Descendants of JOHANNES ZEHE / ZEH / SEE

submitted by Harold See

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Generation No. 1

1. JOHANNES ZEHE / ZEH /1 SEE was born Abt. 1672 in Oppenheim (22 KM) South of Weisbaden, Gemany, and died July 07, 1750 in Schoharie Luth Church, NY.. He married ANNA MAGDALENA in Oppenheim, Rudelsheim, Germany. She was born 1672, and died July 07, 1750 in Schoharie Luth Church, NY..


2. i. JOHANN GEORG SEA /2 SEE, b. Abt. 1698, Upper Palatine State on the Rine, Germany; d. August 23, 1751, Hardy County, West Virginia.

ii. JOHANNESS GERHARDT ZEHE, b. Abt. 1704, Ruhlsheim, Germany; d. Abt. 1710, Sea voyage to America.

iii. IGNATIUS ZEH, b. Bef. 1706, Ruhlsheim; d. Aft. 1710, Sea voyage to America.

iv. JOHANNES PETRUS ZAHE, b. Abt. 1709, Rudelsheim, Germany; d. Bef. 1711, Sea voyage to America.

3. v. CHRISTIAN SEA, b. Abt. 1710, New York; d. September 13, 1763, Schoharie Luth Church, NY..

4. vi. JOHANNES ZEH, b. Aft. 1710, Schoharie Luth Church, NY..

5. vii. JOHANN ADAM ZEH, b. Bef. September 10, 1710, West Camp Luthern, Chbk. NY.; d. December 15, 1771, Schoharie Co. Luth Church, NY..

6. viii. MARIA MARGARETHA ZEH, b. Aft. 1711, Camp's on the Hudson River or Schoharie, New York.

ix. MARIA BARBARA ZEH, b. Aft. 1711, Camps on the Hudson River or Schoharie, New York; m. FRIEDERICH CARL SCHELL, December 27, 1738, Schoharie Luth. Ch bk..

x. SOPHIA ZAHE, b. Abt. 1719, Schoharie, New York; d. April 22, 1759, Lutheran Church, Schoharie, NY..

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