKLAND           Yes         Yes                  500
BLAUVELTVILLE                 ROCKLAND           No          Yes                  500
BLEACH                        WESTCHESTER        Yes         No
BLEECKER                      FULTON             Yes         No                   300
BLISS                         WYOMING            Yes         Yes                  400
BLISS SUMMIT                  WYOMING            No          No
BLOCKVILLE                    CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No                   100
BLODGETT MILLS                CORTLAND           Yes         Yes                  100
BLOODS                        STEUBEN            No          Yes
BLOODS DEPOT                  STEUBEN            Yes         Yes                  525
BLOOMINGBURGH                 SULLIVAN           Yes         Yes                  400
BLOOMINGDALE                  ESSEX              Yes         Yes                  600
BLOOMING GROVE                ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  100
BLOOMVILLE                    DELAWARE           Yes         Yes                  350
BLOSSOM                       ERIE               Yes         No                   148
BLOSSVALE                     ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  300
BLUE MOUNTAIN LAKE            HAMILTON           Yes         No                   100
BLUE POINT                    SUFFOLK            Yes         No
BLUE STORES                   COLUMBIA           Yes         No                   150
BLUFF POINT                   YATES              Yes         No                   150
BLYTHEBOURNE                  KINGS              Yes         Yes
BOHEMIA                       SUFFOLK            Yes         No
BOICEVILLE                    ULSTER             Yes         Yes                   75
BOLIVAR                       ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                 1500
BOLIVAR                       MADISON            No          No
BOLTON                        WARREN             Yes         No                  1100
BOLTON BASIN                  ORANGE             No          No
BOLTON LANDING                WARREN             Yes         No
BOMBAY                        FRANKLIN           Yes         No                   500
BOMBAY JUNCTION               FRANKLIN           No          Yes
BOOMERTOWN                    CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                   50
BOONVILLE                     ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                 3395
BORDEN                        STEUBEN            Yes         No
BOREAS RIVER                  ESSEX              Yes         No                    75
BORODINO                      ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   160
BOSTON                        ERIE               Yes         No                   300
BOSTON CORNERS                COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                  100
BOUCKVILLE                    MADISON            Yes         Yes                  300
BOUTONVILLE                   WESTCHESTER        Yes         No                   125
BOVINA                        DELAWARE           Yes         No                    25
BOVINA CENTRE                 DELAWARE           Yes         No                   200
BOWEN'S CORNERS               OSWEGO             Yes         No                    25
BOWLERS                       ALLEGANY           No          Yes
BOWMANSVILLE                  ERIE               Yes         Yes                  175
BOYD                          LEWIS              Yes         No
BOYDS                         STEUBEN            No          No
BOYLSTON CENTRE               OSWEGO             Yes         No                    80
BOYNTONVILLE                  RENSSELAER         Yes         No                   350
BRADDOCK'S RAPID              OSWEGO             No          No
BRADFORD                      STEUBEN            Yes         No                   350
BRAINARD                      RENSSELAER         Yes         Yes                  125
BRAINARD STATION              RENSSELAER         Yes         Yes                  125
BRANARDSVILLE                 FRANKLIN           Yes         No                   150
BRAMANS CORNERS               SCHENECTADY        Yes         No                    96
BRANCH                        ULSTER             Yes         No
BRANCHPORT                    YATES              Yes         No                   300
BRANDON                       FRANKLIN           Yes         Yes                 2500
BRANDY BROOK                  CLINTON            No          Yes
BRANT                         ERIE               Yes         No                   100
BRANTINGHAM                   LEWIS              Yes         No
BRANT LAKE                    WARREN             Yes         No
BRASHER FALLS                 ST LAWRENCE        Yes         Yes                  600
BRASHER IRON WORKS            ST LAWRENCE        Yes         Yes                  200
BRASIE CORNERS                ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No
BRAYTON                       WARREN             Yes         No
BREAKABEEN                    SCHOHARIE          Yes         No
BREAKER ISLAND                SCHOHARIE          No          Yes
BREESPORT                     CHEMUNG            Yes         Yes                  500
BRENT SETTLEMENT              LEWIS              No          No
BRENTWOOD                     SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                  100
BRESLAU                       SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                  350
BREVOORT                      KINGS              Yes         No
BREWERTON                     ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                  600
BREWSTER                      PUTNAM             Yes         Yes                 2035
BRICK CHURCH                  CAYUGA             No          Yes
BRIDGEHAMPTON                 SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                 1000
BRIDGE NO. 9                  SULLIVAN           Yes         No
BRIDGEPORT                    MADISON            Yes         No                   212
BRIDGEPORT                    QUEENS             No          No
BRIDGEVILLE                   SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   150
BRIDGEWATER                   ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  224
BRIER HILL                    ST LAWRENCE        Yes         Yes                  200
BRIGHTON                      MONROE             Yes         Yes                  198
BRIGHTON BEACH                KINGS              No          Yes
BRIMMER BROOK                 ALLEGANY           No          Yes
BRINCKERHOFF                  DUTCHESS           No          Yes                   43
BRINCKERHOFFVILLE             DUTHCESS           Yes         Yes                   43
BRISBEN                       CHENANGO           Yes         Yes                  250
BRISBIN                       CHENANGO           No          Yes                  250
BRISCOE                       SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   100
BRISTOL                       ONTARIO            Yes         No                   440
BRISTOL CENTRE                ONTARIO            Yes         No                    75
BRISTOL SPRINGS               ONTARIO            Yes         No                   100
BROADALBIN                    FULTON             Yes         No                  1300
BROAD CHANNEL                 QUEENS             No          Yes
BROADWAY                      QUEENS             No          Yes
BROADWAY                      ROCKLAND           No          No
BROCKPORT                     MONROE             Yes         Yes                 3882
BROCKVILLE                    ORLEANS            No          No
BROCKTON                      CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                  720
BROADHEAD                     ULSTER             Yes         Yes                   50
BROADHEAD BRIDGE              ULSTER             No          Yes                   50
BROADHEAD'S BRICK KILN        ULSTER             No          Yes
BROKENSTRAW                   CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                  100
BRONXDALE                     WESTCHESTER        No          No
BRONXVILLE                    WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                  275
BROOKDALE                     ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   200
BROOKFIELD                    MADISON            Yes         No                   573
BROOK HAVEN                   SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                12572
BROOK HAVEN STATION           SUFFOLK            No          Yes
BROOKLYN                      KINGS              Yes         Yes               894377
BROOKMERE                     MONROE             Yes         Yes
BROOK'S GROVE                 LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes
BROOKTON                      TOMPKINS           Yes         Yes                  200
BROOK VALE                    BROOME             Yes         No
BROOKVILLE                    QUEENS             No          No
BROOME CENTRE                 SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   500
BROWN HAVEN                   SULLIVAN           No          No
BROWN'S STATION               ULSTER             Yes         Yes                   30
BROWNSVILLE                   KINGS              No          No
BROWNVILLE                    JEFFERSON          Yes         Yes                  408
BROWNVILLE                    SULLIVAN           No          Yes
BRUSHTON                      FRANKLIN           Yes         Yes                  700
BRUYANS BASIN                 ULSTER             No          No
BRUYNSWICK                    ULSTER             Yes         No                    75
BRYN MAUR PARK                WESTCHESTER        No          Yes
BUCHANAN                      WESTCHESTER        Yes         No
BUCK HOLLOW                   ESSEX              No          Yes
BUCK BRIDGE                   ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   250
BUCKTON                       ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No
BUCKTOOTH                     CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes
BUEL                          MONTGOMERY         Yes         No                   100
BUENA VISTA                   STEUBEN            Yes         No                    50
BUFFALO                       ERIE               Yes         Yes               254457
BUFFALO CREEK                 ERIE               No          Yes
BUFFALO CREEK JUNCTION        ERIE               No          Yes
BUFFALO PLAINS                ERIE               No          Yes
BULL RUN                      ULSTER             Yes         No                   200
BULL'S HEAD                   DUTCHESS           Yes         No                   150
BULLVILLE                     ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  100
BUNDY'S                       OSWEGO             No          Yes
BUNDY'S CROSSING              OSWEGO             Yes         Yes
BURDEN                        COLUMBIA           Yes         No                   800
BURDETTE                      SCHUYLER           Yes         No                   250
BURGOYNE                      SARATOGA           No          Yes
BURKE                         FRANKLIN           Yes         Yes                  850
BURLINGHAM                    SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   300
BURLINGTON                    ERIE               No          Yes
BURLINGTON                    OTSEGO             Yes         No                   700
BURLINGTON FLATS              OTSEGO             Yes         No                  1000
BURHAMS                       CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No                   100
BURNS                         STEUBEN            Yes         Yes                  200
BURNSIDE                      ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  600
BURNT HILLS                   CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes
BURNT HILLS                   SARATOGA           Yes         No                   180
BURRELL'S CORNERS             HERKIMER           No          No
BUR'S MILLS                   JEFFERSON          Yes         No                    84
BURTONSVILLE                  MONTGOMERY         Yes         No                   180
BUSH LANDING                  LEWIS              No          No
BUSHNELL'S BASIN              MONROE             Yes         No                   171
BUSHNELLSVILLE                GREENE             Yes         No                   100
BUSHVILLE                     SULLIVAN           Yes         No
BUSHWICK                      KINGS              No          Yes
BUSHWICK JUNCTION             QUEENS             No          Yes
BUSHKIRK'S                    RENSSELAER         No          Yes                  100
BUSHKIRK'S BRIDGE             WASHINGTON         Yes         No                  1000
BUSTI                         CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No                   400
BUTLER CENTRE                 WAYNE              Yes         No                   150
BUTLERS FALLS                 ORANGE             No          No
BUTTERFLY                     OSWEGO             Yes         No
BUTTERMILK FALLS              SULLIVAN           No          No
BUTTERNUT GROVE               DELAWARE           Yes         Yes                  200
BYERSVILLE                    LIVINGSTON         Yes         No                   150
BYRON                         GENESEE            Yes         Yes                  300
BYRON                         GENESEE            No          Yes
BYRON CENTRE                  GENESEE            No          Yes
CABIN HILL                    DELAWARE           Yes         No
CADIZ                         CATTARAUGUS        Yes         No                   200
CADOSIA                       DELAWARE           Yes         Yes
CADOSIA SUMMIT                DELAWARE           No          Yes                  300
CADYVILLE                     CLINTON            Yes         Yes                  150
CAIRO                         GREENE             Yes         Yes                 3100
CAIRO JUNCTION                GREENE             No          Yes
CALCIANA                      WAYNE              No          Yes
CALDWELL STATION              WARREN             No          Yes                  500
CALEDONIA                     LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                  950
CALEDONIA                     ST LAWRENCE        No          Yes
CALLANAN'S CORNERS            ALBANY             Yes         No                   100
CALLICOON                     SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   400
CALLICOON                     SULLIVAN           No          Yes                  400
CALLICOON DEPOT               SULLIVAN           Yes         Yes                  400
CALVERTON                     SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes
CAMBRIA                       NIAGARA            Yes         No
CAMBRIDGE                     WASHINGTON         Yes         Yes                 1700
CAMBY                         DUTCHESS           Yes         No
CAMDEN                        ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  300
CAMELOT                       DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes
CAMERON                       STEUBEN            Yes         Yes                  300
CAMERON MILLS                 STEUBEN            Yes         Yes                  100
CAMILLAS                      ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                  300
CAMPBELL                      STEUBEN            Yes         Yes                  400
CAMPBELL HALL                 ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  275
CAMP GROUND                   WYOMING            No          No
CAMP'S MILLS                  JEFFERSON          No          No
CAMPVILLE                     TIOGA              Yes         Yes                  200
CAMRODEN                      ONEIDA             Yes         No
CANAAN                        COLUMBIA           Yes         No                   120
CANAAN                        COLUMBIA           No          Yes                  400
CANAAN CENTRE                 COLUMBIA           Yes         No                    50
CANAAN FOUR CORNERS           COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                  400
CANANDICE                     ONTARIO            Yes         No                   200
CANAJOHARIE                   MONTGOMERY         Yes         Yes                 2086
CANAL BRANCH                  ONEIDA             No          Yes
CANANDAIGUA                   ONTARIO            Yes         Yes                 5847
CANARSIE                      KINGS              Yes         Yes
CANARSIE GROVE                KINGS              No          Yes
CANARSIE LANDING              KINGS              No          Yes
CANASERAGA                    ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                 2776
CANASERAGA                    MADISON            No          Yes                   75
CANASTOTA                     MADISON            Yes         Yes                 2200
CANDOR                        TIOGA              Yes         Yes                 1900
CANEADEA                      ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                  450
CANISTEO                      STEUBEN            No          No
CANISTEO                      STEUBEN            Yes         Yes                 2600
CANNONSVILLE                  DELAWARE           Yes         No                   500
CANOE PLACE                   SUFFOLK            No          No
CANOGA                        SENECA             Yes         No                   200
CANTON                        ONONDAGA           No          No
CANTON                        ST LAWRENCE        Yes         Yes                 2350
CAPE VINCENT                  JEFFERSON          Yes         Yes                 1300
CAPSON                        ONEIDA             Yes         No
CARDIFF                       ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   250
CARLISLE                      SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   350
CARLISLE CENTRE               SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   100
CARLTON                       ORLEANS            Yes         No                   100
CARLTON STATION               ORLEANS            Yes         Yes
CARLYON                       ORLEANS            Yes         Yes                   75
CARMEL                        PUTNAM             Yes         Yes                  600
CAROLINE                      TOMPKINS           Yes         No
CAROLINE CENTRE               TOMPKINS           Yes         No                   300
CAROLINE DEPOT                TOMPKINS           Yes         Yes                   50
CAROLINE JUNCTION             TOMPKINS           No          Yes                   50
CARPENTER'S EDDY              DELAWARE           Yes         No                   225
CARROLL                       ALLEGANY           No          Yes
CARROLLS SWITCH               SARATOGA           Yes         Yes
CARROLTON                     CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                  600
CARR'S CREEK                  DELAWARE           Yes         Yes
CARTER'S LANDING              LEWIS              No          No
CARTERSVILLE                  MONROE             No          No
CARTHAGE                      JEFFERSON          Yes         Yes                 1912
CARTHAGE LANDING              DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  300
CASANOVA                      NEW YORK           No          Yes
CASCADE                       CAYUGA             Yes         Yes
CASCADE MILLS                 YATES              No          Yes
CASCADE VALLEY                BROOME             Yes         No                   100
CASCADEVILLE                  ESSEX              Yes         No                    50
CASES                         ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes
CASSADAGA                     CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                  400
CASSVILLE                     ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  350
CASTILE                       WYOMING            Yes         Yes                 2446
CASTLE CREEK                  BROOME             Yes         No                   200
CASTLETON                     RENSSELAER         Yes         Yes                  211
CASTLETON CORNERS             RICHMOND           Yes         No                   300
CASTORLAND                    LEWIS              Yes         Yes                  150
CATAMOUNT                     WESTCHESTER        Yes         No
CATATONK                      TIOGA              Yes         Yes                  100
CATAWBA                       STEUBEN            Yes         No
CATFISH                       OSWEGO             Yes         No
CATHERINE                     SCHUYLER           Yes         No                   100
CATLIN                        CHEMUNG            Yes         No                    75
CATO                          CAYUGA             Yes         Yes                  550
CATON                         STEUBEN            Yes         No                   240
CATSKILL                      GREENE             Yes         Yes                 4915
CATSKILL STATION              COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                   20
CATTARAUGUS                   CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                  878
CATTATONK                     TIOGA              No          Yes                  100
CAUGHDENOY                    OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                  300
CAYUGA                        CAYUGA             Yes         Yes                  500
CAYUGA JUNCTION               CAYUGA             No          Yes
CAYUTA                        SCHUYLER           Yes         No                   200
CAYUTAVILLE                   SCHUYLER           Yes         No                   100
CAZENOVIA                     MADISON            Yes         Yes                 1918
CEDAR BEACH                   STEUBEN            No          No
CEDAR BLUFFS                  SARATOGA           No          Yes
CEDAR HILL                    ALBANY             Yes         No                   650
CEDARHURST                    QUEENS             Yes         No
CEDAR LAKE                    HERKIMER           Yes         No                   200
CEDARVALE                     ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   150
CEDARVILLE                    HERKIMER           Yes         No                   700
CENTER                        HERKIMER           Yes         No                   200
CENTER PARK                   MONROE             No          Yes
CENTRAL BRIDGE                SCHOHARIE          Yes         Yes                  500
CENTRALIA                     CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No                   140
CENTRAL ISLIP                 SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                  100
CENTRAL MORRISANIA            NEW YORK           Yes         Yes
CENTRAL PARK                  QUEENS             Yes         Yes                  500
CENTRAL SQUARE                OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                  550
CENTRAL VALLEY                ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  175
CENTRE                        ALLEGANY           No          Yes
CENTRE BERLIN                 RENSSELAER         Yes         Yes                  159
CENTRE BRUNSWICK              RENSSELAER         Yes         No                   200
CENTRE CAMBRIDGE              WASHINGTON         Yes         No
CENTREFIELD                   ONTARIO            Yes         No                   100
CENTRE LEBANON                COLUMBIA           No          Yes                  150
CENTRE LISLE                  BROOME             Yes         No                   225
CENTRE MORICHES               SUFFOLK            Yes         No                  2000
CENTREPORT                    CAYUGA             No          No                    50
CENTREPORT                    SUFFOLK            Yes         No                   175
CENTRE VALLEY                 OTSEGO             Yes         No                    75
CENTRE VILLAGE                BROOME             Yes         Yes                  150
CENTREVILLE                   ALLEGANY           Yes         No                   100
CENTREVILLE                   SULLIVAN           No          Yes                  100
CENTREVILLE STATION           SULLIVAN           Yes         Yes                  100
CENTRE WHITE CREEK            WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   300
CERES                         ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                  400
CHACES                        WYOMING            Yes         Yes
CHADWICK                      ONEIDA             No          Yes                  350
CHADWICK'S MILLS              ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  350
CHAFEE                        ERIE               Yes         Yes
CHAMBERS                      CHEMUNG            Yes         Yes                 5847
CHAMPION                      JEFFERSON          Yes         No                   200
CHAMPLAIN                     CLINTON            Yes         Yes                 1500
CHAPINVILLE                   ONTARIO            Yes         Yes                  200
CHAPPAQUA                     WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                  600
CHARLES                       ALLEGANY           No          Yes
CHARLESTON                    MONTGOMERY         Yes         No                   125
CHARLESTON FOUR CORNERS       MONTGOMERY         Yes         No                   175
CHARLOTTE                     MONROE             Yes         Yes                  900
CHARLOTTE CENTRE              CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No                   100
CHARLOTTEVILLE                SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                   100
CHARLTON                      SARATOGA           Yes         No                   175
CHASE                         OTSEGO             Yes         No
CHASE'S LAKE                  LEWIS              Yes         No                   300
CHASE'S MILLS                 ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   200
CHASEVILLE                    OTSEGO             Yes         No                    85
CHASM FALLS                   FRANKLIN           Yes         No                   100
CHATEAUGAY                    FRANKLIN           Yes         Yes                 3000
CHATEAUGAY LAKE               FRANKLIN           Yes         No                   500
CHATHAM                       COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                 2100
CHATHAM CENTRE                COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                  400
CHAUMONT                      JEFFERSON          Yes         No                   600
CHAUTAUQUA                    CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                  300
CHAZY                         CLINTON            Yes         Yes                 1000
CHAZY JUNCTION                CLINTON            No          Yes
CHAZY LAKE                    CLINTON            No          Yes
CHEEKTOWAGA                   ERIE               Yes         Yes                  300
CHELSEA                       RICHMOND           No          No
CHEMUNG                       CHEMUNG            Yes         Yes                 1879
CHEMUNG CENTRE                CHEMUNG            Yes         No
CHENANGO BRIDGE               BROOME             Yes         Yes                   50
CHENANGO FORKS                BROOME             Yes         Yes                  450
CHENANGO LAKE                 CHENANGO           Yes         No
CHENINGO                      CORTLAND           Yes         No                    20
CHEPACHET                     HERKIMER           Yes         Yes                   50
CHERRY CREEK                  CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                  900
CHERRY VALLEY                 OTSEGO             Yes         Yes                  684
CHERUBUSCO                    CLINTON            No          Yes                  300
CHESHIRE                      ONTARIO            Yes         No                   250
CHESTER                       ORANGE             Yes         Yes                 2114
CHESTERTOWN                   WARREN             Yes         No                   800
CHESTNUT RIDGE                DUTCHESS           Yes         No                    30
CHEVIOT                       COLUMBIA           Yes         No
CHICAGO                       CORTLAND           No          Yes
CHICHESTERS                   ULSTER             Yes         Yes
CHILDWOLD                     ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No
CHILI                         MONROE             Yes         Yes                  100
CHILI                         MONROE             No          Yes
CHILI JUNCTION                MONROE             Yes         No
CHILI STATION                 MONROE             Yes         Yes
CHILOWAY                      DELAWARE           Yes         No                    35
CHINA                         DELAWARE           Yes         No
CHIPPEWA BAY                  ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No
CHITTENANGO                   MADISON            Yes         Yes                 1000
CHITTENANGO FALLS             MADISON            Yes         Yes                  150
CHITTENANGO STATION           MADISON            Yes         Yes                  200
CHOCONUT CENTRE               BROOME             Yes         No                   150
CHUBBS DOCK                   WASHINGTON         No          Yes
CHURCH LANE                   KINGS              No          Yes
CHURCHTOWN                    COLUMBIA           Yes         No                   200
CHURCHVILLE                   MONROE             Yes         Yes                  513
CHURUBUSCO                    CLINTON            Yes         Yes                  300
CICERO                        ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   275
CICERO CENTRE                 MONROE             Yes         No
CIGARVILLE                    ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                   50
CINCINNATUS                   CORTLAND           Yes         No                   650
CINCONIA                      YATES              Yes         No
CIRCLEVILLE                   ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  210
CITY ISLAND                   WESTCHESTER        Yes         No                  3000
CLARE                         ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No
CLARENCE                      ERIE               Yes         No                   500
CLARENCE CENTRE               ERIE               Yes         Yes                  400
CLARENDON                     ORLEANS            Yes         No                   300
CLARKS                        ORANGE             No          Yes
CLARKSBOROUGH                 ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                    75
CLARKSBURGH                   ERIE               Yes         No                   200
CLARK'S MILLS                 ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  135
CLARKSON                      MONROE             Yes         No                   319
CLARKSVILLE                   ALBANY             Yes         No                   600
CLARYVILLE                    SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   175
CLAVERACK                     COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                  350
CLAY                          ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   300
CLAY                          ONONDAGA           No          Yes
CLAYBURGH                     CLINTON            Yes         No
CLAYTON                       JEFFERSON          Yes         Yes                 1737
CLAYVILLE                     ONEIDA             Yes         No                   700
CLEAR CREEK                   CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         No                   400
CLEAR POND                    FRANKLIN           Yes         No
CLEAR VIEW                    CAYUGA             Yes         Yes                  400
CLERMONT                      COLUMBIA           Yes         No                   200
CLEVELAND                     OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                  842
CLEVERDALE                    WARREN             Yes         No
CLIFFORD                      OSWEGO             Yes         No
CLIFTON                       CHAUTAUQUA         No          Yes
CLIFTON                       MONROE             Yes         No                   150
CLIFTON                       RICHMOND           No          Yes                 1700
CLIFTON MINES                 ST LAWRENCE        No          No
CLIFTON PARK                  SAGATOGA           Yes         No                   225
CLIFTON SPRING                ONTARIO            Yes         Yes                 1679
CLINTON                       ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                 2000
CLINTON CORNERS               DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  300
CLINTONDALE                   ULSTER             Yes         Yes                  500
CLINTON HOLLOW                DUTCHESS           Yes         No                   400
CLINTON MILLS                 CLINTON            Yes         Yes                  100
CLINTON'S                     OTSEGO             No          Yes
CLINTONVILLE                  CLINTON            Yes         Yes                  400
CLINTONVILLE                  ORANGE             No          Yes
CLOCKVILLE                    MADISON            Yes         Yes                  200
CLOVE                         DUTCHESS           Yes         No
CLOVE BRANCH JUNCTION         DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes
CLOVE CHURCH                  ULSTER             No          No
CLOVE VALLEY                  DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  250
CLUB HOUSE                    ORANGE             Yes         No
CLYDE                         WAYNE              Yes         Yes                 3500
CLYMER                        CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                  600
COBLESKILL                    SCHOHARIE          Yes         Yes                 2750
COCHECTON                     SULLIVAN           Yes         Yes                  200
COCHECTON CENTRE              SULLIVAN           Yes         No                    50
COCKBURN                      ULSTER             Yes         Yes
COEYMANS                      ALBANY             Yes         No                  1021
COEYMANS HOLLOW               ALBANY             Yes         No                   300
COEYMAN'S JUNCTION            ALBANY             Yes         Yes                  100
COHOCTON                      STEUBEN            Yes         Yes                 3500
COHOES                        ALBANY             Yes         Yes                22432
COILA                         WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   186
COKERTOWN                     DUTCHESS           Yes         No                    65
COLCHESTER                    DELAWARE           Yes         No
COLCHESTER STATION            DELAWARE           No          Yes
COLD BROOK                    HERKIMER           Yes         No                   550
COLDEN                        ERIE               Yes         Yes                  300
COLDENHAM                     ORANGE             Yes         No                   200
COLD SPRING                   CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes
COLD SPRING                   ONONDAGA           No          No
COLD SPRING                   PUTNAM             Yes         Yes                 3500
COLD SPRINGS                  QUEENS             No          Yes
COLD SPRING HARBOR            SUFFOLK            Yes         No                   897
COLD SPRINGS                  STEUBEN            No          Yes
COLD WATER                    MONROE             Yes         Yes
COLEMAN'S                     DUTCHESS           No          Yes
COLEMAN'S                     ONEIDA             Yes         No
COLMAN STATION                DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes
COLES BASIN                   ULSTER             No          No
COLE'S MILLS                  PUTNAM             Yes         No
COLLAMER                      ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   100
COLLEGE POINT                 QUEENS             Yes         Yes                 5700
COLLIERS                      OTSEGO             No          Yes
COLLIERSVILLE                 OTSEGO             Yes         Yes                  500
COLLINGWOOD                   ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   100
COLLINS                       ERIE               Yes         Yes
COLLINS CENTRE                ERIE               Yes         No                   300
COLLINSVILLE                  LEWIS              Yes         No                   100
COLOSSE                       OSWEGO             Yes         No                   150
COLTON                        ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   400
COLUMBIA                      HERKIMER           Yes         No                   100
COLUMBIAVILLE                 COLUMBIA           Yes         No
COLUMBUS                      CHENANGO           Yes         No                   200
COLUMBUSVILLE                 QUEENS             No          No
COMMACK                       SUFFOLK            Yes         No                   300
COMO                          CAYUGA             Yes         No
COMSTOCK'S                    WASHINGTON         Yes         Yes                  350
CONCORD                       RICHMOND           No          No
CONESUS                       LIVINGSTON         Yes         No                   300
CONESUS                       LIVINGSTON         No          Yes
CONESUS CENTRE                LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                  500
CONESVILLE                    SCHOHARIE          Yes         No                    57
CONEWANGO                     CATTARAUGUS        Yes         No                   500
CONEWANGO STATION             CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes
CONEWANGO VALLEY              CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                  400
CONEY ISLAND                  KINGS              Yes         Yes                  300
CONGERS                       ROCKLAND           Yes         Yes
CONKLIN                       BROOME             No          Yes                  300
CONKLIN CENTRE                BROOME             No          Yes
CONKLIN FORKS                 BROOME             Yes         No
CONKLINVILLE                  SARATOGA           Yes         No                   300
CONKLINS                      SULLIVAN           No          Yes
CONKLIN STATION               BROOME             Yes         Yes                  300
CONNECTICUT                   TIOGA              Yes         No
CONNELLY                      ULSTER             Yes         No
CONQUEST                      CAYUGA             Yes         No                   100
CONSTABLEVILLE                LEWIS              Yes         No                   550
CONSTANTIA                    OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                  355
COOK'S                        ONTARIO            No          No
COOKS                         STEUBEN            No          Yes
COOKSBURGH                    ALBANY             Yes         No                   200
COOK'S CORNERS                FRANKLIN           Yes         No
COOK'S FALLS                  DELAWARE           No          Yes                  200
COOLEY'S BASIN                MONROE             No          No
COOMER                        NIAGARA            Yes         No                   100
COOMER                        NIAGARA            No          Yes
COOMER STATION                NIAGARA            Yes         Yes
COONRAD'S                     ONONDAGA           No          Yes
COONROD                       ONEIDA             Yes         No
COONS                         SARATOGA           Yes         Yes
COOPER'S                      STEUBEN            No          Yes
COOPER'S PLAINS               STEUBEN            Yes         Yes                  300
COOPERSTOWN                   OTSEGO             Yes         Yes                 2529
COOPERSTOWN JUNCTION          OTSEGO             No          Yes                   50
COOPERSVILLE                  CLINTON            Yes         Yes                  250
COOPERVILLE                   CLINTON            No          Yes                  250
COPAKE                        COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                 1575
COPAKE IRON WORKS             COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                  450
COPENHAGEN                    LEWIS              Yes         No                   771
CORAM                         SUFFOLK            Yes         No                   180
CORBETTSVILLE                 BROOME             Yes         No                   150
CORFU                         GENESEE            Yes         Yes                  500
CORINTH                       SARATOGA           Yes         Yes                  500
CORNELL                       WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                  150
CORNELL LANDING               QUEENS             No          No
CORNING                       STEUBEN            Yes         Yes                 8553
CORNWALL                      ORANGE             Yes         No                  1000
CORNWALL                      ORANGE             No          Yes
CORNWALL LANDING              ORANGE             Yes         Yes
CORNWALL ON THE HUDSON        ORANGE             Yes         Yes                 2000
CORNWALLVILLE                 GREENE             Yes         No                   178
CORONA                        QUEENS             Yes         Yes                  750
CORONA PARK                   QUEENS             No          No
CORTLAND                      CORTLAND           Yes         Yes                 8708
COSSAYUNA                     WASHINGTON         Yes         No
COTTAGE                       CATTARAUGUS        Yes         No                   100
COTTON'S                      MADISON            Yes         Yes
COUNTRYMANS                   HERKIMER           No          Yes
COUNTY HOUSE                  ALLEGANY           No          Yes
COUNTY HOUSE                  HERKIMER           No          Yes
COUNTY HOUSE                  STEUBEN            No          Yes
COUNTY LINE                   NIAGARA            Yes         No                    50
COUNTY LINE                   ORLEANS            No          Yes                  250
COUNTY LINE                   SULLIVAN           No          No
COURT HOUSE                   RICHMOND           No          Yes
COUSE                         RENSSELAER         Yes         No                    40
COVES NECK                    ORLEANS            No          No
COVENTRY                      CHENANGO           Yes         No                   300
CEDARVILLE                    HERKIMER           No          Yes
CONVENTRY                     CHENANGO           No          Yes                   75
COVENTRYVILLE                 CHENANGO           Yes         No                   150
COVERT                        SENECA             Yes         Yes                  200
COVEVILLE                     SARATOGA           Yes         No                    70
COVINGTON                     WYOMING            Yes         No                   300
COWANHAVEN LANE               KINGS              No          Yes
COWLESVILLE                   WYOMING            Yes         No                   300
COXSACKIE                     COLUMBIA           No          Yes                   75
COXSACKIE                     GREENE             Yes         Yes                 4270
COXSACKIE STATION             COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                   75
CRAB MEADOW                   SUFFOLK            No          No
CRAFTS                        PUTNAM             Yes         Yes                  100
CRAIGS                        LIVINGSTON         No          Yes
CRAIGSVILLE                   ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  150
CRAINS MILLS                  CORTLAND           No          Yes                   25
CRANBERRY CREEK               FULTON             Yes         Yes                  350
CRANDELL'S CORNERS            WASHINGTON         Yes         No                   200
CRANE'S VILLAGE               MONTGOMERY         No          Yes                  200
CRANESVILLE                   MONTGOMERY         Yes         Yes                  100
CRANSTON'S                    ORANGE             No          Yes                 1800
CRARY'S MILLS                 ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   150
CRARYVILLE                    COLUMBIA           Yes         Yes                   75
CRAWFORD                      ULSTER             Yes         No                    50
CRAWFORD JUNCTION             ORANGE             No          Yes
CREAM STREET                  DUTCHESS           Yes         No
CREEDMOOR                     QUEENS             Yes         No
CREEK CENTRE                  WARREN             Yes         No                   200
CREEK LOCKS                   ULSTER             Yes         No                   150
CRESCENT                      ALBANY             No          Yes
CRESCENT                      SARATOGA           Yes         No                   300
CRITTENDEN                    ERIE               Yes         Yes                  150
CROGHAN                       LEWIS              Yes         No                   445
CRONOMER'S VALLEY             ORANGE             Yes         No
CROPSEYVILLE                  RENSSELAER         Yes         No                   150
CROSBY                        YATES              Yes         No
CROSSING                      GENESEE            No          Yes
CROSS LAKE                    ONONDAGA           No          No
CROSS RIVER                   WESTCHESTER        Yes         No                   250
CROTON                        DELAWARE           Yes         No                   400
CROTON                        SCHUYLER           No          Yes
CROTON                        WESTCHESTER        No          Yes
CROTON FALLS                  WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                  300
CROTON LAKE                   WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes
CROTON LANDING                WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                  700
CROUSE'S STORE                DUTCHESS           Yes         No                    80
CROWNER'S                     ALLEGANY           No          Yes
CROWN POINT                   ESSEX              Yes         Yes                 3600
CROWN POINT CENTRE            ESSEX              Yes         No                   550
CRUGERS                       WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                  150
CRUM CREEK                    FULTON             Yes         No
CRUM ELBOW                    DUTCHESS           Yes         No                    50
CRYSTAL RUN                   ORANGE             Yes         Yes
CRYSTAL SPRING                YATES              Yes         No                    50
CUBA                          ALLEGANY           Yes         Yes                 2254
CUDDEBACKS                    ONTARIO            No          Yes
CUDDEBACKVILLE                ORANGE             Yes         Yes                  300
CULLEN                        HERKIMER           Yes         No                    65
CURRIERS                      WYOMING            No          Yes
CURRYS                        SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   550
CURRYTOWN                     MONTGOMERY         Yes         No
CURTIS                        STEUBEN            Yes         Yes
CUTCHOGUE                     SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                  600
CUTLER'S BASIN                ULSTER             No          No
CUYLER                        CORTLAND           Yes         Yes                  450
CUYLERVILLE                   LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                  300
CUYLERVILLE                   LIVINGSTON         No          Yes
CYPRESS AVENUE                KINGS              No          Yes
DAIRYLAND                     ULSTER             Yes         No
DALE                          WYOMING            Yes         Yes                  130
DALTON                        LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                  500
DANBY                         TOMPKINS           Yes         No                   300
DANNATBERG                    LEWIS              Yes         No
DANSVILLE                     LIVINGSTON         Yes         Yes                 4250
DANUBE                        HERKIMER           Yes         Yes                  150
DARIEN                        GENESEE            Yes         Yes                  200
DAVENPORT                     DELAWARE           Yes         No                   500
DAVENPORT CENTRE              DELAWARE           Yes         Yes                  200
DAVID'S ISLAND                WESTCHESTER        Yes         No
DAVIS                         SULLIVAN           No          No
DAVIS CROSSING                CHENANGO           No          Yes
DAVIS CROSSING                SCHOHARIE          No          Yes
DAWS                          GENESEE            Yes         Yes
DAY                           SARATOGA           Yes         No                   300
DAYSVILLE                     OSWEGO             Yes         Yes                   50
DAYTON                        CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes                  500
DEAN'S CORNERS                SARATOGA           Yes         No                   150
DEANSVILLE                    ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  200
DE BRUCE                      SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   250
DECATUR                       OTSEGO             Yes         No                   700
DECK                          HERKIMER           Yes         No                   150
DECKERS                       ULSTER             No          No
DECKER'S DOCK                 SULLIVAN           No          No
DEERFIELD                     ONEIDA             Yes         No                   716
DEER LICK                     CATTARAUGUS        No          No
DEER PARK                     SUFFOLK            Yes         Yes                  100
DEER RIVER                    LEWIS              Yes         Yes                  200
DEFREESTVILLE                 RENSSELAER         Yes         No                    50
DE GRASSE                     ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No
DE GROFF                      CAYUGA             Yes         No
DE KALB                       ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   300
DEKALB JUNCTION               ST LAWRENCE        Yes         Yes                  300
DELANCY                       DELAWARE           Yes         Yes                  150
DELAVAN                       ERIE               No          Yes
DELAWARE                      ERIE               Yes         Yes
DELAWARE AQUEDUCT             SULLIVAN           No          No
DELHI                         DELAWARE           Yes         Yes                 1700
DELMAR                        ALBANY             Yes         Yes                  200
DELPHI                        MADISON            No          Yes
DELPHI                        ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   230
DELTA                         ONEIDA             Yes         No                   186
DE MOTT                       SENECA             No          No
DEMSTER                       OSWEGO             Yes         Yes
DEMPSTER'S                    HERKIMER           No          Yes
DENISON                       HERKIMER           No          No
DENMARK                       LEWIS              Yes         No                   200
DENNING                       ULSTER             Yes         No                   200
DENNISTON'S                   ORANGE             No          Yes
DEPANVILLE                    JEFFERSON          Yes         No                   400
DE PEYSTER                    ST LAWRENCE        Yes         No                   250
DEPOSIT                       BROOME             Yes         Yes                 1600
DERBY                         ERIE               Yes         Yes
DE RUYTER                     MADISON            Yes         Yes                 1000
DE SONO                       ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes
DEVEREUX STATION              CATTARAUGUS        Yes         Yes
DEVEREUX                      CATTARAUGUS        No          Yes
DE WITT                       ONONDAGA           Yes         No                   200
DE WITT                       ONONDAGA           No          Yes                 2300
DE WITT CENTRE                ONONDAGA           Yes         Yes                   50
DE WITTVILLE                  CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                  300
DEXTER                        JEFFERSON          Yes         No                   490
DEXTERVILLE                   CHAUTAUQUA         No          Yes
DEXTERVILLE                   OSWEGO             Yes         No                    25
DEY'S LANDING                 SENECA             Yes         No
DIAMOND                       HERKIMER           No          No
DIANA                         LEWIS              Yes         Yes
DIANA STATION                 LEWIS              Yes         No
DICKERSON'S EDDY              SULLIVAN           No          No
DICKINSON                     FRANKLIN           Yes         No                   800
DICKINSON CENTRE              FRANKLIN           Yes         Yes                 1500
DIVINE'S CORNERS              SULLIVAN           Yes         No                   100
DIX                           ONEIDA             Yes         Yes
DOBB'S FERRY                  WESTCHESTER        Yes         Yes                 2450
DOLGEVILLE                    HERKIMER           Yes         No                   800
DONGAN HILLS                  RICHMOND           Yes         No
DORAVILLE                     BROOME             Yes         No                    65
DORMANSVILLE                  ALBANY             Yes         No                   150
DOSORIS                       QUEENS             No          No
DOUGLAS                       CAYUGA             No          Yes
DOUGLAS                       ESSEX              Yes         Yes
DOUGLASTON                    QUEENS             Yes         Yes
DOVER FURNACE                 DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  100
DOVER PLAINS                  DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  750
DOWNING                       MONTGOMERY         No          Yes
DOWNSVILLE                    DELAWARE           Yes         No                   550
DRESDEN                       YATES              Yes         Yes                  400
DRESDEN                       WASHINGTON         No          Yes
DRESDEN CENTRE                WASHINGTON         Yes         Yes
DRESDEN STATION               WASHINGTON         Yes         Yes
DRESSERVILLE                  CAYUGA             Yes         No                   300
DRIVING PARK                  MONROE             No          Yes
DRY BROOK                     ULSTER             Yes         No                   700
DRYDEN                        TOMPKINS           Yes         Yes                 1000
DUANE                         FRANKLIN           Yes         No                   285
DUANESBURG                    SCHENECTADY        Yes         Yes                  150
DUGWAY                        OSWEGO             Yes         No                   100
DUNBARTON                     ONEIDA             Yes         No
DUNDEE                        YATES              Yes         Yes                 1200
DUNHAM'S                      WASHINGTON         No          Yes
DUNHAM'S BASIN                WASHINGTON         Yes         Yes
DUNKIRK                       CHAUTAUQUA         Yes         Yes                 9402
DUNN BROOK                    ONEIDA             Yes         No                   100
DUNNINGS                      YATES              No          No
DUNNSVILLE                    ALBANY             Yes         No                   100
DUNRAVEN                      DELAWARE           Yes         No                    30
DUNWOODIE                     WESTCHESTER        No          Yes
DURHAM                        GREENE             Yes         No                   300
DURHAMVILLE                   ONEIDA             Yes         Yes                  800
DUTCHESS JUNCTION             DUTCHESS           Yes         Yes                  100
DUTCH KILLS                   QUEENS             No          No
DUTCH SETTLEMENT              HERKIMER           No          No
DWAAR'S KILL                  ULSTER             Yes         No                   200
DYKE'S                        ALLEGANY           No          Yes
DYKEMAN'S                     PUTNAM             Yes         Yes                   50
DYSINGER                      NIAGARA            Yes         No

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