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This page on the web-site will be a place to put copies of your old Schoharie County connected family wills, letters of administration, and estate papers
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Many Schoharie County wills can be obtained from SAMPUBCO. We ask that you consider submitting your transcribed SAMPUBCO will copies to this site. It is also important to understand that SAMPUBCO is not connected with this web site, it's coordinator or volunteers, or any other GenWeb or Rootsweb entity so we disclaim any responsibility for any transaction between the SAMPUBCO and the customers.

Index to Wills, Letters of Administration, and Estate Papers

John Baker
Howland Baker
Marcus Bellinger
Jacob Brooker
Jeremiah Bull
Hilts Burton
Judah Burton (lawsuit over will)
Robert Burton
William Burton
William C. Burton
William H. Burton, probated 1859
William H. Burton, probated 1897
Catherine Canada
Elisabeth Canada
Jacob Canada
William Canaday
William Canady
Henry Cook
Josiah Cook
Peter Coolman
Walter Coolman
Jacob Coons
Patrick Decker
Ira Dewey
Truman Dings
Francis Dominick
John Dominick, Jr
Peter Dominick
Philip Dreisbach
Barnabas Eldredge
Daniel Ellis
John J. Ellis
Rasellas Ellis
Samuel Ellis
Johannes Enders
Johannes Enders (lawsuit involving his will)
Catherine Flagler
Gertrude B. Flagler
Peter Flagler
Simon Flagler
Henry Foland (Voland)
Henry France, Jr 4 Feb 2022
Jacob France, Jr 5 Feb 2022
John France 11 Feb 2022
Joseph France 16 Feb 2022

Harriet Horn France (wife of John France) 12 Feb 2022
Peter France
18 Feb 2022
Peter France
(Petition by David France for Peter France Estate)10 Feb 2022
Sebastian Frantz 3 Feb 2022
Julius Fredericks
Mathew Gathen
Abraham Hallenbeck
Gideon Hallenbeck
Michael Hallenbeck
Hendrich Hans
Richard Hansen
John Herron, Jr
Christopher Hilts
George Hiltz
Jacob Hone
George Hutton
Abraham Henrich Kniskern
Susanna Kroushair
Judson B. Lacy
Andries Lape, father of Samuel Lape, Sr. (external link)
Jacob A. Lape
Johannes Lawyer
Charlotte Lincoln
Joseph Lincoln
John Mayham
Lucinda (Champlin) Mayham
Milo Henry Mayham
Sally Ann Mayham
Frederich Mercley
Abraham A. Mereness
Nicholaus Merckel
Maria Miller
Betsey Moyer
Timothy Murphy
Adam Oliver
Christian Ernst Ottman
Elizabeth (Van Buren) Oliver
Peter Oliver
Richard Parks
Abram S. Rich
Abraham Richtmyer
George Rivenburgh
Abbey Robinson
Alida H. Rollings
George Schaffer
Johannes Scheffer
Jacob Schermerhorn
William Schermerhorn
Adam Shafer
David A. Shafer
Jacob Shafer
John Shank
Howland Sherman
Christina Snyder
Johannis H Snyder
John Snyder
Peter H Snyder
William Snyder
Jacob Sowle
Bartholomew Swart
Joseyas Swart
Jacob Tillapaugh
Rosanna W Turk
Johan Philip Peter Voland
Adam Vrooman
Peter Weatherwax
Ichabod White
Benjamin Wilber
Justus Wright
Smith Youngs

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