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Lutheran Church of Town of Summit at Lutheranville
contributed by Jeff Lape

Elections and proceedings of the Vestry

After a due legal notice the members of the Church, such as were willing to aid in supporting the same met October 14, 1822 at the house of Charles Neer Sr. and elected the following persons to constitute the Vestry of the Church.

Trustees: William Mylius, 3 years, Samuel Lape, 2 years, John I. Morrison, 1 year.

Deacons: Andrew Lape and John I. Schermerhorn

Elders: Charles Neer Sr. and Abijah Warner

Sept. 28, 1823 public notice was given that an election is to be held at the house of Charles Neer Oct. 18, next for one trustee in the place of John I. Morrison and for one elder in the place of Abijah Warner who has removed from the place, which notice was as follows:
to wit: The members and supporters of this congregation are invited to attend at the house of Charles Neer Sr. on Saturday the 18th Oct. next at two o’clock in the afternoon to elect one elder in the place of Abijah Warner who hath removed from this place and one trustee.

Minutes of the meeting of the Vestry held at the house of Charles Neer Sr. Present: William Mylius, Samuel Lape, John I. Morrison, Andrew Lape, John I. Schermerhorn, Charles Neer Sr., and the Rev. Ernest L. Haselim.

(1) On motion it was resolved to request the Rev. George A. Lintner for a copy of the church regulations which he hath composed for the use of his congregation, and that Mr. Samuel Neer be defined to lay this resolution of the Vestry before Mr. Litner.

(2) On motion it was resolved, that said regulation be copied in this church book, to be read at a convenient time to the members of the congregation and they be requested to sign the same.

(3) On resolution it was resolved, that it is the wish of the Vestry, that the Rev. Ernest L. Haselim would find Mr. Pole hereafter at the regular times to this place to preach to the congregation and that a subscription shall be set on foot to see how much can be made up in the congregation for said preaching.



List of Members made out In 1839:


1 Andrew Lape dead
2 Samuel Lape dead
3 Samuel Lape Jr.
4 Jacob Lape
5 Andrew Lape Jr.
6 Jacob P. Lape
7 Samuel Neer dead
8 Charles I. Neer
9 George Neer
10 Samuel Neer Jr.
11 George Neer Jr.
12 Abram Dingman dead
13 Peter Brazie
14 John Van Buren dead
15 Jacob S. Van Tyle
16 Henry Becker removed
17 Martin Sperbeck dead
18 Peter Sperbeck
19 Waitsell Cleaveland dead
20 Jacob Wilcox
21 John Silvernail dead
22 Abram Silvernail removed
23 Ezra Mudge dead
24 William Hittle removed
25 Jacob Harrington dead
26 Barent Ockempack removed
27 David Harrington
28 Abram Harrington dead
29 Jacob Harrington, Jr.
30 George Harrington dead
31 Barent Fridendale dead
32 Aaron Fridendale removed
33 Barent Fridendale, Jr. expelled
34 Henry Haverley dead
35 Ira Clark removed
36 Samuel Spurbeck
37 George Spurbeck removed
38 John Spurbeck withdrawn
39 Ralph Schermerhorn dead
40 Jesse Boughton dead
41 Joseph Mc Kibbins dead
42 William Mylius dead
43 John I. Morrison dead
44 Philip Oliver removed
45 …….Minkler
46 Hiram Dibble by vote 1857
47 Amos Beldon
48 John Dible

Female Members

1 Elizabeth Lape dead
2 Lany Lape
3 Catherine Neer
4 Lucinda Neer dead
5 Hanah Neer dead
6 Catherine Deerstein dead
7 Cornelia Neer dead
8 Sarah Morrison
9 Mary Lape
10 Magdalin Fridendale dead
11 Abbisena Quail
12 Elizabeth Fox
13 Mary Cleaveland dead
14 Sally Lape
15 Elizabeth Lape
16 Maria Van Buren
17 Sally Cook
18 Charity Spurbeck
17 Hanah Hyser
18 Ann Catherine Wilcox dead
19 Malinda Brazie
20 Philinda Mudge dead
21 Martha Mc Kibbins
22 Mary Fox
23 Jiny Moot
24 Miss Maria Van Buren
25 Miss Harriet Boughton
26 Hanah Ochempock dismissed by letter
27 Satina Snook
28 Miss Rachel Brazie
29 Betsy Oliver
30 Betsy Van Buren
31 Margaret White removed
32 Anny Mylius dead
33 Miss Catherine Neer
34 Miss Eliza Becker
35 Hanab Schermerhorn
36 Sally Borghton removed
37 Johannah Fox removed
38 Jane Broker removed
39 Catherine Harrington
40 Olive Moot
41 Ephrasena Neer dead
42 Abigail Boughton
43 Polly Butler dead
44 Adah Spurbeck
45 Eliza Morrison
46 ...Hallenbeck
47 Miss Hanah Lape
48 Julia Dingrnan removed
49 Miss Catherine Warner
50 Hanah Dingman removed
51 Catherine Minkler
52 Catherine Dibble
53 Mary Jane Dunken removed
54 Abagail Turk dead
55 Susan Nittle (?) removed
56 Elizabeth Jackson dead
57 ....Clarke
58 Charity Woodbeck removed
59 ...Houghtaling removed
60 Delila Houghtaling removed
61 Mrs. Coss dead
62 Mary Campaign dead
63 Nancy Campaign removed
64 Nelly Spurbeck
65 Catherine Oliver removed
66 Moot
67 Betsy Post removed
68 ....Harrington
69 Catherine Spurbeck dead
70 Harriet Clark removed
71 Miss Charity Harrington
72 Elizabeth Harrington
73 Miss Sally Fridendale
74 Lucretia Haverley removed
75 Margaret Campaign removed
76 Butler
77 Schermerhorn
77 Catherine Smith
78 Miss Catherine Wilsey
79 Nelly Taber
80 Miss Sally Ann Post dead
81 Miss Post
82 Nelly Silvernail
83 Salome Butler
84 Betsy Lape
85 Minkler
86 Elizabeth Woodbeck
87 . . ..Becker
88 Rider
89 Mrs. Ellen Near removed by letter 1827
90 Malinda M. Moot by letter June 11, 1854
91 Mary Beau by letter
93 Niram Yancer and wife
94 John S. Lape Jan. 16, 1859
95 Aurilla Lape
96 John Wunderling dead
97 Mary Wunderling
98 Lany Spurbeck
99 Mrs. Benjamin Spurbeck removed
100 Mrs Abram Dingman
101 Mr. David Harrington dead
102 Gitty Jane Dible
103 Loisa Terpening removed
104 Delila Terpening


Samuel Lape
Lany Lape
Lucinda Neer
George Neer
Jacob A. Lape
Andrew Lape & Cynthy Lape
George G. Neer
Martin Spurbeck
Peter Spurbeok
Ada Spurbeck
Samuel Spurbeck
Catherine Spurbeck
Jacob Wilcox
Catherine A. Wilcox
Jacob H. Harrington
Catherine Harrington
Mrs. Catherine Harrington
David Harrington
Jacob P. Harrington
Lany Harrington
Hiram T. Harrington
Elizabeth Harrington
Mrs. Elizabeth Harrington
John Wharton
Prudence Lape (Mrs. J. Wharton)
Hiram Dibble
Catherine Dibble
John Dibble
Mary Dibble
Amos D. Beldon
Sally Beldon
William Campaign & wife
Mrs. D. Hallenbeck
Mrs. H. Smith
Catherine Hanson
John S. Lape & wife
Delila Lape
Louisian Neer
Cyrus Neer & wife
Betsy Oliver
Hannah Oliver
Sally Cook
Catherine Brown
Magdalin Fridendall
Hannah Lape
Elizabeth Lape
Folly Fox
Elizabeth Fox
Folly Butler
Elizabeth Morrison
Henry Nicols
Melinda Moot
Matias Reice
Mary Reice
Hiram Fancire
Gity I. Dibble
Jane Lape
Mary Mudge
Samuel Bruce
Betsy Marshell
Richard Bruce
Mary E. Bruce
Nicholas Karker
Mary L. Lape
John S. Cornell
Susetty Harrington
(Note: This list or names showed neither date or name of Pastor.)

FEBRUARY THE 27th 1876

Having had communion at the Lutheran Church of Summit the following members were added to the Church rolls.

Charles Rose Baptized by Sprinkling
Lena C. Rose " "
Joseph Dibble " "
Harriet Dibble " "
Sylvester Smith " "
Martha E. Smith " "
Edmond Fox " "
Lany A. Fox " "
Thomas Lape " "
Pheobe Lape " "
Ella Wharton " "
Anna Wharton " "
Clarra E. Wharton " "
Lana Ellis " "
Philip H. Harrington " "
Lany A. Lape " "
Avena E. Bruce " "
Lucy 0. Terpening " "
Mary Lape " "


Barney Fridendall Reinstated

MARCH 25th. 1871

Sylvester Lape
John J. Snook
Nary J. Snook

JULY 27th 1873

Emely C. Fancher


Jacob P. Wilcox
Hannah A. Wilcox
John Dibble
Nary Dibble
Peter Spurbeck
Ada Spurbeck
John J. Snook
Mary J. Snook
Jacob A. Lape
Amos D. Belden
Sally Belden
Pheba Lape
Elizabeth Fox
Sylvester Lape
Lany A. Lape
William Campaign
Kary Fox
Sarnuel Spurbeok
Catherine Spurbeck
David Harrington
Catherine Hanson


James Sperbeck
Charity A. Sperbeck
Smith P. Cermond
Sarah A. Germond
Albert Dibble
Jane Dibble
Charles S. Dibble
Lovina 0. Dibble
Menzo Dibble
Rochel Dibble
Hiram D. Haner
Adriet Haner
Hiram Brown
George C. Bruce
George W. Lape
Minnie King
Ersula Terpening
Lottie M. Fridendall
Margaret Sperbeok
Emma Quail
Achsa Terpening
Ettie Osborn
Alice Dibble
Delight Baker
Estelle Haner
Fylena Bruce
Eli Bruce
Ann E. Bruce
Hariet E. Goodenough
Suzetta Harrington Joined by letter Dec. 8, 1878
William V. Simpson


Lizzie Smith
Amanda Gardner
Frank E. Goodenough
Jacob H. Woodbeck
Peter Turk
Adaline Fancher
George Lape
Harriet Lape


John Seisson & wife
Margie Osborne
Jennie Terpening
Luella Sperbeck
Maggie Dibble
Sarah Lape
Mary Lape
George Husted
James Fancher
Annie Dibble
Lucy Jane Sisson


Mrs. Jane Reise

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