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Views of Schoharie County, NY

Greetings from Schoharie
Aerial view of Schoharie Valley
Hop Picking in Schoharie County
Moonlight on Schoharie Creek
Winter Scene of Schoharie Creek
Fishing on the Schoharie River
Tobogganing in Schoharie
Schoharie Valley Railway
County House
Where is this?


Blenheim Bridge in North Blenheim
Haverly Dam in North Blenheim
Haverley Sawmill
Hop Picking in Blenheim
Blenheim Bridge
Blenheim Falls
Blenheim Gas Station
Freegift Patchkin Monument
Blenheim-Gilboa Reservoir Dam
Schoharie River at Blenheim
Peaslee Homestead Farm


Scott's Patent Church
Hallenback's Store, Franklinton
Bird's-Eye View of Franklinton
Creamery at Franklinton
Fly Creek, Franklinton
Livingstonville Main St


Lehman Bros. Store and Residence, Argusville
Argusville street scene
Main St., Argusville
Main St.
Birds' Eye View


Birds' Eye View
D&H Railroad Station
Lark St.
Chapel St.
Main St.
Main and Grand Sts.
Elm St.
Washington Ave
Grand St.
Union St.

Grove St.
Cobleskill Methodist Church
Cobleskill Baptist Church
East Cobleskill M. E. Church
Lutheran Church
Hotel Augustan
Barner Bridge
Weiting Bridge
Sagendorf Corners School - cast of a play
Center Park
Fairview Park
Fair Grounds
Mineral Springs
Grade School
High School
State School of Agriculture
First National Bank
Community Hospital
Cobleskill Library
Hop Pickers
Schoharie Quarry
Masonic Temple
School House, Howe Cave
Main St., Howe Cave
Howe Caverns
Howe Cave Depot
Howe Cave Post Office
Birds' Eye View, Howe Cave
Greetings from Howe Cave
Scene near Howe Cave
Howe Cave Catholic Church
H. C. Power House, Howe's Cave
Cement Works, Howe Cave
Covered Bridge, Howe Cave
Swinging Bridge, Howe Cave
Train Wreck, Howe Cave
Methodist Church, Mineral Springs
Church and School, Sawyersville


Medusa St., Manorkill
Manorkill Falls
Richtmyers Tavern - external link
Town Hall and Fire House - external link


Old Covered Bridge May 12
River View
Schoharie Creek from the Old Bridge
Mill and River
Red Mens Hall
Esperance M.E. Church
Presbyterian Stone Church
Esperance Hotel
Elm Inn
Residential Area
Main St.
Church St.
Sloansville Bridge
Sloansville School
Sloansville - Main St
Petteys and Boyd's Store - Sloansville


Wilder Hook - Site of Indian Settlement Historical Marker
Breakabeen Main St.
Breakabeen Brooklyn Ave.
Wahalla Rocks - Breakabeen
Iron Bridge - Breakabeen
Falls on Keyser Kill - Breakabeen
Kline's Store, Breakabeen
Chapman House, Breakabeen
Breakabeen Presbyterian Church
Breakabeen Cemetery
Fultonham Main St.
Schoharie River
Aerial view of Fultonham and Vroman's Nose
Stony Brook Bridge
Fultonham Tow Path
Greetings from Breakabeen
Greetings from West Fulton
Greetings from Patria


Postcards (3 scenes)
Bird's Eye View of Gilboa, N.Y.
Bird's Eye View of Gilboa, N.Y.
Gilboa Falls, Gilboa, N.Y.
Historical Marker - Gilboa Settlement
Mayham Memorial - South Gilboa, near Stamford (Moving the Mayham Memorial Stone into Place)
Main Street
Church Street
Gilboa Mills
Keator Store
O'Brien House at Gilboa
Gilboa House
Gilboa Waterfall House
Old Gilboa Bridge
Schoharie River at Gilboa
Gilboa Dam and Reservoir
Gilboa Dam (2004)
Gilboa Falls
Gilboa Forest
Mine Kill Falls


West Jefferson
Bird's Eye View
View from Rum Hill
Greetings from Jefferson
Jefferson High School


Postcards (6 scenes) - Middleburgh
Baker House 1905
Beekman Residence 1908
Hotel Baker 1911
Middleburgh 1915
River Street 1905
Main Street (1950's ?)
Railroad Station
Bird's Eye View of Middleburgh
Alms House
Baker Hotel
Traver Hotel
Post Office
Iron Bridge
Covered Bridge
Schoharie River
Vromans Nose
Main Street
River Street
Timothy Murphy Monument
M. E. Church
Middleburgh High School
St. Mark's Lutheran Church
Dutch Reformed Church
Hop Pickers
Huntersland Church
Huntersland Creamery
Huntersland School


Birdseye View of Richmondville
Main St
Lutheran Church
Railroad Ave
High Street Bridge
Business District
Paper Mill Pond
Beaver Pond
Train Wreck
Indian Trail
Historical Marker - Warnerville - Battle of Cobleskill
1912 Ice Jam - Warnerville
West Street - Dorloo


Old Stone Fort
Old Stone Fort Patriot Engravings
Doctor's Rig and Medicine Pouch
Schoharie's First Auto
Old Fire Fighting Wagon
Old Coach
Old Ironsides Cannon
Schoharie Post Office
Schoharie County Bank
Main St.
Main and Bridge St.
Grand St.
Knower St.
Schoharie from Rt. 30
Parrott House
Hotel Thomas
W. M. Preston Jewelry
J. H. Boyce & Son
Farquher & Case
Edward E. DeNoyelles Dry Goods
Wright and Borst
Gebhard Residence
Bowdish-Cove Co. Building
High School
Old House, built 1748
Col. Peter Vroman House
Cushing Library
Niagara Hall
Lasell House, D.A.R. Hall
Lasell Park
County Court House
County Clerk's Office
Schoharie River
Schoharie Valley
Schoharie Flats
View at Schoharie River Bridge
Concrete Bridge
Fox Creek Bridge
Iron Bridge
Covered Bridge
Distributing Reservoir
The Rocks
Swarts Tavern
View of Schoharie from Sunny Side
View of Schoharie from Terrace Mt
View of Schoharie Valley and Terrace Mountain
Birds' Eye View of Schoharie
View near Schoharie
Dayton Hill
Schoharie Depot
Primitive Baptist Church
M. E. Church
St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Old Lutheran Parsonage
Lutheran Cemetery
St. Joseph's Church
Dutch Reformed Church
Presbyterian Church
Soldiers' Monument
Grand Stand and Race Track (1906)
Greetings from Central Bridge
Main St., Central Bridge
M. E. Church, Central Bridge
Lutheran Church and Parsonage, Central Bridge
Ottmans Mill, Central Bridge
Ottman Park, Central Bridge
Austin House, Central Bridge
Central Bridge House
Business Mens Camp
Schoharie River and Iron Bridge, Central Bridge
Schoharie River and RR Bridge, Central Bridge
Pike Hole, Central Bridge


Main Street
Bird's Eye View
Maple Street (Park Ave)
Seward Milk Station
Hyndsville Main Street
Hyndsville Union Hotel
Hyndsville Sawmill
Hyndsville Hop Pickers
Hyndsville Farm Scene


Sharon Springs Episcopal Church and Parsonage
Sharon Springs M. E. Church
Sharon Springs Pavilion Hotel
White Sulphur Spring and Baths
Hotel Washington
The Eldredge
Walk on Pavilion St in Sharon Springs
Pavilion Ave in Sharon Springs
Band Stand
Ravine Road in Sharon Springs
Main St. in Sharon Springs
Bird's Eye View of Sharon Springs
Stage Coach
Hop Picking in Sharon Springs
High School in Sharon Springs


School House, Eminence - early postcard
First Baptist Church
Lutheranville Post Office - 2 early views
Summit Village
Four Corners (ca 1910)
Drive to the Lake (1909)
Summit Lake
Bear Gulch Pond
Main St. in Summit
Summit Church (1911)
Silvernaile Quarry, Charlotteville (1895)
M.E. Church, Charlotteville


Main St, Gallupville
Factory Street, Gallupville
Gallupville house, Gallupville
High School, Gallupville
O. F. Plank General Merchandise, Gallupville

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