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Gilboa Reformed Church Records

The Gilboa Reformed Church records have not yet been transcribed and contributed to the Schoharie County GenWeb site. However we do have submitted notes regarding the records.


Submitted February 15, 2007 - Lynne Secrest

I have been 30 years trying to prove the family records and Page Taylor Hoagland's bio to be correct. Although I still have not seen the original record, this will be helpful to "cousins" who are researching. In addition, I am certain that Aurelia is the daughter, Orril (and variations), of Samuel
Tower and Betsey Thomas of Worthington, Hampshire, MA.

Dear Ms. Secrest,

I have not been able to find the whereabouts for the records of that
time period, but a notation in our copy of the transcription confirms
your suspicion. Inserted in the binding with the page saying Abraham
Bloodgood married Aurelia James is a hand-written note reading:

"Catskill Recorder Mch 19, 1823 at Broome on the 7th inst. By the Rev.
Mr. Paige, Mr. Abraham Bloodgood to Miss Aurelia Tower"
"Abraham Bloodgood mar Aurelia Tower and not Aurelia James. She was a
sister to my grand-mother, Elizabeth Tower"
"Mrs. Mary J. Sibley, Syracuse, N.Y."

Rather than skipping a line I think it more likely the transcriber may
have simply misread "Tower" as "James"; in early 19th century
handwriting the two could look very similar.

The marriage actually would have occurred in the Reformed Church of
Dye's Manor, Town of Broome, NY- it did not become the Reformed Church
of Gilboa until about 1836. The original copy of the church records from
1838 onwards are at the archives of the Reformed Church in America,
located at the Sage Library of New Brunswick Theological Seminary in New
Brunswick, NJ. See their list of holdings at
<> Unfortunately
they do not seem to have records for the earlier history under either
Dye's Manor or Broome. The archivist there, however, may be able to give
you more information about where they may be. There is an information on
the archives at

Thank you for your inquiry. I hope this response is helpful.
Edward H.L. Smith
Director of the Library and Research
New York Genealogical and Biographical Society

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