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Index of NY Cities, Towns, and Villages and populations in 1890

As our Schoharie County ancestors moved about in the late 1800's it is often important that we have information at hand about the geography and demographics of the entire state in order to understand their movements. For that reason we have included a listing of all the cities, towns, and villages in the state in 1890. The information in the following pages comes from an 1890's era atlas of the United States (publisher unknown). The following is an alphabetical list of every county, city, town, village and post-office in New York State, and shows the population of the same according to the census of 1890. There are some small places whose population was taken together with the civil district in which they are located, and the exact figure being unknown left blank. The data are broken up into four sections for the entire state and a fifth section is dedicated to Schoharie County. Data transcription was graciously provided by Roger Smith.

Schoharie Towns

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