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Transcribed and submitted by Karen Dakan


Mallery & Danforth

Middleburgh, N. Y.

Pierre W. Danforth, Printer



In placing the "Schoharie County Directory" before the public, we feel that a long felt want has been in a measure supplied. A local Directory of the County has not been printed since 1872. Since that time several books dealing with County affairs have been issued, but these have only partially served the purpose for which the present volume is intended. We have endeavored to make the work as thorough and accurate as possible, and while much interesting matter has been omitted, through lack of space, we believe that the book will prove valuable to all its readers.

In compiling so great an amount of statistics, mistakes have undoubtedly been made, but we trust that these will be overlooked by the generous reader.

We are greatly indebted to the pastors of the various churches for the information so cheerfully given concerning their charges; and also to the various lodges and societies for statistics relative to their respective organizations.


Directory is arranged as follows:

The names are classified according to post office addresses.

1. Name of individual or firm.
2. Business or occupation.
3. The first number, placed after the names of farmers, indicates the number of acres of land owned or leased by the parties.
4. The second number, placed after the names of farmers, indicates the number of acres of HOPS owned or leased by the parties.

Button, Clarence, farmer 100, 5
Button, Chas. H., farmer 175
Drake, Albert, farmer 100, 10
Elmore, Peter, farmer 60, 10
Elmore, Joseph, laborer
Empie, Nemehiah (sic) farmer 52, 6
Eldridge, Seward, farmer 80, 10
Eldridge, Joseph, farmer 140, 10
Eldridge, Orrin, farmer 140, 10
Eligit, Ed., farmer 100, 10
Staley, Chas., farmer 122, 7
Staley, James, farmer 84
Sterling, Chas., farmer 113, 4

Adams, S., farmer
Borst, Allen H., painter
Buddle, Henry, butcher and farmer
Bellinger, John W., farmer, 145
Bellinger, Arthur L., farmer
Borst, A., paper hanger and painter
Conrad, Geo., tin smith
Copp, John, blacksmith
Copp, Chas. J., blacksmith
Collins, Samuel, gentleman
Collins, E., farmer 110, 9
Collins, C., laborer
Christman, Jacob, laborer
Dillenbeck, Clarence, farmer 120, 6
Diefendorf, Dr. H., Physician
Dey, Lewis, farmer 34
Enders, G. W., Clergyman
Finckle, Siras (sic), painter
Fay, Mr., farmer 60, 3
Finkle, David H., saw and grist mill
Gordon, John A., farmer 300
Gordon, J. C., Undertaker, 30
Gordon, Harry F., student
Gordon, Katie, Music teacher
Grantie, Rozell, farmer 80, 6
Gilbert, Eugene, farmer 133, 6
Hyney, Josiah, gentleman
Hogt, Thos., farmer 25, 2
Hanson, P., shoemaker
Hoyt, T., farmer 22, 2
Heiser, H., laborer
Hyney, Norman, farmer 90
Kling, Howard, farmer 101
King, Lorenzo, farmer 80, 6
Kane, Wm., farmer 25
Karker, Austin, farmer 145
Lawyer, J. M., carpenter
Lawyer, Austin, gentleman
Mallet, Sanford, farmer 8
Onderdunk, Clarina, farmer 200, 7
Philips, E., laborer
Parker, Seth, farmer 14, 7
Rumsey, R. V., farmer 100
Relia, W., blacksmith
Roberts, B., laborer
Reseque, Eliza, lady
Stokes, Henry, farmer 100
Stokes, Frank L., farmer
Smith, Alex., cooper 12
Smith, Chas., laborer
Smith, Verner, farmer
Smith, Estella, lady
Sweetman, Daniel, wagon maker 7
Smith, Fay, Hotel Prop.
Schman, P. C., merchant
Schman, Sylvester, merchant
Shoemaker, Lorenzo, farmer
Scoot, H. W., farmer 100, 4
Sommers, John, farmer 100, 12
Schermerhorn, P. L., farmer 70
Taylor, John F., gentleman
Utman, M., farmer 80
Wessel, Chas., laborer
Whelch, M., (sic) laborer
Wessel, J., laborer
Youngs, R., laborer
Yerdon, Geo. H., speculator

Bates, Norman, farmer 116
Bates, Ferdenand, blacksmith
Bates, Hudson C., farmer 105
Bates, Grant, farmer 80
Bates, Mrs. Virene, farmer 25
Coons, Eugene, farmer 125
Coons, Reuben, farmer 20
Engle, Mrs. Emaline, farmer 100
Engle, Mrs. Geo.
Engle, Justice, laborer
Engle, Thomas, farmer 100
Goodfellow, Titus, farmer 66
Goodfellow, Hiram, laborer
Goodfellow, Martin, farmer 17
Goodfellow, O. P., laborer
Goodfellow, William, laborer
Hagadorn, Jeremiah, retired
Hallenbeck, Truman, farmer 100
Haskins, Smith, farmer 160
Haskins, Titus, farmer 215
Kline, James, carpenter
Nickerson, Cyrus, farmer 130
Nickerson, Hobart, farmer 80
Nickerson, Frank, farmer 100
Peter, Geo., laborer
Phelps, Newton, farmer 120
Pryer, Albert, farmer 120
Pryer, Mrs. Geo. A., retired, 25
Pulver, James, farmer 85
Reed, Hiram, laborer
Richmond, Daniel, farmer 100
Richmond, Geo., laborer
Richtmyer, Mrs. E., retired
Russel, Mrs. Adline, farmer 60
Russel, Omar L., farmer 100
Russel, John H., retired
Russel, Reuben, retired
Salesburgh, Adelbert, farmer 125
Salesburgh, Chas., farmer 125
Spencer, Daniel, farmer 100
Smith, Hiram R., farmer 200
Spencer, Mrs. Debora, farmer 65
Spencer, Joshua, farmer 100
Spencer, Jerry E., farmer 100
Spencer, Simeon, farmer 75
Spencer, O. F., post master
VanDyke, Theron, farmer 160
VanLoan, Maritta, farmer 50
Vaugh, J. Wesley, agt.
Wilbur, Spencer C., merchant
Willsey, Martin, retired 8
Willsey, Reuben, retired 3
Wilbur, Seneca C., merchant

Brown, Thomas, engineer
Brown, Claude, student
Brownell, James, carpenter
Carhart, E. E., painter
Chase, G. B. D., gardener
Cross, Mrs. Eliza, lady
Crosby, Herbert, mail carrier
Crosby, Smith, farmer
Cross, G. A., miller
Doty, David A., carpenter 3
Eckerson, John, farmer
Eckerson, Melvin, farmer 42, 5
Eckerson, William, farmer
Eckerson, T. J., merchant
France, Freeman, horseman
Frederick, William, farmer 100
Guernsey, Anson, merchant
Grimm, Herman, blacksmith
Grimm, Maida, house keeper
Gale, Gilbert, mechanic 4
Grant, A. W., stone cutter
Herrum, Tennis, mason
Harrison, W. M., blacksmith 2
Hutten, Geo., farmer 110
King, Loranzo, quarryman
King, Lawrence, farmer 7
Kromer, Frank, civil engineer 100
Kiggins, Albert, quarryman
Mowers, Jonas, mechanic 2
Myers, Alonzo, farmer 100
Myers, Morgan S., farmer
Myers, Fannie A., teacher
Petterson, Wm., apiarian
Quick, Geo., laborer
Quackenbush, C., mechanic 10
Quackenbush, Carrie, teacher
Quackenbush, Lester, butcher
Ryder, Arthur, farmer 200, 6
Ryder, Chas., farmer
Standhout, Philip, laborer
Standhout, Edward, clerk
Stanton, David, farmer
Slotsover, Wm., quarryman
Sperbeck, Austin, quarryman
Sperbeck, Alfred, quarryman
Sendrum, James, farmer 10
Stanton, Lyman, farmer
VanZandt, David, farmer
VanZandt, Sanford, farmer
VanZandt, Wm., 130
Warner, Alonzo, farmer
Warner, Andrew, laborer
Wetsel, Henry, quarryman
Wentworth, DeWitt, harness maker
Wentworth, Emmet, laborer

Butler, Geo., farmer 165
Butler, Orrin, school teacher
Butler, Samuel, farmer
Bice, Mrs. A., lady 3, 1
Baldwin, Daniel, farmer 100, 2
Dox, Henry, farmer 100
Mann, Samuel, farmer 80
Phillips, Sally Ann, lady 1
Rossman, Rufus, farmer 75
Yanson, John, farmer 110

Adams, Nancy, farmer 40
Baldwin, James R., farmer 196, 5
Bladwin, A., farmer
Baldwin, Aaron, laborer
Berry, John, farmer 189
Berry, Chas., farmer 50
Burnett, Matthias, farmer 62
Bartholomew, Wm., farmer
Bartholomew, Jerome, farmer 120, 8
Badgley, Stephen G., apiarist, 230
Benjamin, Hiram, retired
Clark, Wm., farmer 70. 33
Clark, Benj., farmer 20
Clark, Elisha G., farmer 4
Chapman, Frank A., hotel prop., 40
Carl, Peter, farmer 120
Decker, John, farmer 40
Decker, Levi, farmer 37
Decker, Jackson, farmer 3
Decker, M. S., farmer 86
Dudley, Wm. J., cooper, H. & L. shop
Durham, Albert, farmer, H. & L. shop
Durham, Chas., carpenter and Town clerk
English, John, farmer 60
Ellasson, Friend, farmer
Ellasson, Ozias, farmer 139
Fink, Joseph, farmer, H. & L., 12
Fink, Nancy, teacher, H. & L.
Fink, Caroline, H. & L.
Frederick, Edward, farmer 125
Foland, John, farmer 150
Granby, Arthur, farmer 120
Granby, Wm., carpenter 120
Haverly, Ira B., retired, H. & L. 212
Haverly, Geo., miller, H. & L., mill.
Haverly, Seneca, farmer 362, 5
Haverly, West, farmer and lumberman, mill.
Hager, John, farmer H. & L.
Hager, David S., farmer and supervisor 15, 6
Hager, Wm. S., farmer 55
Hager, Marie, farmer 40
Hager, Eugene B., merchant
Hager, Edwin D., merchant
Hagabone, John M., farmer 70
Hallenbeck, Henry, farmer 230
Hulbert, Edgar, merchant, H. & L.
Hager, M. V. B., agent
Jackson, Edgar, atty., H. & L.
Joslin, Jerome, blacksmith, H. & L.
James, Abram P., retired
Kniskern, Emma, farmer 300
Kniskern, Hamilton, cooper 3
Kniskern, Rufus, farmer 128
Kniskern, Washington, farmer 87
Kniskern, Wm., farmer
Kniskern, Madison, farmer
Kingsley, Edwin, farmer 80
Kingsley, Ashley, farmer 30, 2
Keyser, Jacob N., farmer, musician 71
Keyser, Abram, farmer 90
Keyser, Henry, farmer, H. & L.
Keyser, Jesse, farmer 100, 2
Keyser, Curtis, farmer 104
Keyser, Chas., farmer 30
Keyser, Alonzo, carpenter, H. & L.
Kling, David, farmer 150
Lloyd, Wm. H., carpenter, mill wright, H. & L.
Loucks, Calvin, farmer 162
Loucks, Adelbert, farmer 134
Loucks, O. A., farmer 242
Loucks, D. C., farmer 242
Loucks, Jane, farmer 87
Loucks, Chas., farmer 55, 5
Lawyer, Chas. D., clerk, H. & L.
Mattice, S. D., farmer, H. & L.
Martin, Alonzo, laborer, H. & L.
Mann, Jackson, retired, H. & L.
Martin, Geo., farmer 55
Mattice, Harmon S., farmer 140
Mattice, Chas. S., farmer 120
Mattice, Wm., farmer 245
Mattice, J. H., farmer 70
Mattice, Frank, farmer 80
Mattice, Jacob N., farmer 445, 15
Mattice, Floyd S., farmer
Mattice, Burton G., farmer 150
McKee, Aaron, farmer 350
McMinn, James, farmer, H. & L.
Nelson, L. M., merchant, H. & L.
Nelson, Geo., merchant, H. & L.
Nelson, L. M. & Co., gen. Merchandise
Neer, Mrs. Samuel, farmer 120
Neer, Adolphus, farmer
Noxon, Lawyer, farmer 30
Odell, Stephen, farmer 25
Parslow, Alonzo, retired, H. & L., 22
Payne, Albartus, (sic) farmer 56
Patchin, Harley S., carpenter, H. & L.
Pitcher, Frank
Pierce, John, farmer, H. & L. 16
Reed, Wm., farmer
Reed, John, farmer 64
Richmond, Martin, farmer 150
Rosecrans, Thos., farmer 44
Shafer, John, farmer 8
Shafer, Frederick, farmer, assessor, 229, 3
Shafer, Quinn, farmer 70
Shafer, Mitchel, farmer
Shafer, Jacob, 184
Shafer, Edwin, carpenter
Shafer, Robert, laborer, H. & L.
Shafer, Gideon, farmer 135
Shrah, Valentine, farmer 129
Shrah, Daywalt, farmer 62
Sitzer, Elmore, farmer 200
Sitzer, Daniel, farmer 150
Stevens, Asa, farmer, assessor, 26, 25
Stannard, Hartley, portable threshing and sawing
Spring, Willard, farmer 342
Shafer, Edwin D., farmer 121, 2
Taylor, Milan, laborer
Vroman, Wm. H., farmer 150, 5
Vroman, Adelbert, farmer 170
Vroman, Wm., physician, H. & L.
Vulcheff, M. G., minister
Walker, Edgar L., Physician, H. & L.
Weaver, Valentine, farmer 97
Weidman, John, laborer, H. & L.
West, Adelbert, farmer 80
West, Frank, farmer 3, 2
White, Daniel, retired, H. & L., 1
West, Henry, carpenter, H. & L.
Wilson, Alvinso, farmer 97, 5
Wilson, Avery, farmer 100
Wilson, Andrew, farmer
Winnie, Cornelius, farmer 150
Winnie, Jerome, laborer, H. & L.
Wright, Melvin C., hotel proprietor, farmer and loan com., 121, 30
Whitney, Rev., minister
Youngs, John, laborer, H. & L.

Acker, Hiram, farmer 100
Armlin, Nelson, farmer
Armlin, Wm., farmer
Armlin, N., farmer
Armlin, Daniel, farmer
Bouck, Josiah, farmer
Bouck, Josiah, farmer 175
Bouck, Mira, schoolteacher
Boynton, Levi, farmer 125
Bouck, Daniel, farmer 150
Berg, Benj., farmer 66, 3
Berg, Maggie, schoolteacher
Berg, Philip, farmer
Berg, Oscar, laborer
Bouck, Jerry, blacksmith
Becker, Prosper, carpenter
Bergh, Albert, laborer
Bergh, Washington, farmer 200, 4
Bergh, Abram J., saw mill
Baldwin, W. L., atty.
Bouck, Dan Jr., laborer
Burgett, Wm., bee keeper
Bouck, James, farmer
Bum, Draper, farmer
Bartholomew, Geo., farmer
Bouck, Hadley, farmer
Becket, Emmet, farmer
Becker, Gideon, clergyman
Becker, Gideon, farmer 205
Becker, Frank, farmer
Barringer, John, farmer 16
Becker, See, painter
Chapman, W. W., farmer 150
Chapman, Spencer, farmer 150
Crapser, Mrs. Elizabeth, lady
Campbell, Hiram, farmer
Chase, Caroline, lady 2
Chapman, W. H., hotel keeper
Campbell, Hamilton, farmer
Chichester, Gilber, farmer
Chichester, Perry, farmer
Coons, Mrs. Maria, farmer
Coons, Frank, farmer
Coons, Harry J., farmer
Coons, John, farmer
Coons, Wm., farmer
Coons, Jas., farmer
Coons, Sylvester, farmer
Castle, Thomas, farmer 2
Dudley, W. S., merchant
Dearstyne, Andrew, blacksmith
Doneburgh, Wm., farmer
Dexter, Wm., farmer
Dorman, Jerry, farmer 120
Driggs, Luzerne, carpenter
Finch, Milton, machinist
Foland, Jonas, post master
Ferris, Teryl, farmer
Freemyer, Frank, farmer
Foland, Henry, farmer
Fancher, Orlando, farmer 215
Floyd, Charles, farmer 75
Gates, P., farmer 100
Gates, Wm., farmer
Gifford, Simeon, farmer
Hilts, Ira, farmer 60
Hilts, Jay, farmer 200, 5
Ham, Louis B., laborer 2
Ham, Alonzo, carpenter
Hannay, Hamilton F., merchant
Hoffman, Henry, cooper
Hilts, Mrs. Nettie, farmer 300
Hallenbeck, T., clergyman
Hallenbeck, E., farmer
Joshlin, R., farmer 10
Johnson, John, farmer 10
Keyser, Abe, farmer 150
Keyser, Peter, farmer
Keyser, Barney, farmer
Keyser, Jesse, farmer
Kling, David, farmer, retired
Kling, Chauncey, clergyman
Keyser, David, farmer 25
Kniskern, James, farmer
Lott, Alonzo, laborer 3
Lewis, Arthur, farmer 190
Lee, Charles, farmer
Layman, Wells, gentleman
Mattice, Mary C., farmer 1
Mattice, Frank, farmer
Mattice, Grant, farmer 264
Mattice, Richard P., farmer 386, 8
Mattice, Henry, farmer 157, 10
Mattice, Jay, farmer and beekeeper 160
Manchester, A., laborer
Murray, John, farmer
Mann, Chas., farmer 140
Mann, Mrs. Mariah, lady
Mann, M. Burr, student
Mayhan, Mrs. Mary, lady
Mickle, John H., physician
Nelson, Mrs. Belle, farmer 80
Nelson, James, farmer
Palmer, Charles, farmer
Porter, Omar, farmer 110
Patterson, Edgar, laborer
Rosecrans, Charles, butcher
Rosecrans, Washington, laborer
Rossman, W., hotel keeper 6
Reed, Chancelor, farmer
Rosecrans, Josiah, laborer
Rosecrans, Jacob, miller
Remiburg, Wm., carpenter
Smith, Mrs. Orelia, lady
Shaddock, Wm., farmer
Sterer, Henry, farmer
Scutt, Robt., farmer
Shaver, Wm., farmer
Shaver, Jacob, farmer
Smith, Mrs. Nancy, lady, Smith, Geo., carpenter
Shaver, Jas., farmer 200
Travis, Volley, farmer
Travis, Wm., farmer
VanBuren, Peter, farmer
Wormer, Ira, farmer
Wood, Thomas, farmer
Wayman, Reuben, farmer
Wormer, David, farmer 120
Wormer, Mrs. Wm., farmer
Wood, Harvey, farmer
Wood, Thomas, farmer 90
Warner, Peter, farmer
Warner, Frank, farmer
Young, Joel, speculator
Zeh, Ira, farmer 100
Zeh, George, farmer 100
Zeh, Mrs. Susan, lady 25. 4
Zeh, Mrs. Marcus, farmer
Zelie, Luther, Merchant
Zeh, Joseph, farmer
Zeh, Philip, com. of highway, 128
Zeh, Jerry, farmer 4
Zeh, Philip, farmer

Bevins, Frank, farmer
Bevins, Rufus B., farmer 97
Bevins, Wm. H., farmer 111
Bevins, Margaret
Bull, Eli, farmer 90
Case, James M., wool, farm produce 180
Cain, William, salesman
Chichester, Theoren, farmer 98
Chichester, David T., farmer 85
Chichester, Lewis H., farmer
Chichester, Geo. W., farmer 100
Chichester, Arthur, shoemaker
Cook, Edwin P., farmer 120
Cook, Geo., farmer, retired
Davis, Calvin, farmer 90
Duncan, Daniel, farmer 100
Duncan, H. J., farmer 133
Ellis, Grosvenor, farmer 90
Ellis, Louis, farmer 100
Fancher, Seymour, farmer
Gordon, Floyd, merchant
Gordon, Stephen A., farmer 65
Hulbert, Chauncy, farmer 100
Hall, John W., farmer
Hall, Robt., farmer 132
Halleck, Geo., farmer 240
Halleck, Monroe, farmer 150
Hulbert, Edwin, farmer 100
Hulbert, David, farmer 105
Hulbert, Liman, farmer 130
Haskins, Geo., farmer 106
Hallenbeck, Stephen, farmer 120
Hall, Oscar, farmer 200
Halley, Eva A., farmer 65
Hubbard, Anna, farmer 218
Hubbard, John, farmer
Hubbard, Elma, farmer
Hulbert, Philemon, farmer 60
Hulbart, Jusanny, farmer 60
Jackson, H. B., farmer 185
Jackson, James, farmer 5
Jackson, Jerry, farmer
Jackson, Willie, farmer
Leonard, Duncan M., physician 390
Leonard, Rutson R., phys. and surgeon
Leonard, Emma, teacher
Moore, Wm. C., farmer 100
Moore, Horatio, hotel prop. 260
Ryder, Walter S., farmer 90
Reed, Nathaniel, shoe maker
Reed, Chas., farmer
Robinson, Geo., farmer
Spencer, Wm. N., farmer 16
Smith, Franklin, farmer 140
VanVulkenburg, Addison, wagon-maker and dealer in wagons
VanDyke, Hiram, farmer
VanDyke, Thomas, farmer
Waters, David Jr., farmer
Waters, Martin, farmer 100
Wood, Rev. C. N., preacher 59
Wood, Ozeas, farmer 124
Wrightman, E. A., farmer 70
Yumans, Reuben, retired
Yumans, Smith, farmer
Yumans, George, farmer
Yumans, Floyd, famrer 50

Angle, P. A., farmer 84
Angle, W. E., music teacher
Allen, Geo. S., clergyman
Angle, Wm., merchant 83
Angle, Mrs. J. H., lady
Adams, Wm., farmer 36
Ambler, Hanison, laborer
Brown, Myron H., farmer 217
Brown, Leslie, laborer
Bradt, Myron, farmer 98
Bowdish, Peter R., farmer 120
Brown, Wellis, farmer 11
Bailey, Elmer, butcher
Brown, Chas., laborer
Becker, Chas. W., farmer 133, 5
Becker, Austin, farmer
Brown, Elmer C., farmer 102
Brown, DeWitt, farmer 175
Bunn, Wm. S., farmer 228, 4
Bunn, Joshua, farmer
Burnstein, E. merchant
Bander & Brown, saw and feed mill
Bunn, Grant, miller
Bander, H., miller
Benson, Mrs. Milton, lady
Brown, J. E., farmer 21
Briggs, Schuyler, clerk
Brown, Harrison, gentleman
Bowdish, Peter R., farmer 120
Colclough, Stewart, farmer
Cass, Perry, farmer 180
Craig, Wm., gentleman 27, age 93
Crosby, Isaac, hardware dealer
Crosby, C. H., clerk
Crosby, Fred, clerk
Clark, Geo. H., laborer
Colbath, L. W., gentleman
Dusenburg, Sarah, lady
Doulley, Geo. H., foundryman, 2, 2
Empie, Luther, farmer 100
Funk, Chas., farmer 2
Funk, Philip K., carpenter 2
Funk, Peter, farmer 15, 2
Fero, Isaac, farmer and blacksmith
Guffin, Jos. K., farmer 100
Guffin, Walter H., bookkeeper
Guffin, Daisy M., student
Gridley, Catharine, lady
Guffin, A. J., physician
Gordon, Chas., farmer 83
Gordon, Richmond, farmer 100
Gordon, Herbert, farmer
Gordon, Edward S., 100
Gardner, C. N., farmer 75
Gordon, Josiah, farmer 78
Gordon, Peter, farmer 45
Gordon, W. J., gentleman
Gordon, W. J. Jr., merchant
Hillsinger, Edward, farmer 100, 7
Hoyt, Clarence, farmer 37, 1
Hutton, Van S., farmer 150
Hoteling, Samuel, laborer
Hollenbeck, J. Gilbert, farmer
Hutton, Jennie H., school teacher
Kniskern, Frank, farmer 2
Kniskern, Edward, farmer
Kniskern, H. P., gentleman
Karker, W. S. B., farmer 50, 8
Karker, James, farmer
Kniskern, Chester, farmer 178
Kniskern, Frank, farmer
Kinney, Henry, farmer 120, 5
Kniskern, Romine, farmer
Kniskern, David, farmer 104
Kniskern, Lany, lady 60
Kepner, Sherman, farmer
Kepner, Etta, lady
Kilts, Willard, farmer
Lansing, Dike, laborer
Larkin, Henry, farmer 50
Lawyer, S. V., farmer 150, 8
Lawyer, S., farmer 212, 10
Lawyer, Delmas, farmer
Linniebecker, Garret, farmer 2
Myers, James H., farmer 84
Miner, Eugene, farmer
Martin, E., laborer
Miner, Walter, farmer
McNeil, John, farmer 96
McMerrit, W., farmer 112
Mowers, Eliza, lady 30
Ottman, Henry, farmer
Ottman, James H., farmer and mason
Osterhout, Irving Sr., farmer 135. 6
Osterhout, Halsey J., farmer
Osterhout, Irving Jr., farmer
Osterhout, Alfred, farmer 148, 8
Ottman, Jacob, farmer 110
Ostrander, Wellington, farmer 100, 2
Ostrander, Ray M., farmer
Ottman, Ellsworth, farmer 100
Ottman, Chas., farmer 70
Ottman, H. B., laborer
Ottman, James, farmer 105, 2
Ottman, J. H., farmer 93, 4
Patrie, Wm., famrer 116
Philips, Alida, lady
Dow, farmer
Pangburn, Willis, farmer 8
Rose, Smith L., farmer 120
Rose, John, farmer
Rose, Percy, farmer
Roberts, Willard, laborer
Rockerfeller, Henry, farmer 100
Rockerfeller, Hiram, farmer
Roscoe, Wm. M., farmer 73
Roscoe, John M., farmer 100
Robinson, DeWitt, farmer 100
Robinson, John, laborer
Reylia, Mrs. Ester, lady
Reylia, Simon, laborer
Richtmyer, Rufus, merchant
Richtmyer & Gordon, dealers in dry goods
Roberts, Chas. D., farmer
Roberts, H. C., laborer
Roberts, Owen, farmer 80, 5
Seeley, Frank, laborer
Soden, Thomas, farmer 105, 4
Seeley, David, laborer
Shear, Wm., laborer
Soden, Edwin, laborer
Snyder, Mrs. John, lady, 2
Snyder, Benj., farmer 7, 3
Snyder, Chas., farmer
Snyder, Geo. B., farmer 106, 4
Smith, Willard, farmer 194
Simpkins, Willard, farmer 90
Staley, H. J., farmer 136
Stafford, Urial, farmer 100
Seeley, Frank, moulder
Schaffer, Geo., laborer
Safford, Chas., farmer 13
Sweetman, Henry, farmer 72
Tillapaugh, Geo., 160, 5
Taylor, Mrs. Mary, lady
Tailor, Alice, school teacher
Terbush, J. H., farmer 93, 4
Terbush, Tunis, laborer
Terbush, Frank, blacksmith
Terbush, Fred, farmer
Tillapaugh, M., farmer 50, 3
Underhill, John, farmer 168
VanValkenburg, Bill, horse breaker
VanZandt, Milo, blacksmith
VanDerwerkin, Catharine, lady
VanDerwerkin, H. D., farmer 50, 3
Weller, Michael, farmer 82
Wessel, S. R. hotel prop. 4
Young, Madison, farmer 41
Young, Wm. S., gentleman, 100
Young, Geo. S., carpenter

Burhans, Watten, farmer 96
Burhans, Scott, farmer
Burhans, Geo., farmer 8, 2
Burhans, George B., gentleman
Burhans, Romeyn, laborer 3
Burhans, Melvin, p. m. and merchant
Burhans, J. C., gentleman
Burhans, Martin, farmer 8
Brewster, J. G., farmer
Bunn, Irving, farmer 200, 1
Blood, Edgar, laborer
Burton, Thomas, farmer
Bunn, Irving L., farmer
Bett, Thomas, laborer 6
Dutcher, Wesley, laborer
Gordon, Chas., gentleman
Gordon, Effie, farmer 31
Gordon, Elizabeth, lady
Houghtaling, Ed., mail carrier
Houghtaling, P. H., farmer 7
Hoyes, Chas., farmer
McNeil, Jesse, farmer 110
McNeil, Irving, farmer 112
Ottman, Henry, farmer 100, 3
Osterhout, Wilson, farmer 125, 5
Osterhout, Albert, farmer 118, 4
Richtmyer, Alida, farmer 100
Richtmyer, Myron H., farmer
Russell, Herbert, farmer
Russell, John, farmer 150
Russell, Albert, farmer 100
Snyder, J. L., gentleman
Snyder, W. L., farmer 96, 7
Snyder, R. T., farmer
Snyder, Wm., farmer
Snyder, Mrs. Emmet, farmer 92
Uttman, Geo. L., farmer 93
Uttman, Edward M., farmer
Wetsel, Austin, farmer 97
Youngs, J. H., gentleman 139, 1

Arner, Joshua, laborer
Austin, Henry, hotel keeper
Borst, J. H., carpenter
Bissell, Raymond, deputy sheriff
Bergh, Henry, farmer
Becker, Melvin, laborer
Bowers, Clara, farmer
Baker, Michael, farmer 6
Butts, Peter
Becker, Berg, farmer
Becker, Peter M., farmer 109
Birch, Geo. R., cigar maker
Braman, Thos., farmer 6
Borst, Mrs. D. H., lady 1
Braman, Thos., farmer
Braman Bros., farmers
Banker, Chas. C., 85
Becker, Wellington D., 21
Becker, Jane
Barton, Amanda
Bateholts, Frank
Braman, Jonathan
Bear, Emma C.
Bomkek, John, farmer 205
Berger, Nora
Bradt, Joseph C.
Cook, Jeremiah, laborer
Casy, Chas., blacksmith
Clark, Wm. S., laborer
Coons, Caroline, lady
Cook, Oscar, farmer 9
Crosby, Peter, farmer 75
Cornish, E. D.
Cook, Oscar
Collier, Wm.
Collier, Almira
Caryle, Anna 7
Cambell, Stephen K.
Cambell, Willard
Cadagan, Mrs. Jeremiah
Carr, Wm. H.
Crainer, Addison 13
DeMott, Wm., foundryman
Dwyer, T., shoemaker
Disbrow, Ferman, gentleman
Dewey, S. C., farmer 160
Durfee, Oscar, farmer 70
Dietz, Albert, farmer 40
Dunbar, James E.
Dunbar, Henry, farmer 300
Dunkle, Levi, farmer 103
Dietz, Byron
Dietz, Philip, farmer 72
Dewey, Soloman, farmer 12
Dewey, Emily
Durfee, Oscar, farmer 41
Davis, Sables W., 3
Davis, Nancy
Enders, David, farmer 145
Enders, Peter J., road com.
Eckerson, Sanford, 7
Ewen, Harry 28
Erkey, Albert 3
Fisher, A. L., 310
Freemyer, Mrs. M. K.
Farichild, Lyman
France, Augustus 85
Fisher, Albert L. 6
Felker, Chas. L.
Ginter, David 10
Ginter, Seymour 1
Ginnon, Geo.
Getter, Mrs. Wm.
Getter, Albert 1
Hogan, W. A., farmer 65, 3
Hitchman, Mrs. A., tailoress
Hitchman, Jos., farmer
Haverly, Paul, gentleman
Hamilton, Henry, farmer 80
Houck, J. H., farmer 75
Howes, R., farmer 40
Houck, Kate, farmer 60
Haverly, Jacob, farmer 12
Hutton, Abram 1
Hayes, J.
Howard, Margaret 2
Henry, Lavina, 5
Hurst, Hiram
Herron, Eve, 59
Houck, Mrs. John H. 138
Hunt, Harvey 3
Hunt, Albert 4
Houck, John W., 55
Hallenbeck, Wm., 87
Jones, Robt.
Jones, Myron, 90
Jones, Delos
King, Henry J.
Keyser, Jacob
Keyser, Peter
Kennedy, Delos
Keyser, Nathan
Keys, Oscar 1
Luckie, James 100
Leamon, Geo.
Leamon, Alfred, 130
Ludlum, Wm. 2
Livingston, David, 139
Larkin, Daniel, 126
Mahar, John
Minguy, G. W.
Maxwell, Eugene, 105
McGovern, Mrs. T.
Mortin, Peter
Marshall, Nichola
Mewbeemy, Orvin
Markle, John L., farmer 114
Miller, James 1
Moyster, Ralph, 20
Miller, Peter, 2
McDonald, Henry
Manschaeffer, Geo.
Mead, John H., farmer 65
Mead, Mrs. John, farmer 55
Ostrander, D. B.
O'Daniel, John 5
O'Brien, Daniel
O'Harra, Maria
Ottman, Millard C., 5
O'Brien, Daniel 7
Plue, Geo. H., 2
Plue, Geo.
Plue, David 5
Parslow, Abram
Perue, Geo.
Patrick, Daniel
Parish, J. B.
Plue, Louis J.
Rose, Eli, farmer 54
Robinson, Alberton
Roe, Molford, 70
Rickard, menzo 71
Rickard, Melvin 7
Smoke, T. H.
Smith, T. C., 14
Smith, T. P .
Smith, Fred
Sands, A. R.
Schoolcraft, Geo.
Stalker, E. F.
Stalker, H. A.
Story, James farmer 200
Stevens, Peter 18
Snyder, Theo. W., faarmer 45
Safford, Doc.
Slingerland, J. H., farmer 113
Stever, Chas. W., 2
Scott, Newell, farmer 70
Shank, Wm. H., farmer 100
Sidney, Wallace, 1
Sullivan, Joseph 7
Slingerland, Mrs. C.
Stiner, Daniel
Stalker, Mary E.
Stalker, Sarah A., 20
Teale, Mad
Teeter, Geo.
VanWie, Geo.
VanDyke, P. H.
Vroman, J. H., farmer 108
Vedder, Albert W.
VanWie, Geo.
Wright, C. E., farmer, 190
Warner, Lester, farmer 83
Westfall, Ira
Weed, Geo., farmer 125
Wright, Orlando, farmer 115
Warner, Irving, farmer 190
Woodcock, Elijah
Wilbur, Peter, farmer 53
Wessell, John W.
Warner, Jacob H.
Woodcock, Mrs. David
Wolford, Henry H.
Wands, J. F.
Wilbur, John S.
Williams, Chas. O.

(Transcriber's note: the acreage numbers seem to have been entered in a different fashion in the Charlotteville section. I have reproduced tham as given. There is a definite difference in the original between the notation 1-4 and the fractional number 1/4.)

Acker & Silvernail, farmers
Adkins, Warren, farmer 120
Allen, Ira H., farmer 70
Allen, A. J., farmer 97
Brighton, Jacob, farmer 38
Brighton, Mrs. Hannah, farmer 42
Brighton, Stephen, 8 farmer
Carthart, Wm., farmer
Cook, Melvin, 6 farmer
Capper, John, farmer 60
Capper, Harvey, farmer 80
Cook, Marvin, farmer 86
Clapper, Wm., laborer
Evens, Nathaniel, laborer
Fullington, Storm
Ferris, Henry, 10
Germard, Timothy, 1-4
Germard, Melvin, 3-4
Hanes, Nenam D., teacher 30
Hanes, Robt.
Hard, Hannah E., farmer
Hard, Mrs. Harmon, farmer 5
Hartwell, Farron, farmer 55
Hartwell, Joseph, farmer 80
Hoteling, Geo., farmer 20
Hardsell, Mary & Warren, farmers 236
Jeffers, Hiram, farmer 11
Kingsley, Cyrus, merchant 30
Kingsley & Griffin, merchants
Kaline, Mrs. Stephen, farmer 21
Lincoln, Della, 6
Lincoln, Thos., 4
Lincoln, Zilpha
Lincoln, Levy, farmer 1-2
Lincoln, Mary A., 14
Lavette, Noble, farmer 1-1/2
Labe, Simon, farmer 3-4
Lape, Thomas, merchant 162
Lape, Josiah, farmer 250
Lape, Mrs. Harriet, farmer 156
Lape, Deliah, farmer
Labe, Arthur, farmer 30 (sic)
Lape, Geo., farmer
Lape, Wm., farmer 55
Lafond, Peter, farmer
McMorris, S. A., hotel 1-4
Mullen, Barkley, farmer 1-4
Mullen, Joseph, farmer 247
Malor, Mrs. Sarah 1
Merchant, Avery, farmer 2
Mudge, John, painter 2 1-2
Morrison, Harmon, farmer 1-2
Mayham, Harriet, 1-2
Mackey, F. P., farmer 1
McMullen, James, farmer 112
McMullen, Wm., laborer
Oliver, James, peddler 64
Oliver, Geo. & Smith, farmers 60
Oreling, John, farmer 35
Payne, Chester, farmer 204
Pickett, D. O., farmer 22
Pierce, Wm., farmer 198
Roe, Mrs. Mary, farmer 17
Ryder, R., farmer 76
Rifenbark, Hiram, retired 1
Rossman, David, farmer 2
Snooks, J. A., farmer 74
Snooks, John J., farmer 55
Snooks, Sally A., farmer 130
Snooks, Sytha
Salisbury, John, farmer 36
Salisbury, Samantha 1
Stillwell, Stephen, 120
Stillwell, Smith, blacksmith 63
Stillwell, Orline, farmer 245
Stillwell, Elda, farmer 24
Stillwell, Ciram, farmer
Sawyer, Mary 1
Sawyer, John, farmer 70
Smith, Shubell, farmer 197
Stephens, Leroy M., farmer
Toles, Mrs. Melvin
Toles, Ira, farmer 109
Toles, Zebury
Taber, Peter S., butcher 39
Taber, Mrs. Mary 8
Taber, Mrs. Chas.
Truax, Anna, 7
Truax, David, farmer 2
Turrell, Wm., farmer 92
Turrell, Mrs. Eli, 5
Turrell, Andrew
Wilson, Ida, farmer 20
Wilson, B., farmer 1-1/4
Warner, Hial J., farmer 120
White, W. B., farmer 104
Wayman, Jacob H., farmer 111
Wayman, Miriam, farmer 170
Wayman, Mrs. David, farmer
Wauman, Henry, farmer 16
Wayman, Richard, farmer 229
Wayman, Orrin, farmer 110
Wayman, James, farmer 1/4
Wayman, Tallman, farmer 150
Wayman, Lemard, farmer 147
Wayman, Bertin, farmer 50
Wayman, Isaac, farmer 160

Bull, Wm., farmer 130
Bartley, David, farmer
Bartley, Harmon, farmer
Bartley, Adelbert, farmer
Brand, Romine, farmer 190
Brownell, Rene, farmer 147
Bloodgood, John T., 220
Bloodgood, David, farmer
Bloodgood, George, farmer 220
Blakesley, Hiram L., farmer 105
Blakesley, Lemuel, farmer 104
Brandow, Cornelius L., farmer 382
Case, John C., farmer 65
Case, Willard, farmer 100
Case, William, merchant 170
Case, Geo., mechanic 243
Case, Elisha G., farmer 124
Case, Venton, farmer
Case, Velmore, teacher
Case, Willie, farmer
Clark, David S., farmer 90
Cammer, Melvin, farmer 92
Christian, James, farmer 150
Christian, Irving, farmer 7
Champlin, Mellin, merchant 18
Coager, F. H., farmer
Cook, C. B., farmer 140
Cook, Claudius H., teacher
Couchman, Peter, retired
Davis, Harry E., farmer 100
Davis, James H., farmer 160
Davis, James H. Jr., farmer
Gordon, John, farmer 50
Gordon, Geo. F., farmer
Harrington, Wm. B., farmer 56
Haner, Wm. farmer 74
Haner, F. Marthias, farmer 115
Haner, D. K., farmer 85
Hitcock, John R., farmer 530
Hunter, David C., farmer 184
Hunter, Chas. A., mechanic 147
Jenkins, Abram, farmer 100
Jenkins, Arthur C., farmer
Jenkins, I., teacher
Kingsley, Buroni, farmer 140
Kingsley, Armina, teacher
Leroy, Zachary T., farmer 97
Layman, Albert, carpenter 8
Ladue, Mary, farmer 127
Miller, D. H., farmer 186
Miller, John, 74
Miller, Wm., farmer 175
Miller, Myron, farmer
Miller, Laman, farmer 220
Maybie, Myron E., farmer
Mattice, Martin, farmer 95
Mattice, Wm., farmer 100
Phelps, Marcus, farmer
Patrie, Kimber, farmer 95
Patrie, Milton, farmer 100
Patrie, Geo. E., teacher
Peets, James, farmer
Richonmd (sic), Walter H., farmer 165
Richtmyer, Madison, farmer 80
Richtmyer, Floyd, farmer 88
Richtmyer, Coral, farmer 8
Rogers, Thomas, farmer
Rogers, Daniel, farmer 105
Russell, Chandley, beekeeper 4
Sutten, Wm., farmer 130
Schermerhorn, Elizabeth, milliner
Schermerhorn, Boynt, farmer
Snow, Stiphen (sic), farmer 134
Snow, Wm., farmer
Snow, Frank A., blacksmith
Smith, Amanias, retired farmer
Smith, William, farmer
Smith, Wm. H., farmer
VanLoan, Orrin D., farmer
VanLoan, John H., farmer 55
VanLoan, Morris, farmer 77
VanDyke, Easland, farmer 100
VanDyke, Adelbert, farmer 135
Wilbur, Clerk, farmer 154
Wilbur, Grant, farmer 222
Weed, Egbert, hotel keeper
Youngs, Parley, shoemaker

Acker, Nelson, stone cutter
Auchampaugh, Oliver, farmer 100, 7
Acker, Jacob, quarryman
Akley, Edgar, mason
Arnold, John, mail carrier
Aker, Daniel, stone cutter
Angle, M., merchant
Allen, A. P., M.D.
Angle, Austin, gentleman
Alyesworth, Menzo, (sic) dealer in horses
Aylesworth, Menzo, laborer
Borst, John, farmer 175
Becker, Mrs. Julia, farmer 183
Bellinger, Vernon M., banker
Becker, John R., cashier in bank, 160
Becker, Mrs. James, lady
Bunn, S., farmer 300, 5
Bunn, Austin, farmer
Bunn, Wesley, farmer 55
Borck, Emil J., quarryman
Bradt, Sarah M., farmer 100, 4
Bortles, Geo., 6
Bunn, Geo., 10, 5
Bunn, Milo, farmer
Burnett, Wm., farmer 75
Burnett, Myron, farmer
Bisset, Sylvester, farmer
Bisset, Sylvester, stonecutter
Berger, Arthur, student
Bunn, Frank, farmer
Beard, F. P., physician
Borst, Peter, farmer 200, 18
Borthwick, Chas., farmer
Berner, Stephen A., gentleman
Brandow, H. R., stone cutter
Bill, Seymore, farmer
Bitner, Leo., boot and shoemaker
Brown, Ralph W., engineer
Borst, James N., carriage trimmer
Barton, J. J., traveling salesman
Becker, Chas. A., carpenter
Borst, Chas. J., miller
Briggs, John D., laborer
Brady, Frank, sec. hand
Brandenstein, John, marble and granite dealer
Brandenstein, Harvey, stone cutter
Blodgett, Mrs. John, house work
Benedict, Jas. H., painter
Blodgett, Allen, driver for Standard Oil Co.
Bunn, Carleton, laborer
Brown, Myrtle, lady
Brown, John R., farmer
Borst, Chas. C., farmer 116, 9
Borst, Edgar, farmer
Brum, Geo., farmer
Bixby, Aaron, farmer 175, 4
Braman, William, laborer
Barner, Chester, farmer 115, 10
Barner, Foster, farmer
Borst, M. D., merchant
Brownlee, James, merchant
Baker, Stephen, carpenter
Brady, Chas., hotel keeper 225, 15
Baker, Stephen L., carpenter
Boom, Ford, com. merchant
Baker, Frank L., shipping clerk
Becker, Frank, clerk
Barner, Foster, farmer 115, 10
Brown, Wm., farmer 2
Bain, Jos. F., tailor
Boorn, C. P., ins. agt.
Borstein, S., merchant
Bellinger, G. W., editor and publisher
Bittner, Geo. P., baggage master
Benedict, Ralph, plumber
Baxter, R. W., lawyer
Borst, Howard, law student
Brown, L. F., dentist
Brown, W. J., retired
Boyeston, J. R., jeweler
Bartlett, Mrs., lady
Borst, Elliot J., druggist
Brunell, H. W., vetenary
Ball, L. C.
Bull, W. J., law student
Becker, Stephen, stone cutter
Bender, J. B., gentleman
Burnett, Byron, ins. agt.
Beard, F. P., physician
Braley, Mrs. Adelaide, millinary
Brown, W. J., gentleman
Bellinger, Henry, carriage maker
Benedict, Geo. A., painter and decorator
Brown, Martin, carpenter
Brown, Levi, carpenter
Borst, Monroe, finisher
Bradt, H. August, book keeper
Borst, Jas. W., supt. factory
Bouck, Warren, butcher
Beekman, W. H., gentleman
Burnett, M., laundryman
Burnett, Lettie, book keeper
Brazee, Jehial, stone cutter
Brown, L. F., book keeper
Barnett, Walter A., stone cutter
Barkman, John H., laborer
Burhans, Judson, miller
Borst & Burhans, millers
Bergh, Jefferson, speculator
Becker, L. R., physician
Borthwick, Chas. F., laborer
Brown, Jacob, farmer
Becker, Chas. A., carpenter
Burhans, Chas., gentleman
Brown, R. W., farmer 223, 8
Brown, Mary, lady
Cooper, Myron H., farmer
Crommie, Chas., 87, 6
Crommie, John, farmer
Chambers, David, farmer 116, 7
Chiles, S. W., civil engineer
Christman, Byron, laborer
Campbell, Geo. A., farmer
Chandler, S. H., traveling salesman
Collar, E. A.
Craig, Robt., clergyman
Collough, Wellons, traveling salesman
Campbell, Chas. A., farmer
Campbell, Jason, farmer
Cady, Anson, laborer
Commie, Norman, farmer 87, 7
Conover, John W., gentleman 98, 7
Coburn, Mrs. S. J., farmer 120
Chesebro, Jameson, farmer
Cooper, Jay, moulder
Casper, Geo. A., hop presser
Cyrle, A. W., barber
Elum Morris, merchant (sic)
Clark, Fred, clerk
Chrsitman, C. D., salesman
Conover, Mrs. J. A., lady
Conover, Frank P., manager of pool and billiard parlor
Clark, C. S., clerk
Clark, P. S., merchant
Cornell, W. W., saloon
Cornell, O. D., bar tender
Campbell, G. H., laborer
Culvers, G. R., merchant
Cary, Walter S., engineer
Cross, A. H. F., teamster
Calkins, S. D., retired farmer 192
Cushman, J. H., laborer
Calkins, John, mason
Cole, Mrs. Adam, lady
Cole, Millard, laborer
Cooper, Chas, moulder
Courter, Stanton, manufacturer
Campbell, Myron, freight laborer
Cary, A. V., painter
Cary, Foster, painter
Cross, J. G., merchant
Casper, Turk, blacksmith
Colwell, Arthur, blacksmith
Cullian, M. railroader
Couch, Chas., book keeper
Chislett, Frank, farmer
Calhoun, Jos., plumber
Crandall, Jas. H., gentleman
Cary, Edward, farmer
Dingman, Stephen, laborer
Dibble, Geo., farmer
Dipper, Hermann, jeweler
Dillenbeck, Jonas, druggist
Decker, M. S., grocer
Decker & Hiller, grocermen
Dutcher, R. E., clerk
Deresinsky, Anthony, tailor
Dresselt, Fred, butcher
Dresselt, Wm., butcher
Dresselt, Edward, butcher
Dow, Geo. E., merchant
Dana, Howard, tailor
Drake, Clara E., tailoress
Davis, Mrs. H. M., dressmaker
Dana, Chas., freight laborer
Dana, H. S., station and freight agent
Davis, Marcia, lady
Dickinson, J. J., hop dealer
Dow, D. J., gentleman
Dow, D. C., banker
Danney, J. M., hotel prop. 10
Dressell, J. R., butcher
Dunckle, F. M., undertaker
Dore, W. J.
Dwelley, Pierce, gentleman
Dana, Seth W., clerk
Diefendorf, Judson, hop dealer 12
Dockstater, Geo. S., gentleman
Dounley, T. P., painter
Dornett, T. E., hop dealer
Dow, D. C. Jr., dealer in hay and straw
Diefendorf, Mrs. Kitty, lady
Dole, Patrick, farmer
Donat, Aker, farmer
Eckerson, D. A., farmer 135, 4
Eckerson, Fred, farmer
Esmay, A. H., farmer 78, 6
Egleston, Geo., laborer
Eldridge, T. J., gentleman
Eldridge, Ogden, hay and straw dealer
Eckerson, Rob't., carpenter
Ejle, Almer, clerk
Eckerson, E. J., salesman
Eckerson, C., laborer
Eckerson, Wesley, carpenter
Empie, A. M., farmer
Eldridge, Mrs. Henrietta, lady
Eldridge, J. A., painter
Eldridge, Anna M., schoolteacher
Eiteeboss, John, mason
Eckerson, Geo., blacksmith
Emory, W. P., traveling salesman
Emory, W. H., student
France Bros., farmers 85-50
Fanah, Jos., bootblack
Fox, Clarence, dentist
Flocio, Vincent, fruit and confectionery
France, Veeder, merchant
France, Ezero, merchant
France, John, clerk
Frothing, A. A., drug clerk
Fox, Howard, dentist
Fox, W. R., caarpenter
Ferguson, Alonzo, fire insurance
Ferguson, Howard, fire insurance
Fancher, Hiram J., powerman
Fuller, J. E., gentleman
Fraats, Norman, carpenter
France, Clifford, hop and hay dealer, 70-45
France, J. C., gentleman
Fox, Mrs. L. T., lady
France, Frances, speculator
Frazer, Mary, (colored,) house work
Freeze, Martin, farmer
France, Elnard, farmer 125-4
Face, Mrs. M. J., house work
Fitzgerald, John, laborer
Fox, W. R., carpenter
Fox, Howard H., dentist
Folland, James, farmer 70
Frederick, John, mfg. cider and vinegar
Frazer, John, mechanic
France, Mrs. Anna, lady
France, Howard, roofer
France, Clarence, farmer
France, F. H., gentleman
Greenwald, H. M., chemist
Gleason, Wm., car inspector, "D. & H."
Green, Chas., farmer
Gordon, Cyrus, farmer 2
Golding, Harry, grocer
Guysinger, Kate, washer woman
Gardiner, Geo., carpenter
Gordon, Daniel, farmer
Gordon, Etta, student
Guitshaw, Wm., blacksmith
Golding, Samuel, gardener
Groat, James, laborer
Garret, S. A., plumber
Gardner, Irving, clerk
Golding, W. H., lawyer
Greenwald, Harris, clerk
Golding, T. E., barber
Gordon, Frank C., druggist
Guitshaw, Carrie, dressmaker
Garlock, Austin, carpenter
Gordon, Harry, salesman
Girvin, Robert, laborer
Groff, Frank, truckman
Grigg, C. L., express agent
Gorden, Abram, laborer
Gurnsey, Caroline, laundress
Getty, Albert G., clergyman
Hogsen, Howard, fireman
Hemperly, Rev., minister
Herron, Chas., carpenter
Hasleden, Geo., gentleman
Hasleden, Anne E., teacher
Hasleden, Mary, teacher
Howe, Chas. H., banker
Hicks, Geo., clerk
Hoffman, J. H., boot and shoe maker
Hallenbeck, Chas., carriage maker
Hubert, Moses, wagon maker
Ham, David, laborer
Herrick, James D., gentleman
Hennis, Virgil, watchmaker
Haner, Judson, laborer
Haner, Arthur R., laborer
Herron, Christina, house keeper
Hard, Edward, postmaster
Herron, Chas., mechanic
Herron, Henrietta, teacher
Herron, Milo, teacher
Hubert, Thomas, painter and paper hanger
Hodge, Leland, merchant
Holmes, Lewis, book keeper
Howe, Wm., gentleman
Hutten, Mrs. C. A., lady
Hallenbeck, Wesley, barber
Hess, Mrs. Elizabeth, lady
Harder, Miss Lena, lady
Hess, Lewis, post office clerk
Hutten, Mrs. W. L., dress maker
Hiller, Floyd, school teacher
Hiller, S. K., blacksmith
Ham, David, laborer
Hallenbeck, E., farmer
Hager, Martin, farmer 49
Hilts, Henry, gentleman
Hilts, J. W., instructor
Hilts, Geo. J., farmer 72, 4
Hilts, Geo. Sr., gentleman
Humphrey, D. K., gentleman
Hadsall, Geo., farmer
Ham, Irving, laborer
Ham, Stephen, laborer
Hustage, Frank, farmer 130, 6
Hogan, Floyd, farmer 112
Hiller, F. C., grocer
Heywood, __, supt. and pay master of quarry
Hunt, A. P., porter Augustan (sic)
Hoogland, D. E., pharmacist
Holmes, Chas. H., lawyer
Head, Geo., clerk
Hurst, Oscar, harness maker
Hyser, J. H., merchant
Hilts, D. A., farmer
Heckel, Paul, bakery
Howe, Chas. H., barber
Hyney, Francis, dress maker
Hurst, Walter, clerk
Hubbard, John P., R. R. restaurant
Hort, D. D., laborer
Hemperly, M. V., lawyer
Holmes, F., supt. shirt factory
Hanner, A. J., gardener
Hutt, John S., com. merchant
Hoyes, John, stone cutter
Hubbard, Jos., laborer
Harder, Geo. D., mfg. agr. implements
Hubbs, David, gentleman
Hodge, Lester A., merchant
Harder, Minard, gentleman
Hamilton, Mrs. E., dressmaker
Hanes, Judson, laundryman
Hunt, John, teamster
Hutton, John, laborer 1
Herron, Leroy, quarryman
Hager, Geo. H., farmer 95
Hager, Matthew, farmer 60
Hubbs, Seymour
Hadsall, Ambrose, farmer 10
Husted, Frank, farmer 130
Hanes, Mrs. A., laundress
Hadsell, Romine, laborer
Hubbard, Mrs. Stella
Hutten, Jacob R., laborer
Isdale, Sanford, laborer
Jandas, Wilhelm
Jones, Mrs. Benj., lady
Jones, C. B., confectioner
Jones, Maude, dressmaker
Jones, Mrs. Ella, shirt factory hand
Jackson, Harry, stone cutter
Karker, S. D., farmer 142, 5
Karker, Roland
Karker, Jos., farmer
Kniskern, Katy, lady 2
Kniskern, A., farmer
Kilts, James, retired 32
Kimby, David, farmer 115, 6
Kromer, Harrison, farmer 100
Kilts, Levi, mercahnt
Kilts, Harry A., merchant
Kilts, Louis W., merchant
Karker, F. M., merchant
Karker, Harry, banker
Karker, Frank A., dealer in hops
King, Melvin R., book & job printer
King, Eli, clerk
Kilts, M. J., gentleman
Kilmer, O. C., bank teller
Kilmer, Andrew G., gentleman
Kennedy, Wm., blacksmith
Kennedy, Josiah, blacksmith
Karker, H. D., contractor & builder
Kniskern, W. A., merchant
Karker, Wm. O., farmer 5, 3
Knox, Joseph F., gentleman
Kerr, Mrs. Susan, lady
Karker, Peter W., carpenter
Kelly, John, sec. boss
Karker, Chas. S., painter
Karker, Warren, quarryman
Keller, John, carpenter
Kiggins, Patrick, laborer
Livingston, J. H., farmer
Leeds, J. H., poultryman
Lawyer, Elmer, mechanic
Linster, Chas., mason & builder
Lansing, Lloyd, laborer
Lawyer, E., physician
Letts, L. A., plumber
Lyker, A. A., hotel prop.
Lawyer, Marcus, merchant
Lawyer, W. J., clerk
Linner, Mrs. Libbie, dressmaker
Limmer, Chas., florist
Lafevre, R., dry goods and clothier
Livingston, J. G., butcher
Levy, Wm., laborer
Lamont, Carrie, dressmaker
Lawyer, J., laborer
Lewis, A. C., hotel prop.
Lewis, Nettie, housekeeper
Letts, L. D., tin smith
Loy, R. J., book & stationery
Letts, Mrs. A. M., lady
Lets, Chester, farmer 212, 15
Lashonn, Edw., gardner
Lashonn, Anna, fore lady in shirt factory
Lashonn, Fanny, employed in shirt factory
Lashonn, Lucy, employed in shirt factory
Linster, Chas., mason
Linster, James, blacksmith
Lester, Frank, painter
Lemiley, Mrs. H. M., housekeeper
Livingston, Harry, school teacher
Letts, Sanford, tin smith
Letts, John, farmer 2
Linster, Mary, lady
Luby, Wm., laborer
Lamont, Harry, farmer 32, 3
Lamont, W. C., lawyer, 180, 2
Lamont, E. W., farmer
Layman, John H., laborer
Larkin, John, farmer 80
Larkin, Daniel C., farmer
Liddle, Warren, farmer 150
Martin, Geo., laborer
Markle, Edward, farmer 100
Monahan, Michael, quarryman
Monahan, John, sec. foreman D. & H.
Mereness, James W., farmer
Mickle, Daniel, farmer 91
Meers, John, farmer
Miller, Edward, clergyman
Mackey, John, laborer
Marcley, Lucy, lady
Mittler, John, tailor
Millan, Mrs. Anna, lady 1-2
Mullen, Fred, laborer
Murphy, Frank, brakeman
Moore, Almond, milkman
Morller, (sic) Mrs. H. A., lady
McLaughlin, Geo., carpenter
Metzger, Chas. R., carpenter
Myers, Chas. carpenter
Mattice, Henry, plumber
Marcell, Joseph, laborer
Murphy, S. P., gentleman
Murphy, W. H., contractor and builder
Mullen, Wm., painter
Manchester, Elmer, laborer
Manchester, John, laborer
Malone, Mary, housekeeper
McWilliams, Chas., telegrapher
Mickle, Henry, farmer 75, 5
Mereness, Seth A., physician
Madenis, Bomine, laborer
Mann, F. P., ins. agent
Mickle, H., R. R. conductor
Myers, J. W., hotel clerk
Miller, J. J., physician
Meade, P. F., clerk
Mallet, C. Y., merchant
Manning, C. G., harness maker
Mack, John M., cigar manufacturer
Mabie, G. E., dress maker
Moriaity, J. J. bartender
Moriaity, John, stone cutter
Merchant, A. B., station agent
Mallett, Mrs. C. G., music teacher
McDonald, Frank, laborer
Moore, Howard, painter
Mott, Darwin E., farmer
Mott, Lester, farmer
Malick, D. gentleman
Meade, Lonis, stone cutter
McDonald, R. B., salesman
Muller, Mrs. Frances, lady
Mann, Abram, gentleman 1-2
Murphy, Henry, carpenter
McMaster, Theo., bicycle repairer
Moore, D. S., freight laborer
Morgan, E., clergyman
Morgan, Jennie, school teacher
McWilliams, ___, telegrapher
Mallow, Philina, lady
Mackey, Frank, speculator and real estate dealer
McMaster, Wm., gentleman
Myers, Della, house work
Noble, Clinton, student of law
Northrop, Morris, bartender
Niles, A. J., harness maker
Nelson, O. F., gentleman
Niles, W. L., photographer
Niles, A. J., photographer
Norton, Chas., car inspector
Nethaway, Mrs. E., lady
Neubaurer, John, tailor
Ostrander, S. J., farmer 140
Ostrander, Geo. J., 100-4
Ostrander, Chas., farmer 90
Olmstead, Albert, farmer 130, 12
Osterhout, David, farmer 135, 15
Ottman, Ephraim, farmer 120, 6
Ottman, Herbert, laborer
Osterhout, Stanton, farmer 160, 9
Osterhout, George, farmer 97, 4-1/2
Osterhout, Abram D., farmer
Osterhout, J. L., ins. agt.
Ottman, Luther, carpenter 1
Ottman, David, laborer 1/2
Ottman, George, painter
Ottman, Mrs. W. C., lady
Ottman, Mrs. Kate, boarding house
Ottman, Sanford, painter
Ottman, Chas. S., farmer
Ochenpaugh, Mrs. J. H., lady
Ochenpaugh, Stella, music teacher
Ochenpaugh, Mary, lady
O'Neil, W., engineer
Ostrander, Lawyer, saloon
Ostrander, Peter, farmer
Palmer, Geo. M., lawyer
Palmatier, S. B., salesman
Patridge, Mrs. H. C., milliner
Patridge, H. C., telephone business
Pindar, John S., lawyer
Pindar, G. N., clerk
Potts, Harry, ins. agt.
Pulver, DeWitt, mason
Pulver, Geo. W., laborer
Pulver, Robert, farmer
Palmer, Meritt, laborer 51, 10
Patrick, E. L., blacksmith
Patrick, Ira, farmer 150
Plue, Roda, housework
Pratt, Mrs. houseowrk
Pulver, Geo., laborer
Plue, Mrs. Walter
Perrine, Catharine, farmer 30, 6
Perrine, Minnie, dressmaker
Plue, Walter B., walk layer
Pindar, Mrs. John, lady
Pindar, Miss Kate, lady
Pierce, Chas., laborer
Quinn, O. F., merchant
Quinn, James, sec. hand
Rielly, James, stone cutter
Roe, David, farmer
Richtmyer, Jacob, farmer 114, 2
Richtmyer, Robert, 97, 5
Richtmyer, Edgar, farmer
Richtmyer, Floyd, farmer
Rainy, Rupert, cheese maker
Ruland, M., laborer
Reylea, Chas., laborer
Rich, Dave, merchant
Riedel, Henry, tailor
Ryder, Edgar, merchant
Reylea, S. boarding house
Rivenburgh, M., car inspector
Ryan, D. H., boot and shoe mfg.
Rizzato, Alex., boarding house
Riedel, Lizzie, tailoress
Rose, Chas., expressman
Rickard, Elias, carpenter
Radliff, L., carpenter
Rockerfeller, Leroy, carpenter
Raunk, Augustus, stone cutter
Roe, Eli, clerk
Robinson, Jesse, quarryman
Rickard, S. S., engineer
Rickard, Ira D., foundry
Rockwell, Geo., clergyman
Rose, Anson, gentleman 54, 4
Roberts, DeForest, gentleman
Russell, Mrs. Henry, lady
Russell, Kate, lady
Russell, Jacob, farmer 8, 3
Raymond, Sylvester, clerk
Rodrignez, (sic) A. C., student
Roberts, Mrs. C. E., milliner
Roberts, Mrs. M., lady
Ramsey, Miss Celia, lady
Ryan, W. H., inspector 1
Ridge, John S., carpenter
Robinson, Henry, painter
Ryder, James M., gentleman
Roe, Jerry, mason
Ritton, Addison, teamster
Rose, Orville, laborer
Reilly, Wm. Jr., stone cutter
Reilly, Wm. Sr., contractor 5 1-2
Rickard, Hager, farmer
Rickard, Palmer, farmer
Richtmyer, Wm. M., farmer 110
Richtmyer, ___, farmer
Reul, Christopher, weaver
Rockerfeller, H., ice dealer 134, 6
Rockerfeller, M. L., farmer
Roe, Sanford, brakeman
Sexton, J. H., D. & H. employee
Shafer, Howard, hay & straw 150, 5
Spaulding, Chas. E., gentleman
Strobeck, Mrs. Philip, lady
Snyder, Wm., farmer
Snyder, A., farmer 175, 4
Shafer, Henry, laborer
Sheny, Frederick, laborer
Shafer, Geo. A., farmer 150
Snyder, David B. miller 30
Sutliff, J. P., farmer
Sharp, Chas., laborer
Spaulding, Chas. retired 112
Shafer, L. A., drill runner
Shols, Frederick, farmer 82
Stain, R. D., farmer
Schuyler, James E., farmer 150
Smith, J. J., supt. Quarry Co.
Schaman, D. C., farmer
Shaffer, Frank, agt. Grand Union Tea Co.
Shaffer, Elwood W., student
Smith, Adelbert, laborer
Screiner, Martin, tailor
Schwartz, C., merchant
Shaver, W. N., jeweler
Skinner, Chas. B., druggist
Skinner, Verner, clerk
Sack, D. G., traveling salesman
Scrom, Jerome, teamster
Shafer, L. H., butcher 9
Smith, C. H., butter mfg.
Sweetser, E. E., tailor
Schoolcraft, Wm. M., farmer
Swart, Mrs. W. H., lady
Sweetser, J. E., gentleman
Sweetser, Emma, music teacher
Smith, T. S., marble & granite
Sternberg, David, laborer
Shaffer, Kasson, gentleman
Stilson, Makel, (sic) school teacher
Stilson, Una, clerk
Shafer, H., laborer
Schaeffer, Frank C., gardner 6
Shafer, Clarence, jewler
Schrader, E. V., barber
Schoolcraft, Wesley, farmer 120, 7
Selterly, Frank S., meat market clerk
Shafer, E. D., barber
Schwinler, A., hotel clerk
Soun, Albert, manager opera house
Seaman, James, blacksmith
Smoke, Cora, (colored) house work
Spickerman, Myron, manager restaurant
Shafer, Mrs. Selina, lady
Shafer, Miss Ella, lady
Sillery, Jos., draughtsman
Shaver, Chas. H., merchant
Shaver, R. F., cattle dealer
Shaver, J. P., druggist
Southworth, E. P., laborer
Suttiff, J. S., farmer
Sullivan, G. E., salesman
Shaver, H. V., farmer 125, 15
Shirley, John, stone cutter
Schoonmaker, Albert, barber
Shaver, S. C., merchant
Shaver, G. W., harness maker
Stontenburg, Alice, dress maker
Stontenburg, Harriet, school teacher
Schuyler, W. W., laborer
Sternburg, R. E., atty.
Sexton, Albert, laborer
Simmons, W. W., banker
Shaver, W. B., farmer
Schafer, Sarah, lady
Smith, James, supt. of Quarry
Schwartz, Albert, stone cutter
Spoor, L. J., bee keeper
Shrader, Earl, barber
Shaver, S. G., carpenter
Schermerhorn, R. T., carriage dealer
Schermerhorn, H. C., bicyclist
Smith, John, carpenter
Severson, Geo., painter
Stevenson, Eliza, ticket Agt.
Story, Ezra, gardner
Stillson, M. D., roofer
Stillson, A. G., roofer
Tillapaugh, Mrs. Elvira, lady
Tillapaugh, Mrs. O., dressmaker
Tryon, Tiffnay (sic), farmer
Thrall, Mrs. Parmelia, lady
Tator, J. H., farmer
Turk, Geo. H., carpenter
Tingue, Arthur E., farmer 175, 6
Tingue, Jacob, gentleman
Tregg, John, charge cemetery
Turk, Paul H., carpenter
Tilison, Ernest, mason
Thomas, Nathan, horseman
Turk, Felix, blacksmith
Treggs, Henry, laborer
Tenell, Mrs. P., farmer 20
Thrall, Eva, lady
Tator, Wilson, farmer
Tator, Peter, farmer 28, 2
Tilison, Geo., laborer
Timmerman, Henry, clerk
Toles, Eva, house work
Turk, Wm., horse trainer
Turk, Geo., horse trainer
Tator, Hiram, butcher
Teck, A., gardener
Treadwell, W. D., grocer
Turk, Casper, blacksmith
Taylor, Luther S., ice and wood dealer
Tator, Margaret, lady
Tompkins, S., farmer 135, 4
VanShaick, John, lawyer 67
VanDresser, Jacob, farmer 96
Velie, Milton, laborer
Voorhes, Milton, farmer 21, 4
VanValkenburgh, D., clerk
VanVoris, Irving, hardware dealer
VanDusen, Henry, farmer 200, 6
VanWie, Mrs. Benjamin, boarding house
VanSlyke, J. R., baker
VanSchaick, J., lawyer 75, 4
VanAuken, A., baker
VanAuken, M., baker
VanPatten, Frances, dressmaker
Vosburg, Geo., railroad gate tender
VanValkenburg, Adam, engineer
VanDusen, Peter, traveling salesman
VanValen, C., laborer
Vines, John, miller
Veder, Mrs. C. G., lady
VanSchaick, Jessie, school teacher
VanSlyke, Lina, house work
Welsh, Arthur, farmer 175, 4
Walker, J. J., farmer 80
Walker, Warner J., farmer
Whitman, Fred W., farmer
Warner, Adam, farmer
Warner, Alfred, farmer 90-1/2
Warner, D. G., farmer 96
Warner, John H., farmer
Winnie, G. E., farmer 160
Warner, Jessie, clerk
Warner, Arthur, lawyer
Wright, John, truck driver
Walker, Wm., farmer 130
Wentworth, T. M., photographer
Widomen, J., merchant
Warner, Jos., bicycle repairer
Warner, Arthur T., lawyer
Williams, Mrs. M., nurse
Wentworth, Stanley, baker
Woodbeck, Milton, blacksmith
Weiting, Mrs. J. C., lady
Weiting, F. P., stone business
Weiting, C. A., com. agt.
Wilson, Mathew, watch maker
Warner, Samuel, laborer
Wallace, Wm., laborer
Wolford, Scott, painter
Williams, Micheal (sic), stone cutter
Walker, Mrs. E. S., milliner
Warner, R. S., clerk
Wolcott, H. B., carpenter
Winslow, S. E., engineer
Warner, Violo, clerk
Warner, Stella, dressmaker
Wager, Henry, moulder
Wetsel, Daniel, farmer
Whitbeck, P., merchant
Wakeman, Arthur, farmer 120
Walsh, Chas., laborer
Wolfred, Clinton, carpenter
Whalen, Patrick, railroad foreman
Wallace, Wilhelm, watchman
Wainwright, Justin, blacksmith
Warner, Frank, mechanic
Wolfred, Schuyler, carpenter
Wolfred, S. R., laborer
Wolfred, H. H., laborer
Wolfred, Geo. J., farmer 9, 5
Wagner, Rebecca, housework
Webster, A. M., farmer 150
Wright, Chas., laborer
Wetzel, B., farmer 151, 8
Wolcott, Henry B., carpenter
Wessell, Mrs. Helen, housework
Youngs, Lee, quarryman
Youngs, Andrew, farmer 112
Youngs, John, engineer
Youngs, John C.,
Youngs, D., laborer
Youngs, Geo. W., blacksmith
Youngs, Edward, laborer
Youngs, Conrad, laborer
Youngs, Bostwick, carpenter
Youngs, Peter, gentleman
Youngs, Clinton, moulder
Younrs, P. R. & Co., photo
Younts, T., clerk
Youngs, Percy, clerk
Youngs, Newton, merchant
Yates, Chas., horseler (sic)
Zweifel, Jos. Rev., minister

Clykeman, Daniel, speculator
Clykeman, Lawrence, farmer 120
Jones, Orlando, farmer 181
Smitten, Orrin, farmer

Abrams, Geo. B., farmer 200
Aney, Wm., farmer 90, 4
Atkins, Clinton, farmer 9, 3
Angle, Mrs.
Burns, Mrs. Jennie, dressmaker
Chamberlain, Abner, butcher
Chamberlain, Ed, farmer
Chase, Harvey H., boot and shoe store
Chase, Menzo W., boot and shoe store
Chichester, Michael, farmer 115, 3
Crippen, Mrs. Ada
Crippen, Ethel Ray, teacher
Crippen, Mrs.
Cross, Ernest E., farmer 8
Crandall, Samuel, laborer
Campbell, John, laborer
DeGraff, Ira, farmer 95, 6
Delap, Patrick
Devenpeck, Alonzo, farmer 110
DeWire, Dennis, farmer 22, 2
Dewire, Edward, farmer 9, 2
Esmy, Eugene R., farmer 122, 16
Esmy, John
Esmy, Hiram, farmer 127, 5
Foland, Henry, farmer 77, 4
Fundy, Mrs. M., hotel
France, Austin
France, John, farmer 112, 5
France, Wm. H. Seward, farmer 85, 14
Garloch, Wesley, farmer 75, 5
Gossweiler, Chas., section boss, R. R.
Guernsey, Wellington, laborer
Hagadorn, James, farmer 148, 7
Kniskern, Andrew, laborer
Kniskern, James, laborer
Kniskern, Wm. H., mail carrier
Lane, Delmar, farmer 100, 8
Lane, Geo., farmer
Lehman, John A., wagon & sleigh maker
Lincoln, Geo., clerk
Lew, Wm., laborer
Lockwood, Geo. W., farmer 200, 5
Markle, Geo. M., carpenter
Markle, D. S., laborer
Maguire, James
Markle, Robt., laborer
Meldrum, Duncan, carpenter
McMann Bros., cider mill
McMann, Bros., farmers 145, 5
McNeil, Sherman, farmer 108, 4
Patrick, John J., farmer 27, 3
Pearse, Mrs. Mary, dressmaker
Pierce, Willard, laborer
Reed, A. A., clergyman
Richtmyer, Chas., laborer
Rowley, Edwin, carpenter
Salisburg, Chas., laborer
Salisburg, David, laborer
Salisburg, John, farmer 100
Salisburg, Jacob, laborer
Sigsbee, Seth, teacher
Somers, Chas. C., farmer 130, 7
Sommers, Ivy, farmer
Sommers, Wm., farmer 33
Strail, Henry, farmer 60, 6
Strail, Julius, farmer 86, 3
Strobel, Clarence, laborer
Teneyck, Chas., farmer 134
Tillapaugh, Martin, farmer (with Warren) 123, 6
Tillapaugh, Warren, farmer (with Martin) 123, 6
Traber, James R., laborer
VanSlyke, Gilbert, farmer 24
Vanderworker, Aaron, farmer 40, 4
Vanderworker, Matthew, laborer
Vroman, Jacob, farmer 100, 8
Vroman, Leander, farmer 24, 4
Ward, John, carpenter
Webber, Dewey, bee man
Wendell, Mrs. Rebecca
Wessell, Irving, laborer
Wright, Noah S., store
Youngs, Willard D., balcksmith

Aker, Barner, farmer 178, 7
Aker, U. R., laborer
Borst, Martin B., farmer 35
Cornwell, Chas., hotel clerk
Casper, John, farmer 200, 9
Devel, Morgan, laborer
Diamond, Cora, house work
DuMond, John, farmer 100
Diamond, Albert, laborer
Diamond, John, laborer
Dietz, Jean, farmer 18
Dumond, E. M., farmer 32
Diamond, Jacob, laborer
Earl, W. W. Sr., farmer 75, 6
Earl, W. W. Jr., farmer 27, 4
Foster, M. E., hotel prop.
Guernsey, Rupert, teacher
Guernsey, George, farmer 140, 8
Houghkirk, James, farmer
Hogaboon, Wm., laborer 3
Kelsey, J. H., merchant
Moore, Byron, laborer
Marcley, William, laborer 10
Marcley, Frank, laborer
Pelkey, Milton, farmer
Ruland, Albert, laborer
Ruland, Frank, laborer
Salesburg, Alverson, laborer
Smith, Thomas, farmer 21, 2
Shultes, John H., Gentleman
Salsburg, Allen, laborer
Shaver, Addie, housework
Tilison, Geo., laborer 18
Turner, Newton, merchant and farmer 48, 6
Turner, John H., clerk
Turner, Geo. D., student
Watson, Frank, laborer
Willsey, Isaac, carpenter

Burgett, Abram, farmer 65
Brazee, O., farmer 100
Brockway, Charles, farmer 117
Burnett, Frank, farmer
Boyington, George, farmer 174
Cook, Mrs. Chas., farmer 100
Curtis, O. B., farmer 50
Cornell, Bertha, 2
Cornell, Kate, farmer 100
Coons, C., farmer 100
Casper, Peter, farmer 50
Dibble, M., farmer 70
Deering, Mrs. Cornelius, farmer 3
Dibble, Isaac, farmer 50
Dawley, John, farmer 178
Dibble, James, farmer 110
Delaney, James, farmer 120
Delaney, Wm., farmer 160
Fancher, David, farmer 50
Fancher, Wm., farmer 50
Felter, Mrs. Wm., farmer 1
Face, Martin, blacksmith
Felter, Freeman, farmer 112
Felter, Geo., farmer 95
Gifford, James, farmer 80
Grey, Wm., farmer 65
Garner, Washington
Gardiner, Washington, farmer 174
Ham, Wm., farmer 130
Hartwell, Allison, farmer 150
Hellijas, Peter, farmer 56
Hennis, Jacob, farmer, retired
Ham, Geo. W., farmer 110
Ham, Mrs. David, farmer 224
Hicks, Eugene, farmer 106
Harney, Franklin, farmer 177
Henness, Mrs. E., lady 2
King, Andrew, farmer 4
King, Henry, farmer 26
King, Henry, laborer
King, Andrew, farmer 50
Myers, Jerry, farmer 220
Myers, S. A., farmer 1
Miller, Henry, farmer 112
Miller, David, farmer 21
Muckley, John, farmer 68
Muckley, Geo., farmer 25
Oakley, Gabriel, farmer 67
Pindar, J. S., farmer 50
Ploss, H. W., farmer 281
Proper, Geo. M., farmer 70
Proper, Clarence J., farmer 100
Proper, Mrs. Minard, farmer 140
Proper, David Y., 70
Ploss, Arthur W., merchant
Ploss, Austin, farmer 93
Pindar, Mrs. Abram, farmer 120
Pindar, Madison, laborer
Rickard, Harvey, farmer 149
Springstead, John Miller (sic)
Springstead, William, farmer
Stevens, Clark, charcoal burner
Stevens, Albert, farmer
Simmons, Mrs. John, farmer 118
Sweet, Philo B., farmer 120
VanVoris, Joseph, farmer 195
VanVoris, Mrs. Benj., farmer 50
Vevons, Chester, farmer 100
Whitbeck, Henry, farmer 25
Widomen, Nicholas, gentleman
Woodbeck, Philo, laborer


Beard, Claude, farmer 200
Bice, Seward, farmer 125
Claper, Eli, farmer 130
Clapser, Alva, farmer 125
Clapper, Richard, farmer 290
Groat, W. H., farmer 3
McNeil, Mrs. H., farmer 100
Nece, James, farmer 130
Nece, Geo., farmer 80
Roe, Sally, farmer 80
Reynolds, Geo., farmer 100
Reis, Chas., farmer 105
Rossman, Bery, farmer 185
Rossman, Nathaniel, farmer 20
Rossman, Daniel C., farmer 50
Spencer, Norman, farmer 100




Andrus, Orrin, farmer 420
Cornell, Vernon, farmer
Conroe, Gilbert, farmer 200
Colby, Thomas, farmer
Colby, Thos. Jr., teacher
Fredenburgh, Hiram, farmer 160
Fredenburgh, William, farmer
Mayham, Chas. H., farmer 254
Murwin, Wm., farmer 115
Porn, James W., farmer 162
Warner, Chas., farmer
Andrus, Orrin, farmer 420
Cornell, Vernon, farmer
Conroe, Gilbert, farmer 200
Colby, Thomas, farmer
Colby, Thos. Jr., teacher
Fredenburgh, Hiram, farmer 160
Fredenburgh, William, farmer
Mayham, Chas. H., farmer 254
Murwin, Wm., farmer 115
Porn, James W., farmer 162
Warner, Chas., farmer

Becker, Etta, farmer 90
Becker, Owen, teacher
Becker, Claude, farmer
Baumers, Chas. W., merchant 7
Baumers, Floyd, clerk
Baumers, Schuyler, farmer 109
Bradt, Alden, farmer
Burhaus, Barner, laborer
Gardiner, Emerson, farmer 70
Gardiner, William, farmer 30
Grosvenor, Chas., farmer 75, 5
Grosvenor, Millard, farmer 42, 5
Grosvenor, Henry, farmer 100
Grosvenor, Spencer, salesman
Grosvenor, Vernon, student
Howard, Orra, farmer
Holmes, Oliver, farmer 118
Loun,m Garret, blacksmith
Miller, Nicholas, farmer
McNeil, Alex, gentleman
Mosher, Chas., farmer 82
Richtmyer, Mrs. D. C., farmer 100, 4
Richtmyer, Harvey, farmer
Richtmyer, Burdell, farmer
Richtmyer, Abram, farmer 50
Snyder, Menzo, farmer 30, 3
Slingerland, S., farmer 121
Safford, Katie, lady
Sweet, Herbert, farmer
Shaver, Henry, farmer 63
Shaver, Edwin, schoolteacher
Underhill, Irving, farmer
VanWormer, E., laborer
Young, David, farmer 94, 2




Brazee, Elijah, farmer 75
Brazee, Abijah, farmer 105
Callington, Luke, farmer 160
Carmen, Cornelius, laborer
Decker, Levi, farmer 37
Hulbert, Jerome, farmer 100
Stewart, Frank, farmer 93
Tinklepaugh, Mrs. A., farmer 50
Welton, Exra, farmer 28
Widoman, Isaac, farmer 80
White, G. C., farmer 130
Woodbeck, John, farmer 282

Arner, Maggie, housework
Buckley, Minnie, housework
Brown, W. D., student
Brown, Mrs. C. A., lady 2
Brown, Floyd, gentleman
Brown, Barney, gentleman
Barker, Mrs.
Borst, Wesley, farmer 10
Borst, M., laborer
Colter, Mrs. Farmer 10, 5
Calkins, Oscar, 240
Chickering, Thomas, merchant 1
Deifendorf, C., clergyman
Dana, Lewis W., farmer 96
Dana, G. L., farmer 45
Drumm, Chatfield, painter
Doty, Fred, farmer 6, 5
Dirstle, Alden, farmer
Esmay, Reene, farmer
Elworth, Rose F., laborer 2
Griggs, Francis, lady
Hogan, Mitchel, laborer
Hellsinger, Marchall, farmer
Hellsinger, Irving, farmer 2
Jump, Grant, laborer
Kling, Lansing, farmer 180, 8
Kling, Mark, farmer 80
Karker, Homar, laborer
Kniskern, Wm. E., farmer
Larkin, Chas., farmer 240
Larkin, Mrs. Emma, farmer
Letts, Clinton, farmer
Meers, Jacob H., 31, 2
Ottman, Melvin, laborer
Ottman, Albert R., farmer 27
Perchell, Richard H., laborer
Pulver, Peter, farmer 35, 8
Rector, Riley, farmer
Simers, Jacob A., laborer
Somers, D. H., laborer
Snyder, Rancy, farmer 40, 6
Story, Geo., carpenter
Sanford, Jos., laborer
Stanton, Chas., laborer
Shutts, J. R., farmer
Shutts, Abram, farmer 110
Shutts, Howard E., farmer
Turk, Jos., carpenter
Utter, Albert D., farmer 210, 6
Utter, Lewis, farmer
Utter, Albert, farmer
VanDerworken, Catharine, dressmaker
VanValkenburg, H. S., laborer
VanPatten, David, laborer
VanPatten, Frances, dressmaker
VanWoert, H., student
Westherwax, Geo., farmer
Wakeman, Mrs. Mary, lady
Wing, Clarence, blacksmith
Walsh, Joseph J., farmer
Writing, Warren, farmer 95
Youngs, Chas., farmer
Young, Thomas, gentleman 50






McIntyre, John, farmer
Woodhinse, Wm., farmer 26


Adams, Samuel, farmer 136
Borst, Geo., farmer 213
Brimm, Jos., farmer 224
Champlin, Giles S., farmer 163
Champlin, H. W., farmer 80.
Champlin, Jane
Champlin, Catherine J., 95
Champlin, J. Perry, farmer 222.
Clark, LeGrand and LeGrange, farmers 225
Clark, Ralph H., farmer 180
Churchill, John, farmer 122
Carnell, Jesse, farmer 63
Curtis, Jacob H., farmer 150
Curtis, Arthur, farmer
Curtis, Irving, farmer
Effner, L. D., farmer 15
Hubbell, R. D., farmer 100
Johnson, Arthur, laborer
Jones, Wm. S., farmer 196
Jones, Fred, farmer and teacher
Johnson, H. M., farmer 24
Lee, Benjamin, farmer 50
McKee, R. C., farmer 106
Martin, John R., farmer 152
Mattice, Thomas, farmer 252
Merwin, Wm. P., farmer 182
Peaslee, Clyde O., farmer and teacher
Shelmandine, Eli, farmer 275
Shelmandine, Geo., farmer 160
Vroman, Thomas, farmer 106
Vroman, Wm., farmer 103
Wallace, Chas. S., farmer 43
Wood, John, farmer 200
Wood, Ethel, teacher
Wood, Jesase M., farmer 125
Wood, Chas. A., farmer 125
Wood, Ernest, farmer 200
Wood, Lila, teacher

Bouck, Wm., farmer 150
Brayman, Charles, farmer 110, 10
Barton, Wm., (G. Mattice farm) 100
Chase, Chas., farmer 150
Chase, Wm., farmer 190
Kling, N., saw mill and farmer 90
Mickle, David, farmer 250, 20
Noble, M. Silas, farmer 200, 20
Payne, James, farmer 200, 3
Steinhover, Samuel, farmer 90
Steinhover, Ernest, farmer 150
Warner, Abram, farmer 75

Brand, Rickerson, farmer 100
Bates, Gideon, farmer 125
Dewitt, John C., farmer 400
Dewitt, Bret H., farmer
Dewitt, W. Scott, student
Fox, Ira B., farmer 297
Husted, Jeremiah, farmer
Makley, John F., farmer 340
Makley, Jay, teacher
McKaffery, Oscar, farmer
Kniskern, Hobart, farmer 100
Smith, Henry, farmer 80
VanPelt, Edward, farmer 178
VanWie, Frank, farmer 200
Youngs, David, farmer 147
Youngs, Addison, farmer
Youngs, Milo, farmer

Rivenburg, Orlando, farmer 180
Rivenburg, Orson, farmer 75
Young, Henry, farmer 185

Auchampaugh, Levi, farmer 200
Auchampaugh, Ellsworth, farmer 106
Becker, Winfield, farmer
Barrett, John, farmer 100
Brown, Joe, farmer 108
Bently, Albert, farmer 70
Barton, Orson, farmer 135
Barton, John W., farmer 135
Blanchard, Ward R., farmer 100
Devoe, Amos, farmer 160
Devoe, Mark, poultryman
Devoe, Ruth, lady
Devoe, Della, lady
Griffin, Horace, 125
Griffith, Horace, farmer 90
Kinney, Samuel, farmer 145
Lewis, Morgan H., farmer 118
McClure, Thomas R., farmer 106
Neff, Morris, gentleman
Neff, Wellington, carpenter
Neff, Ford, carpenter
Neff, Grace, lady
Rigster, Jonas, farmer 155
Rigster, Henry, farmer 134
Rigster, W. S., farmer
Stevens, Herbert, farmer 160
Wilty, Mrs. Josephine, housework
Westfall, Eli, farmer
Westfall, John, gentleman
Williamson, James, farmer 92
Williamson, Lucius, farmer 84
Westfall, Edward, farmer 150
Westfall, Martin, farmer

Avery, Celinda A.
Austin, Arnold, 20
Akeley, Martin A., County Clerk
Auchampaugh, E. L., store
Barton, Wm, farmer 75
Borst, Wm., farmer 96
Bouck, Elliot, 3
Barner, Hiram
Becker, Ellen, 11
Bailey, John G., farmer 165
Burton, Wm., farmer 85
Badgley, Anna, 1
Benedict, Irving, 1
Becker, William, 1
Bergh, Oscer, 70
Bouck, John D., farmer 142
Bouck, Nathan P., leather
Bouck, Geo. A., farmer 146
Bailey, Martin D., farmer 303
Bailey, Mather, farmer 139
Burton, Abram, 1
Bradt, Raymond C., farmer 81
Bailey, Mrs. Chas. C., 3
Borst, John B., farmer 150
Borst, David E., farmer 54
Becker, Mrs. Philip
Berner, Roxanna
Ball, Isaac O.
Borst, Erskine, farmer 140
Brown, Harvey
Barton, Frank, merchant
Bouck, Peter L., farmer
Bouck, Alfred, blacksmith
Burke, Rebecca
Branflack, John
Borst, Thomas B., farmer 50
Burton, Christian D.
Becker, Jamer B., harness maker
Becker, Lena, dressmaker
Becker, Jabel, harness maker
Becker, Oakley, news dealer
Borst, Smith
Boyce, Jacob H.
Boyce, Helen M., retired, 1
Baker, Mrs. Celia, retired
Baker, Mrs. Elizabeth
Brumley, Schuyler, farmer
Badgley, Perry, traveling salesman
Badgley, Stephen B., hotel clerk, Catskill
Brewster, Chas., gentleman
Brown, Margaret
Brown, Miss Mary L., insurance agent
Barton, Alva, farmer 98
Barton, Delbert, merchant
Barton, Joshua, farmer 188
Barton, Wm. H., farmer 92
Boyce, E. Wesly, merchant
Cady, John H., farmer 96
Clark, Alexander, 12
Carpenter, Chas., farmer 92
Cooper, Geo.
Cooper, Peter
Cooper, Allen
Cooper, Mrs. Lucian
Cain, Nancy
Cross, Josiah, farmer 32
Couchman, Rev. Philip, clergyman, 1
Cady, Henry, postmaster
Cady, Henry Jr., P. O. Clerk
Cullings, Peter, hotel prop., 97
Cullings, Jerry, quarryman
Cady, Mrs. J. H.
Clark, Nancy, retired
Coonley, John W., engineer
Dietz, Abram L., 3
Dietz, Mrs, J. I.
Dietz, Mary
Deyo, Philip, gentleman, 3
Deyo, Chas. A., taxidermist and manager telephone and telegraph
Dominick, Earl F., dentist and Internal Revenue Collector
Dietz, Lavina, 66
Dietz, Peter S., mason
Dietz, Jacob H., 55
Dewey, R. A., clerk in bank
Dreisbeck, Adam, 77
Dietz, Isaac H., 37
Dietz, Wm., farmer
Dreisbeck, Chas.
DeLaMater, Mrs. Emily, dressmaker
DeLeMater, Miss Bertie, lady
Dell, Geo. W., minister
Edward, Julia A.
Effner, Geo.
Eaton, Susan M.
Farquher, Benj. J., furniture and undertaker, 75
Farquher, Mrs. Arthur H., 1
Follensbee, Myron J., traveling salesman
Feeck, Nancy
Ferris, Walter, sheriff
Garner, Riley, 1
Grant, John B., lawyer, 3
Grant, Frank K., lawyer
Gannon, Lawrence, 18
Guernsey, Floyd M. nurseryman
Gardner, Daniel E., supt. of cemetery
Guffin, Mrs. M., milliner
Guffin, Mrs. Cyrus
Guffin, Oscar, hardware and grocery
Golden, Peter G., clerk
Gebhard, Charlotte, lady
Gilbert, Mrs. C. B.
Germon, James, farmer, 96
Germon, Cornelia, farmer 80
Hess, Frank, 3
Hitchman, David A., printer
Hoyt, Jane
Hoteling, Nancy
Hallenbeck, Nicholas, farmer 132
Hallenbeck, Mrs. Samuel
Hager, Henry M., janitor
Hogeboone, Minor, carpenter
Hinman, Chauncy W., lawyer
Hale, Henry H., printer
Hanes, Albert, painter
Haines, Dr. A. L., physician and army sergeon (sic)
Hayes, William, 16
Holmes, Lyman S., laywer and editor
Hayes, Arthur, optician
Holmes, William, farmer 105
Haines, Mrs. Sheldon L.
Kniskern, Calvin, farmer 132
Kilmer, Thos., physician
Keyser, Lucian M.
Keyser, Jerome, farmer
Keyser, Nicholas, 1
Kennedy, Thomas
Keyser, Anna
Kinney, Mrs. Julia
Kinney, Peter I.
Kelley, Wm., laborer
Kingsley, Henry F., physician
Krum, Wm. B., fire insurance agent
Kniskern, Wm. R., express agent and merchant
Kniskern, Chas. I., mechanic
Kniskern, Charles E.
Kinney, Peter S., street sprinkler
Krum, Hobart, lawyer and senator, 6
Kromer, Mrs. Chas. C., millinery, 3
Kromer, Chas. C., editor
Lucky, Lester, farmer 108
Livingston, Lorenzo, farmer 83
Livingston, John W., farmer 1
Loucks, Harvey, farmer 47
L'Amoreaux, Stephen, farmer 78
Lawyer, Bessie, farmer 2
Loucks, Jerry, farmer 6
Loucks, Alvy, carpenter
Livingston, Lester, farmer 111
L'Amoreaux, John W., farmer 14
L'Amoreaux, Chas. L., farmer 33
Lawyer, Emma G., farmer 273
Lawyer, Charles, farmer 46
Larkin, Mrs. Mary
Lawyer, Edward, farmer 75
Lawyer, W. S., liveryman
Lasell, Cecil, farmer
L'Amoreaux, Frank, deputy P. M.
Lendrum, Mary, farmer 1
Lendrum, John M., farmer 85
Loucks, Geo.
Lawyer, Christian, farmer 3
Lawyer, Mrs. John W., farmer 36
Lendrum, John, farmer 1
Mann, Mira, farmer 1
Mann, Thomas, farmer 16
Maternegan, John, carriage maker
Mayham, S. L., lawyer and sup. court judge, 86
Mayham, Claude, lawyer
Mix, Frank G., farmer 100, 40
Myers, Jacob T., merchant, 118
Myers, Geo. A., laborer
Malick, Philip, farmer 1
Marsh, J. W., vet. surgeon, 53
Mahar, Catharine, farmer 6
Mahar, Mrs. John, farmer 20
Mattice, Mrs. James
Mattice, Manley, shoe maker
Mayham, Mary,
Manchester, Elizabeth
Maynard, John, farmer 3
Mead, Arthur D., editor
Mead, Jennie R., music teacher
Merrill, Nancy L., retired
Morrison, Mrs. Hattie D., 1, retired
McKenzie, Mrs. Sarah
Mann, Edward V., farmer 13
Maynard, John, bee keeper, 2
Mattice, Alice
Mattice, Mrs. Lizzie, dress maker
Moon, Jerry, farmer 6
Nethaway, Clinton, farmer, 130
Neibergall, Edward, farmer 100
Neibergall, John, farmer 4
Nadley, Christian, farmer 2
Oliver, Wm. H.
Oliver, Abram, farmer 2
Oliver, Menzo, farmer 2
O'Tall, Isaac, mason
Palmatier, Maggie
Palmatier, John, farmer
Pierce, William, farmer 1
Pickett, James
Parslow, Henry
Pickett, Mrs.
Palmer, Lavina
Parrott, Alfred, druggist
Palmer, Atkins, gentleman, 6
Posson, Frank L., physician
Posson, Fred, laborer
Rulland, Geo. A., farmer 66
Rickard, Leonard, farmer 40
Rickard, Mrs. Origen
Rasue, Mrs. Chas., farmer 11
Rickard, Warren, farmer 95
Rickard, John, farmer 152
Rorick, Delany, farmer 1
Rorick, Maria C., farmer 3
Rorick, Peter
Rector, Chas. E., farmer and mechanic
Rickard, Jacob, farmer 312
Rickard, Albert S. miller
Root, Henry Clay, express and mail delivery
Rickard, Alex
Rickard, Mrs. Elizabeth
Rorick, Charles, farmer 3
Rorick, Frank, farmer 1
Rorick, William
Rickard, David, farmer 7
Rickard, James, farmer
Snyder, Mahala
Swart, Peter, farmer 116
Swan, Adlard, monuments
Smith, Nancy, farmer 51
Smith, Isaac, farmer 20
Schermerhorn, Lydia, farmer 1
Schaffer, C. H., farmer 70
Schworm, Jacob, farmer 8
Shaffer, Jacob H., farmer 81
Spateholts, Clark, farmer 90
Shaffer, Peter, farmer 48
Sidney, Charles, farmer 92
Sidney, John, farmer 100
Schaeffer, James, farmer 12
Sagendorf, Andrew
Scribner, Myron E., farmer 170
Scribner, Willis, farmer
Sagendorf, Peter H.
Safford, Joseph
Spaulding, Frank, pool and billiard parlors, 1
Sternburg, Helen
Schaeffer, Martin L., farmer 117
Swart, Catharina, farmer 1
Sias, Solomon, professor, 1
Sheeley, Mrs. Lewis, retired, 1
Sheeley, Miss Dora, retired
Shafer, Austin, compositor
Scranton, Dr. S. A., dentist
Sidney, Wm. H., retired, 1
Sidney, Wallace, clerk
Strooble, Angelina
Sholtes, Charles, farmer 55
Sholtes, John J., farmer 75
Sholtes, Mrs. John J.
Stafford, Robert M., carriage maker and town clerk
Settle, Albert J., mechanic
Stevens, Charles B.
Schoolcraft, Harriet E.
Settle, Freeman W., clerk
Schaeffer, Gideon, farmer 81
Schaeffer, Albert, mechanic
Sidney, Wells, merchant
Sidney, Austin, farmer
Swart, John J., farmer 1
Shaffer, Henry
Sherlock, Mrs. James
Sholtes, Martha
Snyder, O. A. physician, and county treas., 1
Shaeffer, Daniel, meat market
Shaeffer, Wm. L., machinist
Schworm, Jacob, liveryman
Shylock, Mrs. Sidney
Schaeffer, Christian, farmer 8
Schaeffer, Walter F., clothier
Settle, Mrs. Frances H., millinery
Sternburg, Wm., farmer 190
Sternburg, George, farmer 105
Stiffler, Jacob, farmer 5
Spaulding, Smith
Sidney, Jeremiah, farmer
Taylor, Perry, umbrella mf'g
Taylor, Abner, farmer 139
Terpening, David, farmer 190
Treddlemyer, M. J., farmer 51
Tryon, Pedro, farmer 3
Teabout, Sadee
Teabout, Peter
Thomas, Edward
Totten, Mary
Throop, Charles M., druggist and pres't bank
Thornton, Robert, horse trainer
Thomas, Richard K., hotel
Tennant, Washington L., farmer
Twitchell, Ezra, hotel
Taylor, Joseph, gentleman
Tennant, H. P. S., farmer 50
Tennant, Seward E., lawyer and school commissioner
Thomas, Wilfred P., lawyer
Vedder, Harmon
Vedder, Peter
VanTuyl, Charles
VanTuyl, Abram, retired gentleman, 54
Vroman, Meade J., farmer
Vroman, Sarah
Vroman, Leland S., editor
Vroman, Jacob
Vroman, Lucian, farmer 14
Vroman, Wm. J., coal dealer, 20
Vedder, Edwin D., farmer 25
Vedder, Edwin, clergyman, retired
VanValkenburg, Herrman, farmer
Vandergrift, Sarah
VonLinden, Charles, farmer 302
Vrooman, Mrs. Ellsworth, lady, 3
Vroman, Cornelius P., farmer 178
Vrooman, Ellsworth, merchant
VanTuyl, LeGrand, lawyer, 3
VanTuyl, Miss Sophia,retired
Vroman, Charles, farmer 260
Vroman, David B., farmer 58
Vroman, Sarah, farmer 1
Vroman, Chas. and Wm. J., farmers 200
Vroman, Lucian, retired farmer 35
Vroman, Peter C., farmer 156
Vroman, Paul H., conductor
Waterburry, Daniel, farmer 45
Waterburry, James H. student
Willsey, Isaac R., farmer 110
Webb, Burt, barber
Warner, John H., farmer 133, 3
Worth, Leopold, farmer 14
Ward, Charles A., farmer 100
Warner, Joseph, farmer 214
Warner, Leonard, farmer 240
Warner, Geo. D., engineer
Warner, Sidney, farmer 78
Warner, David, 21
Warner, Daniel, farmer, retired
Warner, Wallace E.
Waterbury, Mary
Weatherwax, Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmaker
Weatherwax, Alexander, laborer
Warner, Nancy C.
Warner, Seneca, hop buyer
Weidman, Geo., cigar mf'g, 1
Wolford, Wm. H., baker
Willsey, Ira, farmer 3
Wolford, Mrs. Miner
Wolfson, Reuben, cattle dealer
Winnie, Elda
Wright, J. D. & Co., dry goods
Wright, Angelo, merchant
Wright, Dawson Y., traveling salesman
Wilsey, Joseph, tin smith
Winters, Peter O., hotel
Wilson, Ira, blacksmith
Wood, Philip, farmer 12
Winnie, Milton, stone cutter
Wilbur, Wesley, farmer 135
Wilday, Mereness, farmer 3
Wood, Nelson, laborer
Younker, Geo.
Youngs, Maria, farmer 15
Youngs, Smith, farmer 179
Youngs, Wm. H., farmer 101
Youngs, Amelia, farmer 239
Youngs, Peter, farmer 144
Yam, Henry, laborer
Zeh, Stephen L., farmer 20

Borst, Clinton, farmer 125, 8
Borst, D. H., farmer 140, 6
Borst, E. L., farmer 22, 5
Borst, George, farmer 100
Bellinger, Jacob V., farmer 123, 4
Berger, Lewis, farmer 90, 5-1/2
Best, George, farmer 21, 6
Blythe, Joseph, laborer
Bogardus, Mrs. Rebecca
Boom, Clarence M., station ag't
Borst, Dow V., farmer 143-1/2, 4
Borst, Wm., farmer 140
Bradt, Oscar, laborer
Brayman, Geo., farmer 6
Brewster, J., farmer 100
Brown, Geo., farmer
Brown, Jas. R., physician
Cassott, Harrison, teacher
Collins, Chas.
Conrad, Arthur, hotel
Dickinson, Chas., physician
Diefendorf, Oliver M., farmer 116, 6
Drummie, Adam, laborer
Eckerson, Henry, laborer
Eldredge, Howard, laborer
Empie, John S., merchant
Empie, J. Wesley, farmer 60, 6
Empie, Solomon, farmer 103, 15
Fratts, Geo., carpenter
Fratts, Andrew G., farmer 100, 7
Fratts, Winslow, farmer 130, 3
Fox, Arthur, farmer 60, 3
Fox, Jesse
France, Ira M., farmer
France, Menzo, farmer 142, 6
France, Millard, farmer
France, Walter, farmer
France, Willard, farmer 91, 9
France, Wm. G., farmer 150
France, Welton R., farmer 112, 11
Frederick, Nicholas G., farmer 190, 3
Freemyer, Arthur, laborer
Gusler, F. G., laborer
Gordon, R. D., miller
Frenigel, A. E., clergyman
Hagadorn, David, farmer
Hamlin, J. J., harness maker
Hallenbeck, David H., farmer 142
Handy, John C., farmer 130, 6
Hanes, Peter, farmer 30
Handy, Fred M.
Hoffman, Nicholas, shoemaker
Hynds, Alonzo E., farmer and saw and shingle mill 198, 4
Isham, Wm., farmer 67, 6
Kling & VanDusen, farmers, 112, 10
Kilts, Robt., farmer 2, 1
Karker, Judson, laborer
Karker, Nicholas, laborer
Klock, Elsworth, farmer
Klock, Sylvester, farmer 119
Knapp, Fayette, blacksmith
Kniskern, John, laborer
Lipp, John, farmer 125, 10
Markle, Edward, laborer
Mickle, merchant (sic)
McFee, Court, carpenter
Mereness, Bursley
Mereness, Uriah
Mereness & Son, saw mill
Neville, Chas. H., undertaker
Neville, J. W., farmer 15, 4
Neahr, Gilbert, farmer
Ottman, Seymour, laborer
Pindar, Daniel W., farmer 100, 4
Pramer, Chas., farmer 8, 2
Proctor, Henry, blacksmith
Percell, Thos., farmer
Reylea, Chas. E., laborer
Rich, Jefferson, farmer 26, 4
Rich, Theodore S., farmer 56, 8
Robinson, Milo, farmer 180, 7
Rowley, Nelson, farmer 100, 8
Shutts, Peter, laborer
Seelee, Wm., farmer
Seelee, Urial
Slater, Adison, gardener
Somers, Stephen, farmer 119, 8
Somers, Oscar E., farmer 6, 1
Somers, Peter, farmer
Spencer, Andrew, laborer
Slater, Ira, laborer
Sternberg, Howard, hotel
Sternberg, John H., farmer 225, 7
Smith, Dell, clerk
Taylor, Lyman, creamery man
Thomas, Jay, entomologist
Traber, A. H., supervisor
Traber & Gordon, millers
Vanderworker, H., farmer 150, 15
Vanderworker, W., farmer 153, 10
Weator, Peter, farmer 128, 7
Weaver, A. H., clergyman
Winnie, Mrs. Irving, milliner
Winnie, Irving
Winnie & Seeber, merchants
Wormont, Geo.
Winnie, Virgil, farmer 15
Winnie, Peter, farmer
Youngs, Menzo, farmer 150, 8
Zeh, Joseph, farmer 62, 5
Zeh, David, farmer 8, 3
Zeh, Delbert, farmer 75, 16
Zeh, Philip, farmer 62, 5

Adams, Jerry, laborer
Bellinger, Clinton
Bellinger, Hiram, farmer
Bellinger, Isaac, farmer 4, 1
Bellinger, Jeremiah, farmer 8
Bellinger, Marvin, farmer 1/2
Bellinger, Wm. J., farmer 130, 8
Bergh, Seneca, farmer 130, 2
Becker, Julius, farmer 100, 5
Bartholomew & Kance, W. B., hotel
Bellinger, Henry J., farmer 99, 6
Bellinger, Henry, farmer 99, 10
Bellinger, E., farmer 57, 16
Butt, Ransom, laborer
Davenport, Cyrus, farmer 10
Decker, Joseph, farmer 16, 2
Darrow, R. & Bro., farmer 78, 4
Empie, Geo., farmer 150
Empie, Reuben, farmer 99, 11
Eldridge, Chas., farmer 6
Empie, M. O., farmer 225, 10
Empie, Theodore, laborer
Eleget, Menzo, sexton of Leesville cemetery
Empie, W. A., farmer 72, 6
Frederick, W., farmer 15
Gilliland, Thos., farmer 30
Garter, F., farmer 40, 10
Hyney, J. A., farmer 16, 4
Hellsinger, John P., farmer 103, 7
Higgins, M., blacksmith
Karker, Aaron, farmer 118, 3
Karker, Chas., laborer
Karker, Harvey, farmer
Karker, Judson, laborer
Karker, Nicholas, laborer
Kilts, Emmet, farmer 85, 7
Kilts, Edward, farmer 99, 4
Kilts, J., farmer 86, 4
Livingston, Menzo, farmer
Livingston, M., farmer 58, 4
Lynk, F., farmer 12, 2
Lawyer, Wm., laborer
Myers, Burton, farmer 38
Maloney, John, merchant
Putman, John, farmer 130, 6
Putman, Norman, farmer 140
Prell, M. laborer
Rockerfellow, Wm., laborer
Relyea, James, laborer
Scramblin, J. D., laborer
Spong, H. J., laborer
Sart, Henry, farmer 130, 6
Synk, H., farmer 12, 2
Salisburg, G., laborer
Straight, H., retired
Stam, John, auctioneer
Shrader, M. D., farmer 96, 9
Utman, John, farmer 75
Utman, J. W., farmer 154, 8

Anthony, John, farmer 80, 5
Bouck, Chas., 90, 15
Burns, Wm., laborer
Crounse, Wilton, carpenter
Crounse, Stanley, farmer 78, 6
Fritcherm David, farmer 127
Hiller Bros., blacksmith
Kilts, W. H., farmer 200
Lehman, Benj., farmer 150
Lehman, Romain, farmer 90
Lehman, Chas., farmer 175, 12
Mereness, Melvin, laborer
Mereness, Harvey, farmer 125, 12
Mereness, Romine, farmer 109, 13
Mereness, Chas., merchant
Mereness, Judson, farmer 100, 4
Mereness, James, laborer
Mereness, John, farmer 90, 3
Messler, Rev., Reformed minister
Piers, Geo., farmer 43, 2
Robinson, W. H., farmer 28, 4
Ressegien, James, laborer
Smith, John P., farmer 100, 4
Shaver, Edward, farmer 106, 11
Vroman, Wm., 37, 9

Borst, John H., farmer
Bergh, Wm., farmer 90
Bergh, Lester, gas fitter
Bergh, David, hay and straw dealer 5, 2
Griffith, Orin, farmer 100
Hellsinger, Jacob, hop grower
Hellsinger, Myron, farmer 144
Hillsinger, Wm., farmer 131, 2
Hutton, Grant, farmer
Kilts, DeWitt, farmer
Kilts, Chas., porter
Kilts, Jacob L., farmer 100
Myers, Breton, farmer
Race, Peter, farmer 140, 4
Spoore, James H., farmer and shoe maker 16, 6
Williams, F. L., farmer
Young, Edw. E., farmer
Zelie, Chas., laborer
Zelie, David, farmer 30

Bellinger, Wm., farmer
Borst, Cornelius, gentleman
Becker, Mary, housework
Cook, Wm., laborer
Dugan, James, farmer 45
Cook, David, farmer
Ellis, Jacob, laborer
Fuller, F., laborer, 30
Hellicos, Fred, laborer
Kelfoil, James, laborer
Kenholts, Barney, farmer 10
Laffin, Irvin, farmer
Norman, Warren C., farmer 2
Norman, Alva, laborer
Norman, Frank, laborer
Norman, Ford, laborer
Nethaway, Alva, farmer
Norman, Henry, farmer 90
Rickard, Melvin, post master and farmer 35
Shafer, Frank, farmer
Shafer, John, farmer 123
Spateholts, Martin, farmer 145
Spateholts, Geo. A., farmer 9
Stevens, Seth, farmer 105
Springer, Leander, farmer
Spateholts, Dewitt, farmer 62, 5




Brown, John, farmer 100
Bailey, R. M., farmer 129
Bailey, Roscoe, farmer 75
Bailey, Orson, farmer 2
Bailey, Orson, farmer 100
Cornell, Frank, farmer 175
Cornell, Austin, farmer 102
Clark, Ira, blacksmith and farmer 10
Clark, Stephen, retired
Hallock, Lynn, teacher
Hastings, David, farmer 51
Hastings, Luther, farmer 125
Horn, Barney, laborer
Haines, Stephen, farmer 182
Lawrence, Elmer, farmer 95
Lee, Patrick, farmer 140
Lee, Chas., farmer 63
McCann, Patrick, farmer 59
Maybee, Wm., farmer 120
Pierce, Emery E., farmer
Patterson, John, farmer 12
Patchin, Wesley, farmer 134
Pindar, Peter, farmer 228
Stewart, John, farmer 198
Stewart, Chas. G., post master
Stewart, Wm., farmer 160
Shaver, Mrs. W. D., farmer 106
Veley, Newton, farmer 127
Welch, Geo., farmer 100
Zeh, Lewis, farmer 180

Clark, Joseph, creamery
Champlin, Chas. O., farmer 200
Christian, Irving, farmer
Christian, Friend, farmer
Churchill, Chas., farmer
Churchill, Geo., farmer
Churchill, Frank, farmer
Churchill, Mrs. Sarah, farmer 168
Darling, Solomon, farmer 60
Franklin, Solomon, gentleman
Gregory, J. C., farmer 154
Gregory, W. T., farmer 70
Hanes, Osmar, farmer 53
Hanes, Frank L., farmer
Hinman, O. T., farmer 200
King, E. A., farmer 190
Lynch, Homer, farmer 107
Lawrence, John W., far,er 160
Lawrence, Ambros, farmer
Maynard, Arthur, farmer 250
Miller, Geo. W., gardener 27
Maybee, Geo., farmer 200
McMahon, Michael, farmer 119
Oakley, Thomas, farmer 138
Parsons, Cyrenus, farmer 124
Polley, John, farmer 208
Ruff, Geo. H., farmer 220
Rogers, Patrick, farmer 109
Rogers, Arthur, farmer
Rogers, John, farmer
Spaulding, Wayne, creamery employee
Spaulding, Bert, creamery employee
Thayer, Nelson A., gardener 27
VanHoesen, Irving, farmer 60
VanDyke, Stephen, farmer 166
Baird, David W., farmer 57
Bary, Geo., farmer 227
Crapser, Peter, laborer
Decker, Melvin, farmer 110
Finch, Milton, farmer and merchant
Goodenough, Mrs. Julia, farmer 40
Hager, Washington, farmer 200
Hager, O. H. P., farmer 115
Mattice, Fred, farmer 135
Payne, Geo., farmer 48
Payne, John, farmer 12
Payne, James, laborer
Vroman, Cornelius, farmer 193
Vroman, Martin, farmer 126
Wilson, G. H., farmer 83


Burnap, Frank, farmer 80, 4
Burnap, Geo. H., farmer 147
Bromley, James, farmer 110
Cross, Norman, farmer
Hadsell, Melvin, farmer 100, 2
Murphy, Anna, farmer 110
Raul, John, farmer 100
Roe, Jos., laborer
Rosecrans, Harvey, blacksmith and farmer 100
Radleff, Martin, farmer 9
Rickard, David, farmer 11
Slater, John, farmer 120
Stanton, Robt., farmer 15, 2
Spencer, Daniel, farmer 80
Springstead, D., P. M. and merchant 84, 2
Shaur, Peter, farmer
Springstead, M., farmer 150
Tingue, Chas. H., farmer 315
VanBuren, David, farmer 30
Walker, Geo., farmer 130
Wormer, L., farmer 80, 3
Watson, Chas., farmer 150





Cornell, Stephen, farmer 28
Payne, Chester, farmer 100
Payne, Geo., farmer 100
Payne, Austin, farmer 14

Allen, Melvin, laborer
Babcock, John, farmer 198, 3
Butler, L., farmer 100, 4
Brooker, Geo., farmer 80, 4
Babcock, John, farmer 85, 2
Babcock, Jesse, farmer
Babcock, Denzie,
Baldwin, Lorenzo, merchant
Baldwin, Jason, clerk
Bates, Yorley, farmer 100, 2
Coons, Wm., farmer 95
Chapman, T., miller
Campaign, Mrs., lady
Cass, John, farmer 30
Chopin, Frank, laborer
Chopin, Mathias, saw mill
Dibble, James, farmer 25
Gott, G. A., farmer 200
Grow, Nelson, farmer 5
Dibble, James, farmer 12
Dingman, Miss, lady
Growe, Nelson, laborer
Fotes, Rector, post master and farmer 50
Foster, Earl, student
Harrington, John, farmer 175
Houck, Wm., farmer 200
Husted, Mrs. Jane, lady
Husten, D., farmer 24
Harrington, John, farmer 120, 4
Hillsinger, Chas., farmer 20, 2
Isham, Henry, laborer
Isham, Chas., farmer 50
Jones, C. S., farmer 90
Kromer, Abram, farmer 30, 1-1/2
Lape, Alex, farmer 60
McNeil, Hugh, farmer 50, 3
Myers, Reuben, laborer
Moak, C., farmer 117, 5
Moak, Wm., farmer 105
Mitchel, Stephen, farmer 20, 2
Mitchel, Melvin, farmer
Nevills, M., farmer 50, 2
Palmer, Fred, mason
Powell, Daniel, farmer
Powell, Mora, farmer
Powers, Mora, farmer
Powers, Daniel, farmer 100, 5
Rider, George, farmer 110
Rider, Treat, farmer
Rossman, Austin, farmer 30
Rossman, Austin, farmer
Reightmyer, Myron, farmer 300, 5
Shafer, Chas., farmer 80, 2
Smith, Wm., farmer 210, 3
Shumbay, S. M., farmer 110
Snyder, Gilbert W., laborer
Snyder, Frank, laborer
Shaffer, Mrs. Jane, lady 20
Skidmore, Eugene, cooper
Schemerhorn, Jacob, farmer 90
Smith, L., farmer 60, 2
Smith, Joe, farmer 50
Smith, John, farmer
Smith, Andy, farmer
Smith, John A., farmer 100, 3
Scumway, S., farmer 175
Smith, Andy, farmer 100
Schemerhorn, Jacob, farmer 75, 4
Utter, Geo., farmer 75
Utter, Geo., farmer 50
Winegard, C., farmer 200

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