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The following information came from the pamphlet that was published by the Beard's Hollow Society in August of 1965 with an acknowledgement to George Van Schaick for access to scrapbooks & photos. The committee for a memorial booklet was Margaret Umberger, Frances R. Putman, Nellie G. Crosby. Candy Bender, February 24, 1998

Marriages of Beard's Hollow Residents

Alvinzo Mann to Elizabeth Burnett- Jan 5, 1879. Both of Beard's Hollow.

Menzo Yanson to Eleanor Dox- Dec 30, 1879. Both of Beard's Hollow.

Alonzo Gordon to Mary Atkins- Jan 13, 1881. Gordon of B. H., Atkins non-B. H.

Charles Cross to Ellen Van Valen- Oct 10, 1881. Cross non- B. H., Van Valen B.H.

Willard Dibble to Sylvania Dox- Dec 18, 1881. Both of Beard's Hollow.

James Lockwood to Lottie Eldrage- Jan 1, 1882. Both of Beard's Hollow.

Samuel Mann to Amada Phillip- Jan 14, 1882. Both of Beard's Hollow.

Myron Shultus to Ida Fuller- April 13, 1882. Shultus of Warnerville, Fuller of Beard's Hollow.

Jacob Dox to Nettie Phillips- Dec 12, 1882. Both of Beard's Hollow.

John Salisbury (?) to Minnie Becker- Sept 21, 1884. Becker of Beard's Hollow.

Sylvester Shumway to Carrie E Thomas- April 11, 1886. Shumway of Carlville, Thomas of B. H.

Ephraim Thomas to Agnes Shumway- Oct 25, 1887. Thomas of Beard's Hollow, Shumway of Carlville.

Charles E Baldwin to Ela M Rockerfeller- Dec 25, 1888. Baldwin of Worcester, Rockerfeller of Worcester

Elmer J Skinner to Letie Baldwin- June 1891. Skinner of East Worcester, Baldwin of Beard's Hollow

Howard Hodgson to Ella McLaughlin- Mar 12, 1890. Hodgson of B. H., McLaughlin of Cobleskill

Schuyler D Phillips to Luela M Conro- Nov 19, 1892. Phillips of B. H., Conro of Richmondville

George B Walker to Minnie Woodbeck- Dec 21, 1892. Walker of Summit, Woodbeck of B. H.

David Bice to ELda Clapper- Mar 29, 1894. Bice of Beard's Hollow, Clapper of Richmondville

Chauncey Stever to May E Baldwin- Sept 11, 1895. Stever of NYC, Baldwin of B.H.

Amanuel Shafer to Alice Lape- May 13, 1896. Shafer of Richmondville, Lape of Beard's Hollow

Alvin G Eldredge to Lula D Snyder- Nov 26, 1896. Eldredge of B. H., Snyder of Summit

William Lape to Hattie A Dox- Dec 23, 1896. Both of Beard's Hollow.

Norman N Becker to Anna Della Kilts- Dec 23, 1896. Both of Beard's Hollow

Myron Radliff to Minida R Groat- Feb 14, 1900. Radliff of Richmondville, Groat of Beard's Hollow

Arthur J Niles to Ida Baldwin- May 1, 1900. Niles of Cobleskill, Baldwin of Beard's Hollow

Leroy F Lockwood to Daisie Neer- Nov 5, 1902, Lockwood of Beard's Hollow, Neer of Fairland

Ford J Lockwood to Ethel B Rose- Sept 30, 1903. Lockwood of Beard's Hollow, Rose of Warnerville

Smith Vandenberg to Polly Becker- Jan 14, 1908. Both of Beard's Hollow
(Last in the record book dated Jan 18, 1825)

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