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Signature Quilt

Signature Quilt

The following are names copied from the Signature Quilt made for Rev. George W. Martin sometime in the 1870s. Each block has the name of a lady who lived in the Gilboa-West Conesville area at that time. There is one square in which stars are embroidered for those who had been killed in the Civil War. This quilt was made by the ladies of the church and given to the Martin family when Rev. George W. Martin, the Methodist minister at the time, left the area for another church. Quilt is not dated. Martin family history says George W. Martin was minister at Eminence Circuit, Methodist Episcopal Church, NY Conference, Prattsville Dist., 1863-1887. East Jewett 1867-68, Blenheim, Eminence, Bloomville 1874-76; Gilboa, Pine Hill, Cloverville, Ashland, Davenport 1888-1892, and Summit 1893.
This quilt is in the possession of a descendant of Rev. George W. Martin, and the information was forwarded to the Schoharie County NYGenWeb page by a cousin of this descendant, who wishes to remain anonymous.



Names from the Signature Quilt

? ? Brainard
Emma O. Howard
Jennie? Howard
Eva J. Kingsley
V. Rogers
Mrs. Emma Murphy
Mrs. C.A. Murphy
Anna Vandusen
Wiley ? Howard
Bertha Hanver
Hemera ? Mattice
? Russel
Lolly M. Dingman
T. Rogers
Ida M. Dingman
Lois Vandusen
E. J. Frazer
R. Vandusen
Grace E. McGary ?
Sara A. Carpenter
Flora Hanver
S. C. Howard
E. L. Howard
Maggie Murphy
Poormela ? Hagadorn
Mary D. Hamond
Mrs. Joseph Dingman
L. L. ? Memark ?
Mrs. Seth Hubbard
Helen Brainard
Thee? B. Finch ?
Pam ? Carpenter
E. Hammond Jun
Berta Southard
? ?eogie
Embroidered: Union ? Stars, for soldiers killed in Civil War

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