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91st NY Infantry List

Information keyed in and submitted by Matthew Porter.

Nearly all of the following information was obtained from the book Military Records of Schoharie County Veterans of Four Wars by George H. Warner Albany NY Weed, Parsons and Company Printers 1891.


The 91st New York Infantry was organized in the fall of 1861, with head-quarters at Albany, NY. It left that city on the 20th day of December, and landed at Governor's Island, NY and embarked from that place on the steamer "Ericsson" for Key West, Florida. The regiment remained at Key West on garrison duty until May 20, when it embarked on the steamer "Philadelphia" for Pensacola. From Pensacola it was transferred to New Orleans, and afterward to Baton Rouge and Bayou Teche. Served in the Teche country under General Wetzel until May of 1863, when it joined the Union forces in the siege of Port Hudson. After the surrender of that place in July, the regiment returned to Donaldsonville, where it took a hand in sending Dick Taylor to the "right about". Returned to Camp Parapet, and from there to Brashear City, where it remained until July 12, when those members who had re-enlisted came home on veteran furlough via Cairo, Ill. At the expiration of their furlough they reported at Albany and were ordered to Fort McHenry, Baltimore. During the months of August, September and October, a large number of recruits were enrolled in the regiment. The regiment remained at Fort McHenry until February 8, 1865, when all but Company E embarked by steamer for City Point, and became a part of the army under General Grant, and participated in the battles of Gravelly Run, Five Forks, and South Side railroad. As an organization it was discharged from the United States service, June 10, 1865 and its members were mustered out a few weeks later at Albany. But few men from Schoharie county enlisted at the organization of the regiment in 1861, but under the calls of 1864 a large number were enrolled, notably in Company B. Colonel Fox gives the total deaths in the regiment as 298 of which 113 were killed or died of wounds.

The following is a list of Schoharie County veterans who served in the 91st New York Infantry. Veterans from other counties are listed in the notes at the end of this page. Only the listings highlighted have been confirmed (or this will bring up a contact address). This is intended to be a starting place and in no way is a complete listing at this time. If you have a relative from Schoharie County NY who served in the 91st NY Infantry please let us know so we can add them to the list. Likewise, if you find a relative on the list please contact us to confirm their involvement. You may send info to either Matthew Porter or Doug Boyer

NAME                  COMPANY   RESIDENCE      NOTES

ANDREWS, Henry           H      Schoharie      killed at Sutherland Station, Five Forks                                           
BAIRD, Ezra J. H.        K      Jefferson      Discharged June 21 1865                                                            
BAIRD, George W.         B      Jefferson      Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
BARTON, Alonzo           B      Schoharie      Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
BARTON, Theodore         D      Schoharie      Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
BECHT, Louis             B      Summit         Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
BENEDICT, Calvin         F      Schoharie      Discharged June 22, 1865                                                           
BERNER, John             A      Schoharie      Discharged May 29 1865                                                             
BICE, Henry              B      Fulton         died at Washington DC June 5, 1865
BICE, Levi M             A                     see note below
BORST, Bengamin I.       A      Schoharie      Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
BOUGHTON, James N.       B      Richmondville  Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
BRADLEY, John            B      Richmondville  wounded Hatcher's Run, died April 19, 1865                                         
BREMMER, Ambrose         B      Summit         Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
BROWN, Charles           B      Summit         died Key West Florida                                                              
BROWN, J. Harvey         B      Jefferson      died Brashear City, LA, October 16, 1863                                           
BRUCE, Benjamin F.       B      Jefferson      Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
BUCK, Ezekiel            B      Jefferson      mustered out in July 1865                                                          
BUCK, Ezra A.            B      Jefferson      died December 14, 1864                                                             
BURTON, David W.         B      Blenheim       discharged June 26, 1865                                                           
BURTON, James            B      Blenheim       discharged June 2, 1865                                                            
COLEMAN, Alonzo Sherman	 H	Gilboa	       enlisted August 16, 1864 at age 16 in Gilboa, discharged June 13, 1865 at Whitehall Hospital in Philadelphia, PA
CRAFT,  Reuben           B      Jefferson      enlisted September 2, 1864                                                         
CROSS, John B            B      Wright         Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
CROSS, Joseph            B      Wright         Corporal, died Cairo Illinois July 18, 1865                                        
DENOYELLS, Daniel        F      Middleburg     Discharged June 26, 1865                                                           
DENOYELLS, Peter         I      Middleburg     Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
DINGMAN, Gideon          B      Summit         Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
DINGS, David             H      Schoharie      Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
DRIGGS, Elias            B      Broome         died Fort Henry November 11, 1864                                                  
DYKEMAN, Peter R.        B      Jefferson      Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
EFNER, Jack              F      Middleburg     POW at Convalescent Camp , Brashear City, LA                                       
EGGLESTON, Henry         B      Jefferson      enlisted January 1, 1861                                                           
EGGLESTON, Herman        B      Jefferson      Discharged August 1862                                                             
FISHER, Joseph           B      Summit         Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
FOX, Charles             B      Summit         Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
GALLAGHER, William       B      Jefferson      discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
GARDNER, Richard         D      Fulton         wounded April 1 1865, discharged June 1865                                         
GOLDEN, James            E      Schoharie      Discharged July 3, 1865                                                            
HADSELL, Elijah          B      Richmondville  Discharged June 10, 1865                                               
HEMSTREET                K      Schoharie      see note below      
HETHERINGTON, Joseph     B      Jefferson      enlisted October 14, 1861, died Key West Florida                                   
HICKS, Reuben            B      Summit         Sergeant, Discharged June 10, 1865                                                 
HOGABOOM, Bradford       B      Wright         Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
HOWIE, James E.          B      Summit         Brevet Second Lieutenant, Discharged July 3, 1865                                  
HUBBARD, James H.        B      Jefferson      Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
HUBBARD, Newton          B      Jefferson      wounded at Hatcher's run discharged June 10, 1865                                  
JEFFERS, Hiram           B      Summit         Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
JOHNSON, Charles         E      Carlisle       discharged March 4, 1862 disability, re-enlisted Co. F 14th NY Cavalry             
JOHNSON, Wellington      B      Summit         died Pensacola Florida August 8, 1862                                              
KENNEDY, William         B      Jefferson      Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
LANDIS, Enos Y           B      Summit         wounded at Hatcher's or Gravelly Run discharged June 13, 1865                      
LAMPMAN, Martin V.       D                     enrolled January 1, 1864, Discharged June 13, 1865 at Annapolis, Maryland
LAPE, Harmon             B      Summit         Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
LETCHER, Henry           D      Schoharie      Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
LINCOLN, David           B      Summit         died May 17, 1865 of Typhoid fever in Washington DC                                
LINES, Milo M.           B      Jefferson      Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
LOEPER, C.O. Herman      B      ?              Discharged July 3, 1865
MAYBEE, Jeremiah         K      Fulton         Discharged May 31, 1865                                                            
MEEK, John R             B      Summit         Discharged May 29, 1865                                                            
MERENESS, Lyman D.       B      Sharon         wounded Battle of Five Forks discharged June 10, 1865                              
MERENESS, Melvin         B      Sharon         Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
MITCHELL, Stephen        B      Summit         Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
MORRIS, David            B      Summit         shot at Hatcher's Run and discharged                                               
MORRIS, William          B      Summit         Musician, age 16 died May 31, 1865 son of David                                    
ODELL, Albert            B      Summit         Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
OSBORN, George W.        B      Richmondville  wounded at Five Forks, discharged June 10, 1865                                    
PALMATIER, Alexander     D      Fulton?
PATRICK, Richard         F      Cobbleskill    Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
PERRY, George A..        B      Richmondville  Discharged June 18, 1865                                                           
PORTER, Aretas Stanton   B      Broome         discharged July 3, 1865                                                            
REED, David Y            B      Jefferson      wounded at Hatcher's Run, discharged June 22, 1865                                 
RELYEA, John             D      Carlisle       died of brain fever May 16 1862                                                    
RICHTMYER, David         B      Middleburg     discharged June 29, 1865                                                           
ROCKERFELLER, Madison    B      Summit         Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
RODMAN, Ebenezer Y.      B      Summit         Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
ROE, Avery               B      Summit         Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
ROE, Henry               B      Fulton         Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
SAGENDORF, Jonas         B      Schoharie      Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
SALISBURY, James         B      Fulton         Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
SALISBURY, Robert        B      Jefferson      Discharged September 27, 1863                                                      
SCHERMERHORN, Alexander  B      Summit         died Albany NY in 1861                                                             
SHUMWAY, Sylvester       B      Richmondville  Discharged by special orders July 15, 1865                                         
SIMMONS, Edward J.       E      Esperance      enlisted September 13, 1864                                                        
SPAULDING, Amasa J.      B      Summit         First Lieutenant, discharged July 5, 1865                                          
SPORE, Wesley            B      Jefferson      discharged March 3, 1862                                                           
SWARTHOUT, James         A      Middleburg     died Key West Florida                                                              
TABER, Jacob H.          B      Summit         Sergeant, discharged June 10, 1865                                                 
TABER, Peleg             B      Summit         Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
TABOR. Gideon            B      Summit         Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
TAYLOR, James            E      Broome         Discharged June 19, 1865                                                           
TERPENNING, MOSES        B      Summit         Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
TOLLS (TOLES), Seabury   E      Summit         Discharged June 19, 1865                                                           
TOPPING, Charles         B      Jefferson      Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
TRUAX,  Edwin            B      Jefferson      enlisted September 17, 1864                                                        
TRUAX, David             B      Summit         enlisted October 14, 1861                                                          
TRUAX, Sylvester         B      Summit         Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
TURK, Felix              A      Schoharie      Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
WAYMAN, Jeremiah         B      Summit         enlisted October 19, 1861                                                          
WAYMAN, Levi G.          B      Summit         Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
WAYMAN, Peter A.         B      Summit         died July 1865 Belle View Hospital Washington DC                                   
WEIDMAN, Hiram           H      Middleburg     Discharged August 13, 1865                                                         
WHARTON, James           B      Richmondville  killed at battle of Five Forks VA near Ford's Mill                                 
WHEELER, Walter          B      Jefferson      wounded at Battle of Five Forks VA                                                 
WHITAKER, Albert D.      D      Schoharie      Discharged June 10, 1865                                                           
WILTEY, Issac            D      Wright         Discharged May 17, 1865                                                            
YANSEN, Henry            F      ?              died May 6, 1865                                                                   
ZEH, Jeremiah            B      Fulton         Discharged June 10, 1865


SPRING, information from Connie Sterner, October 28, 2007

DATE OF DEATH: 06/02/1865

ZION, information from Lance W. Ingmire, Regimental Historian for the 95th New York Vols. July 31, 2007

My GGG Grandfather, Ambrose Zion was in Co. B, 91st NY Vols. I have just recently discovered him and have not been to the Nat. Archives to seek his pension papers...But thought I would at least see if you wanted to add his name to your growing list of members of the 91st. I have little family info to date but I know he and his wife, Mary, are buried in Calvary Cemetery in Bethlehem, NY. Their son George served in Co. D 7th US Calvary...(post Custer !!).

I transcribed the information from a "soldiers' memorial" for Company C, 91st. Regiment, New York Vol. Infantry. The document date is unknown, but was published by Ehrgott, Forbrier & Co., Lithographer, Cincinnati, OH. The lithograph has a brief history of the 91st through Sept. 2, 1863 when the 91st. left New Orleans joining with the 131st. NY to defend Brasher City. The listing of officers and privates enlistment and discharge dates (or death date) is from 1861 to 1863 and the lithograph does state that the information is according to an 1863 act of congress.
Steve January 14, 2003

91st Regiment New York Vol. Infantry

Regimental Officers


Company Officers

First Lieut. WM. L HERWERTH

Non-Commissioned Sergeants

1st Jas. H. Danforth
2nd Edward R. Cone
3rd Jas. Rourk
4th Geo. Van Beuran
5th Henry C. Ellsworth
Edward Gill Colvur

Non- Commissioned Corporals

1st Jas. Baker
2nd Geo. M. Wilcox
3rd Wm. B. Patterson
4th Platt F. Vincent
5th Franklin Pelkey
6th Chas.Pelkey
7th Wm. Harriss
8th Walter F. Davidson


Ben. J. Stafford
Andrew Fearry


Henry Enos


Jos. Bushey
Andrew Burdow
Orson Baker
Jos. Blanchard
Jas. Boyd
Bernard Burk
Chas. Bostwick
Louis Brean
Chas. Bonton
Albert Barnhart
Alexandra Beson
Albert Couson
Thos. Cotie
Lawrence Conrice
Peter Cayenn
Daniel Carley
Geo. Childs
Enos Deal
Edward Dower
Wm. Evens
Augustus Eckhart
Harmon Fratcher
Abraham Frankfuter
Abraham Facto
John Fitzpatrick
Warren C. Faddern
Anthonhy Groesbeck
Daniel Golden
Geo. Harrison
Alonzo Haight
Thos. Hawey
Andrew Kavanagh
Julius Koniker
Edward Keay
John LaFountain
Stillman G. Lund
Andrew Legget
Jas. Legget
Jos. Legget
Geo. Lawrence
Robt. Liddle
Seymore LaPort
Michael Lymch
Gothilf Matsannhey
John McCoy
Wm. McNamara
Napoleon Newton
Henry Pelky
Geo. Perry
Merrit Pickle
Wm. Quay
Wm. Quinn
Emanuel Raw
Jos. Rivers
Richard Sprague
Christopher Searls
Myrtle D. Scripture
Christan Vatch
Ronney Vaughan
Linsday Williams
Michael White
Henry Winch
Thos. Wilcox

New Recruits

Oscar B. Foster
Thos. Jones
Patrick Harty

HEMSTREET information from Karl C. Lemmerman, Anchorage, AK April 18, 1998

My great great grandfather's brother-in-law, Russell Hemstreet (b.18 Oct 1836, Schoharie, NY; d.1 Apr 1865, Dinwiddie Co., VA), was mustered into the service of the United States as a recruit on 31 Aug 1864 at Albany, NY, in Company K, 91st Regiment of New York Veteran Volunteers, to serve one year. He was age 37, 5'6" tall with hazel eyes and brown hair. He was a carpenter by trade. He died from wounds received in action as a private serving under Capt. Mleulins (sp?). He was killed in battle at Five Forks, VA, 1 Apr 1865, as part of the 1st Brigade, 3rd Div., 5th Corps. He appears to have spent most of his 7 months of military duty on detached service as a carpenter at Fort McHenry, MD. He was the youngest son of William Hemstreet and Elizabeth Van Kleeck. He was the brother of Catherine Hemstreet who married William Mosier (my great great grandfather or my mother's mother's father's father).

SALISBURY, James; photo from Jerry Beeman, April 18, 1998

James Salisbury, Civil War Veteran Post card

SMITH information from MaryBeth Janzen, January 18, 1999

The following 3 individuals were in the 91st NY infantry. Charles Smith b. April 24, 1845 in Col Co., enlisted Sept 1864 William Edward Smith b. Oct 1, 1838 in Col. Co., enlisted Sept 1864 Abram Smith b. July 12, 1842 in Broome Co., enlisted Sept 1861 for 3 years. They were all three brothers who lived in Schodack after the war. I am not sure if they were actually from Schoharie Co. or not as they moved around a lot and could have lived there for a period of time. I am a little curious how you think 3 boys from Schodack, Ren. Co would have all ended up in the 91st if it was from Schoharie.

Here is some info from the pension file of Charles W. Smith, Co I 91st NY infantry. MaryBeth Janzen, August 20, 1999

Charles W. Smith enlisted in the 91st NY Infantry on Sept 2, 1864. He was from Castleton, NY. He was wounded in action at Gravelly Run, Va on March 31, 1865. He received a gunshot wound to the left foot at Dinwiddie Court House on above date. He was treated at City Point, VA. He was mustered out on June 10, 1865 as a private at Mason's Hill, VA. At age 45 Charles is described as 5 ft 5 inches with dark complexion, black hair and black eyes. He filed for disability on the grounds of chronis biliousness, diarrhea, and rheumatism. He gave his residences as the cities of Castleton and Wichita and occupation, carpenter. He claimed total disability.

There apparently was another Charles Smith in the same company who deserted on April 26, 1865 and his records got confused with Charles W. Smith's at one point.

Charles filed for a pension in March 10, 1891 after he had moved to Wichita, Kansas and lived at 1227 N. Market St.
He appears to have served under Capt J Frethauser and Col. Jonathan Tarbell. Charles wrote,"I contracted liver disease and rheumatism at Federal Kill, Baltimore, Maryland in the winter of 1864 and 65." Dr Samuel Hupp of Wichita wrote for him saying the since he had known him he had worked as a carpenter. ( believe that that is what his dad did also). He had known him since April of 1891 ,"at which time he was suffering with inflamation of liver and stomach, which continued from that time until the present date and that he has been totally disabled from any manuel labor." In another report he stated that Charles had epileptic seizures from 3 to 5 times every day and had not been able to walk for more than a year. BRADLEY H. VAN BUREN age 51 of 36 South Street, Troy, NY wrote that he had enlisted on the same day to the same company and he remembered Charles being sick at Federal Kill, Baltimore. He saw Dr Reynold "for the chronic diarrhea and jaudice as all of us boys had teh diahrea and jaundice and there is recollection in my mind as to have seen him walking with the aid of a cane or crutch." Raphelia Parkinson also signed this form. Charles claim was initally rejected as he couldn't fime men of his company who could testify as to the origin of his disabilites being during his enlistment. D. Evans of Kansas wrote that he had known Charles since 1883 as they worked for the same man and would lose 2 to 3 days a week to sickness. He had no use of his lower limbs and cannot stand on his feet or walk. That he has spasms frequently. James L. Hogeborn of Castleton, wrote in Nov. 1892 that he had known Charles since childhood. That he had been in sound health before the service but that he had jaundice sice. In 1876 he moved to Kansas. Warren K Fuller age 47 of Schodack wrote that he had known Charles for 35 or 40 years, that "we were boys together living in the same village of Castleton. We enlisted together in the Co. ? 91st NY Infantry...while we were at Munsors Hill that he had a sever attack of yellow jaundice and liver complaint. He was sick for a long time wiht liver trouble." John W. McKnight agae 44 of Schodack wrote that he had known Charles 35 years and that he was sick after discharge. Michael Effler age 54 of Port Chester, Westchester, NY. He had known Charles for 33 years. "I knew him before he went in the army living close by his folks and know he was a sound and healthy boy. He could not get relief from his home doctor that I recommended a German doctor in the city of Albany by the name of Shuman. I was present when Dr Shuman examined him and that he said he was in bad shape that his liver was very much enlarged and that he did not think he could help him.That he was sick and not able to work a great deal for that time until he moved away form Castleton. I lived in the same villaabe and part of the time just across the street and he was treated here by Dr. Hogboom." Dated 1892.
Abram Smith, his brother, wrote saying he had lived int he same village until 1870 when Abram moved to Kansas. In 1876 Charles came to Wichita and lived "a near neighborhood to me" "He was in my employ from 1876 yo 1886." "Since 1886 I have seen him on an average of once a week. He is helpless and not able to use his feet or legs and has spasms and is in a bad
condition, not able to care for himself. He has a family af 3 minor children." Timothy Smith age 44 of Wichita wrote that he was a brother of Charles and they had grown up together sharing the same room. Timothy moved to Wichita in 1886 from Castleton. William Dunn age 49 of Castleton wrote in 1892. "We were boys together and that we were in the same company of I 91st NY Infantry. We lived in the same villabe after we came outof the army. That Charles was sick for a long time and was seen by Dr. Hogeborn, Dr Reynolds and Dr Shuman. A doctor's report in 1893 showed malarial poisoning and frequent attacks of epilepsy. "He is wholly incapitated for manuel labor - part of the time he requires the attendance of another person." Charles wrote in the report at age 48 and 150 lbs. (at age 46 he was 110 lbs), " I suffer sever pain in all of my joints.. I can hardly walk as my knees are stiff and I have to use crutches or a cane to keep from falling. I am short of breath and every three or four days I run off at the bowels and then I have cramps in my bowels at such time." He was unable to appear before a board in 1893 because of his physical condition.

Charles died around Nov 1898 as that was the date of his last payment. His wife and children are listed and it said I had the complete file.

Here is pension file info on Charles W. Smith's brother, Abram Smith. MaryBeth Janzen, August 20, 1999

He enlisted in Co I of the 91st NY Vol Infantry on Aug 15, 1861 as a musician. He was 5 ft 6 in with light complexion and black hair and eyes. He enlisted as a farmer but later became a carpenter. He was discharged April 2, 1864 for disability but he reenlisted in Co. D of the 10th NY infantry of Aug 22, 1864 and was discharged on June 8, 1865. After the war he lived in Wichita, Kansas , Escondito, Ca and Long Beach, Ca.  He married Cornelia P. Fairchild b. May 6, 1847 in McLean, Tompkins Co., Ny on Nov. 16, 1865 by Rev. John Claney in Schenctady. Cornelia had a sister named Kittied Bear who also lived in Long Beach, Ca in 1927. Abram died March 20, 1921 in Long Beach, Ca. In 1870 Abram was a resident of a place
that looks like Quincy.. Abram was discharged for disability described as Salivation following the treatment for Typhoid Fever in the line of duty, chronic diahrea and resultant diseases of the rectum and a bad rupture in left groin. It states that it was impossible for him to eat army rations. The disability was incurred at ?Brashian City?, ?a. in the fall of 1863. Was discharged at Albany Post Hospital. Brashion City Hospital is also mentioned.  There was a family Bible published in 1836 by H&H Phinney,
Cooperstown, NY. The writing in the Bible wass in Charles H. Smith's handwritting and Abram was listed wiht his birth date in the same writing as the 5 preceeding entries.. Charles and Dorothy were married Sept 18, 1834. They are both listed as having been born in New York. One of their daugthers married a Charles N. Chapman. Abram and Cornelia had the following children:
Frank H. Smith b. Feb10, 1867
Ettie July 30, 1869 she was not alive by 1894
Samuel Fairchild June 14, 1870 not alive in 1894
Clarence Abram Dec. 23, 1878 later lived in Long Beach
Hazel Cornelia Dec 19, 1882 later lived in Long Beach
Myrtle Elizabeth Dec 31, 1888

LOEPER information from Ray Loeper, February 4, 1999

Thought I would Drop A quick message. My Great Grandfather, C.O. Herman Loeper was a member of the 91st regt. Company B, Lieutenant at the time of his discharge on July 3, 1865. I have his diary which includes some pencil and ink sketches and also his scrapbook that has alot of info on the 91st because he became the historian of the local GAR unit. I am interrested in any history of the 91st that is available.

BORST, Benjamin  information from Borst Family Association, March 12, 1999

Benjamin J Borst of Co A 91st Inf was born 5 Nov 1826 and died 28 Feb 1877 in Ogle Co IL where he is buried in Flagg Center Cemetery. He married in 1846 and had eight children at home when he enlisted at age 38. His oldest son was 16 at the time and I presume he was able to take care of the family farm. It is interesting to speculate on the motivation of such individuals. At least two other Borsts were past 40 when they enlisted and one from Herkimer County was 50. Almost all of the Borsts descended from the 1710 Palatine immigrant Jacob H Borst lived in the north and at least 28 served in the Civil
War. However, three sons of Representative Peter Borst who represented Schoharie in congress c1838 settled in Virginia and married local girls. Two of them served in VA Confederate units during the war. One was a 1st Sgt.


PAGE information from Charles E. Page April 19, 1999

My grandfather, Levi Page, was a private in the 91st NY Inf Regt. He served from Sept 1, 1864 to June 1, 1865. Levi
served in Company 'G' as a wagoner. He was wounded while transporting replacements to the Gravelly Run battlefield. His right index finger was blown off. He was hospitalized at Ft. McClellan Army Hospital until his discharge. I have his pension records and a certificate acknowledging his service in the "War of the Rebellion" issued by NY State. His records indicate that he enlisted at Schenectady NY; evidently, he was a resident of that community. He was born April 4, 1844, died July 9, 1910, buried in the Lisha Kill Reformed Church Cemetery, located on Route 5 between Albany and Schenectady. If you would like more information, please email me.

WILCOX information from Peter Marchant June 19, 1999

Edmund Andross Wilcox was born 14 or 19 October 1845 in New Paltz, NY. Edmund enlisted in early September 1864, and was assigned to C company. Briefly stationed at Hart's Island in Long Island Sound, he then spent 6 months at Fort McHenry, near Baltimore, MD, from September 1864 to February 1865. In March, he took part in the action at Hatcher's Run. He died at age 19 on May 10, 1865 in the Carver U.S. General Hospital in Washington, D.C., of "Chronic Diarrhoea."

Edmund Wilcox Letters  I have published a booklet with the printed text of the 17 letters Edmund wrote during his service, entitled "Who Would Not be a Souldier: The Civil War Letters of Edmaun A. Wilcox". Facsimiles of two of the original letters are also included, along with a monologue of all known facts about Edmond's life. The letters offer a view of a common soldier's life during the war. The booklet sells for $10. For more information, please email me at Peter Marchant.

EARL information from Bob Earl September 7, 1999

Just reviewed your site on the Civil War and would like to add a name who served with the 91st NY Volunteer Infantry - Company H. William J. Earl of Albany, NY

GUNN information from David L. Gunn   December 13, 1999

Missing from the list is Lyman Gunn, private Co. I, 91st N.Y. Vol. Infantry. He died June 1, 1863, in the hospital, Baton Touge, LA of wounds received May 25, 1863 before Port Hudson, LA. Lyman was buried in the National Cemetery, Baton Rouge, LA , grave No. 529. A head stone was furnished.

This info is from a letter from the Bureau of Records of the War of Rebellion  dated June 23, 1903. I also have a souvenir booklet of the annual re-union of  the ninety-first regiment held on Thursday, July 3, 1902. It has five pages of the history of the 91st with pictures of some of the officers. David L. Gunn

KINNICUTT information from Nevin T. Creel December 13, 1999

I recently ran across a soldier's discharge paper from the 91st New York. The discharge paper is the type that was issued to soldiers when their original copy was "lost". It is the discharge of John KINNICUTT (private company I) I was wondering if you could confirm this for me and perhaps give me any other additional info on his service... thanks for the web site.. very
informative...  Nevin T. Creel

VAN DINTER submitted by Theresa Van Dinter Kriefski May 7, 2000

I am writing on behalf of my family who wishes to see our great grandfather, Henry Van Dinter, pics/civilwar3.jpg (223727 bytes) added to
the roster of volunteers for the 91st NY Infantry.

Recently, my cousins and I have been going through a family scrap book. We came across a picture (click on image for a larger view) of our great grandfather Henry Van Dinter, from Albany, New York. He served in the 91st NY Infantry, Heavy Artillery, Company E. Attached is a letter from Wood National Cemetery, Veterans Administration Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Also included is his picture. 

Please let us know what else would be needed to get Henry Van Dinter's name added to your roster. We will do our best to provide any information you may need. Thank you so much for you time and consideration. 
Sincerely, Theresa Van Dinter Kriefski

BICE submitted by Richard & Betty July 1, 2000

Levi M. Bice born in 1837 in Schoharie County, NY son of Joshua and Jemima (Beagle) Bice enlisted on August 30, 1864 at Troy, NY and was mustered in on September 2, 1864 as a private in Company A, 91st Regiment of the New York Veterans Volunteers, he was employed as a nurse on October 27, 1864 at the post hospital at Fort McHenry, Maryland. He appears there on the hospital muster roll for January and February, 1865. He was described as having blue eyes, dark hair, light complexion and being five feet, six inches tall.

SCHAFFER submitted by Faith Smith September 19, 2000

I have just begun researching my Great Grand father's involvement in the Civil War. and found the following to add to your roster. verified the following at Fredericksburg Battlefield visitor's center, official records of the 91st NY infantry and 61st NY infantry: (note some of the dates conflict in the two documents)

George W. Schaffer enlisted at age 21, enrolled at Albany to serve 3 years. Mustered in as a first Lt. Company G 12/3/1861. discharged 3/4/63. Later enrolled and mustered in as Captain Company K 9/9/64. Commendation and elevated to Brevet Lt. Col NYV 12/10/64. subsequently discharged 12/29/1864 for promotion to major 61st infantry . (Records of 61st show him mustering in 12/13 ) 61st NY infantry saw the final action of the war and was present at Appomattox. Mustered out at Alexandria Va 6/14/65

If you stumble across any more information for "my guy", would appreciate receiving it. Thanks, Faith Smith, Fredericksburg VA (If there's anything I can look up for you down here, let me know. I'm minutes from major battlefields and a great Virginiana collection).

SNYDER submitted by Bill Mabie September 24, 2000

pics/nsnyder.jpg (24665 bytes) click image for a larger view

"Nicholas Snyder, Age 21 years. Enlisted at Albany, to serve three years; mustered in as private, Co. A, 91st New York Volunteer Infantry, December 9, 1861; reenlisted as a veteran, January 1, 1864; promoted corporal, prior to October, 1864; mustered out with company, July 3, 1865, near Washington, D. C."

STEWART submitted by Mary Stewart Clickner January 31, 2001

Solomon King Stewart, from Sandy Hill (now Hudson Falls) NY enlisted in the 91st Infantry (Company I) November 4, 1861 for a term of 3 years. He re-enlisted January 1, 1864 in Brashear City, LA. and was discharged July 3, 1865 near Washington D.C. He was present at Lee's surrender. He was born in 1838 and died April 8, 1894. Solomon was a farmer in Sandy Hill. We are very lucky to have many of the letters he sent from the war to Fannie Gilbert, the woman he married upon returning from the war.

COUSE submitted by Arden Redpath Dufford (Gr.Grandaughter of Theodore Couse) February 3, 2001

Missing from your list are Ezra Couse (age 31) and Theodore Couse (age 18), mustered in at Schenectady Sept 8, 1864. Privates, Company H. Mustered out June, 1865 near Washington, DC.

O'SULLIVAN submitted by Walt Kahnle March 1, 2001

Anyone out there to help? confirm? Provide additional information or suggestions?
I'm trying to make a ancestry connection with:
Private Patrick P O'SULLIVAN;  Ireland; dob1829?; enlisted for 3 years on 9/16/61; mustered in at Albany Depot, NY or Hudson, NY;  91 NY Reg't Infantry, Co. E; was detached to 156 defenses Sept '64 and 161 defenses 7/9/1864 [SO #163]
stationed at Proctorsville, LA. July/Aug 1864; wounded at Port Hudson on May 27, 1863;  died of disease as a result at St. Louis Hosp. [New Orleans] on July 27, 1864/July 30,1864. also lists New Orleans General Hosp. as place of death.
From this I'm trying to identify his wife/dependents....etc.
There is also this:
New York Pension Rolls 1/1/1883; Margaret O'SULLIVAN Albany widow $8.00 per month - 8/1870; Cert # 163,483
Can't find a Patrick P. O'Sullivan and wife Margaret in Albany Directories or Census of the time.  There were a few O'Sullivans from Albany in the Civil War but this one seems the most likely.

WILDAY submitted by Dave Stott March 14, 2001

My ancestor Adam Minor Wilday, son of John Jost Wilday and Anna Maria Resue served in the 91st. According to his pension files, he enlisted Feb 7, 1865 he was a private in the the 91st infantry, Companies D & W. Adam was discharged in July 3, 1865. Adam Minor Wilday was born in Berne, Albany, County, NY. He was the son of John Jost Wilday and Anna Maria Resue. The Wilday family lived on the border of Albany county and Schoharie county and migrated back and forth between the two counties.

FERNALD submitted by Herbert A. Rideout May 6, 2001

Luther E Fernald born in Kittery Maine 1840 was my great grandfather and served with the 91st as a Corporal in Company G. He mustered in on the 16th of June 1863 and mustered out on 12 June 1865 from Mower General Hospital, Philadelphia PA. He was engaged in the battles at Gravelly Run and Five Forks. This information was taken from his discharge papers.

ROBBINS submitted by robls October 12, 2001

ROBBINS, Elisha S. Co F 91st Reg NY Vol
B. 1842
residence: Orleans Co (unsure if this is residence at the time of enlistment).

HOUGHTALING submitted by Raymond French December 6, 2001

Was looking at your website and want to let you know that my great-great-great grandfather served with the 91st Infantry Regiment New York, Company I. His name was Hiram Houghtaling. He enlisted as a private on 21 October 1861 in Albany, N.Y. at age 28. He was wounded on 14 June 1863 and died of those wounds in New Orleans, La. He his buried in East Nassau, New York.

FIDLER submitted by Tom Dunn January 12, 2002

My name is Tom Dunn and I have been researching the life of my ancestor, Christopher Alan Fidler (1834-1864) of Canaan, New York. My understanding of the full story of Christopher's military service is incomplete. The New York census of 1865 for Columbia County indicates that Christopher was associated with the 91st New York since 1861. Can you help me with anything from your records?

SHAW submitted by Cynthia Owens January 26, 2002

I would like to submit my ancestor Isaac Shaw to be added to your list of the 91st NY Infantry. For complete information, please see the following website:
Isaac kept a diary of his war experiences. My family also has a copy of his muster roll record and his discharge papers.

LILLIE submitted by Danielle Hiney (Lillie) April 23, 2002

My Great Great Grandfather Orlando Lillie served in the 91st NY Company B. He enlisted in Albany, NY and was from Moravia, NY. He is currently buried in Indian Mound-Moravia village Cemetery not far from his brother Alonzo (aka Jack) Lillie. We have a picture of Orlando and Alonzo but everything we have on them was destroyed inadvertently. Orlando was born in 1841 and lived until 1904. He had a son named Fay Lillie. I am not aware of any other children of Orlando Lillie.

His brother Alonzo fought at Gettysburg, PA where he was injured. He continued on with his regiment until July 4, 1864 where he mustered out in Alexandria, VA. A short time later, he re-enlisted under the name Jack Lillie. He had been refused due to his previous injuries and decided to enlist as Jack in order to be accepted in again.

There is also apparently an Uncle or cousin about 12 years older than Alonzo named Jabez, who also fought in the 111th and at Gettysburg. We are unsure of the relationship of Jabez. We can not tell if he was an uncle or cousin, but we do know he is related. All three soldiers are buried near each other in Moravia, NY.

The Family is looking for any information on any of these three men. If anyone does have information, please e-mail me at Danielle Hiney (Lillie).

McCARTHY submitted by David Carroll June 9, 2002

My name is David Carroll. I live in Buffalo. I came across a some papers that my recently deceased Grandmother has been keeping for years. I found Civil War discharge papers from my great, great Grandfather Patrick McCarthy. It looks like he was part of the 91st. This is what I've gathered from the discharge papers.

Name - Patrick McCarthy
91st Regiment NY Veteran Volunteers, Company A
Enlisted on 08/27/1864
Discharged on 06/10/1865

He was born in County Waterford, Ireland on 3/17/1844. According to his obituary he was wounded in battle. He lived in the Poughkeepsie area for the rest of his life. My grandmother is from there.

REED - submitted by Charles Reed September 26, 2002

My civil war ancestors were David Y. Reed 91st Inf. Vols. Co. E whose brother was William S. Reed who served in the 134th NY Vols. Co. E. Both these brothers are buried in Evergreen Cemetery Jefferson, NY Jeremiah Reed 7th NY Heavy Artillery Co. F buried Cypress Hill National Cemetery Brooklyn, NY Plot 1234. Ellis S. Reed 134th NY Vols. Co. D buried Potter Hollow Cemetery NY, David H. Reed 134th NY Vols. Co. E. William L. Reed 134th Vols. Co E. William E. Cain 7th NY Vols. Co. F buried Arlington National Cemetery Reuben Cain 134th NY. Vols. Co. D Buried Keyserkill Cemetery Town of Broome, NY
All these gentleman were related to one another.
My name is Charles Joseph Reed (Corky) son of Cecil Ferris Reed Middleburgh, NY I am a member of the Schoharie County Historical Society. My father served in WWII in New Guinea and received a Honorable Discharge and was a Barber for many years in Schoharie, NY I served Honorably in the Navy and received a Honorable Discharge March 16, 1979.
I am a member of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Camp 24 Gen. Alfred Pleasonton.

GREENE - submitted by Tina Ordone September 26, 2002

I would like to add a Stephentown, Rensselaer County, NY resident to the list of members of the 91st NY infantry. His name was Fisher A. Greene (1844-1920). He married Nettie Crape, and served as a hospital steward. I don't know anything further of him, but found his picture in a Stephentown Historical Album.

TIMBERLIN - submitted by Dawn Timberlin-Whitesel January 30, 2003

I would like to add my Great Great Grandfather, Sidney Timberlin,
to your list of men who served with the 91 N. Y.
Infantry during the Civil War. Sidney Timberlin
served with this Unit.






HERWERTH - submitted by Kim Peine February 6, 2003

Here is a picture of William L. Herwerth who is listed on your site. He was my 2nd great-grandfather.

Here are some articles about him:

Major W. L. Herwerth formerly of the 91st has received notification of his appointment as 2nd lieutenant in the regular army with orders to proceed to join the 31st U.S. Infantry at Fort Rice, Dacotah Territory if he passes a satisfactory examination. He passed through Plattsburgh for New York on Thursday for an examination.

Major Herwerth - The Major reports to us personally that before the examining board he passed a first class examination but the surgeon's report was unfavorable on account of wounds received in battle and the board only gave importance to one point and that was the difficulty in riding a horse, which was the utmost importance in service on the plains. He was recommended for appointment in the reserve corps.

Captain Wm. L. Herwerth of the 91st N.Y. Volunteers arrived in Albany on June 15th with a detachment of one years men, who were mustered out of the service the 10th of June. The whole detachment numbered six hundred and sixty-six men. After the detachment had been paid off and discharged, five companies presented Captain Herwerth with a beautiful gold watch valued at two hundred dollars, as a testimonial of their regard for him. Both for his bravery and uniform kindness towards the men. The compliment is a handsome one, and has been bestowed upon one who is deserving of it. Captain Herwerth is a resident of Redford in this county.

The Late Major Herwerth

The genial and patriotic Major Herwerth dies at his residence on Valcour Island on Thursday of last week after an illness of several months.

Major Herwerth was one of our most gallant union soldiers in the war of the rebellion carrying to his grave many honorable scars and suffering during the remainder of his life since the was from wounds received in fighting for his country.

He was First Lieutenant in Captain McDermott's Company of the 91st N.Y. Volunteers and for honorary service was promoted to the Captaincy of Company F of the same regiment and was subsequently brevetted Major.

In 1876 Major Herwerth was appointed keeper of the Valcour Light House where he has since resided with his family. He leaves a wife with a number of children.

The remains were brought to Plattsburgh on Saturday and on Sunday were taken to Redford, his former home for burial accompanied by the Plattsburgh Masonic Lodge of which he was a member.

The funeral sermon was preached at Redford by Rev. H.N. Munger of Peru, and he was buried with Masonic honors, some sixty Masons being in attendance.

Major Herwerth was 55 years of age. There is not a better kept lighthouse on Lake Champlain than that on Valcour Island, kept by Captain W.L. Herwerth, who enlisted in Captain John McDermott's Company during the last war as a private, subsequently promoted through the intermediate grades to Captain and Brevet Major. He was wounded twice at Port Hudson and has carried one bullet in his body ever since, besides having an ugly hole torn in his cap at Irish Bend, LA by a fragment of a shell. The gallant Captain takes pride in exhibiting this cap to visitors as he does also everything in and about the faultlessly kept premises of which he has had charge for about two years.

Obituary Major Wm. L. Herwerth
Major Wm. L. Herwerth died at his residence on Valcour Island in Lake Champlain near Plattsburgh after a long illness, on the 17th day of February, 1881, and was buried at Redford with Masonic honors.

Major Herwerth was a German by birth. He came to this vicinity about 1849 and was employed in the Scotia steam mill and subsequently in the Schenectady Locomotive works, wherever he went he made friends, none knew him well but to love him. He was a true man in every respect, faithful to every trust committed to him. He served in the 91st regiment, N.Y. Volunteers. Captain McDermott's company, was wounded severely at Port Hudson, was promoted to the Captaincy of CO. F for brave and meritorious service and was subsequently brevetted Major. After the war at the request of a few who knew him well the late D.P. Forest appointed him Sergeant of the Guard at Clinton Prison where he served for several years and was only changed when a change in the management demanded his removal on account of politics, and then very reluctantly, such was the hold he had gained in the esteem of his superiors. He was the son of honor and a soldier of his country, or of his divine Lord, ever ready to serve, obey and suffer. He went to the war not for bounty but for his adopted country.

He said in conversation with the writer that he thought because he had some military knowledge he ought to go and do what he could for his country and after being severely wounded when he might have obtained an honorable discharge, he returned to the field and though suffering from his wounds, remained with his company faithful to the last. In 1876 he was appointed keeper of the Valcour light house, where he has since resided and where he died. The major leaves a wife and seven children to struggle with life, and meet its disappointments and sorrow unaided by the loving husband and father who was as dear to them as their own lives. The patriotism, purity and faith of the deceased was worthy of imitation and although he failed to leave worldly goods, he left a good name and an example worth of emulation.

Frank Herwerth of Bluff Point has had the remains of his father Major Wm. L. Herwerth removed from Redford to Port Gilliland Cemetery and buried beside those of his wife Mary J. Herwerth who died at Burlington - January 19, 1903.

BUEL - James Buel August 24, 2003

In a search on film Number M551 Roll 18 General Index Card list Charles M. Buel in Company F of the 91 NY Infantry. 

McGUIRE - submitted by Daniel Wyatt December 27, 2003

From the New York State Archives I was sent the following on 
my great-grandfather
McGuire (Maguire) William
Age: 18
When: 10 March 1862
Where: Albany
Period Years: 3
Mustered In: 10 March 1862
Grade: Pvt. (Private)
Company: F
Reg't: 91st NY
Left the Organization:
How: Discharged
When: 23 March 1865
In What Grade: Pvt. (Private)
In the field near Petersburg, Va. (Virginia) expiration of service as Mc Guire Remarks:
present: M.R. (Muster Roll) April 1863; June 1863 detached service in 
Department of the Gulf: borne 
as Mc Guire: October 1864

Biography of William (Maguire) Mc Guire
Born: March 6, 1844
Longford, Ireland
US Citizen: Oct. 3, 1866
Pittsburg, Penn.
Occupation: Cooper (Barrel Maker)
Died: November 19, 1910
Oakland, California

MATHIAS - submitted by Linda L. LaMar April 21, 2004

Recently received information on James Mathias from the New York State Archives.
He enlisted on 23 Sept 1861 at Albany for a period of 3 years. On 9 Dec 1861, he was mustered-in as 1st Lt., Co. D, 91st Infantry. I noticed that he is not listed with other members of the 91st. Following is the information sent to me by the Archives:
Mathias, James
Age 26
Enlisted 23 Sept 1861 at Albany
Mustered-In 9 Dec 1861 as 1st Lt, Co. D, 91st Inf
Discharged 4 January 1864 as 1st Lt., Disability caused by wounds

Remarks: Present: M.R. Apr. 63, wounded in action June 14, 1863 before Port Hudson, La.: in hospital Baton Rouge, La; North on sick leave June 63
Commissioned 1st Lieut Dec 20, 1861 with rank from Sept 25, 1861, original:
Still Living: Married: Parents names; Frederick Mathias and Eunice Reamer: P.O. Address: New Salem, NY

Born: New Scotland, July 30, 1836
Occupation: Farmer

I have followed him through the 1860, 1870 and 1880 Federal Census. In 1860, he and his wife Magdalen lived with his parents in New Salem. After the war he and his wife and children moved to Coffee County, Tennessee where he owned a farm. Two other New York born men were employed on his farm: Frank Colenbeck and Samuel Young. By 1880, he had moved back to Albany County and owned a farm in the Town of Bethlehem.

My Great-great grandfather was C.O. Herman Loeper a member of the 91st. I also have a connection to the Mathias family of Albany County and this is how I came across this information. I would appreciate it very much if you would add his name to your list.

GRAHAM - submitted by Judy Knapp July 16, 2004

I would like to submit my Great-Great-Grandfather into the 91st.

Graham, George. Born Ireland. Enlist at Albany, New York to serve three years. He mustered in as a private into Company B. on November 6, 1861. He re-enlisted as a veteran On January 1, 1864. Says absent, sick, at Harewood Hospital, Washington D.C.. Mustered out of company.

CROSS - submitted by M. Wagner Jan 27, 2005

I am writing about Joseph Cross and his brother John B Cross, both of the town of Wright, Schoharie Co, NY. I think Joseph [died of fever at Cairo, IL] was my gggrandfather, his daughter Susan Missouri Cross was my grandmothers mother. After Joseph died, no info about his immediate family except that Susan married Charles Saulsbury in 1872. John B Cross, his brother survived Civil War. He had about 10 children. I think he died in the town of Knox, Albany Co., NY in 1903. Would appreciate any information you have about any of this family. I think Joe and John's father's name was Edward cross and their mother was Aleva or Aleva Cross.

CHASE - submitted by Kathy Dzewaltowski Aug 20, 2005

My great-great grandfather was Private Erastus Gideon Chase (1834-1914), and he served in the 91st Regiment of New York beginning on Sept. 2, 1864 until he was discharged (discharge papers) on June 17, 1865. He served in Company D under Captain James H. Stewart. Private Chase was 30 years old when he served, he was born in New York, and he was a machinist. Private Chase moved to Iowa in 1867, and the attached photograph was taken of him in 1912.

DINGS - submitted by David Stearns March 22, 2008

I can confirm that David Dings was a member of Company H of the 91st Regiment, New York Volunteers. He is my great-great grandfather. I have his pension file from NARA. Alonzo Barton, also a member of the same Company, was an acquaintance of David Dings and supplied information on his pension application.

ODELL - submitted by DJ Paul February 8, 2011

The information presented on your Schoharie County NYGenWeb Site, 91st NY Infantry List on Albert Odell is correct. I can confirm that Pvt. Albert Odell was a member of the gallant 91st New York, Company B. I've attached a letter received late last month from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in Washington DC. Albert died 3/10/1892 in the old New York State Soldiers and Sailors Home in Bath, NY, and was buried in what is now the Bath National Cemetery, Bath, NY. I think Private Albert Odell was a simple foot soldier… just one to the many thousands of young men who were sent out as insignificant cannon fodder by an amazing number of incompetent Civil War colonels and generals. 

SYMMONDS - submitted by Donna M Ashbery March 9, 2015

My 3rd Great Grandfather Jason Symonds. He has been quite elusive but I've finally managed to find a Civil War Record of him and then nothing after that. His wife, Charlotte M. (White) Symonds is listed as widow on census records and in her obituary but I've been unable to find any widow's pension applications for her and no pension records for him either. He served with the 91st NY Infantry, Co B


DINGMAN - submitted by Wendy Wolf June 25, 2017

Information about Gideon Dingman:

16 January 1827
Jefferson, Schoharie, New York, United States
21 November 1884
Stanton, Montcalm, Michigan, United States
November 1884
Stanton, Montcalm, Michigan, United States = Forest Hill Cemetery
Jefferson, Schoharie, New York, United States
Jefferson, Schoharie, New York, United States
, Jefferson, Schoharie, New York, United States
Michigan, United States
Day, Montcalm, Michigan, United States
21 Nov 1884
Stanton, , Michigan

Diana Warner (Wife)
4 December 1850
Warnerville, Schoharie, New York, United States

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