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Revolutionary War
15th Regiment

Source - FERNOW, Berthold, and Edmond B. O'Callaghan, ed. New York State Archives: "Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New York, Vol XV, New York in the Revolution, vol I." Albany, NY State Library University: Weed, Parsons and Co., 1887. Reprinted. NY: AMS Press., 1969. Reprinted. Cottonport, Louisiana: Polyanthus, 1972. 

(I have standardized the ranks for consistency, the names are has entered by Fernow. Formatted for ease of reading. 
The first date below is probably October 20, 1775) - Glen Swartz

p273 (Levies and Militia)

FIFTEENTH REGIMENT--(United Districts of Schoharie and Duanesburgh) 

Col Peter Vrooman }re-appointed 20 Feb 1778 
Lt Col Peter W. Ziele }re-appointed 20 Feb 1778 
1st Major Thomas Eckerson }re-appointed 20 Feb 1778 
2d Major Jost Becker }re-appointed 20 Feb 1778 
Adjutant Lawrence Schoolcraft }re-appointed 20 Feb 1778 
Qr Master Peter Ball }re-appointed 20 Feb 1778 

1st Company 
Capt George Man 
1st Lt. Christ'n Stubrag
2d Lt. John Dominack 
Ens'n Jacob Snyder 

2d Company 
Capt Jacob Hager 
1st Lt. Martin Van Slyck 
2d Lt. Joh's W. Bauch
Ens'n Joh's L. Lawyer 

3d Company 
Capt Geo. Rechtmyer }re-appointed 20 Feb 1778 
1st Lt. Joh's J. Lawyer }re-appointed 20 Feb 1778 
2d Lt. Martin W. Ziele }re-appointed 20 Feb 1778 
Ens'n Joh's Lawyer Bellinger }re-appointed 20 Feb 1778 

Changes in the Regiment 
February 20, 1778 
Ephraim Vrooman, 1st Lt, } Heeger's Co. 
Cornelius Feeck, 2d Lt, } Heeger's Co. 
Peter Swart, Ens'n } Heeger's Co. 
Dirck Miller, Capt of the Company where he resides 
John Meyers, 1st Lt. 
Wm. Kniskern 2d Lt. 
Peter Van Antwerpen, Ens'n 
Christ'n Stubragh, Capt 
Jacob Snyder, 1st Lt. 
Joh's Dietz, 2d Lt. 
Jacob W. Enders, Ens'n. 
Christian Brown, Capt. 
Hendrick Borst, 1st Lt. 
Jacob Borst, 2d Lt. 
Joh's H. Scheffer, Ens'n. 
Storm Becker, Capt of a Company in this Reg't in and about Batavia. 
Peter Hager, 1st Lt. 
Peter Rightmeyer, 2d Lt. 
Isaac Becker, Ens'n. 

October 30, 1778 
John Enders, Ens'n, Strubragh's Co vice Jacob W. Enders, declined. 
Nich's Warner, Ens'n Brown's Co., vice Scheffer.

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