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(Source: The Bloomville Mirror, October 16, 1863 p.3 c.3. Transcribed from NYSHA microfilm.)

Transcribed by Linda Robinson

NOTE: That given what I've read about the lottery experience in Delaware Co. most of the men listed here likely did NOT go to war for a variety of reasons including payment of a commutation, furnishing a substitute, parental objection, being the only son of aged or infirmed parents, being over 35 and married, having 2 brothers in the army; being physically or mentally unfit for duty, being under 20 yrs., being enlisted, being discharged from army since March 3d, being the father of a motherless child or being that the quota had been met through volunteers filling the ranks.

Linda Robinson

BLENHEIM ( 126 ballots in the wheel -- 27 drawn)

Ackerman, Wm. S. 
Carl, Sidney
Champlin, Stanton
Cunniff, Stephen L.
Cass, James (colored)
Delany, James
Decker, James S.
Ellison, Louis
Efner, Lorenzo D.
Harris, George
Jude, Lyman R. 
Kniskern, Hamilton
Louck, Dennis
Yanson, Gerrit
Mattice, George
Peasla, Thomas
Snyder, Wm. H.
Shelmandine, John
Stevens, Asa
Snyder, __
Vroman, Cornelius
Van Vleek, John
Winne, Stephen
Walles, John
Wood, John
Williams, John H.
Warner, Henry

GILBOA (225 ballots in the wheel -- 55 drawn)

Kennedy, Alex. H.
Dyer, Calvin 2d
Hicks, Levi
Lee, Patrick
Rifenberg, Thomas
Ingraham, George H.
Simons, Wm. W.
Buell, A.K.
Ruland, Sylvester W.
Tinklepaugh, Abram
Brainard, Wm. V.O.
Finnegan, Michael
Barnum, Joseph
Picket, Aaron
Felter, Hiram
Dart, Ezra
Bullis, Heman
McMullin, John
Stevens, David
Thron, Lorenzo
Hicks, Walter C.
Stanley, Wm. M.
Bailey, David L.
Spore, Edgar
Roe, Avery
Proper, Maynard
Seelye, Delos A.
Stevens, John
Sager, Jacob
Merchant, Charles
Toles, Ira
Brown, Harvey J.
Stewart, Phineas A.
Fuller, George W.
Picket, David
Cookingham, Peter F.
Acker, David
Roe, John Jr.
Rowley, Charles
Conklin, Chauncey
Vaughn, Ezekiel
Merchant, James H.
Patchin, Benjamin H.
Galluy, John V.
Beard, Albert
Phincle, Levi G.
Patchin, Caleb Jr.

JEFFERSON (181 ballots in the wheel -- 47 drawn)

Fanning, Nelson
Mayham, Cornelius
Ruliffson, Calvert J.
Lownes, David
Johnson, Edgar
Kelly, Patrick
McCabe, Kiron
Houghtailing, Jacob
Becker, Gideon
Coons, Elisha
Chichester, David T.
Moon, John W.
Tibbets, Ezekiel F.
Stannard, Cleophus
Meaby, Wm. H.
Rowe, Lorin
Coonley, John E.
Johnson, Cornelius
Kingsley, James
Adams, John Q.
Shaver, Frederick
Sprague, John E.
Shaw, John E.
Stryker, Abram
Kinney, James
Wood, Jephat L.
Mattice, Henry M.
Place, Stephen
Moir, Franklin
Burch, Willard O.
Cornell, Wm. H.
Bailey, Amos
Yeomans, George M.
Cantine, Wm. L.
Shafer, Wesley
Wood, Stephen L.
Ellerson, Delos
Nautrop, Charles H.
Stillwell, Richard
Smith, George
Wood, James
Kingsley, Ferdinand L.
Hagadorn, Francis
Rowe, Sanford P.
Howard, Martin D.
Bullock, Wm. L.
Conard, Thomas L.
Simonson, James F.
Mayhaw, Thomas
Williams, George W.
Oakley, John H.
Mattier, Paul
Cline, Abram
Kingsley, David C.
Cornell, John W.

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